July 4, 2012 – 12:59 pm

I am a nineteen year old man who has just finished my second year of college and I am working for the summer as a spring-water delivery man. I have only been working at the job for three weeks but because of a scare in our town about our water, everywhere I go people stop and talk to me about getting a delivery to their house, and so business is very good. But what I am writing about is how the women are behaving when I go into their houses with a load of water.

It is not unusual for them to be naked when I turn to leave, or to ask me if I am interested in a good time or some just unzip my pants and start sucking away! I have about two hundred clients and five of them want me to fuck them every week when I show up to deliver another water jug and all of them would fuck me in-between times if I just showed up.
These ladies are very horny and they know that a young college man can fuck a lot so they have me coming about three times for each visit. I have conveniently spaced my fuckers out so that I see one of them each morning for about an hour’s worth of fun and I can still complete my route and even have a little left over if I happen to get lucky in the evening. These women make no bones about wanting some young stuff and one of my ladies greeted me last time I saw her with another woman whom she had told about our escapades, and I had a good time with both of them. They spent a lot of time eating each other so I think I was just the vehicle to have that happen.

My surprise about all of this is how many women want strange stuff and most of them are very good looking and would have no trouble meeting men anywhere, but won’t go out looking. But when it shows up at their door with any kind of excuse to be let in, in spite of snoopy neighbors, they jump.

Yesterday, I had just finished with one of my regular fucks and when I went to the next delivery I had a come stain on my pants which the new lady noticed and she traced the dark circle on my pants around the cock head and asked in a very sexy manner what I had been doing. By the time she had circled the spot a few times and rubbed against me I got hard and she reached in, pulled out my cock and lifted one leg up and put it in her very warm pussy from behind. She really wanted to be slammed into while I squeezed her big titties and  she talked dirty about what a slut she was and in great detail described how she would like to be gang-banged by me and three or four (or five or six) of my college friends. She was so good and good looking that I volunteered to get some friends the next day since she said that her husband was coming home from his trip in two days.

I had to get five other buddies because she wanted to take care of three of us at a time, in her three lovely holes, while the next shift watched, made lewd comments and got excited for their turn.

She got a motel room just out of town for our meeting and when we all showed up she did a slow strip for us, with plenty of sexy grinding better than anything you see in a topless bar and when she was completely naked, she spread her beautiful legs on the king sized bed and told all of us about how we were going to come in her three holes. We stripped immediately and got to it. She was as good as she said she would be and six guys came in her each three times and she loved every minute of it. For the next hour we all free-lanced one, two, and three at a time until none of us could come any more.

The next time I delivered her water she gave me some more great fucking and sucking and asked if I could arrange another meeting but with different guys! She wanted all the strange cock she could get and wasn’t bashful about asking me since I was the safe means for her to live her fantasy.

We haven’t set up our next “bang” yet because we are waiting for her husband to go out of town, but I can still fuck her during the day at our usual delivery time.

I have such a great job I am tempted to quit school and do this forever but I know my parents would pressure me to go to school and besides, eventually the women will stop wanting me and go for someone younger. In the meantime, I am enjoying fucking about fifteen of the most beautiful wives in the world.

The End

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