Julie – My First Threesome

October 31, 2012 – 2:26 pm

Hi, again. The background to this confession was set in “My First Cheat”. From the afternoon of my first cheat with Rob (my boss) I had a steep learning curve in how to avoid being caught out by my husband. To start with I always made sure I had clean underwear to change into and I carried panty-liners to catch any “fall-out” from me after unprotected sex and I also started to record the basic details in a diary using a very abbreviated code. One more thing, I made sure I took my pill every day. There is my simple guide to adultery!

The monthly sales meeting was convenient for Rob and me to have sex because it involved an overnight stay away from home. We also met up daytimes about once a month for more sex. Although perhaps not so intense as my first time with Rob our meetings always resulted in sex – sometimes once, sometimes twice, Some better than others. Basically we enjoyed each others’ bodies, we touched, kissed, licked, sucked and fucked our way to complete satisfaction. As the affair progressed we often talked about sex and after being asked by Rob I admitted that I would like to try a threesome – as long as the second man was acceptable to me.

Rob told me that most of the other reps on our area lusted after me (Rob had been boasting!) but that one, Terry by name, who was closer to Rob having worked together for several years, would be the right choice if I fancied him. To be honest the fairest thing to say was that I found him quite attractive in an older way but he would probably not have been my first choice from amongst the other reps. Rob set the meeting up at a motel outside London, far enough away from anybody who might recognise us. I had been introduced to a scheme Rob organised where he was able to sell off unused merchandise for cash. We all had ‘write-off’ allowances and the money was kept as cash for to pay for this sort of thing as well as ‘entertainment’ at longer sales meetings.

I met Rob in London and travelled with him to the rendezvous. I knew from conversations that Rob had a thing about stockings and suspenders – I always wore them anyway but he had mentioned about me wearing a basque so I had one in my case to change into when we arrived. We got to the motel just before mid-day, Rob arranged the room, cash deal, and we went upstairs. Terry phoned on his mobile to say he was about half an hour away and when he found out that we were already in the room he told Rob not to start without him. I went to the bathroom, stripped and applied fresh make-up and perfume. I put on my black basque, it was a quarter cup so my breasts and nipples were totally exposed. Stockings, small black panties and some jewellery completed my outfit. I walked into the bedroom and Rob’s eyes nearly popped out (so did his prick). I had chosen my outfit well.

My big problem was trying to stop Rob Jumping on me before Terry got there. I let him stroke various bits and we shared a few deep kisses. I was getting as randy as hell but fortunately Terry arrived just in time. I hid in the bathroom while Rob let him in and then made my entrance. Tery was even more gobsmacked then Rob partly I presume because he had never seen so much of me – if you know what I mean!

I got the two of them to remove their jackets and ties and their shoes and socks, then I gave each of them a wet, tonguey kiss (I got groped by them both) and sat them on the bed. I performed what I would describe as a sexy dance for them, shaking my breasts at them, rubbing my nipples to keep them hard and bending over to display my arse cheeks. After a couple of minutes not only were they more than ready for action but I was as well. I invited them to dance with me and during the outrageous bout of groping, kissing and biting that followed I got their shirts off. Then I knelt on the floor to remove their trousers and underpants, you know Rob’s was short and fat, well Terry’s was longer but thinner. I took each prick into my mouth (not at the same time – Rob’s was too fat), gave them both a good licking and sucking and then it was my turn. I recall them talking about me and what they were going to do to me. And they did.

I was picked up and layed on the bed, one either side of me, they had a breast and nipple each. Obviously this was new to me and the sensations were out of this world. Hands slipped into my panties which were getting wet, fingers were slid up my cunt and my clit was played with. Before long of course my panties were removed – I think Terry did it because his was the first head between my spread open thighs. His tongue did a grand job, he finger fucked me and I had a lovely orgasm. Rob took his place and carried on where Terry had left off, Terry sat on my stomach and used the available parts of my breasts to help himself to a tit fuck. I licked his prick at every thrust!

I felt another climax coming on and stopped my licking, laid back and started moaning and what a terrific cum it was. I made one hell of a noise I can tell you. They didn’t give me much time to recover, Terry took me first in the missionary position while I sucked Rob’s cock, then they changed places, next it was me in doggy position. To my surprise my cunt was expanding for Rob and then contracting to grip Terry – and did he go in a long way! I don’t know how many small cums I had but Terry shot his load first. He was fucking me at the time so the first hole that got spunk in was my cunt. He pulled out and Rob took over. There was a lot of squelching (I love that sound) and shortly Rob added his contribution and I collapsed onto the bed.

I usually make a lot of juice myself, add two loads of spunk and you can imagine how much wet there was around my crutch and thighs. There was no clean up this time, they stripped off my stockings and basque and started on me again. This was the first sex I had with Terry but I was used to Rob and he seemed to be going for it (or me) big-time. A girl is in heaven when two men are competing for her favours. My breasts got another good seeing to and the juices around my crutch were massaged into my cunt and arse by eager fingers. They even got me to lick their cum soaked fingers, the taste was great. Then the fucking started again in all sorts of positions and combinations. I had more small orgasms and one massive one with Terry – it just went on and on. I just wanted more and more. They actually asked me for anal but I declined, strangely perhaps. I was tempted but my arsehole had never had a prick up it and as a first I didn’t fancy Rob’s fat lump of meat up there!

To finish them off I laid on the bed, they knelt either side of my head and with my help they wanked themselves. To give them even more of a thrill I started recounting what they had done to me and telling them how much I had enjoyed it all. In no time at all I had two more helpings of cum shot in my mouth, across my face and in my hair.

They were both completely shattered so I took the opportunity to get under the shower – to my disappointment neither could manage another erection so we settled for a drink and snack in the restaurant before we left the motel. I was kissed and groped by Terry when he drove off and Rob played with my breasts and cunt on the way home. Just before we picked up my car – to Rob’s delight – I hitched up my skirt and put on my clean panties with the panty liner inside.

What next?


The End

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