Her Best Friend Dana 2

October 25, 2012 – 2:53 pm

What a night it had been. As Judy rode her husbands cock, her mind flashed back to the hotub scene, and her friend Dana with this big black stud. It wasn’t long before the combination of rubbing her pussy, and Richard’s thrusting prick, and the thoughts of Dana fucking that huge black cock put Judy over the edge. Judy’s orgasm triggered Richard’s, and Judy continued to milk, and squeeze his cock until he started to go soft inside her.

Exhausted she kissed Richard, and rolled off and fell asleep. She tossed and turned all night as visions of the mysterious black lover in the hotub invaded her head.

Morning came fast, and Judy couldn’t wait to talk to Dana. She had to know all the details of how Dana could let herself do what she did. After all Judy, and Dana were “nice girls”. Not quite prudes, but definatly not sluts either. RRRRIIINNGG the phone startled Judy. “Hello Judy, wanna come over and enjoy some fresh dark ground coffee?” Dana asked.

“I was just about to call you to see if I could come over” was Judy’s reply.

“I’ll be there just as soon as I shower.”

“OK, I have to run to the store for a few things, just let yourself in if I’m not there.” “Bye”

“K Bye”

Inside of 15 minutes Judy was showered, and out the door. What would she say to her friend she wondered. Or would Dana just tell her. After all they were best friends. They didn’t keep secrets from each other. As Judy walked up to the door she read on a hastily writen note, “Judy I’ll be right back. Let yourself in. The hot coffee is waiting on the patio, help yourself.”

“Great” Judy thought, “More waiting.”

As she walked into the kitchen, she picked up her favorite mug, and walked to the back door. As she slid open the door and walked towards the patio table she didn’t see any signs of coffee. As she turned to go back inside she was startled by a deep voice…

“Babe, come put some oil on my back.”

As she turned towards the voice she saw the same black hunk laying out, face down, and completly naked on the same lounge he had fucked her friend on the night before. He was faced away from her. He must have heard her, and assumed it was Dana. “C’mon babe, oil me down, now.” She froze for just a second, and just stared at the large muscular body. Then instead of turning to go as her mind told her, she walked towards him, and picked up the oil on the table next to him. His eyes were closed, and he smiled as she poured the sun heated oil onto his thick back.

Judy knelt beside him, and worked the oil into his back. His muscles glistened in the sun as she continued to massage him. Her pussy juices were flowing, and she let her hands wander lower to his hard butt. She poured some more oil and it trickled down his crack. Judys fingers followed it as he spread his legs apart. The oil ran down over his huge nut sack. His semi hard cock was already huge, Judy pulled and squeezed his full balls with one hand, while trying to wrap her fingers around the thickness of his beautiful black dick. Then the silence was broken, “Did you like the show last night?” Judy froze. “Wha..” she started.

“your nice blonde friend taking the big dick your squeezing in her tight little white pussy. I knew you were watching, and I knew you would come back to.”

At that point he rolled onto his back, and Judy’s mouth dropped as she got a good close look at the studs now fully erect cock. “I don’t know what to…” she began again.

“what you were doing is a good start” he said as he smiled at her. Judy’s hands both reached out towards his stiff black pole. She couldn’t believe it. First that she was there, and second that with both of her hands wrapped around him, there was still several inches left. He moaned as she ran her hands up and down the whole length of it. She couldn’t believe how thick and veiny it was as she continued to squeeze, and pull it.

“MMMMMMM Thats real nice… now why don’t you come up here, and let me taste your pussy.”

Judy didn’t want to let go of his glistening dick, nor did she know if she could go any further with this. After all she thought, “I could leave now, and..” and then she let go of his dick, and stood up. For a second she began to turn, but then she felt his big hand work its way up her leg, and to her very wet pussy. he rubbed her for a few seconds through her shorts, and then he pulled her over closer to him. Now both of his large hands pulled at Judy’s shorts, and they dropped to her ankles. “I don’t thin..” Judy started.

“I’m not asking you to think babe.” he smiled. Then he pulled her like a rag doll towards him. Judy didn’t resist. Instead, she straddled his face, and lowered her dripping pussy to his waiting tongue. His tongue was long and thick, and he lapped, and slurped at her like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

Her heart raced as her pussy convulsed on the black studs mouth. He kept licking as he held her in place with his strong hands. Her legs began to shake as she came again, and again from his expert tongue. Then he asked her if she was ready to “Grind coffee” as her friend Dana put it. Any chance of her leaving was long gone. As she turned around that great big black dick pointed straight at her.

Judy climbed accross his chest, her legs still weak, and postioned her slippery pussy lips above him. With one hand on his chest to steady herself, she guided his cock to her opening with her other hand. As the head entered her it spread her pussy lips wide apart. There was some pain, but she kept lowering herself slowly. He knew she would have to get used to his size, so he just layed there enjoying her tightness as she wiggled, and squirmed on his ridged cock. Gradualy she managed to get most of him inside. Once she got to that point she relaxed her pussy, and then started to hump slowly. Soon she was able to ride his dick. He matched her rhythm, and was now thrusting up into her.

“MMMMMMMMMMM your cock is soooo bigggg MMMMM yes fuck meeeeee.” “OOOHHHH yesss”

Without a word her black lover wrapped his big arm around her waist, and he stood up with her still impaled on his cock. He turned and lowered Judy back onto the lounge. Grabbing her feet he effortlessly pulled her legs apart, and lifted her ass off the chair. She was spread open, and helpless to resist his thrusts now. Before she could control how much she took. Now he was going to show her what her friend had gotten last night. He didn’t hesitate. driving deep into her, he began hard fucking her tight white pussy. Her eyes rolled back, and teeth clenched as he bucked against her pussy.

Judy’s hand instictivly reached down to rub her clit. her mind was buzzing, and her breathing heavy. She nearly lost consciousness as she hyperventilated, her body racked with orgasms. The waves of pleasure continued to sweep her body, as the black cock slipped effortlessly now in and out of her.

As her stud began to build towards his climax, he asked her, “You ready for me to fill you with my black love seed? I’m going to fill your belly with my nasty nigga sperm. your friend Dana loves my nigga cum.”

Judy opened her eyes, and saw him make a funny face. His dick got harder, and she could feel the viens bulging as his cock spasmed and he started to squirt.

Again she came, her pussy milking his meat as he pumped her full of his hot load. Her pussy was sloppy with his cum, and her own juices. She shook as he continued to pump the final drops into her. Then just as she had seen him do last night, he pulled his cock out, and he heard the same plop sound as his thick tool swung free.

Then she heard “Clean it.” just as he had told Dana. Judy could barely move, but managed to sit up. His cum oozing from her swollen pussy, he pulled her face to his softening cock, and she licked, and sucked the remianing juices from his tool.

“MMMM good girl.”

“So how did you like your coffee Judy?” she recognized Dana’s voice from the backdoor.

Judy looked up at the stud, then she turned to Dana and said, “I loved it!”

“Thank you for being a good friend, and sharing.”

The stud pulled up his shorts and then he left. Dana turned the jets on in the hotub, and they got in to soak. They talked about the new nieghbor, and what they had done. Did they feel guilty? Would it happen again?

The End

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