Julie – First Time Cheat

November 30, 2012 – 6:14 am

Hi, my name is Julie, I have natural blond, shoulder-length hair. I am english and now in my late twenties, my bust is a still-firm 36D. Oh, and I love sex. This is the first of a series of confessions that start about six years ago. I was working part-time as a merchandiser at several retail outlets and had been married for two years when this happened.

My manager, who I shall refer to as Rob, was also married and a few years older than me. I had been doing the job for nearly a year when Rob told me that a vacancy had arisen on our area for a junior rep, company car and expenses included. The final choice was down to Rob as area manager and he told me the promotion was mine if I wanted it. I discussed the offer with my husband who was all for me accepting.

A few weeks later I began my fortnight’s training at Head Office (about 250 miles from London where I was living). On the first friday there was the monthly sales meeting that Rob, amongst others, attended. I had a return train ticket – the company car would not be available until the end of week two – but Rob suggested I go back with him since we only lived a short distance from each other. We had often flirted and it was quite clear that he fancied me so I accepted his offer, half expecting and half hoping that he would make a pass at me. After all I hadn’t had sex since the previous sunday morning.

We left the office, Rob paying me a great deal of attention – I was flirting outrageously with him and I let my skirt ride up in the car and opened a couple of buttons on my blouse. He was doing an awful lot of glancing in my direction! To my delight he finally asked if I wanted to stop somewhere for a while so that I could thank him personally for getting me the job. I tried not to sound too keen as I replied that I thought he deserved a thank you treat. He knew I was game so he put his hand on my knee and began to caress my thighs, I opened my legs and his hand inched up my legs. He discovered I was wearing stockings and suspenders which he played with for a while before moving higher to my crutch. He pulled my white lace panties to one side and gradually inserted one and then two fingers into my ever moistening cunt. I was rubbing the bulge in his trousers while he finger fucked me.

Soon we were approaching the motel and Rob made the booking at reception and led me to a chalet. Once the door close behind us his hands were all over me, touching, squeezing, groping – mind you I was doing much the same to his bulge! Our mouths were locked in a series of deep tongue-twirlig kisses and I was getting more wanton by the second. Rob managed to get my blouse off while I removed his jacket and shirt. He slipped my bra straps from my shoulders exposing my firm 36D’s. He cupped my breasts and bent down to suck and lick my rock hard nipples. Heaven.

I finally and reluctantly broke away from him and knelt on the floor in front of him. He unclipped my bra as I dropped his trouser and underpants to the floor. The object of my lust was only about seven inches long but was the thickest I had (until then) ever seen. I licked his balls and up his shaft, slowly wanking him at the same time until my mouth reached the top of his prick which I took slowly between my lips and started to suck. I kept eye contact with him all the time and his face was an absolute picture!

Eventually Rob decide that he couldn’t take much more of this and stood me up, he sat on the bed and unzipped my skirt, it, too, dropped to the floor and then he took hold of my panties and slid them down and off my legs. I parted my legs slightly and his fingers returned to my moist hole whilst he licked my clit at the same time. I reached for his prick and we finished up on the bed, both trying to grope, fondle and kiss each other. I ended up on my back, we kissed pasionately and he worked his tongue and lips round my neck and down to my breasts and nipples and then further down still. I spread my legs and his tongue found my aching clit. He had his fingers up me, finger fucking me yet again but also sucking and licking my clit. I was already sexed up and it did not take long for me to feel the stirrings of an orgasm. I was leaking cunt juice, his fingers were squelching in it, my moaning got louder and I warned Rob I was about to cum. And cum I did, it was a tremendous orgasm, I was calling out and writhing under his expert attentions. As I subsided from my peak he slid up my body and I felt his prick at the entrance to my cunt. Considering the thickness of it I had no problem taking it inside me.

My vaginal walls were stretched and I could feel his every thrust, thank god for cunt juice! We were so carried away with lust that neither of us gave a thought to him wearing a condom. We got a good rhythm going and to Rob’s credit he must have lasted three or four minutes before he groaned and shot load after load of hot sticky cum deep into my womb, this set me off on a second but much smaller orgasm of my own and we collapsed into each others arms. His prick softened and slipped out of me with a deliciously sexy sounding squelch. Rob continued to kiss and caress me before we finally decided it was time to clean up in the bathroom.

I was in a right mess, cum and cunt juice all round my pussy and down my thighs, it had soaked my stocking tops and suspenders so I took those off, washed and returned to the bedroom. Rob was lying naked on the bed with a huge grin on his face, he told me that he had wnted to do that to me since he first met me – and it had been even better than he had hoped for! He added that we had the room for three hours and could he please have a second helping of me. I got back on the bed beside him and we started kissing and fondling each other. After a while his prick started to harden again and with a little help from my lips and tongue he was ready for round two.

We didn’t bother with a condom – after all the damage (if there was any) had been done the first time. We started in the missionary position, we had a session with me riding him cowgirl – forward and reverse, then I lay on my side and he took me from behind, I did orgasm again a couple of times but nothing like that first one. He certainly was a stayer but despite all the lubrication I was beginning to feel the effects of all his thrusting – and I knew my husband would be up me that night as well. I asked him to finish me off doggy fashion. I knelt on the bed and he entered me, it is probably my favourite position simply because the prick always seems to get deeper inside me. I was thrusting back at him and still he managed to keep fucking me, I was calling encouragement to him even telling him to finger fuck my arse – which he did but it was me who was brought to yet another tremendous climax, I just kept cummimg and cumming.

I collapsed onto the bed and offered to finish him off with my mouth, an invitation that was readily accepted. I licked and I sucked and I wanked, I must say my cunt juice was delicious – and finally he started to moan and warned me of his approaching orgasm. His prick spurted perhaps ten times and I was able to take all of his hot, salty cum in my mouth. I opened my mouth slightly so that he could see his spunk and then unfaithful slut-wife that I had become – I swallowed the lot.

Another rest, another clean up and it was time to head down to London and our respective spouses. We both knew we would be repeating the adventure. And we did, but more of that in the next confession. If you would like to hear more send you comments to me through the allme editors.

The End

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