Little Brother – Erotic Spankings

July 15, 2013 – 11:14 am

Mike lives with his beautiful young wife, a former fitness model in an enormous and secluded estate in the hills of California. As a couple they seem to have everything in the world, but no matter how hard they try Mike and Trish can’t seem to conceive.

They visit Dr. José Estrada in Beverley Hills. He examines them and comes to the conclusion that Mike’s sperm is just too weak and wimpy to knock anybody up. The doctor demeans Mike in front of Trish, who he complements on her sex-bomb body. He suggests that her best bet for motherhood is to find a virile young stud to be a surrogate father. To Mike’s surprise, Trish doesn’t defend him from Estrada’s insults but listens attentively and thanks the doctor for his candour.

Ashamed, Mike apologises to his wife for his inadequacy. Trish assures him she doesn’t blame him, but suggests that they look into Dr. Estrada’s advice. Mike is aghast that his wife hasn’t dismissed the doctor’s suggestion as immediately as he had.

“Calm down Mikey! Honestly! Don t be so dramatic!”

Trish suggests that Mike’s little brother Jason might be the perfect surrogate father for them: Jason is a young muscle-head fresh from college, healthy and handsome and bursting with Mike’s family genes. He’s ideal. Mike is horrified. He is already deeply resentful of his jock of a brother and hasn’t spoken to Jason in two years because of it. Trish is unimpressed. She tells him he is being childish and petty and sharply reminds him that it’s HIS fault they can’t conceive. Mike feels so guilty and unreasonable that he meekly tries compromising by suggesting artificial insemination. Trish flatly scoffs at this idea citing it as unnatural, over-expensive and unnecessary. Losing control, Mike finds himself emotionally blackmailed into agreeing to meet Jason over dinner to discuss the situation.

In the restaurant, Trish gleefully explains to Jason Mike’s inadequacy as a lover. She makes Mike shake hands with him, pay for the meal, bury the hatchet and apologise for holding grudges. Jason tells Mike with a cocky smirk that he’d be happy to knock Trish up if that’s what Mike wants. Mike is forced to tell him that is what he wants. Feeling light-headed and nauseous, Mike asks Trish if he can go home and lie down. He shakes Jason’s hand again upon her request and leaves his wife and his brother to finish the meal together.

Six days later, Jason is scheduled to arrive in the evening to spend the night. Trish suggests that it might be easier on Mike if he slept in a hotel as she and Jason are going to be using the master bedroom. Mike packs his bags as Trish swans about the house trying on different outfits and preparing a meal. He feels his guts twisting as he leaves his wife looking incredibly sexy in tiny white shorts and with her juicy 34-DD’s almost falling out of her top.

In the hotel room, Mike goes crazy thinking about what’s going on in his bedroom and regrets leaving the house. He works himself into a jealous frenzy and ends up driving all the way back home. He finds the ground floor and poolside area deserted except for a half-eaten meal and an empty bottle of wine on the veranda table. As he climbs the stairs, he hears Trish’s loud moans from inside the master bedroom: “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!”

His heart in his mouth, Mike forces himself to peer around the wide open door and gaze through at the scene before him. Trish is butt naked and leaning over the king-sized bed, her legs straight and her hands filled with the bed-sheets in order to steady herself. Behind her stands Jason, his body naked, hairless and buff, porking her petite and curvy frame with his big, pink dick. His hands are filled with Trish’s mouth-wateringly perky and round titties and he is holding both her red nipples between thumb and forefinger, using her porkers as handles with which to pump his impressive manhood harder and harder between her jiggling thighs. Each time he does this, his large balls smack loudly against her flat belly. Mike is absolutely mesmerized by the sight of such a superior, physical fucking. The sight of his wife getting bucked wild by such a strong, specimen of a stud is enough to make his own much smaller cock hard. He gazes longingly at Trish’s chubby pink pussy lips wrapped tightly around Jason’s veiny shaft as he plows it in and out of her, grunting like a bull.


Mike slinks away fighting back tears of jealousy and humiliation while the rhythmic, ear splitting creaking of the bed and slapping of genitals seems to bore through his very skull.

The next morning Mike returns home to find Jason still there! He is sitting on the veranda and enjoying some breakfast wearing one of Mike’s robes. Between his legs rests the enormous slab of his soft cock. Trish appears wearing only Jason’s shirt, which fails to cover thick trails of spunk glistening on the insides of her thick thighs. She greets Mike full of exhilaration and excitement. She sits him down to eat some breakfast with them and starts raving about how superb a lover Jason is. She tells Mike that Jason has the stamina of a thoroughbred stallion and that he fucked her all night and into the morning. She describes in detail how thick and creamy the countless loads of mansperm he shot into her womb were. She even offers to show him her gooey cunt. Mike tries to sound pleased but is clearly embarrassed and humiliated by his wife’s openness. Jason beams smugly as he tells Mike that Trish is the hottest fuck he’s ever had. Trish responds with pride, telling Mike how much Jason loves her big tits and her juicy pussy.

“Jason says I have the most muscular pussy he s ever fucked! He says when I cum for him, my cunnie clamps so tightly around his big thing he can feel all the muscles in my pussy!”

Trish tells Mike she has something to confess to him and that he mustn’t be angry when she tells him.

“Wh what is it?”

Trish tells Mike that she and Jason visited Dr. Estrada a few days ago, before their fuck-marathon of the previous evening even began. Upon examining each of them, Dr. Estrada reportedly advised Trish to embark on a period of sexual activity. According to the good doctor, it can be very dangerous for both a baby and it s mother if she is denied regular orgasm and hard penetrative sex while on Heat.

“On Heat?”

“That’s right Mikey. And after the way I came for Jase all last night every single time he stuck that big thing in between my legs I’m pretty much positive I’m on it. I m telling you Honey I just couldn’t stop orgasming! It was incredible!”

Trish goes on to describe how impressed Dr. Estrada was with Jason’s pedigree, confiding to them both that he was a marvellous specimen of manhood, far superior to his brother. Mike is even told that the doctor even went so far as to advise Trish, because he was looking out for her best medical interests of course, to leave her husband immediately and start a family with his brother! Trish however assures her husband that she ignored this comment because she still loves him, in spite of his shortcomings as a man. Mike is flabbergasted to find himself thanking her! All Trish is asking for is a week or two of casual sex with his brother

“Remember Mikey, I m doing this for us. For our family.”

His manhood totally lost, Mike finds himself agreeing to allow Trish and Jason to screw each other’s brains out for the rest of the week. His humiliation continues even deeper when he discovers shortly afterwards that this continued fuck-fest will not only be taking place under his roof but in his very bed! Trish insists on having the most natural, normal, comfortable surroundings around her so Mike is moved into the spare bedroom on the downstairs floor, so as not to interfere. That night, he is treated first hand to the impressiveness of Jason’s performance as he listens to his brother giving Trish the time of her life.


All night it continues and all over the house. Trish soon gets bored with screwing in the master bedroom and so descends with her hung lover, having him fuck her in the living room, in the kitchen, in the shower and around the garden. At about four o’clock in the morning Mike even looks out to see Trish in the swimming pool, leaning against the side and with her feet coming out of the water as Jason’s magnificent, dripping body bucks her wild.


Once again mesmerized by this vision, the physically exhausted and emotionally devastated Mike finds himself furiously jacking off as he watches his brother inseminate his wife.


As the days drag by Mike becomes more and more down trodden. He tries his very best to keep out of the lovers way, staying later at work and keeping to his spare room when at home, trying desperately to keep at bay his urge to creep upstairs and jack off as he watches his wife fuck. In a meagre attempt to sustain his sick lust he steals several pairs Trish’s knickers since she so rarely uses them any more and jacks off into them in his weaker moments.

As if Trish knows exactly what is going on in Mike’s mind, she starts putting restraints on him. He is banned from going to any bars after work he is to come straight home and each night he arrives Trish starts insisting that Mike shake his brother’s hand and wish him good evening. Mike is to tell Jason how grateful he is that Trish is getting sexed so expertly and is to enquire if Jason has had an enjoyable day satisfying her needs. After this routine is performed on cue one evening later that week, Trish adds to the ritual by asking Mike to remove her panties for her as well! Failing to suppress his raging erection Mike drops to his knees and slips the black lingerie down around her ankles. When she accidentally kicks them off right up into Mike’s face Trish and Jason laugh loudly before disappearing.

At half-past two that night Trish wakes Mike up to ask him to put her underwear back on and as he blearily complies, again slipping to his knees on his bedroom floor, he comes face to face with her well-fucked snatch, oozing with Jason’s potent, superior seed. Mike is rendered speechless, gaping at her crotch and feeling his cock stiffening again. Trish looks down at him and smiles. After one glance at the cum-stained panties lying on the bed and at the bulge in his pyjama bottoms, she sweetly asks her husband if he’d like to suck the juice from her pussy?

“Wh what?”

Laughing, Trish tells Mike she knows he must be almost as horny as her by now and says she wants to help him out, just like he helped her out

“My cunnie’s always here for you Baby okay? Anytime you’re sick of jacking off all alone in here, you’re more than welcome to come upstairs and suck my pussy. Would you like to do that Honey?”

Burning with shame, Mike shakes his head and watches Trish strut delightedly from the room.

“Well if you change your mind Jason’s spunk really does taste delicious”

The cuckolding continues week after week, long after the day Dr. Estrada announces that Trish is officially pregnant. When he does, Trish has Mike give Jason an especially thorough handshake and thanking. Mike is also allowed to kiss her belly before performing his nightly panty-duties so Trish can go upstairs with his brother. Every time Mike meekly asks when they can go back to being a couple again, Trish sharply explains that she is still on Heat. Mike can’t understand how her period of Heat is lasting so long, but knows that he cannot possibly last out much longer against his own sexual frustration.

One afternoon Mike comes home from a hard day at work to find Trish and Jason noisily slurping at each other’s genitals by the pool. Trish climbs off her lover’s face with a broad smirk and struts over to her husband with saliva running down her meaty thighs. She has some news for him: Jason will be moving in on a permanent basis as the new man of the house and could Mike help carry some boxes of his stuff in?

Mike can’t believe his ears!

“Mike, it’s Jase’s baby just as much as it is yours! More so really, it’s his cream that put it in me after all? If he wants to be a part of the family, well, there’s nothing you can do to stop him is there? Besides, I think I’ve grown kind of used to having his big dick around. It just wouldn’t be the same going back to you Baby.”

Weeping pathetically, Mike carries box after box of Jason’s various possessions into the house and places them outside the master bedroom door as the sounds of Trish enjoying a long, leisurely fuck from inside sail across the landing.


After nearly an hour on his bed in the spare room, crying his eyes out, Mike creeps back upstairs and puts his ear against the door. Silence. Trying to compose his flushed, tear-stained face, he knocks


Mike edges inside to find Trish alone, reclining luxuriously on the double bed and with a towel clamped between her legs to soak up some of Jason’s bountiful juices. Reduced to a pathetic wretch, Mike breaks down beside the bed and bawls his eyes out. Snivelling, he pleads with Trish to take him back, begs her to let him have his manhood back and to stop Jason from becoming master of the house. He grovels and cowers asking her what will become of him without her, if she will kick him out onto the street because he can’t satisfy her anymore.

Trish is unsympathetic.

“In time you’ll learn to accept things Mike. Maybe you’ll even learn to enjoy them. Just as long as you remember your place.”

“m my my place?”

Trish removes the sodden towel from between her perfect, bronzed thighs and lazily, symbolically, spreads her legs in front of him. A conquered man, Mike lowers his head between her thighs and begins to meekly lap his tongue in and out of her slippery pussy-lips. He tastes Jason’s pungent, thick and incredibly creamy sperm and gets it everywhere, smearing his lips, his tongue and his chin. Enjoying her husband’s broken will, Trish relaxes back into the pillows and wraps her legs tightly around hubby’s head. As she holds his head with a fist full of hair she begins to grind her messy crotch in his face. Mike can hardly breath.

“Mmmmmmmm .. you know exactly where your fucking place is don’t you?”

Next, Jason swaggers into the room with a cruel grin. Mike pulls back ashamedly, fighting to get his head out of Trish’s powerful lock. In his haste, he tries to wipe his brother’s residues from around his mouth with the cum-soaked towel and ends up smothering his face still further in cream. Jason just beams at him and tosses him his robe as he removes it, revealing his Adonis body in all its glory.

“Isn’t he magnificent Mike. Just look at you’re stud of a brother! He’s your BIG brother isn’t he Mike? So much bigger than you are! Isn’t he?”

“Ye yes”

“Yes what?”

“Yes m’am?”

“Good boy. You can go now.”

Burning with shame, Mike slinks from the room

“Wait a second Mike be a good little boy and put your big brother inside my pussy for me would you?”

That night Trish and Jason finish off Mike’s torturous cuckolding, forcing him to accept his role as the LITTLE brother of the family and to admit Jason’s superiority as a man. To demonstrate his new obedience, Mike is forced to kneel down before the two lovers and to kiss their sweaty asses on each cheek. As a further humiliation, Trish lies on the bed and has Mike suck her toes while Jason plows her. During her several climaxes, Trish ends up kicking Mike in the face with the sole of her petite foot before cramming it back into his mouth. When Jason is finished, Mike must once again suck Trish’s pussy clean and this time, thank her for the privilege.

“Thank you M’am. Thank you Sir.”

During the first few hot summer weeks of Trish’s pregnancy, Mike learns to accept his place as cuckold to the lovers as they frolic by the pool; sucking, fucking, swimming and sleeping in the sun all day long. Mike’s daytime duties include: cooking, cleaning, housework and garden maintenance; playing snivelling servant to the lovers every beck and call; oiling up Jason’s buff body for his sunbathing and weight-lifting sessions and giving Trish her monthly wax, her weekly manicure, her daily massage and her hourly foot worship. As the weeks pass the two become more and more comfortable with Mike as their slave. Sometimes, when they can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom, they use his open mouth as a toilet or sometimes an ashtray. Strangely enough, Mike grows to love the taste of their warm piss sloshing over his lips. When she’s feeling particularly cruel, Trish even takes to squatting over her poor husband’s face and taking a steamy dump right in his mouth! Afterwards, Mike must lick her shitty butt clean without complaint.

“Thank you M’am.”

Every night, Mike must reminded himself of his place by kissing Trish’s ass and by shaking Jason’s hand. He must remove Trish’s panties and put them round his neck before taking hold of his brother’s raging erection and guiding it between Trish’s open legs. During the sexing, Trish often likes to have Mike watch and sometimes even keeps a hand firmly on his head to increase her dominance over him. Sometimes, when they are bored, Trish and Jason like to entertain themselves by watching Mike pump his little cock for their amusement and Jason even makes Mike lick up his own, watery cum from the carpet.

Mike is forced to legally transfer all his property and estate over to Trish, who divorces him and marries Jason just weeks before Jason Jr. is born.

The End

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