Wife Barbara’s Blues Club Night

February 11, 2012 – 2:12 pm

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My husband usually writes but I wanted to fill you in on my Saturday night past. I am Barbara, I’m 43 yrs. old and have two children. My husband revealed to me that he would like to see me fucked by other men and I let that happen (see: My Wife Barbara Gets Fucked). I also had a campground fling, and I let his buddies fuck me in the ass on Superbowl one after another, all nine of them.

I am 5’9″ tall 140 Lbs. My legs are long and my butt is huge. It measures 45″ and is really accented by my waist which is only 26″. My boobs are an average 34B. My ass has always been my embarrassment. It is a bubble butt with a few dimples. You can put a hand under a cheek and jiggle it up and down and I have always thought it was horrible. My husband has always loved my ass and has always wanted to fuck me in the ass. I used to think it was dirty and I only let him up my butt on occasions. That was before he told me to let other guys fuck me. After Superbowl and letting 9 guys fuck my ass in a row I learned that my butt may not be that unattractive. My pussy is very tight and small lipped. There is no external protrusions of my pussy lips and my hole is very small.

This past Saturday night I told my husband that I wanted to go to the blues club in town and I wanted him to watch me pick up a guy and fuck him inside the club.

Saturday night came and I wanted to see if my ass could be used as a guy magnet. I also shaved my pussy without my husband knowing. I bought a new short white skirt that fit tightly to my waist and over the top of my hips but then flaired out away from my ass so when I walked the skirt would swish because of the movement of my ass. It was very short. I put on a red thong a tight pink knit top and high heels no nylons.

We went early to the club and I sat my husband at the table closest to the bar end that hooked into the wall. It was the closed end of the bar and there were two bar stools then a waitress pickup before the curve of the bar to the bar front. I told him to sit there and watch. I moved to the stools next to the wall and ordered a drink from the bartender. The stools were perfect height with a small wooden back and they swiveled.

Soon people began to crowd in. I was standing at the bar between the stools so whoever wanted could see my ass. A black guy and a white guy together came over and began to chat. They quickly began talking sexually and complimenting my ass and that they were ass men etc. I left to go to the restroom and there I took off my thong. Upon returning I was between them and I told them my plan.

“It’s dark enough in here guys and we have this corner I want you to fuck me here discreetly enough that nobody notices.” I moved the black guy who was way over six feet tall into the corner. I was letting them feel my ass and waist as I reached down and rubbed the black guys crotch. He was hard. His buddy was also a big guy and he moved in between the chairs and that blocked the view of the bar but not my husband who could see perfectly. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was my first black guy and was one of the biggest cocks to date I had handled.

“Now you hold still I’ll do the moving.” I said. I turned my back to him and put his cock between my cheeks. I used one hand to spread open and the other hand held his cock on my butthole. To the rythm of the music I began to grind my ass against him and I felt his cock pop into my ass. He was talking to his buddy and sipping his drink all the while like nothing was happening. I shoved harder against him and more of his cock went into my ass. Finally I was pressed fully against him and all of his cock was in me. I swung my ass back and forth and pulled forward and pressed back against him. I’d grind my ass against his crotch pushing his cock deepest into my butt. I fucked him with my butthole for almost two songs and then he finally shot cum up my ass. Without much fanfare I moved to the stool after he put his cock back into his pants.

“Are you ready for some pussy?” I asked the white guy. “move over here between my legs.”

I scooted forward to the edge of the stool and had my pussy right at his cock level and I easily pulled his cock out and held it to my hole and he shoved it in with one smooth motion. We now acted as though we were chair dancing to the music. When a song ended he’d stand there talking sipping his drink. His black buddy was now the sight interference where the white guy had been. Another song started and we’d start fucking again. My skirt covered a multitude of the action. When this guy came it was a torrent of cum. He pulled out and I turned to my husband and told him “Let’s go I’m outta here.” I just left those two guys without so much as a goodbye.

Once outside my husband pushed me against the car and shoved his cock up my ass. I began to tell him what happened. “I fucked that black guy with my ass. I had his cock up my butt so far I felt like I had an arm up my ass. Can you feel his cum in my butt?” You could hear the cum squishing around as my husband rammed harder and harder into my ass. “Is my ass still tight enough to make you cum? I’m gripping your cock now like I was gripping his cock.” Soon my husband shot his load into my butt. I put my thong on and we went home and he fucked my pussy too.

– The End –

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