New Duties

November 8, 2012 – 3:27 am

After his phone call she was seething with anger, rage, pain, hurt, humiliation -then she collapsed into despair crying for the past two hours since he’d hung up. Now, she just felt numb. She had no idea what she was going to do -except exactly what her husband was demanding.

Yesterday started on such a wonderful note. Jeremy, her husband had called and without explanation, told her to meet him at the Mall. She couldn’t imagine why, but when she arrived he was waiting and he explained that they had a very special event to attend the following night. They would now go shopping and he was going to buy her a new outfit – something “very special for this special night.” She was delighted and very excited as they entered the Mall.

They went to a little boutique that sold expensive clothes and after she tried on several Jeremy picked what she thought was an outrageous little black dress. It was a halter style around her neck with a plunging neckline – almost to her waist. Forget wearing a bra – – fortunately, her figure was cute and the dressfit perfectly. It was backless and fit tight around her waist and then blossomed into a full shirt. She had to admit that she looked good in it; looking in the mirror her breasts looked perky and she could see her nipples outlined under the sheer black material. Yes, she looked very sexy, but she was uncomfortable when she thought about wearing it in public… especially to some “special event”, which was surely a business affair with his colleagues and/or customers. There were two other men and several women customers in the store, so she was shocked when Jeremy insisted that she pose in several positions which revealed most of her charms to the other customers. She was embarrassed but anxious to please Jeremy so she turned and spun causing the dress to fly up exposing the upper parts of her legs.

“Do you have panties on?” he demanded in a loud voice. Get in there and take them off; they look ridiculous with this dress. Her cheeks burning, Carole quickly returned from the dressing room, now pantiless. In fact, the only item of clothes she had on was the black dress.

“Now, turn around – spin! Make the dress fly!” He demanded. “Ah, that’s much better.” Carole could tell by the looks on the faces of the other customers that her charms were completely on display as she spun around. Pleased, Jeremy signed the credit card slip and then left her and returned to work. He refused to answer any of her questions about the special event except to tell her that she had to look perfect. That night at dinner Jeremy maintained his silence about the following night’s event and would tell her nothing more than that it was extremely important that she look smashing.

Starting early this morning, she had fussed over her appearance – she had her hair and nails done and had even had a pedicure and had asked the girl to doher toenails a bright red to match her nail polish. As the afternoon wore on she became increasingly nervous about the evening and had trouble making decisions about even the smallest item – her jewelry, she finally selected a single strand of pearls with matching earrings; her shoes, she tried on every pair of black shoes she owned before selecting a pair of open-toe shoes with high stiletto heels.

He’d told her to be ready to leave at 7 p.m. and by four that afternoon everything was done. In the end she thought she had come together very well. She was sure Jeremy would be pleased with her. Then the phone rang. “Hi Hon. Are you okay with everything tonight? Did you get your hair and nailsdone? Are you ready to get dressed? Is everything perfect. You have to look fabulous tonight.”

His questions puzzled her and his voice sounded different. Something was wrong. “Jeremy, what’s going on? Your voice sounds different. Is there something about tonight that I should know?”

“Well, yes. That’s why I called you. It’s about tonight.”

“What?” she demanded. “What about tonight? Has it been cancelled?”

“No, it’s still on, but there’s something…. Do you remember when I told you about Mark our new Vice President?”

“Yes, he was here last year. He was the District Manager. Is that the same guy?”

“Yes, same guy. He was the District Manager, and now he’s the Vice President. He’s looking for a new District Manager to fill the job he had last year. He’s coming to town tonight and we’re going to have dinner with him. That’s what I want to talk to you about. He told me that I have a real shot at getting the job and he wants to spend some time getting to know me this week. So tonight we’re going to have dinner with him, and it has to be perfect.”

“Okay, that sounds fine with me, but I think my dress might be a bit too revealing for a dinner with your boss.”

“Well, uh, do you remember the last year when he was here, and he had me line him up with an escort – a hooker?”

“Yes, I do! And I remember that you were angry that he was using you as his pimp. Is he doing that again?”

“Well, yes…” His voice paused, and suddenly Carole had a sinking feeling in her stomach. “Hon, I know this is a lot to ask, but you have to understand that this guy controls this whole territory. His decision means the professional life and death of all of us. He’s looking for a new District Manager. That’s why he’s here. Impressing him could mean a big promotion for me. On the other hand, if this meeting doesn’t go well, I could be looking for a job by tomorrow.”

“What are you saying? That we’re going out to dinner with him with my tits hanging out so that he can get his jollys looking at me?”

“Well, not exactly. He’s asked me to find him a girl again, but this time he’s given me very particular instructions on what he wants. I had a girl lined up but she cancelled and I just can’t find anybody else that meets his requirements….”I’ve been going crazy trying to find him another girl that meets his standards. . .. . He wants a woman 5’2″ tall, brunette but with very white skin, a great body, big brown eyes, under 30. I just can’t find anyone. You are the only woman I can think of that could possibly satisfy his requirements.”

“I won’t do it,” she stated firmly.

Angry now, Jeremy said, “Look, you’ve failed at everything in this marriage. You couldn’t even give me a son, you can’t get a job that pays a decent salary, you’re a lousy cook, hell you’re not even good in bed.” His words stung her, maybe because that’s the way she felt, too. He was constantly criticizing her and she’d come to believe everything he said. It only made her worse – she’d lost all self confidence and just couldn’t do anything to make him happy.

“You have to do it. Since you don’t seem to be able to do anything else for this marriage, just look at this as one of your new duties. It’s time to step up and do something for us. I want you to play a hooker for Mark tonight. He’s not to know you’re my wife. As far as he knows I hired you for the night, and you’d better make it good. If you don’t, you can kiss goodbye to our comfortable lifestyle.

“Oh my God!” She dropped the phone and sank onto the sofa. For the next two hours she screamed, she cried, she despaired about the situation. But in the end, she made the decision that he knew she would make. She was afraid. Afraid of doing this – of being a hooker for her husband but more afraid of him losing his job. Of losing this lifestyle. So eventually she accepted her situation.

At six that night Jeremy arrived home and whistled at his lovely wife.

“Perfect! You look wonderful. But we need to open the neckline just a bit.

++++++ They arrived at the door to Mark’s suite at Four Seasons Hotel at precisely 7 p.m. Answering the door, Mark glanced at Jeremy and then looked at her. He eyes widened and he let out a low whistle. “Wow, you’re lovely. I’m Mark, and you are?”

“Cindy,” she said. They had decided to use a different name for her this evening.

“Well, come in Cindy!” Mark led them into his suite and after they’d sampled a glass of champagne, he said, “Come here Cindy, and let me get a better look atyou.” She stood and walked, knees shaking to stand in front of him. Mark put his hands on her arms and pulled her close for a light kiss.

Mark frowned, “Are you one of those working girls that doesn’t like to kiss?” But not waiting for an answer he spun her around and admired her legs as the dress flew out. “Jeremy my boy, you have hit the jackpot with this one.” Mark then pushed aside the front of Carole’s dress and admired her breast sand pink nipples. Jeremy had suggested a light rouge on her nipples and the effect wasn’t lost on Mark. “Wonderful, great tits. Say, Jeremy, put on the TV, have a drink and a bite to eat. Cindy and I are going into my bedroom to get acquainted.

It was Jeremy’s last chance to stop this, but he only nodded with a glance atCarole. Her eyes were begging him, but she said nothing as Mark led her intothe bedroom. When the door closed, Jeremy sank to the sofa with a sigh. He had mixed feelings about this, but his first choice of a girl had demanded a thousand dollars. She was good and was probably worth it, but Carole was just as attractive – even prettier and sexy as hell. There was no reason why heshould pay out a thousand bucks for a hooker when he had a better looking woman at home. Carole would do it – she’d have to, and afterwards, he’d keep her away from company functions and nobody would know the difference.

++++++++++ As the door closed, Mark asked, “Do you really not like to kiss your johns?” She knew it was zero hour. Time to put up. She walked to him, put her arms around his neck and gave Mark a kiss full on the mouth with her lips open and her tongue pushing deep into his mouth. She’d intended it as a mechanical thing, but the effect on her was shocking. She never kissed her husband like that – he didn’t like it. But she thought that was the way a hooker should kiss so she gave it her best shot. Shivers ran down her spine as she kissed Mark, and she couldn’t believe the way her body was responding.

“Wow, that’s much better. I’ve never had a hooker kiss me like that. Super!” They kissed some more and then she felt Mark pushing her down. She didn’t know what he wanted but he was forceful enough that her knees buckled and she sank to the floor. “Take me in your mouth,” he asked. “I want to feel that wonderful tongue around my cock.”

She panicked, as she thought, ‘my God, I don’t know how to do this.’ Jeremy had asked her for oral sex only a few times and each time she’d tried he’d told her that she gave the worst blowjob in the world. She fumbled with his zipper,and finally got his pants undone. His cock, half hard, sprang out of his shorts. She took it in her hands and stuffed it into her mouth. She really didn’t know what to do so she just moved her mouth back and forth on his cock.

After a minute or so Mark stopped her. He took her face in his hands and pulled her up to her feet. “Who are you? You’re not a hooker, and I suspect your name is not Cindy. No hooker would kiss that well or give a blowjob that bad. What’s going on?

She started to cry, “My husband…, Jeremy….,” then she burst into tears.

“Oh my God, are you Jeremy’s wife? Your name is, let me think, Carole. Right? It is, isn’t it. You’re Carole, Jeremy’s wife. I remember seeing it in his file, and there was even a picture of you there with him at some company function. Jesus Christ, what in the hell are you two thinking about?”

She was on the bed sobbing, “Please don’t tell him. Please don’t tell Jeremy. I can’t do anything right. I didn’t want to do this, I knew I couldn’t pull it off, but he wanted me to, he made me do it. But, I want to help him, I want to be a good wife for him.”

“I’m going out there and tell that dumb fuck just what a dipshit husband I think he is.”

“NO! You can’t do that. Please let me try again. Please let me do this. I can be a good hooker, if you help me. I want to do it. I want to please you and I promise I’ll try hard and do everything you want me to.”

He looked at her lying on the bed. God, she was beautiful and so sexy, but she’d just never had any experience. What the hell, it might be interesting.

“Okay, if you’re sure you want to, I’ll give it a try.”

“Thank you Mark. She was sitting now and drying her eyes. “I promise you won’t be sorry. I’ll make you feel good.” She slipped to her knees again and reached out for his now very limp cock. She began to kiss it and caress it with her hands and it started to grow. “Please tell me what to do, tell me what you like and what you want. I’ll do anything,”

For the next hour Mark gave her instructions, moved her head the way he wanted it to go, showed her how to caress his balls while she was sucking him. At the end of the hour she was still dressed but he was naked on the bed and feeling very happy about his decision. She was a quick learn, a very willing student and there was nothing she wouldn’t try. She kissed him and caressed him in all the ways and places that he loved. After only an hour she really knew how to give a great blowjob.

Mark decided that it was time to twist the dagger in that dopey husband of hers. Putting on a robe he led Carole back to the living room. Jeremy was sitting with a beer in hand watching a football game on TV. “Hey there big guy,” Mark exclaimed. “This is some fine little piece you’ve lined up for me. She gives one hell of a blow job.”

“She does?” Jeremy asked with a very puzzled look on his face.

“Yes indeed. Come here Cindy and lets show you off a little bit. He slumped to the sofa next to Jeremy and allowed his robe to open exposing his half hard cock. A smiling ‘Cindy’ caught the drift of what he was doing and dropped to her knees between Mark’s and took his cock in her mouth. In the bedroom she’d tried the deep throat thing a couple of times but wasn’t able to do it without gagging. After first sucking loudly on Mark’s cock to get him fullyerect, she pushed his cock to the very back of her throat and then, taking a big breath, she pushed hard down on his cock and the head of it slipped down herthroat. She could feel it going down deep. For a moment she almost panicked with a gag but then she suppressed it and held on while the shaft of Mark’s long cock slid all the way down her throat. When her lips touched the base of his cock she started slowly to bring his cock back up. Taking a breath she repeated the stroke and then did it a few more times before Mark stopped her.

“Whoa, Baby, you’ll have me coming again, and I’ve already come twice. I’m not as young as I used to be and I’ll be all finished for the night if you’re not careful.”

The look on Jeremy’s face was priceless. It was a mix of astonishment, anger, jealousy and sexual frustration.

Mark led Carole to the back of the sofa. He then bent her over the sofa, knees straight with her face on the cushions. He lifted her black dressexposing her lovely rear and called out, “Jeremy, come and look at this beautiful pussy.” Jeremy, as in a daze, walked closer. Then Mark slid his lubricated cock into the lovely pussy of Jeremy’s wife. Mark had chosen this situation, because Carole really didn’t need to do anything. He’d work on teaching her how to fuck later, but for now she was powerless to move and all she had to do was enjoy it. From the sounds she was making she was enjoying it very much.

After a few minutes of this very nice position, Mark assumed that it was becoming stressful on Carole so he suggested that they adjourn once more to the bedroom. Once the door was closed, Carole fell on the bed giggling. “Did you see the look on his face?”

Carole then pushed Mark’s robe off his shoulders and took his flaccid cockin her hands as she pushed him back on the bed. “Sweetie, you are going to teach me everything I need to know tonight.”

Two years later. Jeremy had that job as District Sales Manager. He wasmaking a fabulous salary, but most of it was going for alimony to Carole who was now living in a lovely apartment in New York. In addition to the alimony she was getting from Jeremy, Carole was earning an average of a tenthousand dollars a week from a small group of very select clients – the most important, and enjoyable being Mark, her former husband’s boss.

The End

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