A Recreational Spank

September 23, 2007 – 10:00 am

When Patrick first saw the ad, a full-page color spread in the City
magazine, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  A middle-aged man, with his
pants pulled down to his ankles, was stretched across the lap of a buxom
young woman.  She was in the act of delivering an apparently sound slap
to his buttocks, which were discretely covered by his underwear.  Both
the man and the woman were smiling excitedly.  The ad read:
                Myra’S SALON OF SPANKING

    Come to Myra’s to relive an experience of youth.
    Discover the pleasures of a recreational spanking in
    the lap of one of our skilled, attractive consultants.
    Feeling worried or guilty?  Want to stop smoking?  A
    full range of corrective treatments available.
    Whatever your needs, Myra’s can take care of
    you.  Fully licensed and state approved.
At first Patrick could not imagine why a man would voluntarily seek out
such a bizarre, perverted, and probably painful experience.  And yet,
the ad seemed to wake some deep, unrecognized feeling within him.  He
found himself thinking about it in unguarded moments, first wondering,
then dreaming what would it be like to lower his trousers in front of a
young woman, lie slowly across her lap, and wait for the first slap on
his upturned backside.

At last the dark curiosity overwhelmed him, and he sought out the
address in the ad.  To his surprise, it was located in an elegant
shopping center in a fashionable part of the city.  The sign
“Myra’s Salon of Spanking” fit tastefully alongside shops offering
hair-styling and other personal services to the elite of the city.  As
he watched, from time to time an impeccably-dressed customer would exit
a hair stylist and enter the Salon, presumably to receive services at
his other end.

Plucking up his nerve, he entered and was greeted by an attractive
middle-aged woman seated behind a desk.  “Hello, I am Myra.  May I
help you?”

Patrick stammered in embarrassment.  “I… I saw your ad, and I’m

“For a spanking?  Certainly, sir,” she smiled pleasantly.  “We offer
complete spanking services to the  discriminating gentleman.  One of our
spanking consultants will be pleased to design a program to meet your
individual spanking needs.  We guarantee total discretion and complete
satisfaction.  Now, what sort of spanking did you have in mind?”

“I… don’t really know.”

“Ah, this is your first visit, I take it? Then I recommend a
recreational spanking.  Your consultant will turn you over her lap and
administer a mild, slow paddling to your buttocks, which can be covered
or nude, as you wish.  This is a great favorite with most of our
gentlemen, and excellent for the beginner.”

“That… sounds fine.” He handed her his American Express card, and she
completed the transaction.

“Now sir, there’s just one thing I must make clear on your first visit.
We are a legitimate licensed spanking salon, which under the law is
considered a specialized form of massage.  Spanking is the only service
we offer, and we do not condone or permit any sexual contact between our
staff and our customers.”

“Oh, no Mam!  I… I didn’t think that… never intended…”

“Of course you didn’t, sir.  I only mention it because in the past there
have been misunderstandings.” She smiled mysteriously and continued,
“But if necessary, your spanking consultant will (within her guidelines)
help you to address any personal needs which might arise.” Patrick could
only guess what Myra was referring to, but her tone of voice was
very exciting.

“Now, if you’ll just step into your private parlor, you may shower and
freshen up and change into your spanking gown.  Your consultant today is
Juliet, and she will be with you in a  few minutes.  Enjoy your spanking,

Patrick entered a small sitting room, which was adjoined by a bathroom.
He undressed and rinsed off quickly.  A sign on the wall instructed him
to don a garment fashioned like a long night shirt, which covered him
from neck almost to his knees.  Slits in the sides allowed the rear to
be raised to expose his buttocks.  Following the instructions, he
remained naked beneath and felt his dangling penis rubbing against the
soft cotton.

He glanced around the parlor and saw a collection of birch rods, stout
canes, leather-thonged whips– instruments of distinctly ominous nature.
He hoped that he was not in for more than he had bargained for.  As he
mused about the experience to follow, his member stirred and began
tenting out the light front of his shirt.  Anxious that he should not be
discovered in this aroused state, he tried to push his penis back in
place with his hand.

Just then the door opened, and Juliet entered.  She was a young woman of
about twenty, dressed in a yellow pullover and red mini-skirt.  Her legs
were bare of stockings, and her feet were in sandals.  Patrick’s eyes
instantly focussed on her magnificently endowed bosom, which stretched
the pullover seemingly to the breaking point.  She was obviously bra-
less, and the buttons of prominent nipples showed through the thin

She greeted him cheerfully, “Hello, Patrick, my name is Juliet, and I’ll be
spanking you today.”  She glanced down at the efforts of his hand on his
conspicuous tumescence and chuckled, “Oh ho!  What have we been up to?
Getting in the mood?”

Patrick blushed crimson in painful embarrassment.  “I… I… Oh, I’m

Juliet grinned.  “That’s OK, Patrick, I like my customers to be
enthusiastic.” She put her hands on her hips and leaned casually against
the door, inspecting the young man closely, especially the insolent
erection still billowing the spanking gown.  “Well, what’s it to be?
Myra said a recreational spanking, right?”

“Y… yes, Juliet.  I’ve never been… spanked before.  I hope you won’t
be too harsh…” His eyes motioned to the canes and whips.

“Oh, don’t worry.  Those are only for our advanced customers.  I’ll just
use my bare hand on you today, just a nice gentle spanking on your
backside.  Hardly more than a friendly pat.  Did you want me to leave
you covered, or to give you a bare-bottom spanking?

“B…Bare, please.” He felt a thrill at the prospect which made his
knees weak.

“Oh, good.  I think they’re the most fun, but some gentlemen are very
shy.  In that case, you probably wouldn’t mind if I took my top off? I
find it more comfortable that way.” Without hesitation she stripped off
the pullover, leaving herself nude from the waist up.  Her enormous
breasts hung heavily down her chest, making Patrick dizzy with excitement.

She walked over to a low, armless chair.  Before sitting, she picked up
a folded latex rubber sheet from a nearby table and spread it over the
chair bottom.  Seating herself on top of the rubber sheet, she patted
her lap in gesture to Patrick.

“Uh, Juliet, what’s that sheet for?”

She grinned mischievously at him.  “Well, Patrick, sometimes my little
boys get so excited during a spanking that they have a wet little
‘accident’ right here on my lap.” She pointed at his erection and

Patrick could hardly believe what she was hinting.  “You… you mean…
That men actually … You don’t mind?”

She smiled, “Not if they behave themselves. Now it’s against the rules
for me to do anything directly to help a customer along, or I might lose
my masseuse license.  But if a man has an ‘accident’ while I’m spanking
him, well, we can’t help that, can we?”

She lay Patrick kneeling across her lap.  His stiff erection folded
painfully beneath him, and he shifted uncomfortably.  She shook her
head, “Now what are we going to do with this, I wonder?” She hiked up
both her mini-skirt and the front of his gown and, without touching his
private parts, she guided his hips so that his penis slipped between her
bare thighs.  She squeezed her legs together and Patrick gasped with

“Well it has to go somewhere, doesn’t it? Just lie still, and relax,
now.  I’m going to bare your bottom.”

She slowly slid the rear of the gown up above his waist.  Patrick felt the
cool air on his buttocks as she uncovered them and, looking up, realized
that a mirror on the wall gave him full view of the proceedings.  He saw
a slender, almost effeminate man, stretched over the lap of a buxom,
sexy girl.  Her heavy nude breasts grazed against his back, and his
tender bare buttocks offered themselves submissively to her whim.

She lay her hand on his backside, covering its nakedness with her palm.
The comforting touch of her hand and the snug, caressing pressure of her
thighs on his member filled him with a rapturous warmth.  She enhanced
the intimate mood by saying, “Now Patrick, I know this is your first time,
but don’t be nervous or shy.  We’re going to take this very slowly.
There’ll be lots of time to talk and get to know each other real good.

“Now, I think we’re ready for a few swats.  The first ones will be real
easy.” She began slapping his buttocks lightly, hardly more than gentle
pats.  Patrick felt no pain, only a tingling excitement as his nether
cheeks blushed pink with the contact.  He arched his back and thrust up
his buttocks to meet her palm.  “Feel good, Patrick?”

“Ooh… yes… it makes me feel… tingles…”

“I like give my gentlemen a nice bottom-patting on the first session.
It’s a good ice breaker.  Now why don’t you tell me about yourself.
What brings you to us for a spanking?”

“Well, I don’t know, I’ve never been spanked, and I just wondered what
it would feel like, I guess…”

“I see.  I bet you’ll learn to like it.  Most of my customers are shy at
first, but pretty soon they can’t wait to drop their britches —
especially after they learn what the rubber sheet is for.” She squeezed
her legs together to illustrate her point, and Patrick moaned with

“Are you ready for some hard swats now, Patrick?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know… maybe…”

“We’ll just try one, to see how it feels.  This is only your first
spanking.” She took a deep breath and, drawing her hand high in the air,
delivered a resounding slap to Patrick’s buttocks.

“OUCH!” he cried, surprised at the sudden rush of pain.

She chuckled, and resumed the gentle patting.  “Wake you up, did it?
That’s what little boys get, when they’re naughty.  Did you like that

Patrick looked in the mirror at the distinct red imprint of her hand on
his backside.  The pain had quickly receded, to be replaced by a warm
tingling flush.  “Oh, it hurt, Juliet… and yet… it felt sort of

“I can tell,” she giggled.  “You’re starting to drip on my legs.” She
squeezed his penis tightly between her thighs, which were becoming
slippery with the dew of his arousal.

“I… I’m sorry, Juliet.  I can’t help it.  Do you mind?”

“Of course not, silly, I’m only teasing.” She continued planting slow,
playful slaps on his buttocks.  Each touch filled him with exhilaration.
He enjoyed the caressing punishment in silence for a few minutes,
becoming more aroused with each slap.

Finally he asked, “Uh… Juliet… do many of your customers have…  you
know… an ‘accident’ when you spank them?”

“Yes, during a recreational spanking, I’d say about half do.  That is,
right here in my lap.  The other customers prefer a manual release after
a spanking, and I keep a bottle of baby oil for their use.  It’s so cute
the way they kneel down in front of me and finish themselves off in
their own hands.  They really seem to like me to watch them do it.  But
from the way you’re wiggling around, I don’t think you’re going to last
that long.  Does it feel good, rubbing it between my legs?”

Patrick suddenly realized that he was thrusting his member unconsciously
but vigorously in the slippery prison of her thighs.  He asked
nervously, “Do… Do you mind?”

“Could you stop if I did?” Her tone told him that she did not.

“No,” he giggled.  “I don’t think I could.”

“Well, then, I’ll just have to ignore it, won’t I?” Patrick was in a
sensual paradise from her pats on his rear and the feel of his penis
thrusting against the bare skin of her thighs.  But he felt as if
something were incomplete.


“Yes, Patrick?”

“Could I have… some more… hard swats?”

“Well, just a few, perhaps.  I’ll give you three.” She raised her hand
and brought it swiftly down.  “One!” — “Ouch!” — “Two!” — “Oh!”  —
“Three!” — “OW, OUCH!”

“There, that’s enough for now,” she soothed and resumed patting.

But Patrick was not satisfied.  “Please, Juliet, I’d like some more.  May I
have some more swats?”

“Well, I don’t know.  This is your first spanking, and we don’t want to
overdo it.”

“Please, I can take it.  I… I really want it.”

“Well, if you’re sure you’re ready.  But I’ll have to hold you more
firmly.” She circled her left arm around his waist, holding him
securely.  He felt the strength of her grip and realized suddenly that
he was totally in her power.

“This will hurt, now, Patrick.  More that you think.  It will help to kick
your legs and cry.  Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed.  If you feel like
crying, don’t hold back.”

She began slapping hard, regular blows to his buttocks.  At first he
only gasped at the blows, but as each strike followed another, a fiery
pain began mounting in his flesh.  Soon he was squirming, kicking his
legs, and feeling hot tears run down his cheeks.

“Ow!  Please!  Stop!  Juliet, please… no more.  Ouch!  Oh please, let
me up!  Oh!  I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry.  Don’t spank me any more.  Oh,
my bottom!”

Juliet grinned, because the stiff turgid penis thrusting against her bare
legs belied the complaints of its owner.  Her practiced ear heard
Patrick’s true wishes through his protests, and her practiced hand played
counterpoint to her playful scolding.  “Stop? …  Not until I give you
what you deserve, you naughty boy …  Imagine … a big boy like you
… with his britches pulled down… being spanked by a woman ….
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? …”

“Oh!  Yes, Juliet…Ouch!  I’m sorry for being naughty!  Spank me,
please, spank me till I’m good!”

They continued like this for a few moments.  Then Patrick’s tone changed.
“Oh, Juliet… I feel like… I need to… I’m going to…”

“Yes, Patrick, I know what you need.  Just go ahead and let go.  Let it go
right between my legs, it’s all right.”

He suddenly stiffened and began flooding his pent-up semen in her lap.
She squeezed his organ between her legs as he  ejaculated and slapped
his buttocks, timing her slaps to the spasms of his climax.  As the
flood finally ebbed, she eased her blows, until finally she was gently
patting his naked backside, her thighs milking out the last drops of his

After he had rested, she helped him to his feet.  She gave him one
lingering look at her breasts before pulling on her shirt and then left.

Patrick dressed and went out.  In the lobby, Myra asked, “Well, sir,
did you enjoy your spanking? Did you find it satisfactory?”

“Yes, thank you,” he admitted shyly.

“I’m so glad.  And please consider us again when you have spanking needs
in the future.”

                – end –

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