Another Night With Scott

July 26, 2012 – 2:01 pm

Ted and I talked a lot about our experience with Scott.  He was very excited the whole time I was out with him.  He said that he masturbated over and over thinking of his wife getting banged by some other guy.  I have to admit that I had a great time too.  We had sex like we did when we first met for weeks after. Ted loved to hear me recount the details of my night with Scott.  It made him so hard when we fucked me if I talked about Scott taking me with his big dick or how he made me suck it.  Ted just loved it.
About a month later Ted came home from work with a big grin on his face. “Guess who called me today?”,  he asked.
“I have no idea honey”, I replied without really listening.  Probably just some client or someone like that that.  I always at least try to act interested in his work stories.
“Your friend Scott”,
My heart skipped a beat and then lodged itself in my throat.  Just like that I felt the heat rising between my thighs. “What did he want?” I asked.

“You”, he answered simply.  “He wondered if you might be available this Saturday for his pleasure and that is just how he said it.”  The way Ted was looking at me I could tell he was turned on.
“Would you like me to?”
“If you want, I guess I wouldn’t mind.” Ted said sheepishly while looking at me with desire in his eyes.
After a long pause I said, “Let me think about it.”   We both knew I would end up going.
Scott still had my email address and I heard from him soon after Ted first brought it up.  Right there on the computer I agreed to come over to his house and do whatever he wanted.  I couldn’t believe both that I was really doing this and that it got me so damn hot.  Scott provided me with his home address and told me to arrive at 5:00 sharp.  He also said there was no need to dress up because he would have clothes waiting for me.  It all seemed so erotic.
My husband and I fucked like maniacs in the days leading up to my visit with Scott.  On Friday, Ted had me take a long bath so he could shave me.  When my crotch was completely smooth, Ted toweled off my bald pussy and said, “Something special for Scott”. Then he ate me to a fantastic orgasm and fucked me one last time before he gave away.
It was 5:00 on the dot when I rang Scott’s doorbell.  There was a long pause and then the door opened.  “Hi there Rachel”,  he said and kissed me right there.   After exploring my mouth for a long moment, he broke away and said, “Come on in sweet thing”.  Scott must have done alright because his house was beautiful with lots of wood floors, a big kitchen and a massive dining room.  It seemed to go forever.  Eventually Scott brought me upstairs to a bedroom but not the master bedroom.  “Your things are in here”, he said. “You will wear what I set out for you and use the make up provided. I want you to look as slutty as you know how”.  he ordered.   “I will be downstairs waiting”.   Then he ushered me in and shut the door behind me.   On the bed was what could only be described as a nasty French maid’s outfit.  It was an incredibly short dress that was also very low cut.  A pair of black fishnet stockings and stiletto heels completed the look.  There did not seem to be any panties.  I got dressed and carefully applied my makeup.

About a half hour later I walked downstairs to see what Scott had in mind. I felt so on display.  The heels pushed my ass up and made me walk so my tits bounced with every step.  The dress concealed very little as some leg showed between my stocking tops and the hemline.  My breasts were almost totally exposed.  When I found Scott in the dining room, he took a moment to look me over.  “That’s good dear, very nice. You will do quite well”,  he remarked.
“What do you mean?”,  I asked.
“Tonight is very important to me Rachel and you are a big part of it. You see, this evening some of my most important clients are coming over to enjoy cocktails and dinner and I need a hostess.”   He smirked at me for a moment when I didn’t immediately get what he was saying. “You will serve us and see to all our needs tonight Rachel, understand?”
I guess I had already given in when the first words out of my mouth were, “How many?”
“I am expecting three guests this evening my dear and I expect you to do everything necessary to see to their comfort.”  Scott was staring at me intensely as he drove his point home.  “I will not be disappointed, will I?”
I stood there in my skimpy outfit and thought about it for less time than I probably should have before I said, “No sir, I will do as you ask.”  My pussy was already starting to feel slippery at the thought of what was about to come.  I knew this wasn’t what Ted had in mind when he agreed to this but all of this was his fault anyway.  Besides, to the dirty part of me this sounded like fun.
“That’s a good girl Rachel”,  he said.  Then Scott walked up to me and caressed my arms gently.   With a smile he said, “I know you will perform well tonight, it’s what you do best.”   Then he kissed my neck as his left hand went to my stocking top.  He felt me up for a while and just when he was really turning me on, he stopped. “I want to keep you fresh for tonight my love”, he explained.  He rubbed my ass one last time and then turned away.  “My guests will be here soon, please wait by the door my pet”,  he said as he left the room.
So I went into the front room and had a seat on the couch.  I didn’t have to wait long as the doorbell rang about 15 minutes later. With a deep breath I rose and walked to the door.  My heart was beating fast and my palms were sweaty with anticipation.  When I opened the door there was a tall, well built man of about 40 standing there.  “Welcome”, I said as he entered.

“You must be the new help Scott was talking about.  Tonight is going to be fun”,  he remarked as he looked me up and down.  My cheeks grew red under his wolfish gaze.  I showed him back to the patio where Scott was getting dinner ready.
After getting Scott’s guest a drink, I returned to the foyer.  The process was repeated twice more until Scott and his clients were all enjoying themselves by the pool.  All three were over 40 but were in decent shape.  One was really attractive and the other two were what I would call fairly average looking.  I was lost in thinking about what they were packing in their trousers when Scott announced that it was time for martinis and he had a special recipe in mind. Scott brought me over to the bar and had me pour a decent amount of Ketel One into a large tumbler full of ice.  Then he told me to shake it.  As I did all of them were transfixed by my bouncing breasts.  “That’s enough”,  Scott said after a bit.  I strained it into a martini glass and looked up at Scott to see if there was more to this.  “Time for the garnish sweetie”, Scott paused to smile and then continued,  “Now stick your finger in that hot little pussy of yours and get it all wet.”
So now it was really starting I thought as I reached under my skirt and slid my middle finger between my lips and into my now very wet sex. “Good, now rim the glass with your finger and then dip it in the center”, Scott ordered.  As I did as he asked, his guests stared on with mouths agape. My finger ran along the edge of the glass and then into the cold vodka.  “Be a good girl and lick your finger clean darling”, Scott finished.  I raised my finger to my lips and placed it right on my tongue.  Then I sucked it into my mouth like a little cock. “Gentlemen, I give you the ultra-dirty martini!”, Scott said with obvious enjoyment to his friends.  He was rewarded with cheers and cat calls. I made a drink for all of them, one at a time much to their delight.  I know this was supposed to be humiliating, but it just got me hotter.
For dinner Scott grilled steaks and I served them.  I got drinks and ran around for them.  Things were pretty tame until dinner began to wind down.  Then I started to feel hands on my legs and ass as I walked by.  The liberties continued as I cleaned up.  My pussy was stroked every time I passed.  My ass was also a favorite target for wandering fingers. Finally, the biggest guy, his name was Jim, simply picked me up and carried me into the living room area.  He stood me up on the coffee table and told me to lose the dress.  I paused for just a moment and then undid the two snaps that held my skimpy garment in place. Then I pushed it down, fully exposing my breasts.  As it fell past my hips my shaved pussy was in full view. All four men had something to say about that.   Jim was the first to dive in.  He licked and sucked on my tits as I stood there.  Then Duane came around behind me and slid his finger between my legs.  There I was in nothing else but high heels and stockings as two men were busy with my body and two more looked on. I had never felt sexier.
Jim lifted me up off the table and onto the couch.  As I sat directly in front of him he undid his pants and presented me with my first cock of the evening.  It was big, bigger than my husbands for sure but I didn’t let that stop me.  I took his head into my mouth and swirled my tongue underneath.  He must have liked that judging from the way he grabbed my head and held me in place.  I reached up and stroked the rest of his shaft while I sucked on the tip of his dick.  Then he got serious and rammed himself into my mouth.  Jim gave my face a good fucking as he worked his cock in and out of my mouth.  Suddenly, I felt him tense up and then streams of semen spurted into my mouth.  I tried to swallow it all but couldn’t.  Some seeped out of the corners of my mouth and dripped down my chin.  I bet the guys loved seeing that. “Oh, she is quite a cocksucker, that’s for sure”,  Jim said with a laugh as he backed away.
“Rachel dear, clean yourself up for Duane, if you would”,  Scott said in a sarcastic but stern tone.  “No one likes to fuck a dirty mouth.”
“Yes sir”,  was all I could say as I wiped the cum from face with my fingers.  I knew what was expected of me next. Slowly I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean, one by one. Duane was on me in a flash.  His cock was a little smaller than Jim’s but still sizable as he placed it in my mouth.  He let me suck his cock and balls for a while but showed no sign of getting close to orgasm yet.  I think I was closer.  In fact, I was dying for some release from all of this pent up sexual energy.

Soon Duane wanted to switch positions. He sat on the couch and motioned me to sit on his lap. As I went to position myself over Duane he said, “Turn around.  I want you to ride me backwards.”  I did as he said and in no time his penis was nuzzling the opening of my very wet pussy.  Duane grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him. It felt wonderful as he slowly filled me with his cock.  This was when Rob decided to approach me from the front. He had been hanging back with Scott but now his pants were off and his huge swinging cock was aimed at my mouth.  This was easily the biggest in the room. It just seemed gigantic!  Duane was now getting into slamming his cock into me while I tried to keep my mouth on Rob’s massive tool.  I was really fucking Duane hard, my ass slapping against him.  Then I felt the sting of his hand on my ass check.  The crack of his slap caught everyone’s attention so he did it again.  I wanted to yelp but couldn’t because Rob was holding my mouth down on his manhood. It was an unbelievable feeling and made me almost orgasm right there. I couldn’t quite get off because of the angle of Duane’s fucking.  Duane laughed and spanked me one more time as I reached down to rub my clit.  That did it and I flew into a tremendous orgasm.
The night went on like this as they took me in teams for a while, always changing places.  Only Jim had cum so far, so the men were eager and forceful.  Then it was time for solo fucking.   They all enjoyed watching me suck cock as I gave each one a long blow job before I let them fuck me however they pleased.  I was taken from all positions on a blanket spread out on the living room floor.  Taken by everyone but Scott that is. He just stood in the background and watched.  Each man fucked me as long a he could with out coming then yielded to the next guy.  Finally, they were ready to finish.
“On your knees Rachel”, Scott ordered. I complied.  Then all three guys offered me their hard cocks.  While I sucked on one, I stroked the other two.  Soon I had a nice rhythm going as I moved my mouth from cock to cock.  They couldn’t take it long and Duane was the first to go.  He grabbed his cock from me and jerked it in my face.  The first spurt splashed on my cheek and then on my lips.  He just kept spurting cum all over me.  Then Rob started to erupt with the head of his cock right on my lips.  The cum spewed out onto my tongue until he pulled back and made sure to get it on my cheeks and chin.  I turned to Jim and saw that he was ready to blow in my face a second time.   He stoked his long hard dick furiously while gripping my hair and then unleashed a torrent onto my already come splattered face.  When he was done there was semen everywhere.  In my hair and running down my cheeks and chin to my chest.  I just stayed on my knees as all the guys backed away.
“Now it’s my turn sweetie”, Scott said with a lascivious grin. “You know how I like to fuck a cum covered slut.”  He had me ride his cock right there on the floor.  I could tell that he loved looking up at me all covered with the seed of his associates.  “What if your husband could see you now?”  Scott asked.  “What if he could see what a nasty little whore you are? I don’t think he would believe just what a dirty girl you are.”  Scott continued like this as he urged me to fuck him harder.  With a shout he stiffened and shot into my aching pussy. I too had one last orgasm as I finished him off.
His cock was still in me when Scott said, “It’s a good thing he had a chance to see it all.”
A shock went through me.  “What do you mean?”,  I demanded.
“He was watching on my web cam sweetie.”  Scott went on,  “I called him up earlier and told him to log in, I’d bet he was surprised!”,  Scott and all his buddies laughed at this.  I got up off of Scott and went back to the room I had dressed in earlier.  I had never felt so humiliated as when I walked out of that room nearly naked and dripping cum.
With that the party was over and not long later I was driving home.  I had showered at Scott’s but somehow I didn’t feel clean.  I really wasn’t sure what I was going to say to Ted but a part of me hoped that he enjoyed the show.

The End

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