Her Best Friend Dana

October 18, 2012 – 3:18 pm

As Judy hung up the phone Richard asked, “What did Dana want?”

“Nothing” Judy replied, “She just bought a new coffee grinder, and she’s trying to figure out how to use It.” she laughed.

“Was that it?” he said.

“I don’t know, I guess” Judy said. “Maybe after I take my shower I’ll drive over to see if she needs help.”

After she put the kids to bed, and showered, that’s exactly what she did. As she pulled up to the house she noticed that Dana’s husband’s car wasn’t there, and her daughter’s car was gone too. The house was quiet as she approached. Judy thought she heard voices coming from the back yard, so she walked towards the fence. She could hear Dana laughing, and another voice that wasn’t familiar. As she reached the fence, instead of announcing her arrival she tried to look through a gap in the fence to see who was there. It was getting dark, but by the patio light she could see Dana clearly sitting in the hot tub. Seated right next to her was the new neighbor guy from down the street. Judy could hardly believe it as she continued to watch and listen while Dana and this large black hunk whispered and laughed.

“I can’t believe it.” Judy thought to herself. “Dana always complains about the all the black people who are moving in.” and there she was sitting in the hotub alone with this guy!

It was obvious as she watched that they hadn’t just met. As Judy strained to hear, she saw Dana’s head tilt back and what sounded like a moan escape her lips. Judy couldn’t believe her eyes. This guys hand was below the water line between Dana’s legs. Her moans became longer, and deeper as the black stud pushed his long fat fingers deeper into her box. After only a few short minutes Judy could hear Dana panting as she climaxed on the guys hand.

Then he stood, and pulled his shorts down revealing a massive black cock. Judy almost gasped out loud when she saw how large it was. As the man moved in he took his cock in one hand, and ran his black fingers through Dana’s Blonde hair as he pulled her face down onto his swollen head. She smiled up at him, and opened her mouth as wide as she could, and began to force his dick into her mouth. Judy couldn’t believe that she was seeing her best friend sucking off this monster black cock. She also couldn’t believe how incredibly wet her own pussy was. Her fingers now between her legs rubbing as she watched.

The stud groaned as Dana continued to work his cock over the best she could. Her head bobbed and bounced on the thick black shaft, and still only managed to get maybe half of it in her face. He pulled her top off and pulled and squeezed on her tits as she continued to stroke and suck his tool. Dana’s free hand was obviously working her clit, and as Judy rubbed and started to cum, she could tell Dana was also cumming again by the way the guy reacted to her more aggressive sucking.

Then the guy pulled back, and his heavy thick cock swung free. He pulled Dana up, and turned her around. Gripping her waist with one hand, he guided his dark rod into her waiting pussy. Judy couldn’t believe it when the guy shoved his whole length into Dana. Dana’s whole body tensed, and she started to scream, but her scream was muffled by the guy’s large black hand. He pulled back, and again buried himself in her. Again, and again he continued to bury his black cock into her white pussy. As Dana finally became accustomed to his size, he began to pick up his pace. soon he was slapping his heavy balls into her. Her cunt clamped onto his thickness as she climaxed over and over.

Then without a word he withdrew from her, and Judy could hear the plop as his dick pulled free from her engorged pussy, and swing into the night air. He then scooped Dana up, and carried her over to the lounge chair. He layed her out on her back and went down on her sucking her clit. He was loud as he lapped at her pussy. She came again, and he moved quickly up between her legs. Pulling her feet, he positioned her legs so they were atop his big black shoulders. This left her pussy wide open for another attack by his weapon of a cock. Again he positioned his dick at her opening, and pushed the whole length in. This time he didn’t even try to muffle her. She let out a deep long sound that was pain and extreme pleasure too. Judy just watched as he bounced all of his weight against her. The lounge chair creaked, and slid back and forth on the wet concrete as the guy fucked her with abandon. Her moans were dry and throaty as her body tensed again, and again under his continued rhythm. Finally she heard the man grunt, and she could see his muscular back tense as he began to fill Dana’s pussy with his hot streams of thick white cum. It seemed like the man came for over a minute as he kept pumping. Then he stood up, and for the third time Judy watched his thick black cock swing free from Dana’s now blood red pussy lips. He moved up to her face and simply said “clean it!” and Dana licked and sucked the still oozing organ. Then as he began to go soft, he knelt down and picked up his shorts and put them on.

Judy had lost track of her own orgasms, and still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. She new the guy would probably be leaving soon so she quietly made her way back to the street, and got in her van and drove towards home. She waited a couple of minutes and then quickly dialed her cell phone, and waited for Dana to answer.

“Hello” came Dana’s voice. Sounding rough and labored.

“Hello Dana” Judy said. “You sound like your breathing hard, what are you doing?”

“I’ve been grinding coffee.” “Remember earlier I told you I was going to grind some fresh coffee tonight?”

“I just got done, and I worked up a good sweat doing it. I think I’ll hit the shower before everyone gets home.”

“Ok” Judy said as she smiled to herself. I’ll call you tomorrow.

“Ok” Dana came back. “If you come over I’ll show you my new grinder.”

“Ohhh I would love to try it.” and as she hung up, and turned into her driveway.

Judy had determined in her mind that she WOULD try Dana’s new grinder as soon as possible.

“How was the coffee grinder?” Richard asked as Judy walked in.

“Great!” Judy came back. “I NEED one.”

“Whatever, as long as I get a good cup. He said.

“Oh you will.” she said as she walked over and straddled his lap.

“Now, what I need is for you to fuck me.” “All of a sudden I’m very horny.”

“Well I’m glad the thought of coffee is so erotic to you.” and he reached down into her soaked panties.

To Be Continued…

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