For Me

November 15, 2012 – 2:40 pm

My ultimate fantasy was to have my wife be touched by someone else that I trusted totally. Actually, my fantasy went far beyond that, but I never even dared to hope for what actually happened recently.

We talked a number of times about her letting, even encouraging, other men to touch her. I asked her to dress provocatively when we when out, and several times I encouraged her to kiss a male friend with a bit more passion that she usually showed.

She listened to me and acknowledged that it was a powerful fantasy for me, but then she would always say that she could never do that. I always accepted her decision, but would then bring it up again at another time.

So, she knew that I often thought about it. When we were making love, she even told me “stories” about doing it, but later emphasized that she never really could.

All that all changed recently – more than I could have ever dreamed.

I have a good friend, John, who I’d known since high school. We lost touch for a few years but a year ago he separated from his wife and moved back to our hometown We’d become fast friends, and he and Carole got along famously. Since he was a single, we included him in our social life and often had him over for dinner. On several occasions, we’d stayed up late talking and drinking and John ended up sleeping in our guest room.

One night a couple of weeks ago, John was over helping me build a table. As was my pattern, I asked Carole to dress ‘special’ just for him. In fact, several times in the past, in order to please my fantasy, Carole had worn see-through blouses or sheer nightgowns or she ‘accidentally’ loosed her robe in front of him. She even flashed her breasts for him once in fun when she had been drinking, but that was it; never anything more.

This night, I asked her to wear something extra revealing because John had worked hard helping me – and all the while I’d been thinking about him seeing my wife’s charms. It made me very horny.

In response to my request for a ‘special’ outfit, she just smiled and said, “I know what you want. Someday I just might do it.”

As we were finishing our work, Carole brought us a bottle of wine, and the three of us had a toast to our completed project. In fact we had several toasts. In no time the bottle was empty, and Carole’s cheeks were rosy with the alcohol.

“You guys clean up here. I’m going up to take a shower. Then we’ll think about doing a cookout.” As she started up the stairs, I whispered a reminder about wearing something special for me.

“I’ll try, and with all the wine you’ve been giving me, you’ll probably be happy with my outfit.” I didn’t know what she meant by that, but it sure piqued my interest. Half an hour later, we were sitting in the family room when she came downstairs in a red silk robe, and some matching, very high heel shoes. She looked very sexy.

“What’s under that,” I asked.

She smiled, “None of your business.”

“Why don’t you loosen up and show us what you have on?”

John nodding furiously, “Yes, I’d love to see,” he beamed.

She blushed and looked at me for a long moment and then slowly opened the robe to show us. She had on a sheer, chiffon see-through teddy that came just below her hips, and white lace panties that showed her body clearly through the chiffon. Her naked breasts, nipples included, were very obvious also.

John clearly became very excited. He had sweat pants on and we could see his hardon bulge through the sweats. I smiled at her to let her know that I totally approved, and gave her a signal to go further.

“Take off the robe, we don’t mind.”

“No,” she said firmly.

I gave her my puppy dog look, “Please?”

She relented and loosened the robe a little to show more of her breasts through the chiffon.

John, eyes wide, said, “You’re beautiful.” I just smiled my approval. She left to get us some snacks, and John commented, “She’s the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world. You sure are a lucky guy.”

When she came out of the kitchen with the snacks, it was clear that she’d loosened the robe even more for us. I smiled and winked at her. She blushed, but then bent over John as she served the snacks and the robe fell wide open, exposing the chiffon teddy and her right breast. That wasn’t accidental; she knew how much John could see. She was playing the game! It was very exciting for me. She also knew that I that I would love it if she stripped down totally right there! She smiled and winked at me as she crossed over to where I was sitting, offering me some cheese and crackers.

As she served me, I put my hand between her legs to pet her and she was so wet! She was turned on as we were by the game we were playing. I looked at her in disbelief and she started to chuckle, smiling at me.

This might be the night; and I soon found out it was. Again, I ran my finger over her clit and she started to moan! John looked at me, saw what I was doing and was wide-eyed.

“I think you should take off your robe and show us what you have on underneath,” he suggested.

“Oh, John! You’re so bad!” But she didn’t resist when I untied her robe, opened it up. And she didn’t stop me when I slid it completely off. She was openly showing John her lovely body! I had the feeling that this evening was going to be one that we’d all remember for a long time.

John slid across the sofa, moved in behind her and started to rub her shoulders and back. She responded by closing her eyes and letting out a soft moan. There was no resistance as John lifted the teddy up over her head.

I slid her panties over her hips and all the way down her legs to the floor. John, mouth open, was now staring at my wife who was totally nude. As I stroked her clit, with one hand, I squeezed one of her nipples and took it into my mouth. John turned her head to one side and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. She was getting very turned on by all the petting, kissing and touching of two guys at once. And, it was my ultimate dream coming true.

I kissed her again and winked, giving John the OK sign. He was rubbing her shoulders from behind, and he reached his hands around from behind tentatively and began to caress her breasts. This caused her to moan even more. Suddenly, she realized what was happening to her, and for for a moment, she opened her eyes and looked at me and mouthed, “Help!”

I whispered in her ear, “It’s OK, I want this to happen.”

“I don’t feel right about it,” she whispered back.

Again I said, “It’s okay. I want this, it’s my biggest fantasy. I’ll be here with you.”

This seemed to work and she relaxed a bit. I looked at John, nodded and mouthed, “Okay.”

From behind her, John continued to massage her breasts. She still looked scared, but I could see that she was starting to relax.

“It’s OK honey. Let him do this, and if you decide to stop, we’ll stop. We’ll only go as far as you want. Whatever you want is OK.”

With that, she relaxed and began to enjoy his caresses. She turned and put both arms around his neck. He kissed her deeply and, after a few seconds, I could see her kissing him back.

I had such a huge hard-on! She knew I wanted this, and now she was fully playing the game. Here was my wife , totally naked in front of two men. The sight, and the thought of what was going to happen, sent thrilling shivers through me. I knew that my friend would soon be fucking my wife. And she was doing it for me!

“Undo John’s belt,” I said, and she did, joking with him as she pulled on it. Without any further prompting from me, she also undid his zipper, and slid his slacks and shorts down over his hips where they dropped to the floor.

John quickly pulled his shirt over his head with my wife helping him. Soon they were both naked and for a long time they danced together in a lover’s embrace, touching and exploring each other’s bodies.

“Please, can we go into the bedroom?” my wife asked. Carole and John walked down the hall together, with me following. He led her to the bed, and they pulled the covers off and climbed, naked into my bed. God what a sight!

She pushed him back onto the pillow, and kneeling next to him, she took his cock stroked it with both hands. One final time, she looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you’re OK with this? You know I’m doing this for you, don’t you?”

By now, I’d also shed my clothes and I just smiled and waved my very hard erection at her.

She then took his cock into her mouth, and began sucking him with long deep strokes. It was very exciting watching my friend’s cock sliding so easily into my lovely wife’s throat. It was a wonderful sight and burned an image in my mind that will always be there. John moaned with her strokes and I could tell he was cumming. She never hesitated as his climax built and when he finally exploded, he drove his cock deep into her throat, pouring his cum deep down inside of her. Carole she swallowed nearly every drop, and when she released his cock, a small stream of cum ran out of the corner of her mouth.

She then lay next to him stroking his cock slowly and telling him how wonderful it was. It didn’t take long, a few minutes, and then his erection began to recover. Soon he was back to his full size, which was very respectable.

As John started to move atop my wife, she pushed him back onto the bed and sat astride him. “I want to do this. I’m going to fuck you, not the other way around. At least the first time.”

She later told us that she was the aggressor so that neither John nor I would feel that we’d made her do something she didn’t want to do.

She motioned for me to come closer. As she sat astride John she motioned for me to take his cock in my hands. “Put it in me,” she whispered.

It felt strange to touch another man’s cock, but there were lots of different things happening tonight. I held his cock up close to her pussy lips and rubbed it against her clit. She moaned at the pleasure of it and moved back and forth, stimulating herself. As I rubbed the head of his cock into her pussy, her juices began to flow and run down the shaft.

I gathered her juices in my hand and stroked all up and down John’s cock. It was very exciting and my cock was throbbing. From John’s moans, I could tell that he was getting immense pleasure from the stroking and the feeling of his cockhead slipping in an out of my wife’s pussy lips.

Finally, she sat back slightly, increasing the pressure between her pussy lips and the head of his cock. I held his cock steady at the entrance, and she gently slid herself down over the shaft. It was an incredible experience for me.

Then she began to move, slowly at first and not all the way down on his shaft. He cock was longer than mine and it took her some time to adjust to his longer shaft. But soon, she was fucking him with long, full strokes. She sat upright on him and moved up until the tip of his cock was almost out of her. Then she would plunge down and forward taking every inch of him deep inside of her.

Their mating went on for a good fifteen minutes – and both of them were glistening with perspiration. Finally, she began the familiar sounds of her approaching climax; a soft moaning that grew louder and louder until it was a scream, as her climax peaked and she thrust harder and harder against him.

Finally, she collapsed on his chest and lay quiet, panting and exhausted. But John was not yet finished. Her climax served to excite him even further and he rolled my lovely wife over on her back. He then picked up her legs and placed them on his shoulders giving me a perfect view of her lovely pussy. His large cockhead soon found the entrance to her pleasure palace and he slipped easily inside of her.

This was no longer gentle love-making as John pounded into her deeper and deeper, and her cries mingled with the sound of his balls slapping against her lovely rear end. His climax came quickly and with a loud grunt he drove harder and harder into her, pouring his cum deep into my lovely wife’s belly.

The rest of the night was an orgy of love-making. The three of us did everything imaginable. My wife climbing on top of me and fucked me just as she’d done John. As she was starting, she instructed John to take my cock and rub it on her as I’d done for him. It felt strange to have a man do that, but it was very exciting when he was stroking my cock as he slid it into her. It didn’t take long before I felt my climax building. John took my balls in one hand and stroked my cock with the other as I poured a huge load into my wife’s belly.

There were many other lovely episodes that night. At one point, I fell asleep only to wake with the feeling of my wife sucking on my cock. She was on her hands and knees. John was behind her, with his cock in her ass. That was something we hadn’t done, but now she was loving it from my best friend.

It didn’t end until the very early hours of the morning, when finally, we all fell fast asleep wrapped in a tight embrace. As light was beginning to seep in through the windows, I woke to see John leaving the bedroom. Without a word, he dressed and left the house.

We slept late and had a brunch of Champagne and orange juice and made love again. We talked for hours about what had happened and about our friendship with John – past, present and future. My wife suggested that we needed to bring John into our conversations so later in the afternoon we invited him over again. We had a nice dinner and talked about the previous night. We agreed that it was a wonderful experience but that we would reserve repeat performances for only special occasions.

Over the following weeks, we’ve become extremely close friends as a result of this experience, and hopefully will replay this wonderful evening again sometime in the very near future.

The End

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