Kelly Does Chad

July 12, 2012 – 1:11 pm

Kelly lay on her back in the coital position as she was engaging in the most wild, uninhibited sexual intercourse of her life. At twenty-two, she had been fucked before but never like this.  Her mind was a myriad of conflicting thoughts and emotions that were no longer rations or sane; rather reactions to the fucking that Chad was performing on her. She lay in a sea of lust, subject to thousands of sensual stimulations that Chad was provoking as he stroked violently into her.  He seemed to sense her needs and addressed each one with some counter move that stimulated her passions beyond their previous bounds. . . .  Each time he penetrated into her vagina, Kelly felt the base of his hard cock against her sensitive clit. . . . .   “OHHHhhhh, that s it”. . . .  she spoke.
Kelly had come to Las Vegas to the bar association convention with her employer, Chad, in hopes of making some contacts and learning something of the legal profession.  She had gone to work for Chad s firm a year previously as a clerk to earn money to put her through law school and to gain experience.
Kelly had heard that Chad was a real  cocks man through the office gossip was when he had asked her to attend the convention, she had agreed knowing that he might be expecting to bed her.  She had decided, that if he wanted her, she would make it with him. . . .after all, the trip was costing several thousand dollars and he should get something in return. . . .    Then, most likely, he would simply want her along simply in her capacity as a law clerk, she thought.

Chad had met her at the airport and they flew to Las Vegas together. . . He was courteous and attentive and Kelly felt important!  On arrival at Las Vegan he had been a real gentleman with the luggage and when they registered at the hotel, she noted that he requested one room with a king-sized bed. . . . .well, she had anticipated it!
Then, after a hurried trip to their room to drop off their bags, they had hurried to the convention hall where Chad had introduced Kelly to a number of people from different firms and walked with her by the various vendor booths as she collected a stack of pens, envelope openers, brochures and other minutia that she might find of value later. He had been extra solicitous and gentlemanly as they went to the dinner meeting and had ed her into the table conversations at dinner.

Then, they had returned to the room and Kelly, knowing what was expected but now more than willing, anticipated the first move. . . . . First, Chad had ordered brandy from room service and a light snack. Then, he had been extra solicitous as he saw to Kelly s needs and gone out of his way to say nice things. . . .  He had told her she was beautiful and in a way that she was sure was sincere. . . When the brandy came, they had toasted each other and drank slowly letting the warmth pass over them.
As they settled together on the sofa, Chad had kissed her the first time. . . a light brush on the lips but with so much promise to come. When, Kelly felt his tongue pressing between her lips, she probed with his. . . . . She felt her lust growing and surrendered willingly.
“Oooooohhhhhhh!” , Kelly said as she was drawn back to the reality of her situation. Chad had struck a hitherto un-noticed chord somewhere and her mind overflowed with the new sensation.   She reveled in the increasingly violent progress of their intercourse with it s many previously unfelt erotic nuances. . . .nuances that propelled her to new heights of passion.  She responded to Chad s thrusts with counter thrusts . . . . .

Kelly knew she would be sore in the morning. . . . .she had never been so thoroughly fucked before. . . . . . Yet, she continued to seek new heights of passion.  She peaked; she peaked again and soon her orgasms were continuous. . .
Suddenly, Chad stopped his thrusting and faded as he rolled off her on to the bed.  His completion was ashen and he complained loudly of pain in his right arm and chest.  The symptoms were obvious. . . . he was having a heart attack!
Kelly quickly called 911;  then, gave such first aid as she could, dressed and waited for the ambulance.  As soon as Chad was out of the room, she went through his file, got the telephone number and notified his wife of the situation.  Continuing to manufacture a cover story, she called to rent another room for the wife who would be arriving soon. . . .in the name of man and wife!  Next, she carefully re-packed his clothes and had the baggage moved to Chad s wife s room where she re-opened the luggage and moved his kit around the drawers and bathroom.
Only then did she take a taxi to the emergency ward where she learned that Chad had just died. . . . .
Back at the hotel, Kelly retired for the night and slept soundly until awakened by Chad s wife, Millie.  They had never met and after the awkward introductions, Millie asked,  “Were you guys making it when he died? ”
Kelly reacted with shock. . . . how could she possibly know?   She was carefully wording a denial when Millie continued,  “It s OK, He always took a woman with him to the bar association conventions and fucked her.  I could name you a dozen women that had been down that road.” Again, Kelly was rocked by her frankness and started to reword her denial. . . . .
Millie continued,  “Hey!  It s all right.  Chad was a damn good lover. At least most women thought so.”     Kelly finally found the words to speak,” Yes, he was a very good lover. I m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you! ”
“You didn’t hurt me.  Matter of fact, I had my own interests.” Millie continued,  “There was no love lost between Chad and I.” . . .
Kelly decided that she liked Millie.  She quickly bonded with her. . . .

Half an hour later, Kelly was dressed. . . . ready for the day and when Millie said, ” Hey!  This is Las Vegas and there s a lot of men here. Let s go get laid.” . . . . .,  Kelly started out the door bound for a new adventure.
She was sore. . . .the fucking of the previous night had left her chaffed and burning.  As she walked alone in her thoughts,  she smiled.

The End



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