A Tutorial in Satisfaction

September 7, 2012 – 10:47 pm

I have decided that I would like to write about a sexual encounter that I had recently. The truth is that I have a sexual problem. I can only have an orgasm with a man when I am taken by force, or I am unfaithful to my partner. When I say unfaithful, I mean that my partner has to be present in the same buidling, and there must be a risk of getting caught. I am not interested in long affairs. After all, I love my husband, Tom, and am loyal to him in the sense that I would never steal from him, and would never conciously hurt him. But I must get my satisfation some how, and cheating on my husband is often the only way. I always justify my actions by telling myself that my husband does give me sexual satisfation. Just not directly. So in a sense I am not really unfaithfull to him.

One night in May I was feeling partularly horny and was desperate for some raw sex. Sometimes in these moments, I have to languish in frustration. But I was in luck that evening. Over the previous few weeks I had been tutoring an 18 year old boy, called Scott, for his French A level and he used to come round to my house for lessons. That particular evening he was to come round for his last lesson before his exams.

During these lessons, I don’t think he learned much, because he was constantly looking at my body. I am 35 years old now, but keep myself in good shape. I am about five foot five and have short cropped dark hair. When I realised he was attracted to me, I did my best to wind him up. I wore short tight skirts, stockings and tight tops to show off the shape of my hips and breasts. I used to have great fun positioning myself so he could get furtive glimses of my white panties and used to bend down in front of him so he could get a close up view of my well shaped buttocks. I am sure that he used to look at the line of my skimpy panties through the material of my skirt. Of course, I always pretended to be unaware that he was looking at me, although his erection was obvious sometimes, even if he did make an awkward attempt at hidiing it. Of course, we never did anything. But I am sure he used to go home and mastrubate himself for the rest of the week. One thing is for sure. His French didn’t improve much.

I went to see Tom in his study and told him that my pupil was about to arrive. Tom was very good. He just sat in his study and listened to music until I came up to see him after the lesson.  He did not want to disturb me. He is so sweet.

Immediately afterwards, I went to our bedroom and changed my clothing. Tom never realised how I dressed for these sessions as I always changed immediately before and after the lesson. Tonight would be extra special. I put on some dark hold-up stockings, a tight black skirt, a tight yellow top through which you could see the outline of my lacy bra and my protruding nipples, and a pair of yellow high heels.

When Scott arrived I greeted him at the door and took his coat, making sure that I brushed my breasts against him as I pushed past him to the cloackroom. Then, as usual, I led him into the living room. I bent over to clear some magazines off the couch and I could almost feel his gaze on my buttocks. It would have been wonderful if Scott had tried to take me then by force. But he didn’t. It looked like I would have to make the moves with this one.

I had thought I may need to tease him quite a lot, but when I turned round and saw the bulge in his trousers,  I knew that would not be necessary, which was just as well. I really wanted that young cock inside me as soon as possible, so I decided not to waste any time.

“Oh, Scott. What is this.” I said looking at his crotch and licking my lips. He blushed and looked embarassed. Before he could do or say anything, I was already on my knees, had unbottoned his trousers and had his enormous errect cock in my hand. “Oh, Scott. I’ve wanted this so badly.” I said licking the tip of his cock. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked it. He moaned as I took the shaft in my mouth, sometimes sucking and sometimes licking. “God, I love sucking cocks.” I moaned in delight as I sucked on that throbbing young penis. I couldn’t wait to feel his hot spunk on my face. And I didn’t have to wait long. Very soon his cock hardened even further and it was clear he was going to come, so I detached myself and let him spurt his come all over my lips and cheeks. He groaned as I sucked the last drop of sperm from his spent cock.

The good thing about teenage boys is that they can recover quickly. And that was just as well becasue I was desparate for a good shagging now. I stood up and pushed him on his knees and place his hands on my thighs. He didn’t need any more encouragement.

With an expression of wonder on his face, he moved his hands up my stockings, to the bare flesh of my thighs. I sighed with pleasure, partly to stimulate him, partly to stimulate myself and partly because I really was enjoying it.

Finally he reached my white lacy panties and caressed the material around my pussy and groped around my buttocks. “Oh, yes, Scott. Can you feel how wet I am?!” I said as he rubbed his fingers over my moist panties. And, God, was I wet.

As I had hoped, Scott’s errection quickly recovered and I wasted no time. I hitched my skirt up to my waste and sat on the couch. I spread my legs wide in front of him and started playing with the material of my panties. “Fuck me, Scott.” I pleaded, biting my lip. “I’m really depararte. Please fuck me.”

He did not need a second invitation. He quickly removed his trousers and underpants and eagerly moved in front of me and stuck his errect cock in my pussy. He thrust it eagerly in again and again and I moaned with delight as his cock rammed into me. I was already turned on, so it wouldn’t take me long to orgasm and I could feel the intensity heighten as he fucked me hard.  But I wasn’t to reach orgasm. Just as I was about to climax, he groaned and came inside me and collapsed on top of me in a heap.

That was really frustrating. I pushed him back and forced his head beween my legs as I lay back on the couch, my legs still wide open. “Lick it!” I said. Obediently. he began to lick my pussy and I moaned as his tongue massaged my clit. But I knew I would not orgasm from oral sex with a man. Only another woman could do that. But Scott’s randy cock didn’t fail me and soon it was rock hard again ready for another go.

This time, I stood up and pushed him back on the couch and straddled him. With delight I impaled my pussy on his cock and thrust myself up and down as Scott fondled my breasts. As I rode him, I thought of my husband as he sat blisslyfully unaware that I was shagging a teenage school boy in his living room. That just made it all the better and I thrust myself down harder, driving Scott’s cock deeper into me, shouting out obsenities such as “Fuck me harder!”and, “Oh, God, keep screwing me with that hard cock”. And, of course, my favourite that never fails to turn me on, “Oh, that’s so much better than my husband.” It was fantastic and I couldn’t help myself from groaning with delight. Eventually, the orgasm struck me and I bouced myself up and down frantically with extasy as I climaxed again and again on Scott’s cock. I don’t know what I said at that moment, but I know that I cried out very loudly and was surprised Tom didn’t come down to investigate. Bless his soul. Then with a victory shout, Scott came as well and I felt his hot sperm shooting into me.

Having climaxed, I was feeling quite satisfied. But we weren’t quite finished. I allowed Scott to satisfy some sort of fetish he had and let him rub his cock on my panties and come with a moan all over the lacy material. Then for the final fling, it was clear Scott was growing in confidence. He pulled my panties down to my knees and fucked my pussy from behind, slapping my buttocks as I knelt on the couch. I knelt there gasping in delight, gripping the top of the couch as Scott fucked me harder and harder. Again, thinking about my sweet Tom upstairs made the experience so much more delightful and it wasn’t long before I was crying out with another intense orgasm.

The tutorial hour was now up. All that was left to do was to send Scott on his way, clean up and change. Scott asked to see me again and I promised I would phone him. Of course, that was a lie and I never contacted him again. Nor will I do so in the future. We were to move house the following weekend. That would put Scott off the track and give me some interesting experiences with the removal men.  But that was to occur later.

But for the moment I was quite happy. I had been given two good multiple orgasms and made the boy come five times. Not bad for a hour tutorial. And my sweet Tom didn’t have a clue. Yes, it was a very satisfying evening indeed.

The End

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