My Wife, Barbara, Gets Fucked

March 5, 2012 – 11:58 am

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Barbara was raised Catholic, very conservative. She is not a gorgeous knockout, in fact, when we began dating I really didn’t like her much. Other than to go on dates with a female for company other than my rough-housing sports-enthused buddies. But after several months I took a liking to her and she to me and we dated for nearly 9 years before we married. We have been married for 16 years with two children. Our sex is ordinary but fulfilling for us I suppose. Barbara is 43 yrs, has short brunette hair, 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 145 Lbs, professional. She wears a 34C, has long legs and a substantial butt (my favorite attribute). But all in all she is an average looking woman with a great personality and attitude. She says I have an overactive pornographic mind fixated on her butt and she hates anal anything.

Not long ago I asked her what her fantasy was and she said she liked backrubs, and romantic stuff. She then told me she wasn’t sure she wanted to know what my fantasy was but asked me to tell her anyway. So I told her that I had always thought about seeing her getting fucked by another guy. She immediately took offense to that.

“You’d like to see some other guy do me? What if I fell in love with him? We’d just divorce?”

So I laid that to rest and knew I would never visit that subject again.

We go out on date nights and leave our kids with a sitter and act like we are free for the evening. Typically, dinner, drinks, conversation and on home for some sex.
On one of these date nights, after I had revealed my fantasy to Barbara, we were in a nice restaurant finishing our meal. I had bought a bottle of wine and, uncharacteristically, my wife had drank the lion’s share and was getting a buzz on. She is a cheap drunk and rarely drinks enough to affect her.  However, when she does she loses all inhabitions. and she wanted to revisit my fantasy thoughts. I figured she was just entertaining me to get me aroused before the ride home for some sex.
“But first get another bottle of wine.” she said. I ordered and decided to hold on and see where we were going.

“So you’d like to see another guy fuck me?” She never curses especially the f-word. “What if I told you I’d be willing to do it right now? I mean how would you and I proceed?”

My belly went into a knot because she was now analysing how to do it. “I don’t know, really never planned it out I guess.”

“Would you bring a man to me? Because I’m not the pick a guy up type. Not sure I could pull that one off.”

“But you think you could let another guy fuck you?”

“Right now? Absolutely. My pussy would work with another man just like it does for you. But you have to tell me how we’re going to do it.” Thinking as quickly as I could with feelings of jealousy, excitement, uncertainty all running through me.

“Well, I guess if you saw a guy that interested you I’d go up to him and see if he’d be interested and we’d go to a hotel and get a room and let him have you.”

“Sounds simple enough. How about that guy standing at the bar over there. He just came in, he looks alone and he’ll have to wait for a table. Go talk to him.” Barbara said matter of factly.

The “guy” was well dressed, definetly professional, married, and mid thirties. I stood up and walked over toward him. She had me in a corner. The ole’ put up or shut up. Hundreds of emotions were running through me. When I got to the bar next to him I said hello and introduced myself. I told him that this was a strange situation. I told him of my wife and I’s desire and wanted to know if he would be interested?

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“As a heart attack” I replied He looked over at Barbara and she smiled and gave a little hello wave. He asked what the plan was and I told him I was going to take Barbara and go to The Centurion Inn and get a room. Once I had that done I’d come down to the lobby and get him and take him up to the room. There was no hand shakes, introductions other than mine, and we didn’t know one thing about one another. I was astonished when he said “Let’s give it a try.”

“I’ll see you in the lobby” I said “Okay my friend” he said. Barbara wanted to know all about him and when I told her I didn’t even know his name. “I can’t believe we’re going to do this!” she said. I got the room and she anxiously went in to the bathroom to “freshen up”. I went to the lobby and there he was only two other guys were with him. Turned out they were in town for a seminar and were in one car and wondered if my wife would mind doing them all. The other two said they’d pay for it if that was the problem. I couldn’t believe this. Anyway, I took them all up to the room. When I entered Barbara was sitting on the bed side in her bra and panties. Her eyes grew large when we all walked into the room. She stood up and walked over to the “guy” and kissed him and the rest, as they say, became history. Ben (I’ll call him Ben) undid her bra and had his hand inside her panties kneading her ass. The other two guys (I’ll call them Roy and Cal) were busy getting naked. And Lord! These two guys were really hung, long and thick. I’m average size of 7 inches but these two guys were huge. They helped my wife off with her panties and there she was. Naked with strangers hands all over her. Ben’s shirt was off and so were his pants. Barbara had hold of his dick and was pulling on it while she was being backed towards the bed. She fell on the bed and Ben took off his underwear and out sprung a huge cock. Barbara looked around and saw all the cock and looked at me and said “here we go”. Sure enough, Ben pushed his cock into her pussy in one easy motion. “He’s fucking me honey. He’s in my pussy. That’s it fuck that pussy! Push your cock into my belly.” I couldn’t believe my ears as Barbara talked like a whore. I loved it. Then Cal put his cock to her mouth and she began to suck it. Ben was quickening and I knew he was going to cum. “Don’t stop, keep fucking that pussy and give me your cum!” Barbara was wailing as she came when Ben did. She had a strangers cum inside of her. He pulled out and Roy came around and laid on his back and had Barbara get on top of him. “God his cock is so far up inside my pussy. I can feel that other cum moving around in me. Come on big guy put your cum up there too. Fuck my pussy!” Now Cal was coming around to the back side of Barbara as she was letting Roy fuck her. I knew what he was going to do and I wanted to see what took place. Cal got onto the bed behind Barbara between Roy’s legs and said “spread her ass I have got to fuck her now!” Roy pulled Barbara’s ass open “You’re going to fuck me in the ass at the same time? Well let her happen fuck my butt!” And Cal reached down and got some pussy juice and put it on her asshole and in another smooth motion shoved his cock into her butt. “Oh god honey! I’ve got a huge cock in my opussy and another guy is fucking my butt! Fuck me fuck me fuck my ass and my pussy! Shove your cum up my butt and my pussy!”

Roy came first and Cal began to really slam into Barbara’s ass. Roy was still now but Cal was pounding Barbara’s butt. “You like my butthole? Is my butt tight enough for your huge cock? Cum in my ass, go ahead cum in my ass, shove it deep up my butt and cum!” Cal gave one more hard shove and held it up in her butt and came. Barbara had cum during the ass pounding. “Oh god I can feel his cum way up in my butt!” Now Ben had already cleaned up and redressed and had watched the very last and now the other two were dressing. Barbara just laid on the bed naked and told them “That was a great fucking. I’ve got cumm in places that have never been touched.” They left and I went out to make sure they were leaving and they gave me their cards to call them. I went in and my whore talking wife said “Better fuck this ass while it’s hot!” and I did. I put my cum with theirs.

– The End –

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