Wife’s Joyride

July 23, 2013 – 11:36 am

The sun shone brightly through the car windows into the passenger seat, illuminating Loni’s beauty. My wife Loni and I were taking another ‘joyride’ this Sunday after church, cruising along the crowded interstate. A very very young bride, Loni sparkled in her bright white church dress. Her deep brown tanned shoulders a stark contrast beneath the white spaghetti straps that held the dress in place over her mammoth 42DD chest. Otherwise a slight girl, slender tummy, hips, and legs, the volleyball sized tits stood out proudly and dramatically on her small 5’2″ frame. The dress reached near to her knees, her shapely athletic legs stretching in view from there.

Her hair blew free and long behind her in our top-down convertible. A crystal white smile was on her teen face. What a day! I was out for a ‘tease’ with my plaything bride. I loved the world to see her, to see what was all mine. How had I gotten the ‘piece of ass’ beside me? Busty, athletic and 27 years younger than myself? Her father worked for me and they were dirt poor. Leverage tactics and an ironclad pre-nup and she was all mine. Hell, she was so young our wedding was technically illegal in most states.

Inevitably, we would drive up along an 18-wheeler truck. I would purposefully match speed with it so the driver could get an eyeful of the richly tanned brown girl, the perfect 10 that was riding with me. Golden bond around her ring finger. She pouted at me, aware of what I was up to. An absolutely beautiful pout on her cover girl face.

I smiled back, then stuck out my tongue at her and indicated the truck over her shoulder with a head nod. Loni rolled her eyes at me like usual, but smiled nonetheless. She knew what I wanted. The pout had been a tease, the first of many.

Knowing what I like, she unbuckled her seat belt. Stretching her arms back, arching her spine, her giant tits strained forward against the cotton dress. All a show for the big rig driver. Holding that pose, with a big smile, Loni slinked a dark toned leg up onto the dashboard. On my orders, she had changed from her church shoes to a pair of viciously sharp-heeled white shoes. They were 10-inch high heels, 3 inches of lift under the ball of her foot, an additional 7 inches in the thin heel. She stood an even 6′ tall with them on, though they forced her feet into a tippy-toe position. They must be uncomfortable as hell, but they accentuated her already fit trim legs magnificently. In this leg up position, her dress hiked several inches up, revealing healthy, sexy legs beneath.

She glanced at me with a saucy look, and I smiled my approval. The CB radio shocked us with;

“Woman Breaker to red convertible!” It repeated twice in the jargon of the CD. It was a strong loud signal. The CB sounds had faded into the background of our fun drive. Now it seems we were being called out!

“This is red convertible driving westbound on interstate 2.” I keyed the handset.

“That’s a lovely lady you got there.” I knew at once it was the truck beside us. Loni’s mouth formed an ‘O’, like she had been caught being naughty. Then she giggled and waved a hand over at him, this was wonderful fun. She was twisted at the torso toward her admirer as she waved. I knew her big round boobs were bouncing bralessly side to side under her spaghetti dress, though I had to keep my eyes on the road. What a shame, I loved watching them move.

“Thanks buddy.”

“Put her on.” The gravelly voice demanded. We looked at each other a moment. Then I shrugged and handed her the handset. She pressed the transmit button.

“Hi.” Her angelic word went out without any CB jargon. She was beaming with excitement. Sometimes my wife s body would distract me from the fact that she was a teenager, on the YOUNG side of teen at that. The giddy way she held the CB mike drove this fact back home. Damn, life was good.

“What’s your name honey?” The stony drawl wanted to know. She giggled more, mouth open in a big smile; she looked the question at me. I smiled too and tried to think of a sexy ‘handle’ we could use for her.

“Loni Miller.” I was taken aback…she had misread my smile and answered, with her real name!

“Well Loni Miller, you are the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.” I am sure the guy was telling the truth. Loni was nearly bouncing on her passenger seat. I was loving the fun even more than she.

“How sexy are you?” ‘Woman Breaker’ wanted to know, and I wondered for the first time about his handle. A glance at me told her I was still into the whole thing, the misgivings just starting to form in my mind not showing on my face. Then she looked over at the truck and answered. She tried to lower her angel voice a bit, and rolled her pretty head slightly.

“Very very sexy.” Loni said slowly, and then giggled on the air by mistake. Laughing harder after letting up the transmit key. That had been silly!

“How big are those tits?”

A loud laugh beside me.

“I can’t BELIEVE he asked me that!” She laughed to me. “What should I say?”

“Hell, he’s already seen them; I mean he’s seen the general size.”

She keyed the mike in her hand. “Do you really want to know?” Her voice was very, very teasing, leading him on.

“Yes Loni Miller.” The deep voice insisted.

“He really wants to know hubby! Can I tell him?” She was anxious to do just that.

“Yeah baby, give him a show as you tell him.” I expected maybe she might jiggle for him.

“OK”, she was totally into the exhibition, really surprising me. The mystery voice was a new angle to our tease game. “Hold this for me…wait for me to say OK.” She handed me the mike. I slowed a bit so the trucker could appreciate my wife without causing an accident. There were two lanes to our left for others to pass us.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her place her hands on either side of her rack. She spread out the fingers of her small hands, but the tits were WAY more than she could hold. She told me ‘ok’ and I opened the mike and held it toward her so she could be heard clearly over the highway noise.

Kneading her chest dramatically, Loni spoke slowly. Each word accentuated by her playing with her balloons. “The size…of… these… big…tits…” My wife was using her hands to try and lift her breasts up and down, then push them together. “…is…forty…two…” Loni now was fondling and then outright squeezing herself in front of the trucker. Grabbing her own tits, trying to milk herself. “…double…D!” Then a couple more milking actions, working her tits toward the nipples. I half expected her to start geysering mommy juice.

I released the mike, she let go her bosom, giving a final side-to-side shake for his pleasure. She was yelling with glee and laughing hysterically. I was shocked; she had never done anything like that before!

The CB was quiet except for fainter, distant voice traffic for a while.

My wife decided to pose some more. Shoulders back, her big rack thrust forward, I could see that her nipples had hardened and were now tenting out her dress material a good inch from her perfect round orbs. I bet the trucker could see those big hard nipple tents! Had I ever seen her get that excited this way before? She flopped her head back over the seat, looking back down the highway, seeing everything upside down. This opened the view of her massive cleavage to the truck driver. She put her hands on her hips, gyrating them slightly against the car seat. The tightness of her dress around her wonderful hips limiting her movement. She was giggling as she teased.

“Red convertible, I’ll give you $100 to pull over.” It was ‘Woman Breaker’. Alarms were going off in my head, this was a bad idea. Loni sat back up and laughed again, she hadn’t realized her admirer was being serious. Laughing and smiling brightly, she waved coyly at the truck.

“No thanks buddy. Just a traveling show…that’s all.” I kept my voice light and non-confrontational, didn’t want to spoil Loni’s mood. The afternoon was young with a lot of interstate joyriding under the blue sky ahead!

“Put Loni on.” Again I sensed the element of demand in the request. Before I realized it, I had handed the mike to my new bride of three weeks.

“Hi…” She said in a bedroom voice. Loni must be high on sexual energy; she was still having fun with him.

“Tell limp dick to pull over so I can give you $100. You deserve it.” Loni looked at me with a coy teen smile.

“Sounds dangerous.” She said lightly to me without the mike being on. So maybe she had gotten a sense of the gravity of the situation, but she still had a bubbly smile, her nipples were still hard, it was still a game for her. I looked again at the set of her jaw, she wanted to stop for the trucker! She wanted to take the dare! I nodded side to side.

“Sorry big guy, my husband says I can’t.” Loni said in a way to tease him (letting him know she wanted to) and to jibe at me for being a scaredy cat.

I accelerated away from the truck and we settled back into a routine of girl watching. That is, others staring at my beautiful wife. A jeep without its canvas top, filled with young men closer to my wife’s age was a lot of fun. She teased them a good 15 minutes, even going so far as to shake her upper body causing her big chest to dance for them. A lot of horn sounding from the jeep was her grateful applause.

“Loni, I saw what you did for that jeep.” It was Woman Breaker! A glance in my rearview showed his rig right on my back bumper!

“Pull over baby so I can give you some money.” The voice was very stern. I was a bit upset this guy was stalking us, and he knew my wife’s name and certainly my car license number! My wife put her hands on my arm. At first I thought it was for reassurance, but then when I saw her face, I could see that she was trying to show that she wasn’t afraid…too much. She was afraid…but exciting out of her mind.

This was always fun for her, this joyriding and teasing, but not exciting (although it was for me). Cold doubts crept into my mind again about my ability to sexually satisfy my hot young newlywed. Why was she so excited? Maybe I will made love to her when we got home from the drive.

Memory of the ‘ruler incident’ flashed back. I never outright told Loni how small my penis was, though she had offhandly asked its measurements on occasion. I underestimated her curiosity.

During the first week of marriage, everything was fine. Mine was the only penis she had ever seen, so as long as I made sure she never saw any porno she wouldn’t know any better. One morning she was blowing me in the study, easily engulfing my thin shaft. I closed my eyes in rapture just for a moment when Loni pulled her mouth off me. I opened them again to see that she was holding my cock with two fingers like a pair of tweezers and the ruler from the desk was against my shaft. The tip of my small mushroom head reached just barely past the ‘4’ stenciled by the word ‘inches’ on the ruler.

I was upset, and went soft in her two fingers, and stayed soft for over a week. It didn’t help when she tried to make me feel better. We eventually talked it out. Yes, she had read the average size of a dick was six and a half inches, but “Honey two and a half inches less than average isn’t very much”. You can see why I couldn’t get hard after that. She admitted reading, and I confirmed for her, that 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch cocks were common. (I could see her doing the math in her head, knew what she was thinking…”gee that would be DOUBLE what you have”.) Additionally, 10 inch, 11 inch, even 12 inch and 13 inch members existed in great numbers. (Again the teenage face trying to hide the math equation she was thinking…”oh shit…TRIPLE the meat that you have!). I had to admit to her I had seen a porno with some dude sporting a 15+ inch real cock. Her teen math failed her at this, she just looked at me with her jaw open and a far away look in her eyes.

“Pull over Loni, let me see you walk in those hot heels you have on.”

“Look, ‘WB’ (short for Woman Beater – I was trying to sound sure of myself)…” I glanced again at my wife. “We’ll pull over for a second, but then you leave us and don’t try to follow!” My stomach felt like a bottomless pit. I think my voice sounded like a candy-ass, but Loni’s face lit up and her face sparkled. Bad Idea! Bad Idea! Bad Idea! My mind yelled, but the longing look on my wife’s face showed how much she LOVED to tease. That is what the longing look on her face meant, right?

“Pull over Limp Dick husband!” It was as much a snarl as anything. His words cut into me, did he know? There was no way he could, but the words cut all the same.

Once stopped, the heat of the day pressed down hard. He parked his truck on the shoulder in front of my car, the four-lane highway swooshing vehicles past us. A wave of diesel fumes washed over us. I looked over at Loni as I put it in park, looked her all over. Her waist long hair hung prettily about her. Her bright white smile, pretty dark face. Just now, a scared look was on her face, terrified even. My eyes went down to her massive tits, and those big hard nipples. I realized maybe if I sucked my wife’s tits, instead of just looking at them while I tried to make love to her, they might get big and hard like that for me. It occurred to me my wife had never had her tits sucked. Then to her thin waist, perfect hips, tight legs, then those 10-inch high heels! She was a doll, a perfect teen sex doll.

The afternoon sun was high above, no shadows on the desert, or by the truck. Both WB and I climbed out the passenger side of our vehicles so as not to get smashed by a passing motorist. Loni waited. We walked toward each other, he was tall and big…at least 6’7″, most likely bigger. Way bigger than me. I saw that his skin was black, black as midnight. We met halfway down his truck, it being between the traffic and us. The smell of diesel was nearly overpowering. He carried a truncated wooden bat, about 2 and a half feet in length, as thick as a normal baseball bat.

“What’s that for?”

“For pounding truck tires.” He talked down to me. “Where’s my girl?” His girl? I called my wife, but my voice squeaked more than a bit. As we waited, he stared intently back in the direction of my car, waiting for her to emerge. I saw him licking his thick lips, bobbing his head slightly forward and back…biding time to unheard music. His hand flexed on the handle of his bat, and I saw how strong and sinewy his arms were, awesome and immediately frightening. His body was obviously heavily muscled and mean. I could just tell that he was a convict or had been.

Cars and trucks continued to swoosh past on the other side of his rig. He looked me dead in the face with an angry twist to his features. Loni still had not climbed out her car door, we could see her pretty face back there sitting in the car. I called her again, once again sounding like a choked up girl scout. This time I also used a wave of the hand to indicate for her to come over to us.

The red car door swung open, slowly because it was heavy for her. Then a white 10 inch high heel stepped into view beneath the red door, finding purchase on the desert highway shoulder. There was a pause for several seconds, the shoe being used for leverage to slide Loni across the car seat. Then she stood behind the door. From a distance, the swell of her volleyball tits pressed out her spaghetti dress. The breasts were totally hard, round and stand up perky on her very young body. The shadows of her braless nipples protruding against the dress could even be seen at our distance of perhaps 30 meters.

My wife stood with one hand on the car door, the other absently twirling her long long hair. She had a genuinely shy look upon her face, but a mischievous smile all the same. Her incredible beauty stunned me all over again. That’s my wife I thought with pride. Everything was going to be alright. I motioned for her to walk over to where we stood behind his truck. My voice completely useless now, my mouth dry.

Stepping with bird like steps, Loni had never really walked much in those shoes, she began approaching us slowly and with a little difficulty keeping her balance on her toes. The shoes were like stilts, walking inside would have been tricky enough, but the highway shoulder was littered with stones and such. We both stared at her. Her legs, especially her calves were clenched tight walking in those heels. Her massive round orbs jiggled provocatively under her white dress with each step. I realized the dress material massaged her nipples when this happened, Loni must be loving it!

Slowly, step by uncertain step, she approached. WB began muttering under his breath as she got closer, his eyes boring into her. I don’t think he realized I could hear him, or maybe he didn’t care.

“Fuckin Bitch. Fuckin Bitch. Fuckin Bitch.” It was like a mantra from the giant black man. By happenstance I noticed his growing erection in his old dirty blue jeans. A thick rod swelling and pushing out his jean material. It was easily as thick as his bat, a real bologna roll in his pants. The tip of it inched down his leg, quickly reaching half way to his knee, then slowing when it reached ALL THE WAY to his knee. I had to look away, I didn’t want to watch that thing still growing!

Loni had reached halfway to us, when the giant unleashed a roar like an animal that reverberated off his metal truck. It caught us both by surprise, and she stopped in her tracks. Then he, just as loudly, began woof-woofing like a dog pound, staring at my wife’s body. Loni looked at me a second, then smiled at the animal. She felt a sense of approval and pride. A lot of her shyness melted from her face. She stopped twirling her hair, put her hands on her hips, and resumed her walk to us. Now, however, she was strutting for him, moving her hips and shoulders. She was incredible! Like a model on a runway. She had even put a sultry look on her face, drawing in her cheeks. She was playing it to the hilt, having her fun.

My own cock stiffened. The weight of weeks of stored jism felt heavy, my balls were swollen. Before marriage I had masturbated every day at least three times but often as many as five or six times a day. My testes were actually much larger than normal, and despite my age I produced incredible loads of cum. I stopped whacking off after the wedding and was really loving spraying my cream all over Loni. My ejaculations had ceased with the humiliation of the ruler incident, not that we hadn t tried. My sacs stretched painfully tight now trying to hold an accumulated 25 to 40 cum loads inside. There must be six fluid ounces in each nut. Each of my balls was now larger than my penis. Watching my wife walk sexily had me achingly erect, and it felt like my balls were filling with more cum every second.

She stood before him. A voluptuous girl dressed in white like a virgin sacrifice. She was like a virgin, having only had my little dick.

“Yeah! Fuckin Bitch!” He roared at her. His crudeness caught her by surprise, but she tried to keep a smile on her face. I moved beside her and put my arm around my wife’s trim waist. With her heels she was a good 6 inches taller than me, but I didn’t mind. I gave her a hug, then we both faced the trucker shoulder to shoulder. I kept my arm around her waist.

“Did you like the show? You…ah…said something…about giving…er, well my wife…” I stammered weakly.

He reached in his front pocket. Loni saw for the first time the outline of his massive cock under his pant leg stretching past his knee. She gasped loudly and held her breath, staring at it with wide eyes.

The trucker liked the expression on her face. “Don’t worry bitch, I’m only gonna fuck you with this much of it” He put a finger most of the way up along his thigh, indicating about 9 inches or so. It was a small fraction of its total length. “Who the hell am I kidding? I’m gonna run this whole damn thing into you. And your husband is gonna watch me do it!” His meanness shown he meant it, but there was just no way for it to fit inside my bride, it was way too thick to even get inside her!

The trucker held a $10 bill.

“You..ah…said…” I tried.

“She’ll earn her money, don’t worry! I know you can dance honey, dance for me baby-baby!” The stranger sat on the steel railing along the road s edge.

Loni looked at me. There was no music. It didn’t make sense.

My wife stepped clear of me, and to my astonishment, began to move. I should have realized, that with more than a generation between us, she would know how to dance like the kids do today. I just never had thought about it.

Loni was smiling naturally as she began swaying slowly, moving carefully on her stilted high heels. I made a mental note to take her dancing sometime.

“Yeah! Yeah baby!” WB was egging her on. She responded to it, so he stepped it up. “Yeah girly, do it! Shake it for me!” She was using her shoulders, taut belly, hips, dancing like a music video girl. “Come here you ho!”

Loni danced right up to him, seated as he was, they were more nearly the same height. Her heels making her slightly taller than him now. He spread his knees so she could move right up to him. Giving a much better view for the performance. He tucked his $10 dollar bill into her cleavage, and took another out of his pocket. Loni smiled at me saucily. I could read her mind exactly. ‘Does this mean I’m a professional tease now?’ was what she was thinking.

After several more minutes of dirty dancing, and a couple more tips placed inside her dress, he spoke again.

“Turn around baby! Bend over for me!” WB was demanding, but more jovial than before. His voice commanding.

Loni was facing me when she turned, the black giant behind her. Her eyes met mine. She was smiling, brightening the sunny day. A finger went to the corner of her mouth as she looked straight at me. ‘Should I?’ her eyes asked of me. ‘No’, I mouthed the word. We should just leave now. Assuming a pursed lips ‘misbehaving’ facial expression, she kept her eyes on me as she bent slightly forward. Her tight church dress constricting against her tight perfectly shaped bottom. Then bending ever so slightly more, watching me as she did. She was teasing ME! Doing a naughty thing I had told her not to do!

“Fuckin Yeah! Two days out of the fuckin joint, God Damn! My first sweet candy!” Loni bent slightly more, hearing the giant cheer her on. Her dress rode up the back of her taut thighs.

“Er, well, sir. How long were you, well, …” My suspicions confirmed.

“Twelve years!” Roaring angrily. “For murdering a white nerd like you!” Loni was bending over, and her cleavage was trying to spill out before my eyes. I was paralyzed by my lust for her shape. She was bending way over now, her hands grabbing her ankles. The dress was all the way up her legs now. She shook her tight small ass. Then she turned around and thrust out her bosom to accept another $10.

This time WB sank his hand under her dress as he put in the money. Loni gasped in surprise. He was copping a feel off my wife! I objected, but my dry mouth produced no sound. My throat wouldn t speak.

He took his hand out, then slapped both hands onto her chest, grabbing hold! His hands were humungous as was the rest of him, Loni moaned as he held them. Moaned! Her eyelids fluttered, a far away look in her eye, her head tilted slightly back.

“Ooohhhh!” She said. He began to treat my wife like she was a cow that he owned, she wasn’t fighting back at all. “Ooohhh!” She moaned.

“Hey Limp Dick, you got a video camera? The show is really about to start!” Another ten slipped in beside my sweety s tits.

This show was totally over! I had had enough!

“You hear me?”

“Yes, there is one in the trunk, but this is…”

“Then go git it! Why don’t you hurry?” With that he stood and lifted Loni by her tits. She shrieked and grabbed his wrists. The pressure! He was squeezing hard, holding her way up in the air…by her tits! Tears ran down her face as she struggled punily. He continued milking her as he held her aloft! My wife was suffering terribly.

to be continued

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