Girls Night Out

December 20, 2011 – 11:38 am

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My wife Ann is 43 years old, 5’8″, 135 Lbs, with long shapely legs, and nice breasts. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are green. She is very pretty and can draw the stares. Her measurements are 38-28-36 and she keeps herself in good shape. Her 38C tits have pinkish nipples that are larger than a silver dollar and when they get hard the “headlights” come on if you know what I mean. We have been married for 18 years and have a wonderful sex life. We have two children, one is 14 and the other is 10.

As with all couples, we have taken the plunge into fantasying about all types of sexual pleasures. One of our favorites is for her to be “taken” by a man that she does not know while in a bar. When I ask her if she would make it happen, her reply is always–“although it sounds exciting, I am leery because I do not want it to come between our lovely relationship.” On the contrary I said. It would be quite arousing for me to hear about her being “taken”, especially if I helped plan and prep her for the evening. After a lot of coaxing, Ann said she thought that she could go through with it. She wanted to be transformed from a lady in the burbs to a barroom babe.

One Saturday while the kids were at grandmas’, my wife told me that she wanted to go out with her girl friend, Jane. Jane’s husband was out of town on business and she explained that she did not want to be home all alone. We had gotten together casually with Jane and her husband many times before–they seemed to be a very happy couple. Jane was going to spend the night at our house. They wanted to go clubbing for the evening and Ann said that if I still wanted, that she would try to get laid. She confessed about our desires to Jane and Jane said that she had several affairs over the years. Both were anxious to get out.

The ladies were so excited–they got their hair and nails done, and made a day of shopping. When they returned home, they rested fir a few hours before getting dressed for the evening. Ann asked me if I was going to be OK with it. She assured me that she loved me and explained that she was not even sure if she would be able to entice anyone. After all, she was 43 years old, had two kids and the stretch marks to prove it. I assured her that I was fine, and told her that I wanted to trim her pussy nice and short so that she would be ready for anything. I trimmed her pussy hair to create a sexy landing strip, and she got very hot and wet as I touched her. I wanted to fuck her on the spot but she said that she did not want to ruin the mood. She would only let me kiss and suck her titties, I could not finger her pussy or fuck her. She wanted to be sex starved when she left the house.

She dressed a little too conservative for my taste but said that she was going to an upscale “meat market” and did not want to look to slutty. She refused to go braless or pantyless but I talked her into wearing some sexy string panties and a lacy bra. Ann was so excited and wet that she had to use Kleenex in her panties to keep her juices from running down her legs. She tongue kissed me and assured me that she would not be home too late. I was going to have a quite evening at home waiting for the girls to return with all the details.

I watch two movies, had a few beers and fell asleep in the recliner. I woke at 1:30 but Ann and Jane were still out. I decided to go to bed and hoped that they were ok. At about 2:30, I heard Ann enter the bedroom and I acted like I was asleep. Ann quietly removed her skirt and slipped into bed totally exhausted. Within minutes she was sound asleep. She smelled of smoke, alcohol and sex. Her hair was strewn, her tits looked like they had love bits on them, and her panties were soaked from front to back with cum. She had definitely gotten what she wanted, she was totally fucked out. I had a huge hard on so I spooned up to her to rub her but she let out a low moan indicating that she was too exhausted to continue. After a bit I went to sleep thinking I would make love to her in the morning.

The next morning, Ann woke after some coaxing and told me that she had a very interesting evening. I told her that I wanted make love to her while she told me all of the details. Ann said that Jane had gotten pretty wasted and would probable sleep until noon. Both of them had gotten taken by several black guys at this upscale bar. It was Ann’s first time and she thought that if she was to be taken, why not go for the gusto.

I pulled her panties aside and began eating her pussy as she told me the story. They had met four football players from the local college who asked them to dance and to have some fun. The guy Ann danced with had his hands on her ass in a minute. He was kissing her and feeling her up. He was pushing his hardness into her pelvic–bumping and grinding to the music. He was perfect she said–his ebony skin against her milky white body and blonde hair.

They all found a dark booth in the back of the room and they spent some time talking, drinking and flirting. Other women in the club, both black and white, had noticed them and gave them some dirty looks. After all, here were two pretty white girls hanging out with four black dudes. In the larger circular booth Ann reached down between her lovers legs to see how big he was. She pulled out his cock to suck him while the other guy reached up her skirt to finger fucked her. She sucked him for along while as the other one continued to play with her pussy. She came three times before she decided to slow down. Jane had gone out to the parking lot with the other two black guys.

When Jane returned, the girls quickly excused themselves to go to the restroom and exchange stories. Jane told her that she had been forcibly taken and fucked in the parking lot and was forced to give the other guy a blow job. She said that Jane wanted to take it slow but they would have no part. They had both cum in her pussy even though she was not on the pill. She was shaken up and although she had intended to get fucked she did not want it to be like that. She wanted it to be lovingly and for the guys to use some protection. Ann was enjoying herself and told Jane that the other two guys were perfect gentleman. After they talked, Jane calmed down, and asked to switch partners. But she wanted Ann to stay close.

On returning to the dark booth Ann wasted no time with the partner exchange and began to kiss one of Jane’s beaux. Their kiss became passionate and their tongues were probing each other’s mouth, she wanted him badly. He fondled and sucked on her tits-leaving red hickeys as he sucked. He pulled her close by her backside feeling up under her skirt. Ann wanted to be “taken” but the booth would simply not work. She suggested that they go into the ladies room and find a stall.

Ann went in first and gave him the all clear sign; he quickly followed. He lifted her dress and pulled her panties out of the way. He forced his dick up her wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around his waste as he stroked her up and down. After a few, he turned her around and begin fucking her doggie style over the toilet. He was so big he hit her g-spot and bottomed out knocking her head into the backwall. He fucked her for about twenty minutes while several other people came in to use the stalls next door. She was biting her lip trying to hide her cries of passion. She never did find out if anyone had heard or seen them. He shot a huge load into her pussy and she loved it. After he came she sat on the toilet so that she could lick and suck him clean before they returned to the booth.

In the mean time, Jane was being fondled and finger fucked in the back of the booth. She was really enjoying the gentle touch and came bucking forward and back. My wife was ready for another dick and asked if anyone wanted to go out for some air. One guy joined her and said he wanted to fuck her in the ass if she thought that she could take all of him. She confessed that she seldom has anal sex but would try–she told him not to hurt her. They jumped in the back seat of the van, pulled out his dick and lowered her head to lick, stroke and suck until he was hard. She moved between his spread legs and began kissing him–she wanted to take his big black dick in the ass. Not yet he said, he just wanted to fuck her for a while.

He moved up behind her, and began to rub the head of his dick around her pussy lips. His precome and her juices made her very wet and excited. She began pushing back trying to impale her cunt with his huge cock. He pushed it in a little ways and she pushed back to get take him deeper. He was pounding deep into her pussy from behind and her tits were bouncing back and forth with ever thrust–she loved it.

Her black lover fucked her from behind, while reaching around to play with her clit. He got a great angle on her pussy and was making her clench her teeth. She reached down and squeezed his hand lovingly as if to say thanks. He stroked her with deep penetrations that seemed to make her belly bulge. His long black fingers rubbed her clit and she was moving her hips to meet his thrusts. The fucking of her cunt and touching of her clit were making her pant and scream out. She was dripping wet and continued to moan and pant loudly as she shuttered to several huge climaxes. She was bucking uncontrollably with several huge spasms. She turned her head back, moaned and French kiss him as he reached around to squeeze her big her tits. He pulled out and stuck his dick up to her ass.

He lubed it up with her pussy juices and cum and had her lay over the seat. He pushed the head of his dick into her ass. He entered her and she grimaced in pain. “Don’t hurt me but please don’t stop!” she gasped. Get the head in and then push deeper. He pushed relentlessly into her ass and the head penetrated about 2/3rds the way in. He pumped her rhythmically. The pain soon subsided and she pushed back to meet his ever stroke. She rubbed her clit and loved the feeling of being taken. He was stroking her ass and pushing violently. “Squirt my ass!” she begged so I can feel the hot semen shooting in my anus. He did as she begged and she felt it leaking down her legs. She felt totally taken, she said, “There is nothing like the feel of a hard dick in my pussy fucking away. There is nothing like having a big black dick! I love the way he fucked my white pussy, it was delicious and I want more.”

I stopped eating her to fuck her doggie style for a while. Her tits were bouncing back and forth with ever thrust and she was hot telling me the story. After a bit, I turned her over and fucked her in missionary style. I was sucking on her tits and stroking her as hard as I could. I was worried about how hard we fucked but she loved it and told me not to stop. She began to buck again in a huge orgasm. I groaned that I was coming. She said, “give it to me lover, fill my pussy up with your cum.” I came in her and we collapsed on the bed in each others arms. We kissed and lay together for a long time before getting up to wake Jane.

Jane was totally relaxed and was coming back to life. We all had breakfast and the girls hardly said a word. Jokingly I asked what we are doing tonight girls. They said, “We have their phone numbers.”

– The End –

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