Julie – Shopping and Play

October 10, 2012 – 7:11 am

To continue where I left off last time, I was now in a situation where I was having regular extra-marital sex with Rob on his own and with Rob and Terry together and I was loving every moment! It turned out that Terry was a keen amateur photographer and for our second threesome it was suggested that he take a few pictures of me. I was flattered to be asked and keen to try a new experience – although I had posed for my husband previously. I suggested that they take me shopping and treat me to a few bits that they would like me to wear. The deal was done – shopping in the morning, motel in the afternoon. I got some new gear and they got …me!

I met Rob who took me to a large shopping centre where we joined up with Terry, I was wearing a smart business suit as I most often did and over a cup of tea they decided that I should have a new dress and lingerie. The dress was quite easy, I took a couple into the changing rooms of a large store and came out to show them both. They picked a floral summer print mini-dress that finished about four inches above my knees (I am just under six feet tall and have nice long thighs). The dress was chosen by Terry because it had buttons down the front. He said it would look great on film if I gradually undid the buttons to gradually expose more of my breasts.

The lingerie came from a boutique, it was obvious that neither of them had taken any notice of the underwear worn by their wives. I had to explain the difference between my usual panties, high-sides, strings and thongs, they wanted me to wear the smallest, most revealing ones we could find. In the end we compromised and I got four pairs of panties, a new suspender belt and some stockings out of them. They wanted to get in the changing room with me but I told them to wait until later for their private display. god knows what the shop assistant thought.

We then had some time to kill as the motel was booked for the afternoon, I was treated to lunch with some wine and we went back to the multi-storey car-park and Rob drove to the top level which was deserted. I took off my jacket and got into the back seat of Rob’s car with one man either side of me. I shared some deep tongue twirling kisses with each of them, My blouse was opened to the waist and my breasts popped out over the top of my bra for them to suck and fondle. I put my head back and let them enjoy themselves, hands went to the hem of my skirt and with a little help from me (I lifted my bum off the seat) they soon had my skirt up to my waist and my legs spread so they could play with my stockings, suspenders and crutch. My panties were pulled to one side and they each worked a couple of fingers into me, I was getting nice and wet and licked any juice-coated finers that were offered to my mouth. It was a struggle to stop them from fucking me there and then but we finally sorted ourselves out and found our way to the motel.

I went to the bathroom and freshened up my make-up and then re-joined the two men in the bedroom. Terry was actually quite good at directing my posing and I soon felt relaxed and entered into my role as model with enthusiasm. Obviously the idea was to get me to expose as much of myself as possible and Terry captured it all on his digital camera. I was instructed to slowly open my blouse and remove it, then he photographed me unzipping my skirt and dropping it to the floor. My blouse joined it and then slowly I exposed my nipples and breasts before taking off the bra completely. I slid my panties down my legs and off my feet. Then it was posing in stockings and suspenders which Terry wanted me to leave on. He asked me to lay on the bed and open my legs, then I had to kneel for him to take pictures of my arse and cunt from the rear. I was getting very worked up and when he asked me to hold my cunt lips open I readily did so, then I had to finger fuck myself and play with my clit.

Rob and Terry could wait no longer and they stripped naked and jumped on the bed with me, I was ready for it as well and in no time Terry was inside me fucking as hard as he could, Rob offered me his prick and I sucked it hungrily. It only seemed like seconds later that Terry groaned and started cumming inside me, that set me off to a really terrific orgasm and then Rob started, he came in my mouth, loads of it, he filled my mouth, and sprayed all over my nose, cheeks and eyes. His cum was everywhere. Terry had left quite a bit in my vagina as well. It was great sex for all of us.

I needed help cleaning cum away from my eyes and nose before I was able to stagger into the bathroom. The two men had enjoyed that experience so much that they put on a few clothes and ordered some champagne for me from room-service. I hid discretely in the bathroom when the waiter arrived. Now I love champagne, especially good champagne and this was good, the trouble is the bubbles get up my nose and make me giggly. They thought this was great fun and I was encouraged to drink quite a lot of the bottle. I did remember that I was supposed to be modelling my new outfit so I went into the bathroom again and removed my stockings and suspender belt. I put on the skimpiest thong that they had picked for me and the new dress – no bra (my breasts are quite firm) and returned to the bedroom.

Terry was ready with his camera and this time I needed very little direction. I slowly unbuttoned the front of my dress whilst dancing sexily for them. I gradually dropped the dress from my shoulders exposing my breasts and nipples. They commented on my braless state and were even more complimentary about the thong when they saw that. I shave my pubic hair to leave a triangle of blondey-red curls above my clit but the thong hid virtually nothing. I laid on the bed again and used the gusset of my thong to rub between my cunt lips. I was getting wet again and no doubt more of Terry’s cum was oozing out to join my own lubrication. The thong came off which left me naked. Another set of photos of me playing with myself and the two of them were ready for more.

This time it was a much longer session, I removed their clothes and sucked on both pricks while their four hands explored me. The last of the champagne was poured into my glass and I drank some of it, the rest was poured over my breasts, stomach and crotch. There were two eager tongues ready to lick it all up. Rob finished up between my legs and started to give my cunt and clit a good tonguing, Terry played with my breasts and I was fondling his prick and balls, to his delight I slid one finger up his arse. Rob brought me off, another cracking cum for me and then he asked me to ride him cowgirl. I was so sex-drunk (and giggly) I just did as he asked. His lovely fat prick felt so good deep inside me. Terry meanwhile had come up behind me and was returning my earlier favour by putting a finger into my arse.

Eventually they changed places and this time I had Terry’s longer prick in me while Rob finger fucked my arse. I was again asked for anal but said no – although I very nearly gave in this time. I asked for a doggy fuck instead and got it from Rob – this is my favourite position and I usually get quite noisy whilst having several small orgasms – and I did get noisy and I did cum (in-between playing with Terry’s prick). Rob had his finger in my arse and his thrusts became harder, I called out for him to fuck me hard and he finally shot his load into me, his fat prick really fills my vagina and I could feel every spasm he had. Gorgeous.

Of course I had another rock hard prick to deal with, I licked it, sucked it and wanked it. Terry was having a great time and was lasting well, he suggested that I lay with my head over the side of the bed and he knelt on the floor, slid his prick into my mouth and started to thrust back and forth. He has a long prick and it was getting further and further into my mouth and closer to my throat, the feeling was most peculiar to start with, the end of his prick was just touching the back of my throat, I could feel his orgasm building and then he too came for the second time. I caught his cum in my mouth, sat up and was able to swallow it.

We lay on the bed kissing and cuddling and Terry said that he would like to take some more pictures some time and would I mind using vibrators and things. I said if they bought me the vibrator then I would use it. But that is another confession.

The End

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