Holiday Fun

July 8, 2012 – 1:09 pm

Like any husband who enjoys the theme of watching the wife with another man, I had fantasised about watching my gorgeous wife Judy being fucked by another for years.

This had stayed a fantasy/role plaything that we both enjoyed during sex and it stayed a fantasy until our holiday in Tenerife this summer.

Judy is a stunning 35 yr old strawberry blonde, lovely legs and a nice pair of 36C tits, she basically has all the curves in all the right places, we have been married for 14 yrs, still have a very good sex life and we still love each other as we did when we first met.

We took the chance of 10 days without the kids as their respective grandparents took them to Disneyland for a treat, we got to retreat to the sun of Las Americas.

For the first week we just chilled by the pool had a few drinks and then a nice evening meal. I had got into the habit of going for a walk about 2pm to get a British newspaper and sneak in a quiet beer or two, leaving Judy sunbathing by the pool.

On returning from my walk mid way through our second week I returned to find Judy chatting to three middle aged guys from south England, they had pulled their loungers around Judy and introduced themselves as Brian, George and Tom.

They were all in there fifties, but looked in reasonable shape for their age, George especially was a well built man, good looking and he knew it as he came across as a very confident man.

After my introduction the guys explained they were from the larger sister hotel to ours and had wandered over to see the facilities at ours, saw my lovely wife by herself and decided to keep her company. They proceeded to buy us a round of drinks and then we chatted away the rest of the afternoon.

Judy had made no effort to cover herself up and the fact that my lovely wife was inches away from these three strangers wearing only a small pair of bikini bottoms and her lovely tits gleaming with oil was making my mind whirl and my cock stir.

On several occasions I caught the guys looking her over and smirking to each other, obviously thinking how much they would enjoy giving my wife one. Their company was good however and we had a good laugh with them telling us stories of their exploits chasing the ladies during their holidays.

That evening when Judy and myself were changing to go out I teased her about the guys drooling over her, she laughed it off but I could tell by the tone of her reply she knew it to be true and she had enjoyed their attention.

This went on for the next few days, I would return from my daily jaunt and the three would be there surrounding Judy, she even had allowed Tom the oldest of the three to rub lotion on her back when I was not there, something he enjoyed telling me, he was testing my reaction and when I just shrugged my shoulders he winked at me and stated that ” he would give a months wages to rub oil on her lovely big tits” Judy playfully slapped his leg and told him not to be crude but I knew he was serious and the guys had serious ambitions about fucking my wife.

Further days of flirting passed and then on our last full day Brian, George and Tom invited us out for the evening at their hotel.

There was a band playing at the hotel and the plan was to have a meal and then fun on the dance floor, all paid for by them of course.

As Judy and I changed to go out I told her that the guys were basically randy old buggers and would probably have a go at feeling her up, she just winked at me and said it was what I had always wanted any way so she might let them have a little fun and play along for a while.

I watched as she slipped on a stunningly simple white dress that clung to her curves and the smallest of white panties, my cock was throbbing just watching her change, a pair of strapped high heels went on and then my tanned wife stood in front of me looking absolutely stunning, I knew the three guys were going to be gob smacked when they saw her later that night.

Sure enough when we met the guys in their hotel lounge they all whistled in appreciation of how my wife looked, they thought she looked stunning and they were right.

After a lovely meal, during which time Judy had been the total focus of the men’s attention, we took a table close to the large dance floor where the evening entertainment was taking place.

The band kicked off and instantly Judy was on the floor, not with me but basically the guys were taking turns dancing with her, when one was with her on the floor the other two would be watching her, telling me how lucky I was to have a wife that looked as good as her. To be honest, the relaxing effect of the evening’s wine and hearing older me go on about Judy was making me feel really good about the way the night was going.

All too soon the band finished up and the evening was gone, George then stated that he had a few bottles of wine in his room and asked if we wanted to go up for another drink with them.

To my surprise, Judy, who by now was slightly tipsy agreed instantly.

In the room, which turned out to be superb by anyone’s standards, Judy was manoeuvred so she sat in-between Brian and Tom. The two quickly started testing how far she was going to let them go, the flirting on the dance floor was innocent enough, but now they had a hand each high up her thighs and Tom was trying to slip her dress straps down her arms, Judy quickly slapped him away and told him to behave, but her protests were not too strong and the men knew it.

George set up the drinks and then put on some music on his own CD player.

He asked me if I minded him dancing a slow dance with Judy, as he asked he winked at me, I said it was ok with me as long as she wanted, he smirked and said ” oh yes she wants it”.
He got Judy up and slowly they danced, this well built old man was letting his hands wander over my wife’s lovely body, she put up a slight resistance at first, if his hands wandered too far she would move them back to above her waist, however his persistence paid off and after a few minutes his large hands were cupping her buttocks.

Watching this had my mind in a whirl, I had fantasised about watching Judy with another for years, but now at this point I knew there was a strong possibility of the fantasy becoming reality.

As another slow song started Tom moved up behind Judy, George was still holding her tightly close to him, she gasped as she felt Toms hands start to wander over her backside, then both men pulled the small thin dress straps down her arms.

If Judy was going to stop this then it was at this point she would have, but no, I watched as my wife visibly gave in to the men. They sensed this too and her small white dress was pulled down to the floor.

Judy tried to cover up her lovely breasts, but the men were having none of this, her arms were moved away and then George bent down to take one of her erect nipples in his mouth as Tom peeled down her panties and started to lick the base of her spine down to her arse.

Brian was busy removing his own clothes at this point and then George lifted my now naked wife onto the large dining table in the middle of the room.

She gasped as her back hit the coolness of the table surface and gasped again as George spread her legs and went to work on her pussy with her tongue.

Brian and Tom moved over her and started to suckle on a nipple each, Judy started to moan in absolute pleasure as they worked on her lovely body.

My wife looked like a porn star her tanned body lying spread on the table, her white heels still on and these three men enjoying every part of her with their mouths and hands.

George turned round to me and smirked ” your pretty wife has been cockteasing us all week and now she is going to get a good hard fucking”. I nodded in agreement, she had been cockteasing and now she was going to get fucked by three almost strangers and all I wanted to do was watch.

It was only a few minutes before Judy’s body was writhing on the table, she convulsed as her first orgasm swept through her body, the men knew she was theirs now, they had her so hot she was reaching out to stroke Tom and Brian’s hard cocks.

George moved away from her pussy and Brian took his place between her legs, he slid her to then end of the table and slid his cock inside her soaking pussy, Judy let out a loud moan as his cock slid home. George was now naked, he stroked his cock as his friend thrust away at Judy, he turned round to me and asked “will she enjoy taking this”, his cock was enormous, it was in proportion to the rest of his large body, at least ten inches and really thick. “We’re going to fuck this lovely wife of yours all night” he smirked again and then presented his cock to Judy’s mouth. She moved her head around and then slowly moved her lips over the head of his cock.

Brian started pumping harder as Judy moved her mouth around to reach his friends cock, the sight of her sucking his friend must have pushed him over the edge as he cried out as he pumped his seed into my wife.

Tom now moved around and took Brian’s place. Judy had never experienced a second cock fucking her so soon after the first and as he slid his length in she moaned again as another orgasm swept through her. She was so turned on she was telling him to fuck her harder as she lifted her legs high around his arms.

My lovely wife was now being fucked hard by a fifty-year-old man as another had his large cock all over her face and Brian who had just fucked her placed her hand around his spent cock trying to get her to stroke him hard again.

Tom fucked Judy hard and fast and then came inside her with a quickening of his thrusts. Judy who was now aware of the size of Georges cock looked over at me with glazed eyes as George pulled her off the table onto his waiting cock as he sat on one of the dining chairs.

She slowly lowered herself onto his manhood; her back to me, she was in complete ecstasy at this point, being filled like never before. George was telling her to ride his cock telling her she was his little slut, Judy was just moaning out yes to every obscenity he sputtered out, she rode his large cock like a woman possessed for a good ten minutes and then with a loud scream just wilted in his arms as he tensed and filled her with his seed.

I by this time has stripped and had came twice already over my own hands, watching your wife being fucked like that is the most amazing mixture of emotions a man can feel, excitement, jealousy and lust all rolled into one.

Judy climbed off Georges now wilted cock and came over to me; she slumped into my arms and said she was sorry. I gave her a passionate kiss and told her not to be silly, I said its one off that no one else will ever know about and that it was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.

Tom and Brian were not too keen on letting the fun finish at that as they both lifted Judy up and walked her through to the bedroom, George handed me a drink and thanked me for letting him and his friends fuck, what he called a fucking beautiful woman.

As both George and myself walked through to catch up on Judy, the sight that greeted us was nothing short of amazing, my lovely wife was on all fours being fucked from behind by Brian as Tom was fucking her mouth.

She was in heaven again, and as the two finished with her George climbed behind her placing his hard cock inside her well lubricated pussy again as I offered her mouth my cock for the first time that night.

She took the two of us without hesitation and quickly made me cum in her lovely warm mouth as George filled her up with more of his seed.

By the time we left the room Judy had been fucked probably seven times and had either sucked or stroked several more loads of cum from all of us.

We never saw the guys again as we left for home the next day.

It is something that we will probable never do again, but it is an experience that we will never forget and any time we want a horny evening at home remembering our last holiday definitely helps.

The End

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