Julie – Strawberries and Cream

October 2, 2012 – 11:20 am

Regular readers will have gathered by now that I was really enjoying my job as a sales rep. My sales manager, Rob, was my first cheat. On his area there were six reps, – me, Terry (with whom I had my first threesome – plus Rob) and four other men. One in particular I quite fancied – his name was Jamie, then there were Douglas and Peter who were all between thirty and forty years old. Harry made up the team – he was over 50 and never seemed to get on very well with the younger ones. Rob’s area was one of seven across the UK all with their own area manager and reps. There were about forty reps altogether.

I soon got to know most of the teams at our monthly sales meetings, in fact there were two other women working as reps, Kerry – who was about my age and Shirley who was about fifty and had worked for the company for years. Our monthly meetings were hosted by the Sales Director whose was an older man called Harry. I also got to know the office staff who were mainly female and from time to time I would see the other directors. Our Personnel Director, Tom, was a real dish. I had the hots for him from the first time we met.

Besides all these people, I was out on the road every day dealing with store managers, warehouse staff, security men etc. I make no apology for the fact that I used my female “attributes” to make sure that I got all the sales I needed from the managers and then co-operation from warehousemen and security staff for stock delivery. I flashed thighs and breasts as required and was always chatting the men up. My store visits were always eagerly awaited!

This confession concerns a security guard at one of my supermarkets, a young man called Jason. He had jet-black hair and an olive skin and I looked forward to our chats when he was on back-gate duty. My conversations with Jason were typical of the chatting-up that went on and Jason’s particular “thing” was whether my pubic hair was the same colour as the hair on my head. Half jokingly I had told him more than once that if he was nice to me he might find out one day.

Well, his “one day” arrived. I had not set out that morning with the idea of getting laid – but I did, this is what happened. I arrived at the supermarket where Jason worked and he was on shift at the back gate. Some of my stock had just arrived and was stacked on a loading bay, the merchandiser was not due until the next day so I fluttered my eyelids at Jason and asked if he could help move my stock inside the warehouse. As usual he was only too willing to help. Once again he reminded me that I was going to prove my hair colour was genuine and since on this occassion he said his shift was due to finish in thirty minutes and his flat was nearby – how about it? I did find Jason attractive, not only his looks but he also worked out in a gym and had an obviously muscular body. How could a girl refuse?

I followed him back to his flat in my car and went inside. He wasn’t married but no doubt had a girl friend – there were one or two signs of a female presence such as perfume in his bedroom. We had a cold drink and sat on the sofa chatting, he put one arm round me and I turned to kiss him full on the lips. Our mouths opened and we swapped tongues, I was wearing a dress that day and his other hand went behind my back and unzipped it. I had his shirt open and was rubbing the muscles on his chest and playing with his nipples. He asked me if I wanted it on the sofa or in the bedroom, I said the bedroom and he led the way. More kissing as he slipped my dress off my shoulders. I was wearing a sexy lace bra and bikini panties, his hands slowly moved over my bare flesh, gently caressing me, his mouth and teeth were kissing and nibbling my neck and shoulders and I was becoming more and more randy. I got his shirt off and he removed my bra and gently cupped my breasts in his hands before kissing and sucking my nipples – which rapidly hardened under his expert attentions.

He picked me up and layed me on the bed and then removed the rest of his clothes. He already had an erection (not surprising really I suppose), it was about eight inches long and nearly two inches in diameter. It looked like I was going to have a good time! I asked him whether he wanted to do his hair colour check, – he got on the bed beside my legs and picked up my feet. He then licked and sucked my toes – this was a new sensation for me and I loved it. Slowly his lips and hands worked up my legs to my knees and then further up to my inner thighs, kissing and licking all the time. I’m sure I was moaning with pleasure and he finally reached my bikini pants. He took hold of the flimsy material and eased them over my hips, down my thighs and calves and then off over my feet.

I AM a natural blonde although my pubic hair has a touch of red to it. Jason apologised for not believing me but said he had enjoyed confirming the truth. Then he sat there looking at me, I asked what he was waiting for and he replied that I should tell him what I wanted. So I did, I said I wanted to play with his muscular chest and arms and then I wanted him to lick my cunt and then fuck me as hard as he could. Clear enough?

Jason then confessed that he had a fetish for pubic hair (female) and would I donate some for his collection. I may have mentioned that I only keep a triangle of hair “down there” but I said he was welcome to trim some. Jason said that he wanted to shave it all off if I was agreeable and not to worry because he was good at it. Another new sensation for Julie I thought and let him do what he wanted.

He started with an electric razor and carefully shaved off my hair, which was collected and put into a small plastic bag. He then said he would “tidy up” the whole area and proceeded to shave across my pubic area and between my legs (which I had opened for him). He gently pulled my outer lips into position and shaved around my crutch even down into the crease of my bum! I must say the vibrations from the electric razor were more than pleasant! Jason then announced that for a really smooth result he would finish me off with a wet shave. While he was getting the gear together I felt my new clean-shaven pussy which I must admit was a bit stubbly.

Jason returned and lathered up some shaving cream which he applied with a badger hair brush all around my crutch, he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself – his prick was rock hard and he spent ages lathereing me. Then using a safety razor he proceeded to shave everywhere that had been lathered, rinsing the razor in warm water as necessary. I was actually getting turned on by his actions – he was trying to give me a shave rather than touch me up. Randy slut that I am I “wanted to be touched up but with a razor close to my” bits I controlled myself. Finally he was finished and washed off the last traces of lather. I was invited to check out his workmanship and I must admit that my skin was really smooth and totally hairless. It did occur to me then that I would have some explaining to do to my husband when he saw me.

At last Jason turned his attention to my needs. He started by kissing down my naked body and then he concentrated his attention on the newly shaved parts of my anatomy, his tongue flicked over my clit, one then two fingers entered my ever moistening cunt and he set up a rhythm that soon had me groaning with ecstasy and he brought me to a lovely climax. He asked whether he should use a condom and I said yes but I would put it on for him. He reached over to the bed-side cabinet and got a johnny out of the drawer. I opened it – it was a stawberry flavoured one! I slid it over his rigid prick and unrolled it.

Now it was my turn to enjoy his body, I kissed and licked all over his gorgeous muscular chest, his big strong arms were caressing my back, neck and hair which I found most erotic. I reached his prick and took it into my mouth, hmmm strawberry flavour and I was going to get some cream to go with it. I couldn’t wait any longer so I mounted him cowgirl, took his prick in my hand and guided him between my cunt lips, then slowly lowered myself onto him. The wait was more than worth it, he filled my vagina comfortably, I had released more than enough love juice to take him easily and I started sliding up and down on him. He was lifting his body to meet me whilst playing with my breasts. We continued like this for some minutes – neither of us seemed to want to change positions until I felt another orgasm start. I laid down on that lovely chest, he wrapped me in his arms and continued to fuck up into me, I was moaning and telling him to fuck me and then I was there, I was cumming – my cunt muscles were contracting and releasing his prick and he too started to cum. He was pulsing inside me and I could feel the spurts of come as they filled the rubber he was wearing.

I was totally satisfied after this and lay on his chest until his prick softened and I climbed off him. As atreat I said I would clean him up. I sucked the condom for a last taste of strawberry then removed it completely. I took his shrinking prick into my mouth and licked and sucked off all his cum. Strawberries and cream!

The End

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