A Walk on the Wild Side

September 19, 2012 – 9:35 am

It was a really hot August afternoon and I had called to pick up my girlfriend Pauline, as we had planned to go for a walk together in the countryside. We had been seeing each other for about two months now and were really into each other. I was very proud of her great looks and figure, which made me the envy of my friends. Today she looked fantastic in her tight shorts and white crop tee shirt. She had nothing underneath and I could see the outline of her firm nipples through the thin material as her full breasts bobbed up and down as we walked. She knew that I liked her without a bra and I felt exited at the prospect of having a good feel of them once we found somewhere quieter away from the main path. We had some great sex together and today I was looking forward to fucking her somewhere out in the open.

We soon found a turning which appeared to lead towards some disused buildings. My pace quickened as we eagerly made our way down the path. As soon as I thought we were out of sight I pulled Pauline into one of the door ways and kissed her passionately, she tasted so sweet. As she responded pulling me closer. I took one of her breasts in my hand gently squeezing the soft flesh through her top, tracing the outline of her firm nipple with my finger tips. It felt wonderfully full and heavy in my hand as I lowered my head to kiss her nipples. She returned my caress, gently stroking the outline of my hardening cock through my shorts. I gasped as I felt the zipper slowly pulled down and the cool air on my cock as her slender fingers gently eased it out of my shorts. I knew she was going to take it in her mouth, which she did expertly. I slid my hand under her top lifting the thin white fabric and allowing her ample breasts to fall free.

Suddenly we were startled by a noise right behind us, a whistle and the sound of exited male voices. We had been discovered; we were so engrossed with exploring each others bodies that we failed to notice the approaching group and had remained unaware that they had been watching us for some time. Pauline quickly pulled down her top and I zipped myself up trying to maintain as much composure as I could. I glanced around at our audience which comprised of a group of five older boys and a girl, they were leering at us and making all kinds of lewd remarks.

I felt very uncomfortable with the situation and took Pauline’s hand as we beat a hasty retreat, continuing down the pathway which skirted around the building. I glanced back over my shoulder to see that they were following us. As we rounded the corner I saw to my dismay that our way was completely blocked by a high metal fence. Seeing we had no escape route they slowly approached, making a semicircle around us.

“Look guys, what do you want with us, you had your fun let us go on our way”, I said. They didn t speak; they weren’t even looking at me, their gaze was fixed on Pauline and I knew we were in trouble. We were behind the building now and one of the guys kicked at the old wooden door which gave way after a couple of tries. Then they grabbed both of us and with Pauline squealing they virtually dragged us inside. Parts of the roof were missing and I could see their faces clearly in the shafts of sunlight. I looked at Pauline, and she was visibly shaking. I addressed myself to a guy who seemed to be the ringleader. “What are you going to do with us”, I asked. “With you not much, but with her quite a lot”, he replied. I was angry and went for him, but the others held me firmly Then he turned to Pauline, and I watched helplessly as he tried to kiss her forcefully on the lips. I could see Pauline straining to twist her face away from him in disgust.

“Come on guys, this has gone far enough, let her go now”, I shouted. He just turned and smirked at me, before grabbing a handfull of her hair and jerking her face violently back into position. I felt sick as I watched him pry her mouth open and explore her with his tongue. He was clearly determined to sample some of the pleasures he had seen me receiving moments earlier.

Surely someone would come, or they would feel pity on her and stop what they were doing. Then while he continued to assault her mouth in this disgusting way, I saw his hand move slowly to her breast, he grabbed a big handful of flesh and squeezed it hard, making his fingers sink in as he kneaded the soft flesh. Pauline tried to grab his hand and pull it away, but seeing her resistance he gestured to some of the others to help him. She wasn’t very strong and it didn’t take them long to subdue her. One of the boys held her tightly, rendering her helpless, while they lifted her top and groped and squeezed her tits as they pleased, pinching and sucking her nipples. Occasionally they would glance towards me and goad me with their disgusting remarks.

“Look at these gorgeous tits, I bet she’s got a juicy cunt Shall we look and see if she is nice and wet down there?”

As his friends continued to play with her tits, one of the boys started to undo her shorts. Easing his hands down the front, she instinctively tried to arch away and tighten her legs together but his friends forced them roughly apart allowing him full access to her pussy. I could see the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair through the vee of her open shorts and his fingers curling upwardly disappearing into her soft folds.

“Hey guys she is soaking down there the fucking slut loves every minute of it.”

“leave her alone you bastards , I shouted.”

So far it had seemed like a dream, not really happening to us, but now the reality started to hit me. This guy was fingering my pretty girlfriend right here in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. To my disgust I found the thought of this was starting to arouse me. My cock was swelling with excitement as I watched them manhandle her breasts and take turns to push their filthy fingers into her tender pussy.

They continued to laugh and taunt me as they played with her. It seemed that my humiliation fuelled their pleasure. “look at your slut girlfriend, do you think she is ready for some real cock”, they sneered.

I looked at Pauline, her breathing was fast and there were beads of perspiration glistening on her body. She didn’t seem to be struggling as much now. Then one of the boys unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big cock. This was it; they were going to fuck her right here in front of me. Pauline’s eyes widened and realising what was about to happen, she put all of her remaining energy in one last twist of her body, managing to break one of her legs free from their grip and kicking out at them. The guy that had been holding me in position released me and rushed forward to help his friends restrain her, leaving only the girl to hold me, I could easily have escaped and gone for help, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene. The four boys easily overcame her, pulling her shorts down around her ankles, almost as if to punish her for daring to defy them. Her tee shirt was next, they pulled it over her head, throwing it onto the ground, leaving her standing completely naked in front of them.

They paused for a brief moment to examine their trophy, savouring her beautiful young body, before they wrestled her down onto a filthy mattress on the floor. Then they began to fuck her relentlessly. I couldn’t help letting out a faint gasp as I watched the first one enter her, his cock looked enormous and seemed to stretch her tight little opening as he pounded into her.

I was mesmerised by the sway of her breasts as he settled into a rhythm. I had watched her body jerk like this when I had been in her, but to see this stranger use her in this way was overwhelming me. My hand slid discretely down to my cock and I started to squeeze it through my clothing as I watched her head move in time with his fucking. The other boys knelt by her face offering their cocks to her mouth.

At first she resisted, twisting her head from side to side, but to my surprise when one of them pried open her mouth with his fingers, she left it open for him and in a moment he was in her. I stared in disbelief as I saw the hollows in her cheeks, she was sucking him. As the fucking continued she became more and more responsive to them, eventually kissing their open mouths and taking their cocks in her hands. I could hear her breathing change to the familiar sharp rhythmic pattern. The bastards were making her cum, I could see that she was starting to climax, just as the guy fucking her pumped jets of sticky cum all over her tits.

“How could you, you bastards”, she gasped. The girl watching me looked down and noticed me touching myself. “You are both actually turned on by this aren’t you”, she said. “Look guys, he likes seeing his girl getting a good fucking.”

She stroked the bulge in my shorts, then slowly unzipped me allowing my rigid cock to spring free from its restraint, then closing her fingers gently around the shaft she started to masturbate me. This was more than I could stand and in seconds I came all over her hand to the laughter of the boys as they continued their assault on my girlfriend. There was another boy between her legs now, while his friend had her tits squeezed together and was pumping his cock between them.

Several hours must have passed before they finally finished with her, the last one splashing his cum over her face. Once they were all gone, I walked over to her and knelt beside her on the floor. Taking a tissue from my pocket I gently mopped their spunk from her lips and held her tightly in my arms. We kissed and I tried to block out the salty taste of their semen, which filled my mouth. “I am sorry”, I said.

I felt ashamed that I had failed to help her as my eyes surveyed the fading finger and bite marks on her breasts and the splashes of their spunk drying on her hair and body.

I looked down and there was a small pool of their cum starting to form on the mattress as it slowly oozed from her well used pussy. The lips looked red and swollen against the white stream. She saw where I was looking and gazed up longingly into my eyes. I could see that she wanted me.

“Fuck me”, She whispered.

I didn’t need asking twice, it was the best fuck I have ever had and I think that we discovered something about each other on that day. Years have passed and every time we make love I still visualise the same fantasy, just as if we were still there with her being pounded relentlessly by a group of horny guys. Pauline has often asked me to try and recreate a similar scenario for her. We have tried dogging and swingers clubs, and I have watched her taken by groups of guys over a picnic table, but nothing really compares to our walk on the wild side.

The End

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