A Dive Trip

May 4, 2012 – 12:53 pm

This story occurred several years ago when my wife and I had taken our 21 year old daughter on a dive trip as a graduation present in the Bahamas on a live aboard dive boat. My wife is a n attractive 50 year old of germanic descent with a great athletic body and in superb shape. The boat we were on had an upper and lower deck area where most of the cabins were in the upper part with 2 cabins on the lower deck, one of which was occupied by the very good looking black dive master. As the cabins had 2 bunks only my wife and daughter took an upper level cabin and I got the lower level cabin as all the others were occupied by couples. My wife and I had enjoyed a discreet sex life with other partners in which we were aware of each of the others affairs and found they enhanced our own sex lives in distinction to many of our
friends. Most could not distinguish between recreational sex and serious involvement and as a result their affairs led to divorce, dysfunctional families and financial hardships.

At the end of a  day when we had done 3 dives and where at a decompression stop at about 20 ft beneath the boat where there was a safety air tank and regulator my wife’s dive computer began flashing for her to descend. This occurs when the total accumulation of nitrogen during the day exceeds the dive tables safety factor and requires a longer decompression at depth. It just so happened that the dive master was at this stop, saw my wife’s computer and as she was nearly out of air grabbed the safety tank and descended to a depth were she could safely decompress breathing from the accessory tank carried by the dive master and after about 20 minutes or so they surfaced.

At the end  of the day everyone has a couple of drinks and conversation
about the days events and after a while I noticed my wife was not to be seen on the deck. Having a suspicion that something was going on since my wife and the drive master seemed to be extremely friendly after their experience I went looking for her. I ran into to her as she was ascending the stairs from the lower level and she had a smirk on her face I recognized from previous times as a sign of having had sex with another man. I got her to go into my cabin and asked her what happened and she said guess. I reached down and put my finger in her shorts and she was not wearing underwear and as my
finger entered between the lips of her pussy I detected the slippery feel of another mans cum in her cunt. I can always tell when my wife has fucked
another man as her pussy has this silken feeling and it was this same feeling that led to our coming clean with each other in our earlier years when we first started taking different sex partners and I had noticed a different sensation from the usual while I was fucking her. We climbed into my bunk and I mounted her and sure enough there was that great feeling of another mans cum surrounding my cock and I could hardly contain myself thinking about how this big black guy next door had just finished fucking my wife. I could not contain myself and dropped my load in her already  cum filled cunt.

Afterward as we lay there she told me what had happened during her dive. When they stopped for the decompression he was holding on to her as there was a slight current  and she was breathing from the spare tank he was holding and she held on to the reef. Her leg brushed up against his swim trunks and she felt  he had developed quite a boner. She said she had been attracted  to him earlier and thought he was coming on to her.  She reached around and felt his  cock and he moved his hand up her chest and popped out one of her tits from her swim suit and began stroking her nipple. My wife took his cock out from his trunks and was impressed by his size and thickness and began jerking him off and after a short while he shot a load of cum into the water which was quickly gobbled up by small reef fish as it floated away a sight she said she would never forget.

Later that day with my daughter and I preoccupied with other divers she slipped away and went to his cabin where he properly fucked her twice. We had four more days on this boat and my
wife fucked this black guy who was 20 years younger then  her each day and I got sloppy seconds.

The End

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