Lisa and Me

February 17, 2012 – 2:23 pm

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It was nearing dinner time and I had been driving since morning with only quick stops for fuel and lunch as I passed through north central Alabama. Ahead a sign pointed the way to a motel with a restaurant and bar – ideal for my needs! I took the off-ramp and found my way into the entrance to what appeared to be a very popular motel.

As I entered the lobby area a man, wife and two children were leaving with their suitcases in hand and the man was very much irate about something. Meanwhile, I noticed the lobby filled with well dressed people. . .possibly a party. At the desk I asked for a room and the clerk said, “Yes sir, I have one room that just came vacant. Two queen beds.”

A few minutes later, I had moved into my room, freshened up and headed for the bar for a gin and tonic to take the edge off the heat of the day and welcome the warm, tropical evening. As I took a seat at the bar, it was immediately apparent that there was a party – a big one – going on in this motel.

In the room, there was a good deal of familiarity and I needed only a few minutes to deduce that I was in the midst of some sort of swingers convention. I sat nursing my drink and eyeing the people in the room. At the far end of the bar a woman, dressed conservatively, rather pretty and somehow sad sat alone.

Then, the party at my end of the bar began to grow rowdy and I was uncomfortably close to what might at any minute become an orgy. I moved to the far end and not wishing to seem too forward, took a seat one seat removed from the lady I had seen earlier.

I turned to her and said, “You here for the party?” I asked and she replied, “No, I’m here with my husband who likes to party..” Sensing that she was not like the rest and in need of company I asked, “I’m about to go have dinner and I’d be pleased if you’d join me?” After some initial resistance she said, “My name is Lisa.”, stepped off the stool and we went to dinner.

It was a good dinner, well prepared and delicious with a wine which complimented the entre and Lisa and I talked. She didn’t like the swap meets. She seldom participated; then, only at the insistence of her husband. When I inquired why a woman as beautiful as her would put up with such activity she said, “We live in a small town in Georgia where my husband is the owner of the farm equipment supply company and regarded as the pillar of the community. I’ve lived there all my life and divorce is out of the question.”

Dinner over , we walked and enjoyed the warm, tropical night. The talk was casual as I told of my divorce ten year previous. My wife simply wasn’t satisfied with me – she craved excitement! I’d been pretty much a loner since that time. We grew silent and I felt her hand in mine.

Back at the motel, I suggested we go to my room and talk and she readily agreed. In the room, she removed her suit coat and shoes and we sat on the bed facing the television. Of course, all the channels on the television had been programed with pornography for the evening and I turned it off.

“Why did you turn it off?” Lisa asked and I responded, “I always thought that sexual intercourse was a very private matter and I don’t enjoy watching it like a sporting event.” Lisa turned to me and I saw a look in her eyes. She was spectacularly beautiful with her black hair, creamy complection, blue eyes and that grace that Italian women seem to have in their genes. Her eyes connected with mine as my breathing quickened and my arousal commenced.

She kissed me lightly on the lips; then harder and finally, our tongues met in a fiery dance together. I tried to keep up with her passions. I felt my own lust driving me as my passions exceeded all due bounds. As we kissed, I felt her fingers unbuttoning my shirt and proceeded to remove her light summer blouse.

Then, as if directed by some common accord, we arose from the bed, turned back the duvet and sheets and proceeded to undress ourselves. As I watched Lisa, I reveled in the beauty that was close to me. It had been years since I had been with a woman and never with a woman this beautiful. “Turn around and let me look at you,” I said and Lisa blushed, “No, I’m shy.” she said and then, thinking better of the suggestion she turned slowly for my adoration.

“Beautiful,” I said, “your husband is a fool.”

Then, Lisa jumped on the bed and pounced on me. “Don’t talk about my husband.” she said and hit me with a pillow. I grabbed her and we fell on the sheets together.

We kissed again – with even more passion than before and I felt her breasts pressing against me. Her, firm breasts, hardly the breasts of a 45 year old woman! Of course, with my aroused cock at full extension between our belly’s matters were becoming more urgent and I pressed my lips to her breasts.

As I laved and suckled and toyed with her perhaps C-cup sized mummeries I realized how fortunate I was to have this goddess I was ministering to and I redoubled my efforts to please her. In response, I was rewarded by the cries and moans of a woman being pleasured. With one hand toying with the alternate breast, I applied my lips to the other and reveled in the pleasure it brought.

While, I might have gone on as we were, Lisa was hot for more. She pulled my had down on to her mound and directed it towards her pussy where I found her wet and waiting. I inserted a finger and she cried out; then two fingers and again she cried out and as I was about to move my mouth from her breasts to her belly she cried out, “No. I want you in me now!” From her clutch purse, she produced a condom and assisted me as I put it on for my first time; having never used one before.

Then, our eyes met and I moved over her. “Do me good.” she said. When I entered her and felt the muted warmth and velvety smooth texture of her vagina walls I was momentarily overcome with the sensation. I cried out!

Beneath me, Lisa’s eyes met mine and we were engaged not just at the groin but through the eyes as well. Our thoughts and feeling became as one and I was soon involved in the greatest sexual experience of my life. Better than anything I had ever experienced with my wife and better even than I had ever imagined it could be.

Each new sensation we shared and reveled together. Each new lust we conveyed through our eyes and it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Time stood still and there was only each other.

Then, all too soon, I felt it begin. The unfamiliar feeling of my semen building in my balls. I cried out that I was going to have it. With the power of a thunder burst I planted my seed in the rubber. I cried out! Then, it was over.

Exhausted by the violence of our culmination together, we lay together, our needs temporarily sated, and kissed and cuddled and continued to revel in the afterglow.

At my age, I had fully expected that I had spent myself and further sexual intercourse was unlikely and lay content to be close and intimate with this woman I had known for only a few hours. Lisa seemed content as well as she also sought the intimacy.

We paused only long enough to remove the used condom.

Of course, it’s the unexpected that so often enriches our life and this night was no exception. In scarcely 45 minutes my cock was steel hard and Lisa moved over me to take advantage of the love tool. As she positioned herself with a knee either side of my stomach and staring into my eyes for approval I felt her pussy slide down on to my cock in as delicious a manner as the first time only this time there was no condom – just her and me, our flesh against flesh!

“We forgot the condom.” I said and she responded, “Not this time. I want it to be just you and me.” And so it was, just the two of us titillating each other in a million little ways; responding to passions and reacting to each other in a perfect union. There was no hurry. Time was of no matter. Feelings were the essence.

We talked to each other, rationally; then, drifted into a new sensation or impelled by a new lust. We cried out to each other; then, spoke soothingly to each other. Each new sensation was a new thrill and each new thrill took us to levels of passion that we had never experienced before. Hours passed, or maybe it was minutes and we reveled in each other.

Later, when I felt my second emission approaching I said only, “I’m going to come.” and she drove herself on to me with a fury. Then it was over.

As I lay reminiscing in the afterglow, I realized that I had just been through the most fantastic experience of my life. I had known a few women intimately and my former wife for a long time but nothing I had ever experienced with any of them came close. I told Lisa so.

She waited a long time before answering, “It was my best ever too,” she said and I saw tears in her eyes. We lay together again rejoicing in the afterglow.

It was as we began to drift back into the world of reality that I had a sudden inspiration. “Lisa, You deserve better,” I said, “I’m packing my bag and leaving here in one hour. I’d like you to come with me. I’ll see that you’re treated like a woman of your quality should be treated and never disgraced by anybody.”

With that I got off the bed and showered and dressed; then, commenced packing my bag. Lisa got up after me, showered and left without a word. I slowly gathered my things and left the room for the walk to my car. As I walked Lisa stepped out of a doorway, her bag in hand, and joined me. We walked to the car in silence and drove off together.

– The End –

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