Marriage of 3

December 7, 2012 – 12:26 pm

I had finished dressing and was seated in the den waiting for Amy, my wife. We were going out for dinner and a few drinks with my oldest and best friend, Ron. I had just returned from two weeks of business and we were going out tonight to unwind. My name is Don, and if the conversation I just had with my wife was any indication then tonight was about to be the biggest turning point in our lives.

Ron and I grew up across the street from each other. We were born on the same day in the same hospital. Our families were good friends and we were together nearly everyday. We played all the youth league sports together. In football he was the quarterback and I was the receiver. In baseball I was the pitcher and he was the catcher. We won the state championship in football our senior year. Ron threw 5 touchdown passes and I caught 4 of them.

After graduation we both signed scholarships with the state college where we both made second team all American our senior year. The NFL drafted us both and for the first time in our lives we were separated. For whatever the reason neither one of us made the squad, so we ended up back home job hunting. I landed a job with a computer company and he with and engineering company.

Sports weren’t the only thing we did together. We often double dated. Sometimes we dated the same girl. Without bragging I would say that we both were fairly good looking young men and the girls came looking for us.

We both lost our virginity the same night with twins. Later that night we swapped girls. This was a pattern that continued most of our college years. If either one of us was serious about a certain girl the other would back off and not mess with her.

I met Amy soon after I went to work. She was a secretary for one of the companies we did business with. She wasn’t what you would call beautiful, more likely cute. Her hair was a light brown and came down to her shoulders. She was 5’5 tall and weighed about 120. Her breasts were high and firm and stood prowely on her chest. As large and as beautiful as they were she didn’t need a bra to hold them up. Her ass and legs were what attracted most men to her. She usually wore high heels that really showed them off.

It was love at first sight for both of us. I told Ron, to his dismay, that this one belongs to me. Three months later we were married.

We purchased a home out in the country. Ron was a constant visitor, sometimes with a date and sometimes alone. He spent so many nights with us he called the spare bedroom his room.

Even after we married we still went out together. Sometime he would have a date and sometimes be alone. When he didn’t have a date we would both dance with Amy.

Amy liked Ron from the start, and never objected when he came with us. I trusted both of them and it never entered my mind that they would cheat on me. I knew that when we had a little too much to drink he would feel her up on the dance floor and they would swap a kiss. This never bothered me because I knew who was going to be between her long legs when the night was over.

I was promoted several times until I reached where I am now. This gave us plenty of money to travel and do the things we liked. The only draw back was I had to travel. I would be gone at least one week and sometimes two each month. This left Amy alone and there were no close neighbors. I asked Ron to help keep and eye on her when I was out of town. He readily agreed. He was always joking about getting her in the sack. Can I also take care of your husbandly duties? I said, you can look but don’t touch.

This part of the job had been going on for about six months, and I had been gone over ten weeks during that time. I had just arrived home when Ron called. He had met a new girl that he wanted us to meet, and go out for dinner with. When I told Amy she said, “we need to talk.”

“Sure, when?”

It suited me to wait to have that talk. I was ready to get her in bed after being gone so long.

Amy loved sex and everything about it. She wasn’t a virgin when we married but didn’t have much experience. She found out, right off, that having her pussy eaten was one of her favorite things. Most nights our sex started with me between her legs eating on her sweet pussy. After a climax or two it usually ended the same way. I had gotten used to the taste of my cum in her cunt and it turned me on to eat her after we fucked.

She loved to give me head, and she swallowed everything. She was a hot woman and it was the wee hours of the morning before we finally went to sleep.

I woke up early the next morning. I left her sleeping while I cut grass and cleaned up the pool. I had finished and was putting up the tools when she came out with a platter of sandwiches and drinks. We sat by the pool and ate lunch. She had on an old bikini that I really liked. She didn’t look like she had been up half the night fucking.

I said, “are you ready to have that talk?”

She didn’t say anything for a little while. “I don’t really know just how to start. Just don’t say anything until I m finished.” I agreed, wondering just what could be so serious.

“It’s about Ron. Have you noticed that doesn’t have many dates any more?”

“Haven’t thought much about it. He has a date tonight that he want’s us to meet.”

“I bet you that he shows up alone with some excuse for her not being with him. I think he is in love and doesn’t want us to know.”

“Who could it be? He is with us more than anyone else.”

Amy looked me in the eye and said, “Me.”

“Of course he loves you. You are like family to him.”

“Don, he doesn’t look at me like a sister. You know that I often go out with him to eat and maybe a movie when you are gone. I tell you each time we go and what we do. Lately he would take me out every night if I would go. He never says anything out of the way or does anything you haven’t seen him do hundreds of times before. It’s just that he wants to be with me all the time. I really like him and like being with him, but I think he has fallen for me.”

I set there and thought about what she had said. “Do you want me to have a talk with him and tell him not to come around as much?”

“No! I don’t want that. He has been your friend for life and mine for the last five years. I don’t want to do anything to hurt him.”

“Well, what do you think we need to do?”

She moved over and sat in my lap; putting her arms around my neck. I have heard the stories about the two of you sharing girls before. I think it maybe time to share another.

“I was stunned. You mean you want us to go out and find a girl that we can screw together?”

“No. You already have the girl, me.”

I have to admit that a threesome with Ron had crossed my mind more than once over the last five years, but I had never said anything to either of them. It was just a fantasy but my cock started to harden and she could feel it.

“I can tell that you are not completely opposed to the idea, she laughed.”

“Could you do something like that?” I asked.

“Yes I could. There have been times when you are gone that all he had to do was ask. Th real question is, could you share me with your friend?”

“You know that there is not a jealous bone in my body about Ron or you. If you think you can take on both of us lets see where this might lead.”

My cock was rock hard by this time, as were her nipples. We got up and went into the house. For the next hour we had the hottest sex since we first married. I think both of us were thinking about Ron and what this was going to add to our marriage. I know that the best sex I had ever had was when Ron and I took a girl together.

Now I am sitting in the den, waiting for Amy to finish dressing. The news is on TV but I don’t remember anything they said. My mind just keeps going back to Ron and what he would do when I told him Amy was available to him. I wasn’t jealous at all. If they had wanted to sleep together without me knowing they had already had plenty of opportunities. What really surprised me was Amy being so willing to do this.

I heard a sound and looked up as she came into the room. Man! She was beautiful! She had on a dress that I had never seen. A straight black dress that fit every curve of her body. The top crossed over her breasts and fastened behind her neck. Her back was naked to below her waist, leaving no doubt at all that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Where the top crossed left a gap showing the inside edge of her breasts. It only came about half way down her thighs. Her legs were tan from the sun so she didn’t have on any stockings. The 3′ open toe sandals really showed off her beautiful legs.

She turned around for me to see. “How do you like?”

“I like it a lot and so will every male that sees you tonight.”

She walked right up to me, “I’m nervous.”

I ran my hands over her body. I could feel the hard nipples through the thin material of the dress. I ran my hands over her hips and didn’t feel any panty lines. “Are you wearing panties?”

“No, only the dress and shoes. I’ll have to watch the way I get in and out of the car as well as the way I sit.”

“I hope you are right about Ron not having a date tonight. If he does that will be one jealous woman.”

“Don, do you have any second thoughts? If you do now is the time to tell me. Once I let this get started I’m not going to stop him.”

“No second thoughts. I’m as ready as you to see where this will go. He is going to love you.”

Ron was right on time. As usual he knocked once, opened the door and came on in. Amy gave me one of those I told you so looks when we saw he was alone. As he walked into the den he stopped in his tracks when he saw Amy standing there in her new black dress. His mouth dropped open and I had to laugh at the expression on his face. There wasn’t any doubt at all that he liked what he was seeing.

“Man! When did you get that dress? You look gorgeous in it. Jim, are you sure you are going to let her out in public looking like that? You’ll have to fight off every man who sees her.”

“That is why you are along, to help me keep her pure and safe.”

“Safe maybe, but in that dress it’s going to be hard to think of pure.”

Amy was taking this all in. She blushed a little, but it was plain to see that she liked all the attention. I said, “We had better get going or we will be late for dinner. Where is your date?”

“She had to postpone at the last minute, hope I won’t be a fifth wheel tagging along with you.”

Amy said, “You are never a fifth wheel and you are more than welcome to go with us anytime.”

As usual when the three of us went out we took Ron’s car. We all sat in the front with Amy between us. She had to be careful as she slid in to keep her dress down. Since she slid in from my side I got a great view of her legs and a quick glimpse of her bare cunt. It made my cock hard just to think what may happen later tonight.

The trip to the club only took about 15 minutes. That was good since Ron had a hard time keeping his eyes off her bare legs. Amy made a couple of vain attempts to pull the hem down before giving up on it.

The club was divided between a dinning room and a separate bar with a dance floor with a live band. We had an excellent dinner with wine. Our conversation was normal with Ron and Amy flirting with each other. I know that in the past the flirting had gone past what most people would consider proper; but then most people would not be sitting here thinking about his best friend fucking his wife.

After dinner we moved into the bar area for a few drinks and dancing. All three of us were good dancers and kept up with the latest dances. When Ron had a date we would still swap partners after a couple of dances. When it was just the three of us we kept Amy on the floor most of the time.

I danced with her the first couple of dances. I could tell that she was really nervous about tonight. She pressed her 5’5 body tight to mine. The touch of her naked back felt good to my exploring hands. The dance floor was so dimly lit that you could do almost anything without being seen. As I moved my wondering hand over her ass I wondered how long it would take Ron to figure that she was naked under the dress. My hard cock was pressing against her stomach and she was rubbing her cunt on my leg.

“You have never looked better. If you dance with Ron the way you are dancing with me he may rape you right here on the dance floor.”

She said, “I am so nervous, but I really want this to happen. Have you changed your mind?”

Getting a no from me she moved closer and whispered in my ear. “I love you and thanks for letting this happen.”

The next couple of dances Ron danced with her. I could see that he was dancing pretty much the same way I did. Even though it was fairly dark I could make them out on the floor. He was stroking her naked back from her neck down to her ass. His leg was between hers and I knew she was rubbing her cunt on it each time they moved. He held her close with his chin resting on her head. They looked like two lovers as they danced. If someone else had been watching her tonight they must have wondered which man was really her husband.

When they returned to the table she slid in beside me with Ron on the other side. We sat out a couple of dances and talked. I couldn’t tell you one word that was said. Amy and I went out on the next dance.

“How are things coming?”

“I don’t know how you intend to bring this off but I can’t take much more. Between the two of you my cunt is soaking and starting to run down my legs. Both of you are rubbing hard cocks against me. Ron has gotten like this before and it must have been hard to go home alone in that shape.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll put things in motion while you dance the next dance with him.”

After our dance Amy didn’t even sit down. She took Ron by the hand and led him to the backside of the dance floor. His hands were all over her at once. He had tried this before but she had always stopped him from going to far. This time she was receptive to anything he tried. I could see he had one hand on her back and the other was covering her breast. Amy had her arms around his neck but was leaning back enough that he had room to play with her tit.

The waiter brought another round of drinks and I paid the tab for the night. When I looked back the hand had moved from her tit to her cunt. I couldn’t tell if he had his hand on her naked cunt or if he was feeling her through her dress. Amy was pressing her cunt against his hand. Even to the casual observer it was plain to see that she liked what he was doing to her. She pulled his head down and they kissed. I had seen them kiss before but Amy had always held back. Now she was kissing him like she kissed me.

The dance ended and I could tell that they didn’t want to break the kiss. The band was taking a break so they headed back to the table. I told them to drink up that it was time to call it a night. I knew Ron wondered why we were calling it a night so early. He probably thought I had seen them on the dance floor and was pissed off. I could tell from the expression on his face that he thought his fun for the night was over and once again he was heading home with a hard cock and no one to take care of it. Little did he know that the best night of his life was still ahead of him.

On the way to the car I asked him if he would like for me to drive. I figured if he didn’t know by now that Amy was naked under the dress he would after he helped her in the car. He was only too happy to let me drive, that way he could pay more attention to her.

I got in the driver’s side and unlocked the door for them. Amy slid in; making no attempt at all to get her dress down. I could see her cunt from my side and knew Ron was getting an eye full. He got in the car with his cock about to push a hole through his pants.

I started the car and pulled out into the highway and headed for home. His arm was across the back of the seat above her shoulders. I saw Amy as she rested her hand on his thigh, only inches from his cock. He had let his hand drop down to where he was holding her tit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her move her hand up to cover his cock. He almost jumped out of the seat when she made the move.

By the time we arrived at home they were in each other’s arm and deep into another kiss. “All right you two, break it up we are home,” I said as I stopped and cut off the car. Amy looked at me and smiled, “do we have too?”

“Yes, Ron come on in. You don’t have to hurry home this early do you?” He accepted at once; glad that the night wasn’t over yet.

We went into the den. Amy turned on the stereo to a station that played dance music all night. She held out her arm to Ron and he moved into her arms. I told them to dance while I mixed us a drink. From the kitchen I could hear the music. I finished the drinks and headed back to the den. Before entering I looked around the corner, He had both hands on her breasts and she was stroking his cock. I made enough noise that they had time to straighten up before I entered the room.

When I walked into the room they were again dancing. I put the drinks on the coffee table and moved up behind her. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, and for most of the dance we both danced with her. I was kissing her on the neck and he was kissing her lips. Amy could feel his hard cock pressing against her from the front and mine from the back. Ron and I had danced this way before, just not with my wife as the centerpiece.

That song ended and the next started without us separating. Soon after it started I unsnapped the dress at the back of her neck. Amy moved back away from Ron enough for the top to drop to her waist. The only thing keeping it from falling all the way off was my hands, which I moved. The dress fell to the floor and she stepped out on it and slipped off her shoes. She stood still facing my best friend completely naked.

Ron had seen her in some very skimpy bikinis and had copped more than one feel of her tits, but this was the first time he had ever seen her in all her glory. He was speechless, as he couldn’t take his eyes from her.

“Ron,” I said, “Amy and I have had a long talk and we think it is time to include you in our marriage. You and I have been friends all our lives and have done many things together. Now we want to include you in our sex life. Amy is more than willing and nothing would please me more.”

“Amy why don’t you take him to the bedroom. Call me when you are ready for me.”

Ron hadn’t been able to say a word. When Amy took him by the hand he followed her. I watched them go, knowing that my best friend was about to fuck my wife and I could hardly wait. They went into the bedroom and left the door open.

I had mixed me another drink when Amy called me to come to the bedroom. They had only been gone 10 minutes, and I wondered why.

When I walked through the door Amy was lying in the middle of the bed with a now naked Ron beside her. She said, “Come and join us this first time. Later we may want to be alone but now we want you with us.”

I couldn’t undress fast enough. Ron and I had been naked with other women so there was not any embarrassment. Soon I was on one side of her and Ron the other. Amy was about to have the best sex of her life.

We were on our knees on each side of her. Amy’s breasts were very sensitive, and she could cum just from having them played with. Ron had his mouth wrapped around one nipple while I kissed her and rubbed the other tit between my fingers. Every few minutes we would swap with him kissing her while I worked on her tits. Within minutes she was cumin for what I knew was the first of many that night.

All the time we were working on her tits she had a cock in each hand. What a sight to see my wife with my best friends cock in her hand.

When she settled down from her first cum we moved down and started working on her toes. We both work on her feet as we started kissing our way up her beautiful legs. By the time we up to her knees she was ready to cum again. She had her legs spread as wide as she could get them, leaving her pussy with its light brown hair open to both our view. We kissed up the inside of each thigh and she came again. Her cunt had still not been touched by either of usAll the time we were working on her tits she had a cock in each hand. What a sight to see my wife with my best friends cock in her hand.

When she settled down from her first cum we moved down and started working on her toes. We both work on her feet as we started kissing our way up her beautiful legs. By the time we got up to her knees she was ready to cum again. She had her legs spread as wide as she could get them, leaving her pussy with its light brown hair open to both our view. We kissed up the inside of each thigh and she came again. Her cunt had still not been touched by either of us.

We continued kissing and tickling her thighs with out tongues while she worked through her climax. We kissed on up until she could feel our hot breath on her naked cunt. Her ass was steady moving as she begged us to eat her cunt. Finally I buried my tongue in her hot wet cunt while Ron fingered her clit. She started cumin again.

We swapped with Ron now eating her cunt while I fingered her clit and sucked her tits. The four hands and two mouths were touching every part of her. Amy liked to be played with when it was just me. Now she had both of us working to bring her more and more pleasure. She came again while Ron was eating her. This was her forth and she still hadn’t been fucked.

I moved up to the head of the bed. I leaned back against the wall and pulled Amy up between my legs. Her head was in my lap as Ron moved between her spread legs. I said, “Ron, it’s time. Come on up and fuck her. You have been wanting this a long time.” Amy reached down and guided his cock to the opening of her pussy.

I would liked to have shot my load when Amy and I watched as he slid the tip of his cock in her hot pussy. From the position we were in, Amy and I could both watch as his cock slid into my wife’s cunt.

This was what I had wanted to see for a long time.

Ron started fucking in and out. On each out stroke I could see the pink lips of her cunt ride his cock. She was about to cum again and he had just started. My hands were on her tits and his tongue was down her throat. The combination sent her over the edge again.

We moved her to her hands and knees between my legs. This way she could give me head as Ron fucked her cunt from behind. She was good at giving head. She liked it and always brought me off. She never backed up, as she would swallow all I had.

Once we started in this position it was a sure bet that we were not going to last much longer. I held her head as she sucked me and Ron was holding both tits as he plunged in her from behind. He couldn’t last and shot a giant load deep in her cunt. This pushed her over the edge and me as well. She finished sucking me while she completed her own climax.

This wasn’t enough for her, she wanted more and she asked how we would both feel touching each other. It made no difference to us, so she asked Ron to lie down on his back and she mounted him. Her big breasts were facing him and he was cupping them with his hands. She then asked me to get in from behind. I asked her “Do you mean anal?” she said “No, I want you in the same space with Ron, squeeze it tightly against his- press yours hard and I think we can all become one”. Ron was surprised and looked at Amy “You want him and me at the same time in the same hole…!” Amy “Yes”

Ron asked me if I was game, I said “Let’s give it a try and see” I moved behind Amy and in order to get in, I had to move on top of Ron’s thighs, constantly rubbing them with my own. I think that may have aroused him as he then said that “dude we have to really be tight together to make this happen, move as close as possible so I can hold your back and get you in position”

Ron held my back and then moved it to my butt, and that tightness is all I needed to squeeze in. Once inside her feeling Ron’s throbbing member against mine- I felt like we were in a competition which was the most enjoyable one of them all. Amy was moaning and looked at Ron, while I tried to hold her breasts from behind, Ron was holding my back to keep me as close as possible.

Amy looked at Ron and said- “Start the magic my two husbands”, at that moment I knew this was a permanent situation and not a one night event. Ron screamed happily “Yes my wife, your two husbands will fill you together tonight”

With that he started bucking his hips and I got into the action. We were both moving out of sync feeling the heat and pressure of each other’s member and the hole. Amy kissed Ron and then moved her neck to kiss me.

I started necking her and cupping the breasts. While Ron’s hands were exploring my back and butt. It was sweaty and Amy was loud in pleasure, we all came together collapsing in a heap of sweat.

There was three hot tired bodies lying in the bed. We all went to sleep with Amy snuggled between us.

The next morning I was the first up. I left the two naked people in bed while I showered and went to the kitchen to make coffee. As I drank my coffee I thought about last night, and I had no regrets at all. Ron entered the room all clean and fresh showered. He got his coffee and sat down with me. “Well Ron, was that as good as you thought it would be?”

“Better, I have wanted her for a long time. I thought so much about her that I couldn’t focus on other women. She sure is one hot woman. You should be ashamed for not sharing her before now.”

“Actually it was Amy’s idea. She recognized your condition long before I did. She gets lonesome when I am gone and now she will have you to really keep her company.”

We spent the next two weeks in bed with all three of us. Amy was getting all the loving she could take, and both of us were well satisfied.

This arrangement went on for about 6 months. When I was out of town they were together most of the time. When I was home he would come over 2 or 3 times a week. All of us agreed that the sex was good all the time, but it was best when the three of us were together. Ron and I have always been good friends. We grew up together, played ball together, and made love to the same women together. It just seemed right to include him in our married life. It has now been 5 years since this started and we now have a two-year-old child. No one knows who may be the father of the child, and we don’t care. It is a marriage of 3 now.

The End

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