The Matchmaker

July 25, 2013 – 12:37 pm

My wife Shari had come to see me in the early spring on her first trip to the coast. It was spring break for the kids and she wanted to come see me again. It looked like we were about to reconcile our differences which had created the separation in the first place, and get back together after a year. Since we had grown up together in the same community, it was natural that her best friend happened to be my first cousin.

Barb had been the one to take Shari to the Barn Dances where she had met her friend Bob. I also learned from Shari that she and Barb had spent several evenings with some young college men in Shari’s living room. The young men had their hands and fingers up inside she and Barb’s shirt and panties. I asked Shari if they fucked any of these younger guys, but she told me, “No, they only used their fingers to do a little finger fucking.” At the time, I had no reason to doubt her story.

Shari had told Barb bits and pieces of her first trip out to see me. To this day I don’t know exactly what Barb did know. I only know that she was willing to drive Shari and the children out to see me, a nine hundred plus mile trip. Shari was trying her damndest to play matchmaker between Mike and Barb.

Mike had recently returned from a deployment and so he had a few days off. I, on the other hand was swamped with work. I couldn’t get away to be with them so Mike ended up being tour guide for the group. My wife and kids were almost like natives in the area, but Shari was playing it to the hilt to make the connection between Mike and Barb. She played her part well.

They visited all of the tourist attractions in the area. Shari kept talking up Mike’s attributes at every opportunity with Barb. Barb was becoming enamored with Mike as well. They were holding hands and some of the more gentle ‘get to know you’ stuff. I guess that it was not moving as rapidly as Shari hoped, or that she was getting a bit jealous that it wasn’t her holding hands and getting romanced. Anyway, she attempted to hasten things along.

Shari began working things toward Barb sleeping with Mike. Barb had been married and divorced several times. I guess she felt that she had to be married to the guy before she could sleep with him. Therefore her many marriages. It must have been something that my Aunt told her growing up? Barb dug her heels in and said that she wouldn’t do it.

Shari was not only feeling sorry for Mike, the constant talk of fucking to Barb had really gotten her into a state of “Horny.” She placed her hand between her legs and felt that her panties were very wet. She noted that she had almost soaked through the short shorts that she was wearing.

Mike asked the women if they would like to go anywhere else that afternoon, and both of them said, “Yes! Back to the house.” Mike drove them and the kids back to the house and began preparing supper in readiness for my return home. Mike set up the barbecue grill and began putting together his infamous “J” Burgers.

The three children played in the yard. When they tired of that, they sat in the house listening to the stereo until supper was ready. There was no television so the stereo was the only artificial entertainment in the house. I arrived home just in time to help pull the “J” Burgers off the grill. The women had made a salad and a pasta dish to go with the burgers, and we all sat down to eat.

After dinner, Shari and I did the dishes and we talked about how she and Barb’s day had gone. She told me privately that she didn’t think that Barb was going to sleep with Mike. I told her that it was totally up to Barb. “Don’t push the situation.” Shari got somewhat huffy and said, “She is just stringing him along and I know that he wants to fuck her. I just don’t know how to get her to stop teasing him and go through with it.” I laughed and said, “Honey that’s the problem men have been working on for centuries.”

It was getting late and I needed to get to bed, as I had to be at the ship very early the next morning. Shari, Mike and Barb, and I were sitting playing cards. I said, “I hate to mess up a good thing but I need to go to bed.” The children had gone to bed over an hour before. I said my goodnight and kissed my wife. I told her, “See you soon?” She smiled up at me and said, “In a little while.” I went off to the shower and did my nightly routine and off to bed.

It was about 1:30 AM when I heard a commotion from the living room. I stumbled out of bed and walked into the living room wearing only my under shorts. There in the middle of the living room stood Barb. She was fully dressed. Her daughter was standing beside her also fully dressed. Between Barb and the door were her suitcases, and a very naked Shari.

The two women were yelling at one another. Barb was shrilling at Shari; “You are nothing but a whore. I don’t care what your husband has told you. That kind of behavior is not acceptable.” Shari yelled back at her, “I only did it because you wouldn’t. You told me to go ahead, and so I did. You gave me the impression that you didn’t care, one way or the other.”

It was at this point that I felt a hand on my shoulder and we retreated into the darkened hall. Mike and I stood there in the darkness. As the women screamed at one another in the living room, Mike began to fill me in on what had taken place.

From all accounts that I was able to put together, Shari and Barb had got to arguing after Mike too had gone to bed. Barb told her that if she wanted to see Mike fucked so badly, she would have to go do it herself. It was at that point that Shari had walked out of the living room and down the hall to Mike’s door and knocked on it. Mike had answered the door hoping that it was Barb, but instead, there stood Shari. She asked him if she could come in and talk a while. Mike stepped back and let her enter the room. He then closed the door.

Barb sat in the living room in disbelief. Shari had just walked into a man’s room. A man who was not her husband. Barb’s morals seemed to be under direct assault. Barb could imagine that Mike was not dressed when he came to the door. In her mind she could see that he simply draped the blankets from the bed over his nakedness before opening the door. Mike had allowed Shari to enter the room and then to top it off, he had closed the door, shutting her out.

She sat there in silence with her anger welling up inside her for a very long time. She could hear her cousin in his bedroom sleeping soundly as the snoring was evidence that he was in fact asleep. She then became aware of other sounds. At first she thought of the children sleeping in the middle bedroom where she herself had slept for two nights. She arose to check on them.

When she entered the hall, she could hear the direction, and better identify where the sounds were coming from. They were coming out of Mike’s room. She stood silently at the door listening. She could hear Shari moaning a very low moan. Then she heard the words that set her in motion. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Barb practically exploded through the door. She stood there somewhat in shock, gazing at a side view as the scene unfolded before her eyes. Shari was standing at the end of the bed with her feet wide apart on the floor. She was leaning over the foot of the bed. Mike was behind her with his cock buried to his balls in her pussy. He was holding on to her nipples with the thumb an forefinger of each hand, as he rammed his cock into her up to her belly button. Then pulling it out almost all of the way, then ramming it in again. Using her tits as handles to drive his cock as deep and as hard as he could.

At first Mike thought that Barb had come to join them, as she just stood there seemingly taking it all in. Mike quickly changed his assessment as he stared into her eyes. Barb approached Shari. She glared at her and then drew back her hand and slapped Shari hard across the face.

Shari reached toward Barb and grabbed her wrist to keep her from hitting her again, in the struggle, Shari’s cunt became disconnected from Mike’s cock. Barb jerked away from Shari and ran off into the middle bedroom. Instead of Shari following, she reached down between her legs and took hold of Mike’s cock. She placed it back at the lips of her pussy and guided it back inside, returning his cock to her velvety pouch.

Barb woke her daughter and told her that they were going to leave. Her daughter got out of bed and asked if she should wake up the other two children. Barb said, “No. We are going home and I don’t think their Mom is going to want to come with us.” What she really meant was that she couldn’t come with them. They proceeded to repack the suitcases and move them to the front door in the living room.

Shari had finished fucking Mike, at least until Mike spewed his seed into her wanton pussy. She then came out to see where Barb had gotten off too. Shari later tried to explain to me that she thought Barb would come into my room, wake me, and fuck me for spite.

I wouldn’t have minded so much if she had, cause Barb was a damn hot looking woman, but she had her hang-ups. Being her cousin, she was not into incest. You would think that best friends would have known one another better. Wouldn’t you?

While Barb was standing in the living room, ready to depart, Shari walked in with her freshly fucked after-glow and cum running down the inside of her legs and tried to reason with Barb. Her nakedness only fueled Barb’s fire. She was angry and she was hurt. This was a hurt that would never go away. She had liked Mike and would have liked to move to other frontiers with him, but not after what she witnessed in that bedroom. It was way beyond anything that she could ever bring her self to accept or forgive.

I stood in the hall with Mike looking at the two women. I could see the cum running down the insides of her thighs. Her hair was a mess, and she had little red spots on her breasts where Mike’s fingers had been holding on to her tits. Her nipples were still standing rigid. I could tell that she had not gotten fucked enough to fully satisfy her. This made her a bit aggressive and angry as well. Finally she said to Barb, “I don’t give a fuck what you think or what you do. Go ahead and leave. You will be stranding us right here and the kids have to be back in four days. We will find a way of getting us back home. Get the FUCK out!”

Barb started packing suitcases out to the car. I, trying to be a gentleman, and a good cousin, offered to help her and she told me to “fuck off.” Mike didn’t ask, he just picked up a suitcase and carried it out for her. He had managed to slip on a pair of pants before coming out into the hall. Barb spoke not another word. She loaded the car and got her daughter situated in the seat, and away she went. She never looked back.

Shari came over to me and was rubbing her tits on my bare chest. She said, “Honey, since you’re awake, would you like to play?” I thought that she would take us to our room, as I said, “Lead the way.” Instead, she headed back to Mike’s room. I said to her, “I really do have to be up early and this has already cut into most of my sleep time. If you and Mike are going to play, wake me up when you come to bed.” With that, I went back to my room and back to bed.

The alarm was ringing and I woke to shut it off. I got out of bed and began my morning ritual. It was at that point that I became aware that my wife was not in our bed. I went to the bathroom and did my morning duties. When I came out, she came around the corner wearing a uniform shirt. Whether the shirt was mine or Mike’s, I will never know. We were the same rank. She handed me a cup of coffee and kissed me good morning. I always had a habit of tweaking a nipple or if she had no panties on I would rub her pussy. When I rubbed her pussy, I pulled back a cum filled hand. She had cum running down the insides of her thighs as she had earlier in the morning. I said, “Now I know where you have been all night. Where’s Mike?” She smiled, “I finally wore the poor man out. He is sleeping.”

I finished dressing and had another cup of coffee. Now I was ready to venture out into the morning air. I kissed her goodbye and I told her that I would see if I could get some time off. “If I can, I will drive you and the kids home.” She hugged me and smiled, “How are you going to drive all of us in your little sports car?” “I’ll think of a way.” I said. I then stepped out into the morning darkness, leaving her behind to sleep or fuck until the kids awoke for the morning.

I drove to the ship that morning with some mixed emotions. I wasn’t sure just what to think. Now that I am reducing these memories to words, it causes me to remember things and then dig into dark recesses of the mind and pull forth some of the emotions that I was able to easily set aside at the time. I was really kind of mad at her for what she was doing. I let it slide about her fucking Mike all night, which is what I was really mad about and focused on the fact that now she had no way home. It became a monetary issue and not a faithfulness issue.

Sure, I had opened “Pandora’s Box.” I had wanted her to fuck another man. She had done that, twice over. Not only had she fucked another man, she continued to fuck them until they could not stand up. Now that I had opened this door for her, I couldn’t just slam it closed. That would mean the end of our relationship, just as we were about to mend the issues of why we had separated, and get back together.

Perhaps this was her way of getting back at me for some of the things that I had done to her over the years. If it was, she was doing a great job of it. I could only hope that things would mellow out eventually. With that as a conclusion, I put the rest of the issues at rest. I spoke with my boss and he gave me a weeks leave to get them home. It wasn’t like I didn’t have leave on the books, it was the fact that I had so much work to be done before the ship was to come out of dry-dock. He said, “I need you back as quickly as you can get back.” I was a good sailor! I answered, “Ayah, Ayah Sir.” It was a very quick trip with no hanky panky at either end.

To Be Continued

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