Amazing Dreams

September 12, 2012 – 2:18 pm

Jack walked the path to his next door neighbor’s house. Matt waved him over for some evening dessert. Matt, an aspiring chef, just made a batch of fresh strawberry shortcakes. Jack entered the house of Matt and Jesse, a 30-something couple like himself. They’ve been friends for a few years, so a quick knock was all he needed to set foot in.
“Hey, it’s me,” Jack announced. Jesse sat at the table set with giant strawberry shortcakes.  Her face lit up in a big smile to her guest.
“Hi. Ready for dessert, Jack?”
Jack glanced over her shiny auburn hair and perky little body sitting there posing at the table. “Dessert, yeah,” his mind often wondered in her presence. Deep staring eyes will do that to a man.
“Is Tina coming over?” Matt asked from the kitchen about Jack’s wife.
“No, she’s tired and about ready to konk out.” Tina was an early riser, and often drowsed off to sleep by late evening.
The three sat down to tackle the sweet shortcakes. Jack sat next to Jesse as he always does, and the two took over the chit-chat conversation. Unknown to the world of man, chicks must eat sweets by ripping it apart with their fingers and sliding their plump lips over each bite. Jesse was no different. Bite after bite, she half sucked in each strawberry through her lips that were moist with whipped cream and syrupy red juice. Matt, quiet in his own world, ate his dessert with the critical eye of a pastry judge scoring a competition. He paid no mind to his wife’s whipped cream smeared face. Jack paid no mind to Matt’s presence, but watched every move of Jesse’s little show.
Finger eating and giggling will always make a mess. Somehow, Jesse managed to get a small dollop of cream on the end of her nose. Jack reached over and with his forefinger scooped up the whipped cream.
“Look what you done. I can’t take you anywhere,” Jack teased.
“I was saving that for later.” Jesse grabbed Jack’s hand and licked the cream off his knuckle. Jack skipped a heartbeat, Matt noticed nothing.
Dessert ended and the group moved to the living room couch. On the coffee table, Jack noticed a peculiar object. It looked to him like a giant egg beater with the metal twines open-ended.
“What the heck is this?” Jack grabbed the device.
“It s an octopus scalp massager,” Matt replied. “Shop- a-holic here couldn’t resist buying it in the mall,” pointing to Jesse.
Half out of embarrassment for blowing $20 and half out of intrigue of showing her new “toy”; Jesse grabbed the scalp massager. “This thing is wonderful. Watch.” She placed the pointy metal ends on Jack’s head and twisted around the device by its wooden handle.
“Boy, that’s a very odd feeling. But it’s not really much of a massage.” Jack responded.
“Oh no, I love it. Here, do it to me.” Jack perked up at that demand and scooted closer to Jesse on the couch. He grabbed the metal octopus and proceeded to twirl the tool around her head.
“You got to push it in hard,” Matt spoke out. Jack liked the way that sounded and pushed the massager a little harder. Jesse let out a slight moan. Jack liked the sound of that, too.

I can t believe Jack is two inches from me. I can feel his warm breathe, sweet from the strawberries. Boy are my nipples hard, they must be popping through my shirt. Oh, I don’t care, let him see them. And Matt, that big dope, is just sitting there. He is so clueless. Oh well, I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy the octopus thingy.
Oh my god, did Jack just brush across my boob? Should I open my eyes? Oooh, he’s feeling my tits. I can’t believe it, right there in front of Matt. Oh, it feels so good. Squeeze my nipples, they really need it. Wow, you must be reading my mind Jack, squeeze those nipples.
Drop that stupid massager, use two hands, Jack. Much better, let me take off my shirt and show you these two hard pencil erasers. Yes, go ahead and nibble, they are there for you. Wow, his hot lips feel great on me. I may have little tits, but now Jack can see it’s all in the best damn horny nipples in the world.
That’s it. Give my whole chest a deep rub down. You totally loosen up my body. Don’t mind my red face or neck; that means I’m enjoying it. But I bet you can tell that from the heat rising from me, rising from my pussy. Yes, you know my pussy is aching down there. Right on queue, Jack, you’re such a mind reader. Move those strong hands down my tight tummy, yes, very nice. Good idea, get on the floor in front of me. You’re such a pro, you know how to take care of me.

Unsnap, unzip, and unsnap again. Yeah, I know these pants are a pain in the ass, but my wet pussy awaits you, Jack. Lifting my ass… there… now rip them panties off, too. I’m ready, naked here on the couch, my legs spread wide, my pussy square in your face. Eat me like there’s no tomorrow!
That’s right, rub your soft fingers around those wet pussy lips. Yes, I know they are a million degrees. But I can’t wait fo… Oooooh that quick tongue took me by surprise. Oh God, that’s great, another circle around my love hole with that tongue. And another. Such slurp- ing noises, you must be enjoying it, Jack. Say “yes” by sucking on my clit. Ahhhhhh, the answer is “yes.” That’s it, suck it in and out, like a tiny tiny little pecker. Oh Dear Lord, I didn’t know you can suck my button that hard and stretch it deep into your mouth.
Ok, catch your breath. Don’t hurt yourself, it’s only the sweetest pussy you will ever savor. Yes, you need another taste. Go ahead, stick your tongue right in the love opening. Oooh, that’s a strong tongue, I can feel it spread my pussy walls. Wet down there, huh! That’s it, stick that taste-testing machine in that puddle of juices. Taste great, don’t I?
Nice touch, jam that snake long tongue in and out. Matt’s pecker doesn’t even feel that good. Oh, shit, Matt. Is he still there watching all this…? Oooh, go Jack, go… Should I open my eyes…? Oh, oh… That fool, he should learn how to eat pussy like Jack … Oh, oh, oh, I can’t hold it anymore… AAHHHHHHHhhhh!!! Air! Air! Oohhhh… Ahh, one more pussy pulse. AHHH! Damn, that’s what I needed!!

Jack’s hand was getting tired rubbing that silly thing around Jesse’s head. But he couldn’t help noticed her giant nipples poking through her shirt. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partly open drawing in deep breathes.
“AAHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!!” Jesse let out a thundering scream as she orgasmed right there on the couch. Her pelvis twitched and heaved, again and again. “Ahhh,” another quick heave made her pussy jump again.
Jack sat there shocked, looking at that damn octopus massager. Matt turned his head from the TV to see his wife convulsing on the couch. No one moved, besides the heaving pussy, of course.
Jesse opened her eyes to see the two men staring at her as if she grew a third eye on the tip of her nose. She glanced down to see herself fully clothed and felt one wet hot pussy between her legs. She realized what happened but was already ten shades of red from her very public day-dream. She got up and ran to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.
“Umm… well… ok, I guess I ll be going,” Jack muttered the best he could.
The shocked husband replied, “g-g-good n-n-night.” Jack tip-toed out the door.
The path back to Jack’s house was dark. One by one, the lights quickly went off at the neighbor’s house. It wasn’t very late, but Jack guessed that Jesse crawled straight into bed. That was quite a surprise show she put on. A show that made Jack’s rocket very hard. He could only imagine what treasure lies beneath her panties. He licked his lips, but the sweetness of dessert was gone. He could almost taste her pussy.
Jack creaked up his front porch steps awkwardly. His hard-on prevented straight and even walking. His house was dark and quiet when he entered. Tina was fast asleep.
“Jeez, people, does everyone go to bed so early around here?” The voice of frustration rang silently in Jack’s head. The man was alone in his castle. What better thing to do than sit in his recliner, pull out his cock, and start stroking it.

Thump. Creak. Thump. Is someone walking up the front steps? Here I am with my dick in my hand and… Uh, the door’s opening. Did I leave it unlocked? Holy shit, it’s Jesse. What do I do, my rock hard pecker is grasped between my fingers? She’s staring right at it.
Now, that s a big smile. Even in the darkness, I know that’s the I-want-to-suck-cock face.
Come on over here, that’s it. Kneel down, get up close and personal with it. You make me so hard all the time, Jesse. Grab it, yes. Your hand is so soft. Wow, it feels like velvet when you stroke me. How can something so smooth and dry feel so wet and slippery?
It won’t stay dry for long if you squeeze and milk out that big drop of my man-lube. There it is, glistening for you. Nice, run your finger over my pecker’s slit. Push that big clear slippery drop all over my head. I see, you want to taste it on your finger, too. Cool how that sticky string hangs from your plump lips to my rod.
Holy cow, here comes her mouth. Gentle kisses on my head. Licking just under the throbbing purple helmet. God, she knows how to blow cock. Yes, that’s it, lick my shaft. Wow, you look like a little girl in a candy shop with a giant lollipop.
Go ahead, Jesse, grab my balls. Knead them in your warm soft hand. Licking and balls squeezing at the same time, sensational. Yes, lick the top of the lollipop. Good little girl.
Wow, your mouth is so warm. Suck on that head, like the strawberries you sucked in earlier. Hmmmm, Jesse, my cock has never felt that good before. Yes, suck it in some more. And some more. Bury your nose into my thick black pubes. Smell my manhood. Yes, slide it slowly out.
Lip smacking noises, unbelievable. Down and up. Ok, stare at my cock. You make it stand so proud in the darkness, Jesse. Oh, goodness, you mean business now. Yes, down and up; up and down. Deep, all the way down. Slowly up, and give it an extra nibble on the top.
That’s the site of a lifetime, Jesse bobbing on my tool. Slurp, smack, slurp. Oh, I can’t hold it much longer. My balls are aching. The squeezing they’re taking is not helping. It’s building up. She’s going to get the whole load. Slowly, slowly. She knows it’s coming, she is such an expert. There, half way down, my throbbing head sit- ting at the edge of her throat. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Pulse after pulse feels so good. All of my cum in her mouth. I can’t believe it. Ahhhhhh, more squirts from my dick. God, it has a mind of its own. I am not in control.

Jesse lifted her head off her pillow. Something woke her up, something tickling the back of her throat.
“What’s that familiar sweet and salty taste in my mouth,” she wonders to herself. She shuffles over to the bathroom for a drink of water.
“Kkkhh.” She tries to clear her throat. “KKKKKHHHHHHHHH. There it is.” Jesse sticks her tongue out towards the mirror. With her fingers she peels a hair clung to the moisture of her tongue. A short, thick, black hair!

The End

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