Carole’s Massage

November 23, 2012 – 12:05 am

Carole and I were on vacation in France touring the beautiful wine country of Bordeaux celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary. One evening, we selected a lovely chateau to stay for a few days and were delighted at the beautiful room they had available. The day had been pleasant, and we decided to sit on the terrace in the room and enjoy some wine. I called room service and ordered a cheese plate and some red Bordeaux. While we were waiting my wife winked, “Are we playing Bellman?”

“Of course, don’t we always.” With that, she smiled and went into the bathroom to undress. This is a game we play to excite us and enhance our sex. It involves her showing as much of her natural charms as she dares to the bellman when he comes to our room. It usually results in excellent service – even better than giving a large tip, although I usually do that also, if the guy is pleasant and helpful – and it makes for incredible sex afterwards.

Carole is 37 and very well ‘put-together,’ if you get my meaning. She’s blonde with big blue eyes and is small and trim with cute, perky breasts and lovely pointed nipples that show through the thin blouses she wears when we’re on vacation. We’ve had a wonderful marriage although we were getting into a slow routine that plagues most marriages. One day we talked about it and decided to do something about it. The vacations and the sex-play games were our solution. So far, the games were just that – and they went no further than showing, and a bit of touching. That was about to change as you’re going to learn.

A knock on our door announced the delivery and I went to open the door. A tall, very handsome black man stood before me, about forty I guessed. He had the tray and was shown into the room. Arranging the tray on the coffee table, he asked if we’d like anything else. I signed the check and the Bellman turned to leave. As he passed the bathroom, the door opened and Carole emerged, naked and wet, with a towel over her head, drying her hair.

“Honey, did you order room service? Honey..? Are you there? Oh.. Hello? .?. .? ” She ran headfirst into the chest of the Bellman. Startled, she pulled the towel away from her face and looked, puzzled into his startled eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t hear the door. . . I didn’t know anyone had come in.” All the while she was apologizing, she just stood in front of him making no effort to cover herself. His gaze traveled up and down her body and a slight smile formed on his face. She looked lovely standing naked before him, without a trace of shame. She looked intently at him while he studied her nude form. The tension in the room was incredible. Neither moved.

Finally, Carole moved to the sofa and sat down, still naked and unashamed, challenging him to study her.

“Your wife is very beautiful, I wish I could stay longer.”

“We’ll be here for a few days,” I responded, “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure we do! By the way, I’m Darrell; if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call.” With that he winked at Carole and headed out the door.

No sooner was he gone than Carole and I were at each other, kissing and petting, and laughing about the look on Darrell’s face when he first saw her. For the next hour we made wonderful love, stimulated by the encounter with Darrell. Carole was like a wild animal, all over me and I responded in kind.

Over the fifteen years of our marriage Carole has steadfastly maintained that she loved me very much. But, just as determinedly, she’s stated that she doesn’t want to have my child. I’m not really sure about the reasons; it’s the one thing we always argue about. But the bottom line was that she’s never been pregnant. Then she started working and we just stopped trying. Since then, she says she doesn’t want children and she always insists on me using a condom when we make love.

We have an excellent relationship, we’re candid with each other and we both enjoy the lovemaking. We also enjoy the sex play and often bring others into our games, but only as ‘toys,’ not as real participants. As far as I know, since we’ve been married she’s never made love with another man. In our sex play games, there are usually other men involved to one extent or another, and she’s allowed them to pet her and sometimes to perform oral sex, but she always drew the line there – not allowing intercourse. This was fine with me, and I enjoyed it, but I found myself fantasizing about another man fucking her. I don’t know why, but it was always a major turn-on for me.

On this day, after our lovemaking, we headed out for a day of wine tasting, returning to our hotel to shower and dress for dinner. When we opened the door, we were delighted to find a basket of fruit and a note from Darrell that he hoped we’d had a pleasant day signing off with, “Please call me at ext 66 if you need anything.”

“That was very sweet of him,” Carole remarked. “Why don’t you call him and thank him.”

“I think he’d much rather hear your voice.”

“Oh, pooh! Okay, I’ll do it.” She dialed the extension and Darrell immediately answered. “Thank you so much for the lovely thought. . . . Yes, we had a wonderful day, and we’re just about to take a shower and head out for dinner. The fruit basket is beautiful, it was very kind of you.

After a pause, “Oh, that sounds wonderful. Thank you.” After she hung up, “Darrell has a nice bottle of champagne and he’s going to drop it by for us. Isn’t that sweet?”

“He’s just interested in seeing your tits again,” I smiled.

“What do you think?” She said, smiling back.

“Well, let’s not disappoint him.”

She winked at me and headed into the shower, leaving the bathroom door wide open.

He was there in seconds. I answered the knock on the door and invited a smiling Darrell into our room. He placed the champagne on the table and when he turned around, he was treated to the view of my lovely wife in the steamy shower. It was very sexy.

“Won’t you have a glass with us?” I asked as Darrell popped the cork from the bottle. He just smiled and poured a third glass. We sat and chatted as we watched Carole showering, apparently oblivious to our leering eyes.

“She’s very beautiful, very beautiful indeed,” Darrell commented. “Do you do this sort of thing often? I mean, show her beautiful assets to other men?”

“Just when we’re on vacation. It’s fun and we both enjoy it. We find it really stimulates our love-making.”

“I can imagine. And do you go any further than this?”

“We play, but she won’t go any further than the play. Sometimes, she’s allowed a little petting but it never goes beyond that.”

“How do you feel about her – and other men? I mean, is there any chance that you might want to share her?”

“I find the whole idea very exciting. You know, it’s very stimulating to have other men interested in her. Very sexy. In fact, I’d love to see another man fuck her, but I know she’d never agree to that.”

Darrell’s eyes took on a whole new look. “I’d like to try. She’s incredible. Just look at that gorgeous body and that lovely white skin. Man, I’ll bet she’d be great in bed!”

“She is,” I smiled. “But you wouldn’t get to first base with her.”

He just looked at me without responding. We sat and watched her shampoo her hair. Finally, Darrell broke the silence, “I have an idea. I’m a Massage Therapist. Suppose I offer to give her a massage. If she goes along with it, she might relax enough to let go. It might get to be very interesting. . . If you agree, of course.”

“I like the idea, and it might work. Go ahead and offer her a massage? What can we lose? I’ll just play dumb, and we’ll see how she responds. It would be great to watch you massage her, nude of course.”

“Of course. That’s the only way. And if it gets heavy? Are you going to be okay with me fucking your wife.”

“I’d love to see it, but that’s not a problem, because she’ll never allow it.”

“Why are you so sure?

“I just know Carole. She’d never do it.”

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll make you a little bet. I’ll bet you $100 that after I give her a massage she’ll let me fuck her. And, I’ll bet you another $100 that once I start fucking her she’ll be begging me for more.”

I found his language a bit offensive, but my cock began to strain at the thought of this handsome black man fucking my lily-white wife. “Well, you’d certainly lose your $200 because I know she’ll never let you fuck her.”

“Don’t be so sure. I’ll even bet you another $100 that once she gets the feel of this black cock, she’ll beg me to pour my load into that lovely little snatch.”

“Well, that one you’d definitely lose, because she won’t even let me fuck her without a condom.”

“Okay, here’s the bet. I’ll give your wife a massage – no charge. If she lets me fuck her, you owe me $100. If she lets me fuck her without a rubber, you owe me another $100, AND if she begs me to come inside of her you owe me a third $100. Is that a deal?

A little annoyed at his arrogance, I answered, “You’re on,” as I laid out three hundred dollar bills on the dresser. It will be worth every penny to see that. And just in case, I’m going to get my video camera out. This could be classic stuff.”

Darrell laughed as he placed his own hundred dollar bills on top of mine. “Let me take the lead about the massage. I’ll make it seem spontaneous.” Darrell’s thoughts were racing. ‘I’m going to get into that sweet little pussy, AND I’m going to make some money doing it. It doesn’t get any better than this.’

+ + +

With that, Carole came bouncing out of the shower, naked of course, and drying her hair. “Oh, Darrell, you’re here again. It seems that every time I take a shower I run into you. This could get habit forming.”

“In my wildest dreams,” the black answered.

Handing her a glass, I smiled, “Here try this champagne that Darrell brought us.”

“Oh, this is delicious.”

Darrell quickly refilled her glass. He thought, ‘If I can get a few glasses of this stuff into her, everything will be much easier.’

Carole, donning a robe sat on the sofa next to her husband and across from Darrell. Still playing the game, she allowed the robe to fall partially open and watched as Darrell took note of her charms. Darrell told them about his work, and how he came to be here at this chateau. At the end of his story he casually mentioned his massage therapy training and that he did this work during his spare time.

“Oh, you give massages?” Carole chipped in.

“Yes, I do massage therapy for injuries like back and leg injuries, and I also give regular massages to the hotel guests. Just relaxing things for guests at the end of their long days of traveling. It’s easy work and I make a pretty good living at it.

“Oh, how nice. I’ll have to make an appointment with you for a massage some time later in the week.”

“Hey, I just finished work. I’m free and I could do it now if you like.”

“Well, I don’t know.” Now Carole looked a bit unsettled. “Are you sure? You’ve been working all day. You must be tired.”

” It would be my great pleasure to give you a massage. Let’s enjoy the champagne and then I’ll go out and get my stuff.” This was working out better than he could have hoped.

“Oh, gosh, I’m not sure. Brad, what do you think?”

I just looked at Carole and, with a shrug of my shoulders, gave her a big smile. Listening to their conversation, and knowing that Darrell was going to do everything possible to fuck my lovely wife, my cock immediately began to grow. This was going to be a night to remember.

Carole considered the offer for a minute. ‘He’s very sexy and his massage will probably be wonderful. I’ll enjoy having those big hands all over me. Ummm, I think I’m going to like this. I wonder if Brad is really okay with it? What if Darrell gets pushy and wants to do more? Actually, I don’t think that’s going to happen. He seems like a very polite man, and Brad’s here so I’m sure he won’t try anything funny.’ Making her decision, Carole finally said. “Well, okay,” she replied finally, “I think that would be very nice. Are you sure it’s not too much trouble for you?”

“Oh, no Ma’am. I’d love to do it. And, afterwards, you’ll feel very refreshed. I guarantee it.” ‘You’ll feel refreshed alright,’ he thought, ‘After I fuck your sweet little brains out.’

We sat back and relaxed drinking the bottle of champagne. I sipped on mine, but Darrell drank almost none at all. He was sure to keep Carole’s glass full, and she drank freely of the nice bubbly. As the bottle neared empty, Darrell excused himself to get his massage stuff.

“Are you okay with this, Brad? I mean having a black man put his hands on me?”

“If you are. I really don’t have a problem with it, and I’m finding it very exciting.”

“I can see,” she smiled. “By the bulge in your pants that you do have a problem, but not the one we’re talking about.”

“Ummm, yes. And, I’d like to videotape him massaging you. It will give us some fun on a cold winter night.”

“Well, okay, but make sure that tape gets locked up as soon as we get home. I wouldn’t want that to show up on Saturday night Adult Movies on Channel 51.”

Carole kept her bathrobe on and added a small pair of lace panties. In a very few minutes, Darrell knocked politely and I opened the door ushering him in with a wink. The atmosphere was electric as he asked her to lie on the bed.

“I don’t think we’ll need the massage table,” he commented, “We can do it on the bed. It will be more relaxing that way.” ‘All the better to fuck you, my sweet,’ thought Darrell.

She slipped off the robe and the sight of my wife standing almost naked in front of a stranger, gave me an incredible hard-on.

“Lie on your stomach and we’ll do your back first.” She followed his instructions and Darrell spread oil on his hands and began to slowly and rhythmically rub his hands up Carole’s calves, first one and then the other.

After what seemed ages, he moved onto her thigh slowly and massaged each one for a few minutes. His hands crept higher between her legs and I could see her body relaxing to his touch. He said he was afraid the oil would stain her panties, and without a word, Carole raised her mid-section off the bed allowing Darrell to hook his fingers into either side of the lace and slowly ease them down. As he continued his massage, he gradually spread Carole’s legs a wider. At first she resisted and closed them again, but he was persistent and after closing her legs several times she finally gave up her resistence and allowed him to open her legs giving us both a nice view of her charms. Now Darrell’s well-oiled hands went higher, covering one of the cheeks of her behind, then his fingers ran down between her cheeks, brushing the lips of her pussy before going back down her thigh. When his fingers brushed her pussy lips, Carole jumped and said, “No, not that.” But Darrell repeated this maneuver several times and eventually Carole relaxed with each touch and began to enjoy his intimate touching.

Before starting on the other leg he said he was too hot and stripped off his shirt and trousers, leaving only a small pair of briefs which bulged alarmingly. Carole had her eyes closed but still she laughed and told him to be careful not to stain his knickers! So, with a laugh, he took them off to reveal his growing erection. I was quick to notice the massive cock that Darrell sported. Even half-hard it was huge, much, much larger than mine and getting bigger by the minute.

Darrell began rubbing Carole’s other leg and soon he was again brushing her pussy with his fingertips. There was no longer any resistence. She was obviously loving it and purred like a kitten. He then asked her to raise her hips and he slipped a small pillow under her, after which he turned, and with a big smile, winked at me. The pillow under her hips, had the effect of opening her rear, exposing her pussy and making his access much easier. I could clearly see the glistening lips of her now very wet pussy.

Darrell’s strokes became even more intimate – up the inside of her legs, across her pussy lips and down the inside of the other leg. I could hear Carole’s breathing increasing in tempo as the effect of his gentle hands on her clit took it’s toll on her composure. She was rapidly losing control and Darrell was taking charge. I realized that my first hundred dollar bill was in danger. It didn’t matter. I would gladly give that, and more, to see this handsome black man fuck my lovely, lily white wife.

Now Darrell was openly massaging her pussy and rear, with his middle finger slipping into her anus and his thumb caressing her clit. It was now clear that Carole no longer was giving any resistence but was cooperating fully with is hands. Then he told her to turn over. He massaged the front of her thighs and her stomach, and her breasts and making no attempt to hide the attention he was giving her pussy. He poured oil on her stomach and let it run down between her legs. Then he reached below her pussy and scooped the oil in his fingers and pulled it back up on her stomach again. She loved this and he repeated it several times. I could see by the flush in her face that she was very excited. I realized that she was lost to Darrell and that he could now do anything he wanted with her. Maybe she hadn’t realized where this was going, but she would soon have that massive black cock stuffed into her soft white pussy.

Darrell knelt beside Carole and placed her arm between his legs so that he could massage the muscles of her arm. He’d positioned her hand so that it was directly under his cock and balls and as he resumed his massage he lowered himself until his balls were just touching the palm of her hand. At first she didn’t respond but then I could see Carole’s hand gently close and begin caressing those massive balls. Darrell leaned forward to kiss her, his mouth closing over hers and I could see his black tongue darting in and out of her mouth. She responded with a soft moan, and sucked it eagerly into her mouth.

Darrell now moved slowly and deliberately, placing first one knee and then the other between her legs. Now he was lying on top of her, with her arms around his back as they kissed deeply. He pushed his pelvis into hers and she slowly moved her legs wider apart to accommodate him as he ground into her, both of them taking in the warmth of each other. Then he lifted her legs and she responded by raising them up and wrapping them around his waist. They continued kissing and I could tell that this black man would be fucking my wife very soon.

Darrell raised his hips and spread his legs apart so that I could see him adjusting the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. With one hand he rubbed the head of that enormous cock at her pussy entrance, back and forth, back and forth. Carole was mewing like a kitten, obviously loving the feel of his cock at her pussy entrance. He knew he had her and he wanted to savor this moment. For what seemed like an eternity he rubbed his cockhead against her clit causing her to jump with each contact. Her hips moved up trying to capture him but he kept her at bay. Finally, I watched the muscles of his backside tense as he slowly pushed the head of that massive instrument into my wife’s very wet pussy. Slowly, first just the head and then an inch at a time I saw that huge cock disappearing into Carole. As he did so he looked across at me, then lifted Carole’s legs onto his shoulders so that I could see how completely he was taking her. The whitness of her pussy contrasted so sharply with his very black cock, and I could see her blonde pussy hairs mingling with his jet black hair. It was an incredible sight.

Goodbye two-hundred bucks. . . a hundred for letting him fuck her, plus another hundred for him fucking her without a rubber. I didn’t care. I would have paid anything to see this huge black cock driving into my wife’s luscious cunt.

His cock slowly pulled out until the tip was barely resting on her lips before he went back in to the hilt. Carole moaned with the effort of taking such a large cock, but she was obviously loving it. He pushed in again slowly and withdrew all the way out again. As his cock slipped out of her I could see her raise her hips to follow it, not wanting to lose the touch. Again he came forward and again, the head and shaft disappeared into Carole, and then completely out again and back in, each stroke with a slowly increasing pace, and a little deeper penetration. Carole was absolutely loving the fucking she was getting from this large black man.

Then his pace began to quicken. He was now fucking her harder and faster, and harder and faster. Darrell began driving hard into her, but she made no effort, gave no sign that she was in the least bit uncomfortable with the pounding he was giving her. In fact it seemed that she was loving it and encouraging him on. Then, I could hear the beginnings of her climax, the little sound she made as each downstroke drove deep into her. Quietly at first and then louder and louder until she was screaming, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, oh Yes! Please fuck me! Harder, Harder! Harder!” She came with a loud shriek and then wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him as her orgasm took control of her body.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Harder!” she screamed, “Come in me! I want to feel you cum. Oh, please cum! Cum!”

His pace became quicker – almost frantic and he pounded that huge cock deep into her. Then with a loud grunt he drove hard into her and with a series of short lunges he exploded inside of her.

Lying quiet now, covered with sweat and oil, they both panted while recovering, his cock still deep inside her. Darrell looked at me as, seeming to take as much pleasure from my presence as from the act itself.

By now I had also stripped and was desperate to take Carole, but Darrell ordered me to lie on the bed and then lifted Carole onto me in a 69. She wrapped her lips around my tool while I saw her red and gaping pussy lips above, dripping with Darrell’s juice. With Darrell looking straight into my eyes I put my lips to her pussy and tasted his spunk as it dripped from her.

I was driven mad by lust and within a couple of minutes I shot into Carole’s throat. Carole was slumped across me but Darrell had other ideas. Even though he’d only just come he was stiff again and lifted Carole to her knees above my face, sliding into her from behind.

From that angle his cock looked massive as his balls swung inches from my nose while his cock gave Carole another fucking. After a few minutes he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed, lifting Carole to sit astride him, resting her back against his chest as he fondled her breasts. Again he was fully in charge and ordered me to kneel between her outspread legs and lick her clit. I had the closest possible view of his cock spearing her widespread cunt as my tongue licked her clit.

After that we fell into an exhausted sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night to see Carole sitting astride Darrell fucking him with all her might. “Oh, cum, cum, cum inside of me. I want to feel that hot cum inside of me again!! Please cum!” She was begging him to cum inside her.

Goodbye $300.

The next morning Darrell fucked Carole as she sucked my cock. Before he left, he smiled and winked at me as he opened the top drawer and picked up the the pile of hundred dollar bills.

Later that day, as we were packing to leave for Milan, the phone rang. Darrell told me to get my video camera out and be ready for his knock. A few minutes later, Darrell knocked on the door, and when my wife answered it, he stepped into our room and closed the door. Then he took hold of her hair and pushed her to the floor. With only minor complaints, she quickly got the idea, unzipped his pants and hungrily took his cock into her mouth. What followed was an incredible prolonged cock-sucking session followed by him again vigorously fucking her from behind. I video-taped the whole session.

Carole and I agreed it had been the most erotic experience of our lives.

The End

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