The Beginning

August 6, 2013 – 10:30 pm

I would like to explain to those of you who read these stories that they are all true. They are not a fabrication of my imagination. I have written them to the best of my recollection, as I was a participant in some way in all of these adventures. My wife had other adventures, which I was not a part of and could but speculate as to what transpired.

There were no photographs taken to prove the validity of the story. I wanted to videotape a session and she was very much against it. She did not allow cameras of any kind around when she was having sex and if someone produced a camera, the session ended very abruptly. With that in mind, I will endeavor to paint this portrait with words.

My wife Shari was a lovely 34-year-old with auburn hair and hazel eyes. She measured 36-25-36 and five foot five inches tall. Her breasts are a nice 36B and her pussy with the exception of a little hair on her pubic mound, was clean-shaven. She was truly a wonderful sight at 128 lbs. I was a 35-year-old, of muscular build, and five feet nine inches tall, brown hair and blue eyes.

When Shari and I were married, I had already acquired three conquest notches in my belt. My new wife Shari was about to become the fourth. I promised myself that Shari was to be the end of the line. I had sown my wild oats and would be faithful to her forever. For seven years I did just that. I remained true to that promise. Many times I had deployed overseas and had witnessed many husbands cheating on their wives. I even observed some that came back to the ship with STD’s and would then be placed on medical restriction.

Medical restriction would last in many cases for weeks after the ship arrived at home port. I often wondered how they explained the medical restriction to their wife. “Honey, I can’t leave the ship because I have the Clap.” I kept my dick in my pants and didn’t have to worry about all of the explaining, cause I was true blue. I was so very proud of myself for having achieved this level of success!

I never asked Shari on my return home whether she too had remained faithful. In my mind that was a given. She was my wife and of course she would remain faithful, no doubt of it. However on the many occasions when Shari and I would go out together to a club or for dinner, Shari was somewhat of a flirt, but then so was I. She would covertly flirt and I would do the same. When Shari would flirt with other men, she would really attract the men’s attention. This bothered me to some degree. At the time though her innocent flirting never led to anything else.

In the seventh year of marriage, I was on a tour of duty as an instructor in the middle of California. I was teaching a class on how to be a teacher, and for the first time ever I had a woman in the class.

I wasn’t sure exactly why Shari and I had not been communicating or getting along. Our relationship was very strained. It seemed the more I tried, the farther apart we seemed to be. Shari was not offering any reasons for her moodiness nor was she willing to make love to me. It seemed that we did nothing together anymore. I made many attempts to get Shari involved in some of the things I liked. I taught her to ride motorcycles and to fish. But while on her solo ride to the river, she dumped the bike and broke her leg.

Here was my big chance. I could take care of her while she recovered. But alas that wasn’t to be either. Shari told me when I brought her home from the hospital that she had contacted her sister. She was nearby in another state and she would be coming to take care of her. “Besides.” Shari said. “You can’t take off from work that long. Marie will be much more able to take care of me and the children.”

This then was the setting as I walked into that classroom on that fateful day. What attracted me to her in the first place was the length of her hair. She had very long brown hair, which she kept pinned up so that she could properly wear her Military headgear. I couldn’t help but wonder as I stood in front of the class, “Just how long is her hair?”

An eight-month affair with Judy ensued. I even invited her over to our house where she met Shari and the kids. On one or two occasions Judy actually stayed over night. This was a very uncomfortable time for me as I slept in the bed with Shari and I would have liked to have both Shari and Judy in bed with me. At that time though, Shari was nowhere ready for anything of that nature, and Judy was a jealous little bitch. Soooo!

I had been ordered to a base in Southern California to teach reservists on the weekend. On one of my many trips south to teach, one of my teaching partners from my work place dropped by our house on the pretext of getting me to go with him to play a game of pool. Of course I was not there. Dave was more than aware of this when he dropped by.

Dave made it quite clear to Shari that I was most likely not alone on my trip South. He indicated that Judy had probably accompanied me on the trip. Which was in fact true.

I later remembered that Dave knew for sure as I had told him, that I was taking Judy with me for the weekend. He was able to prove to Shari that Judy was not home and that she was most likely with me. He did all this without telling her that he knew for sure.

This stirred Shari’s anger and the angrier she got the more she wanted some kind of revenge. Dave came out with the old clichZ; “What ever is good for the gander is good for the goose.” I’m sure that he then offered his services while telling her that he was perfectly safe.

As the afternoon progressed, they took the children to a friend’s house, went by Judy’s house to see if she was truly gone, and then returned to our house. She resolved her fury then by fucking Dave right there in our bed.

This was precisely the outcome that Dave had hoped for. Dave had recently had a vasectomy and he was anxious to try it out. Shari was his intended choice to try it on. After they had done the deed, he decided that they should go out to dinner and dancing.

Shari couldn’t decide whether she wanted to clean the house before I got home. As the house looked like there had been an orgy in the living room and kitchen. She had no idea when I was going to arrive. But she thought that she had a sufficient amount of time to come home and clean it up a bit before I made it home.

I arrived home at about 9 PM after dropping Judy by her place. I found a mess throughout the house. The car was in the driveway as Judy and I had hitched a ride with another instructor. I had made sure that Shari had the car in case of an emergency. At first I thought that she and the kids might be at a neighbor’s house.

As I looked around I could see that there had been some sort of a party that had taken place. There were empty and partly empty glasses of wine and beer sitting around on the counters and on the end tables. I also noted that there were no clean ashtrays in the house.

I looked in one of the ashtrays and found two different kinds of cigarettes. One brand I knew belonged to Shari. I also noted that she had been wearing one of her sexier shades of lipstick. The other was a non-filtered kind. I wasn’t sure whom that might have belonged too.

It was nearing my bedtime and I needed to get up early for work the next day. I had no idea where to start looking for her and the kids, and I knew that the police didn’t accept missing person cases until they were missing more than 48 hours. I went in and pulled the covers back on the bed.

As I folded the covers down to the foot of the bed, I noticed a spot on the bed. The spot was mostly dry, but then I remembered that Shari had changed the sheets on the bed on Friday before I headed south. The spot was about the position that Shari’s hips would be when having intercourse. With this hot on my mind, I went into the bathroom and there were slightly damp towels hanging on the shower. There were three towels in all.

I knew that when Shari showered, she was like most women a towel to dry with and the other for her hair. Who had used the third towel? If she and the children had used the shower, there would have been more towels.

All of the evidence was pointing to Shari having had intercourse with some male. I just didn’t know whom. Shortly after this discovery and revelation I got into bed and turned out the lights, I heard a car pull up outside. After a few minutes Shari came in carrying one of the kids and the other was following along sleepily behind her. I heard the car pull away. She tucked the kids into bed and then began tidying up the kitchen. I lay there quietly.

After dumping ashtrays and picking up wineglasses and putting them in the dishwasher, she came into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She turned on the light and I heard a sudden sharp intake of air as she saw me lying there in bed.

She started the questions by asking, “How long I had been home?” I turned over to face her and said, “Long enough. Where have you been?” Shari has never been a good liar. She couldn’t think of anything to tell me at this point but the truth. She said, “I have been out to dinner and dancing.” “Who with?” I asked. She said, “A man.”

“Did you have fun?” I asked. She seemed to have gotten up her story as well as her courage to confront me and said, “Yes I did!” It was at this point with all the evidence in hand that I asked Shari, “Did you fuck him?” There was a pause as though she were considering what to say. I could see the crimson well up on her checks and her ears, and then she flatly denied it.

I later caught her talking to Dave on the telephone and she told him, “He knows!” Dave my friend was startled and his face became very pale. He knew as I stood there facing him with Shari on the other end of the phone that I knew the whole story.

Although he was the perpetrator of the deed, I didn’t confront him with rage or jealousy. Nor did I take him to account about it. I felt a stirring inside. Something that I was unaware of before, I was pleased that another man found my wife attractive. I was even more pleased when a man found her attractive enough to want to fuck her.

This began the many years of conversations and bedtime play games that would result in some really great sex. But it wasn’t getting me what I was wishing for. Then again, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted. Would I be jealous? Would I be able to handle watching another man put his cock into my beautiful wife and see her respond to his administrations? I didn’t know. I was unaware that Shari had her own agenda.

To Be Continued

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