Julie – My First Anal

September 25, 2012 – 1:20 pm

It was monthly meeting time again, travel up to HQ on thursday morning, afternoon and evening meetings, friday morning meeting/presentations and home after lunch. There were up to forty of us staying overnight and it was virtually impossible for any illicit sex to take place – firstly there were only three women and secondly there would always be a colleague about who would catch you out. So my affair -and sex – with Rob and Terry was something to look forward to on my trip home to London.

However this particular month Rob was on holiday and I was anticipating a couple of hours with Terry. At breakfast on the friday morning Terry calmly told me that he had shown all the photographs he had taken of me to Jamie. Now Jamie was the one I really fancied and when Terry suggested that he join in our session that afternoon I said I would let them know at lunch. Of course I was going to say yes but I thought they should be kept waiting for my decision. I couldn’t concentrate that morning and by lunchtime was in need of a change of panties!

At the motel Terry paid for our room and in no time I was sitting between the two of them on the side of the bed. Terry had his camera with him and told me he had a surprise for me later on. I was wearing a black mini-dress with stockings, white suspenders, bra and bikini panties underneath. I can describe the outfits I wore on these occassions because I’ve got copies of the photos Terry took. I was a bit nervous being with Jamie for “the first time” but Terry suggested that I do another strip for his camera – it’s funny how the men never want to be in these pictures.

Anyway I did a seductive strip for them, first lifting the hem of my dress to show my underwear, Terry was clicking away, Jamie was staring. I got Jamie to unzip the dress and slowly slipped that off and dropped it to the floor, then I got Jamie to unclip my bra and let him remove that – giving his face a rub with my breasts as he did so. Then I got on the bed and removed my panties, finishing up by spreading my legs and holding my labia open for them.

Terry put the camera down and they both quickly removed all their clothes, both had erections about nine inches long and just under two inches in diameter. They climbed onto the bed, one either side of me and I kissed them both in turn, lovely deep tongue swapping kisses, their hands went playing with my breasts and nipples and exploring between my legs as well. There were some very wet fingers about! We went through a variety of positions, I took both pricks in my mouth at the same time – a tight fit but I managed it, I sucked and licked them, they took turns licking my clit which resulted in my first ‘cum’ of the afternoon, I don’t know who sent me over the top – I was too busy moaning and enjoying the sensations.

There was the usual discussion about condoms, with the usual result – they didn’t use any. Terry was the first to fuck me, missionary position while I played gently with Jamie’s prick, they changed places and I felt Jamie enter me for the first time. I know it sounds awful but I really was getting into cheating and here was one of my fantasy guys actually fucking me. I should point out here that my husband is sixteen years older than me and he didn’t ‘do’ me often enough to keep me satisfied.

Jamie didn’t last very long , I was urging him on with my legs around his hips pulling him into me, my juices were flowing nicely and he soon said he was about to shoot and was it Ok to stay inside me. I adopted my slut wife role and replied to fill me up. He did, several squirts of hot, sticky cum were deposited deep inside my vagina! I turned my attention to the prick in my mouth and soon had Terry shooting his load into my eager and wide-open mouth. What more could I have wished for?

After a clean up and a rest Terry produced a package for me – my present. It was a beginners anal pack! Three different sized butt plugs, an anal wand!!! and three tubes of lube. I knew that I was going to let them do what they wanted but I was apprehensive – as regular readers will know mine was a virgin (I don’t include the fingers that had penetrated my rectum) arsehole at that time. I was treated to more foreplay but finally the moment arrived. They arranged me face-down on the bed with two pillows under my stomach and hips so that my bum and more exactly my anus was on full display.

Lube was applied to fingers and my arse cheeks and they took it in turns to massage the lube into my back passage, this was nice but not a new sensation for me. The smallest butt plug was lubed up and I felt it stretching the muscle around my back hole, I must have been relaxed because in no time it was inside me. This was left in place for a while and then one of them started to withdraw it, a second, slightly larger one, lubed up, took its’ place. It felt even better this time. They were both totally hard again by now and I told them if thet wanted to fuck my arse they would have to wear condoms. I have never seen two blokes open a condom packet and roll the johnny over their pricks so quickly!

They applied lube to the condoms and Terry went first. He was very gentle and told me to say stop if I didn’t like it. I remember the strange feeling of a prick opening up my arse, I felt very stretched but the lube did its’ job and the head of Terry’s prick popped through the outer rim and up into my arse. He started to fuck up into me and I took most of his length with no trouble. I got him to pause before we started again and this time he got inside me up to the hilt. I felt so full – but it was a great feeling. He started sliding in and out, I encouraged him by telling him to fuck my arse and to go harder and he came for the second time that afternoon. I could feel him contracting as he filled the condom with his cum.

He pulled out and rolled onto the bed beside me, cuddled me and kissed me on the back and said that he had really enjoyed it. I asked Jamie what he was waiting for and he said he wanted to know it was Ok for him to start. He got Terry off the bed and told him to sit in a chair, Jamie turned me over so that my hips and bum were now supported by the pillows. He kissed me and worked down acroos my breasts, pausing to suck and bite my nipples. He lifted my legs into the air and held them open, aimed his prick at my arse and pushed slowly. I opened up so easily and he was soon embedded in my arse.

I must admit that I enjoyed this position more and I was soon rising up to meet his thrusts. Inevitably he didn’t last long in my tight arsehole and I felt him shoot into his condom before he pulled out of me, The two of them were spent but I wanted one last orgasm so I lay back on the bed while my back hole closed up and started to masturbate. Lost in my own little world I had a tremendous orgasm – much to the delight of my audience. It occurred to me as I lay there that I would now have to let Rob’s fatter prick have my arse as well.

But that is another confession from another day.

The End

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