Getting Ready For A Long Night

August 31, 2007 – 10:00 am

“You look delightful,” I said as she stood nervously.  “Everybody`ll be
pleased to see you later I’m sure.”

I went to the desk and opened the drawer to find the ruler I kept there for
just these occasions.  Julie’s face drained of colour as she looked on.

“Hands on your head young lady.” I often had her stand like this, I think
because she hates it and it makes her breasts stand to attention that much
more it gives me a thrill.

I put the ruler to one side for a moment as she stood and readied herself.

“Chest and bottom right out,” I scolded.  She responded immediately pushing
her ripe young breasts out before her and arching her back to offer her

“Good girl. Maybe just a little further though.” I cupped one of her breasts
in my hand and took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and placed my
other hand on her bottom.  “That’s a good girl,” I encouraged as I began to
squeeze her nipple and lightly spank her bottom.  She strained to offer her
bottom further and push her breasts out, her back at the limits of it’s
youthful flexibility.  I ran my hands over her, down her back and stomach as
a judge might at a pedigree dog show checking for posture and bone

Indulging myself a little more I took both her breasts in my hands and
started to stroke, squeeze and rub her rather roughly as she pushed herself
forward. Then running one hand down her stomach and around to her bottom I
gave a couple of gentle slaps before sliding my hand between her legs. The
feel of her naked body excited me as I thought about the evening ahead.  I
continued to caress her, bringing my hand back to her breasts and letting my
imagination run as I squeezed. I loved the way she stood so submissively and
allowed my hands to roam, flicking the ripe buds of her nipples and kneading
the firm soft flesh of her bottom, I guess it was the power to do as I liked
that really turned me on and I took my time to enjoy it.

“Now lets get on with things.”  I tapped her breasts with the ruler.  “Right
out, shoulders back.”

Julie adjusted herself, her breasts giving an obliging little bounce as she
did.  I admired her for a moment, letting her nervously strain to hold her

“No moving , you keep those nice and still.” I instructed as I readied the

“Understand ?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good Girl.”

Her submission, not by choice was wonderfully exciting.  I gave her a slap
with the ruler across the top of one breast and she gave a delightful little
gasp but remained still.  I gave her a second slap on her other breast, this
time on her nipple, she bit her lip to refrain from making a sound, her face
trying to maintain what little dignity she could muster from the situation.

“Very good,” I said  and squeezed the soft mound of her breast in my hand. I
continued to fondle her as I spoke. “I have somewhere special to take you
today and I’m going to need you to be on your best behaviour.” I gave her
another slap with the ruler this time on her bottom. “Before we get you
dressed I need you to tidy yourself up a little. I want you to be nice and
smooth.,” I said and tapped her neat pubic bush with the ruler. “Understand

Julie kept herself neatly trimmed but had never shaved her pubic hair off
before and was clearly a bit shaken by the implication of my instruction.  I
had a feeling that the humiliation of her nakedness this evening would be
deliciously heightened by having to cleanly shave herself, the look on her
face suggested that I was right.

I slapped her again on her bare bottom. “Well?”

“Yes, I understand,” she whimpered.

“Good girl. Now off you go, you’ll find the bits and pieces you need in the
bathroom” I gestured towards the door.  “I want you to be down here when
you’re done so I can check you over.”

I gave her a final swat on her behind as she lowered her hands and turned
towards the door.

It was about half an hour later when she reappeared wrapped in a large
towel.  I instructed her to go to her room and wait for me there and she
quickly disappeared without comment. I followed, but went to the bathroom
first, got a small  bottle of massage oil from the cabinet and went to
inspect her handiwork.  When I arrived she was sitting on the bed looking
worried, still wrapped modestly in the towel.

“On your feet and let’s have that towel.” I said extending my hand.  She got
to her feet, peeled away the towel and handed it to me. She stood with her
hands crossed in front of herself, clearly embarrassed by the lack of hair.
Taking the towel I laid it across the bed.

Sit down, lie back and open your legs.” I said with barely disguised

What a marvellous sight she presented as she slowly sat and leaned back on
her elbows.

“Very good,” I said smiling as I looked at her newly naked state. “Knees up
and open wide so I can see how you got on.  Lean right back”

She hesitated only momentarily before she lay back and  opening her legs. I
could feel my excitement growing,  her naked pussy opening before me, still
slightly red and sore from the razor and framing the perfect pink lips of
her vagina.  Her flat stomach and full breasts with her cute nipples
pointing skyward.

“Very good, just a bit wider.” I said, enjoying the spectacle as she
strained to open her legs further, pulling her knees back almost onto the
bed.  She looked quite beautiful as she lay, spread wide apart, she really
was a dutiful young girl despite the obvious embarrassment she felt
presenting herself in such a vulnerable way.  She was exquisitely neat and
now smooth and shaven she was the perfect picture.

“Good girl, now lets see.”

Opening the bottle of oil that I had brought I poured some into the palm of
one hand, placed the bottle on the bedside table and rubbed my hands

“I’ll warm this up for you,” I grinned.

I started with my hands on the inside of her thighs and started to massage
the oil into her soft skin.  Then working my way inwards I rubbed my hands
across the lower part of her stomach.  There was a look of dread on her face
as I stopped to pour some more oil.  I placed my well lubricated hands back
onto her legs but this time stroked one hand onto her smooth and perfect
pussy rubbing gently with the flat of my hand.

“A very good job, very smooth.  This should help take away a little of the
soreness.”  I said as I caressed her, my fingers tracing along the lips of
her pussy. I continued to rub the oil into her, even working my fingers into
the crack of her anus and eliciting a gasp as I touched her. I massaged
without letting my fingers enter her.  I finally stopped and wiped my hands
on the towel.  Julie continued lying there, afraid to move, spread in front
of me glistening from the oil.

“Don’t you look sweet lying there showing yourself off.  Lets find you
something to wear before you go out.” I said fighting the urge to slide
inside her for a while before we left. Her tight young pussy, warm and
inviting as it was would have to wait until later.

I went to her closet to find something that would be suitably revealing for
her to wear.  Newly shaven, I thought something short worn without panties
would be ideal.  Tucked away in the back of the closet I found a skirt that
was not only small but had a rather revealing slit up the side, held
together by a couple of buttons at the top, it couldn’t have been better. 
With it I found her a tight long sleeved top that would hug her ample
breasts, covering her but leaving little to the imagination. It had a zip up
the front which that went about halfway and would give a nice flash of the
tops of her tits.  Permitting myself just one more touch, slipping my finger
ever so slightly inside her, I allowed  Julie to get up from the bed and as
she reluctantly dressed herself it was apparent that the skirt was more
revealing than I had expected and the two buttons were having to do an undue
amount of work to keep the whole thing together.  The top must have been
very old and was designed for somebody much smaller in every respect. It was
quite a strain to get the thing done up and the zip started to open of its
own accord as she breathed.

“You look marvellous !” I exclaimed, “Just one more thing.”

I went back to the bathroom to collect a pair of scissors and returned to
cut away one of the buttons on the skirt.

“Perfect !” I said.  The skirt now straining to maintain what little
coverage it offered in the first place.  The long slender view of her leg
now uninterrupted and offering a tantalising glimpse of her nakedness

“Please can I wear panties.” Julie asked in a whisper. “I feel stupid”

“Now what was it I said earlier ?” I shook my head in resigned

Stepping closer I took the hem of skirt and lifted it before giving her a
very hard slap with the flat of my hand on her bare bottom.  She lurched
forward and instinctively tried to cover herself.  Pulling her hands away I
gave her another fierce slap.

“Do I need to explain,” I said slapping her for a third time.

“No, I’m sorry .” she whimpered.

“If you think you look silly then the skirt can come right off if you’d

“Please, I’m sorry.” She sobbed. “Please let me keep it on.”

“Take it off and go to the car. Maybe, just maybe you’ll get it back later.”

Crying now she unbuttoned the skirt and handed it to me.  Naked apart from
the half zippered top she turned to walk from the room.

“Take this with you.” I said before she left and handed her the bottle of

Julie waited obediently by the car, stood wearing nothing but the tight, ill
fitting top. I almost felt a pang of sympathy for her.

“I’m sorry can I please have the skirt ?” she asked as she saw me.

If only so that I would be able to keep my eyes on the road I relented, had
her apologise again  and gave her the skirt back.  She fumbled quickly with
the solitary button as the garage door automatically opened.

“Hurry up,” I said, “We have a long night ahead of us”
The End

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  2. very good but I must say a pussy should not be trimmed but always kept bare

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