Lorraines Night at the Club

July 8, 2013 – 3:38 pm

It was a special club for white couples into black men. A club for wives to play at while their husbands watched. Lorraine looked hot tonight. She was in a black zip up top, black vinyl miniskirt, fence-net stockings and 5 inch acrylic platform heels. Her blonde hair was a nice contrast to the black top. And of course, no panties or bra. She always had a great body with 38C breasts which she showed off with the zipper on her top down to a sexy depth.

The door man let us into the club and Lorraine proceeded to the bar area while I was directed to the seating area behind the railing. Behind the railing was the area for the white husbands to sit, drink and watch the action on the other side of the railing.

Lorraine took a seat on a high bar stool and ordered a cranberry and vodka. Her miniskirt rose up her thighs as she crossed her sexy legs, the lacy stocking tops visible to all. It didn’t take long before she had company. A large muscular black man named Ty sat on the stool beside Lorraine. The music was loud and you couldn’t hear the conversion from the observation area. They smiled and sipped their drinks. Lorraine smiled her bright smile and leaned in close to talk. He leaned in too and placed his hand on her knee, she didn’t seem to mind at all. After a few minutes of chit chat he asked her to dance. He led Lorraine to the dance floor and pulled her close for the slow dance. Lorraine was 5’6 in her heels and he was much taller. Her head leaned on his barrow chest. I was seated in the observation areas front row, but in the shadows so I wouldn’t be a distraction for Lorraine. From my dark spot I could see all the other pretty white ladies that have come to the club dressed like sluts. Some sitting at tables, at the bar and some were dancing with other black men. There seemed to be 30 to 40 black men and about 10 white ladies all together.

I could see Ty’s hands sliding down Lorraine’s back until his hands were on her round ass. She looked up into his eyes and they met in a long passionate kiss. Ty whispered something in her ear and she nodded quickly before turning around so he was dancing with her from behind, his arms around her waist. Lorraine’s hips were swaying in a sexy rhythm to the music grinding into the large bulge in Ty’s pants. Ty kissed her neck as his hands moved up to her full round breast. Lorraine’s eyes remained closed but I could see her nipples getting hard as a result of his massaging. It was a hot sight and my own rod was getting hard watching the sexy show. I could see and hear a few of the other husbands pointing out Lorraine to each other and talking about her. Next Lorraine brought her own hand up and unzipped her top all the way, exposing her full round tits for all the husbands to see. She then moved Ty’s hands to her tits and erect nipples keeping her eyes closed the entire time. The small dance floor was starting to get a little more crowded and Lorraine and Ty were not always visible. As the song changed Lorraine turned around again so she was facing Ty, his black hands still playing with her tits and pinching her erect nipples.

A friend of Ty’s walked up to them and whispered something to Lorraine, she again nodded quickly and turned to slow dance with him. Ty remained there dancing with Lorraine from behind. It looked like an Oreo cookie, Lorraine’s creamie white skin sandwiched between 2 large dark men. Lorraine was out to have the time of her life tonight; she took Freddy’s hand from her waist and guided it to between her legs, under her miniskirt. I could just picture his large black fingers moving over her smooth shaved and now juicy pussy. Lorraine started to grind her hips against his hand, her big tits gently bouncing up and down. She alternated low slow kisses between Ty and Freddy. Ty moved a hand to under her miniskirt also and she started to ride them even harder. She was really getting into it, having to keep her balance by hanging on around their necks, bouncing harder and faster, faster and harder. I could just tell she was getting close to cumming and so could Ty and Freddy. They were close to my seat. Her miniskirt was riding up around her hips, her bare ass visible to all. Ty had 3 fingers in Lorraine’s swollen wet pussy while Freddy’s fingers were rubbing her clit all around the outside. Now and I could hear them talking dirty to her. Having a good time slut? Freddy said. Ooohhhh yeaaaa Lorraine replied. Your pussy is nice and wet slut, I think you want to fuck us tonight don’t you slut? Ty said. Oh god yes, Lorraine replied, I m going to fuck your brains out she moaned. You want lots of black cock tonight bitch? Ohhh yyyesss pleasseese Lorraine cried as she orgasmed on their fingers, oh yes, I need lots of black cock tonight. All the husbands and couples on the dance floor were watching as Lorraine came with loud moans.

Lorraine led them both over to a sofa at the side of the dance floor and had them sit down. She squatted in front of them and unzipped their pants releasing 2 huge black cocks. She went down on Ty’s cock giving him an expert blow job while massaging Freddy’s hard black cock with her right hand. I ordered a round of drinks for them and sent them over. Lorraine would alternate between the two large cocks, licking sucking, kissing the heads until they were glistening. They would hold the back of her head and press her month down over their hard cocks while sipping their beers. The more they pressed her head down the more she got into it, increasing the bobbing, licking and sucking. Every once in a while she would lower her own hand to between her own legs, her miniskirt up showing her bare ass to the crowd. She would rub herself quickly, faster and faster and bring herself to orgasm without removing her mouth from their large black cocks. First Ty started to moan and tensed his legs up. He pushed his hips up and her head down over his cock as his cum gushed into Lorraine’s waiting mouth. Man, you know how to suck cock don’t you slut? He said. Lorraine quietly said, I love sucking strangers’ cock as she licked the cum off her lips and his cock clean. She quickly moved to finish off Freddy. Her expert sucking had him squirting his warm cum into her waiting mouth in just a few minutes. Lorraine took a seat between them on the couch, her top still open and her short skirt riding up. I had a clear view of her juicy pink pussy. She was still hot and wanting more. While Ty and Freddy recharged, she spread her legs and put one leg over Ty’s leg and her other leg over Freddy’s. She then began to feel her own erect nipples and finger her juicy pussy. Her wedding ring clearly visible as her fingers darted in and out, glistening with her juices. Her stokes got faster and faster, her breathing deeper and deeper. Ty and Freddy were just enjoying the show while stroking their cocks getting them hard for round 2. I had my own rock hard cock out by now, stroking it. As I looked around I could see all the other husbands, either watching Lorraine’s show, or watching their own wives now getting it on with other guys in the club. Lorraine came again for the 5th time in the evening but was still only getting warmed up. Ty’s cock was hard again and she rolled over and mounted him while he was still on the coach. She started slow as his cock was big for her, but she soon was bouncing up and down like a mad woman, her large tits bouncing wildly. Ty held her firm by the hips as he sucked her nipples. She was moaning and grunting louder and louder with each thrust of Ty’s cock. After a few minutes they both groaned and came together, sweat shining of Lorraine’s bare shoulders. She collapsed into Ty as he asked, you done bitch? No way, she replied. That was great and I’m just getting started. I want my husband over there to see me get gang banged! Freddy said, no problem slut, we can take care of that! With that Lorraine rolled onto her back on the couch with one hand on her tits and one between her legs. Who’s next? She said with a smile. Freddy mounted her, her skirt pushed up around her waist, her stocking clad legs spread wide and her fuck me heels pointed at the ceiling. Freddy pounded away in her for a good 10 minutes, all the time calling her a slut, bitch and whore. The more names he called her the hotter Lorraine fucked. Lorraine’s moans got louder and louder, begging to be fucked more and more with each of his hard thrusts. That’s it, fuck me with that big cock, treat me like your slut, oh god, it feels sooo good, I’m cuming again, oohhh keep fucking me, don’t stop, don’t stop . . .

Freddy shot his load in her and got up, his semi hard cock shiny with Lorraine’s love juices. Before Lorraine could lower her legs another guy was on her. Just some guy in the crowd dropped his pants, and got between her legs; He eased his hard black cock into her well-fucked pussy and started pumping her. Lorraine started the climb to her next set of orgasms. Hi bitch, my name is . . . STOP, Lorraine said, I don’t want to know your name, just fuck me like a cheap slut in front of my husband. He looked over at me as he was fucking Lorraine hard, making her tits giggle with each thrust. Thanks for sharing your slut wife with us he said. Anytime I said. After he finished Lorraine took on 8 more black studs. Some while still on her back with her legs straight in the air. She then rode two guys which also allowed her to suck some other strangers. She then did a triple penetration. She got on top on another strange cock, and leaned forward to let a guy fuck her ass. Her ass was too tight for his big cock until I handed him some lube. He thanked me and lubed up my wife’s tight ass just before shoving his hard black cock into it. Finally some other guy out of the crowd stepped forward and dropped his pants in front of Lorraine’s face. She eagerly took it in her mouth. The guy fucking her ass started to slap her ass a little, which just got her going more. She started fucking and sucking faster and faster with each slap. She had orgasm after orgasm until all 3 guys unloaded in her ass, mouth and well-fucked pussy. Her masterpiece was when she came over to the railing where I was sitting and leaned on it, her bare ass and pussy just waiting for another stud to come and fuck it from behind. It didn’t take long for her last stud of the night to step forward and give her one last fuck. As she was leaning over the railing getting fucked from behind she said to me, I’ve had a great time honey, I hope you have too! I sure did Babe; it was hot watching you in action. Her last stud found her pussy too loose by now to enjoy so he pulled out and plunged his big cock into Lorraine’s ass. Lorraine was startled and jumped with the quick insertion but soon got the rhythm and pushed back to meet each thrust. Still leaning on the railing just inches from me it was great watching her total enjoyment. The pace quickened and her moans and grunts grew louder until she had her final orgasm of the night. She collapsed to her knees for a few seconds in total exhaustion. I leaned over and helped her to her feet. She gave me a deep kiss and said when can we come back again honey? I think there are a few guys I missed tonight! Anytime you want Babe, I would love to watch you again.

The End

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