Looking Back

August 29, 2007 – 10:00 am

   Master opens his eyes and adjust them to the morning sunrise
creeping across the carpet from the glass of the sliding doors. He
reaches and pats the warm empty space where his slave was snuggled
and realizes that she has gotten up earlier. Pulling back the
covers, He throws his feet over the side of the bed and feels the
fuzziness of the carpet. Smelling the aroma of the morning coffee,
Master follows it to the kitchen and sits at his place by the end
of the table.

   Slave is adorned with her black collar and short red silk robe
exposing her upper thighs just the way her Master likes it. She
shivers from the vigor of his stare upon her and hurries across
the room with his coffee. Kneeling at his feet, she lowers her
head and reaches out and says “Good morning Master, your coffee.”

   Master relieves his slave from the hot cup and bids her, “That
will be all for now.” He smiles and sips his coffee thinking that
it has been just over a year that his slave had come to him. He
knew just after a few hours of training that she would become his
ultimate slave. He saw just how much desire and passion that was
driving her to work so hard to please him.

   Rising, slave goes back to preparing her Master’s breakfast. She
had gotten up extra early to make sure everything was just right
for him. She had laid out the morning newspaper on the table and
made sure he didn’t have to wait for his coffee. She felt the
warmth from the love in her Master’s eyes because of her service
just as she has felt the chill of his mastery and the sting of his

   Master senses his slave standing behind his paper waiting to
serve him his breakfast. He keeps her waiting for a moment, then
folds his paper and lays it aside. He nods to his slave and she
gently places his favorite breakfast in front of him and refills
his cup. She stands next to him with her head lowered and her
hands behind her back. He tells her “You may sit,” and she joins
him at her place at the table.

   After breakfast slave clears off the table while Master finishes
reading his paper. She goes to the back bedroom suite and runs his
bath making sure it is the right temperature for him. She begins
to lay out his clothes for the day and feels the presence of her
Master even before he enters the room. She quickly kneels as her
reflexes take over and begins to remove his clothes, preparing him
for his bath. After she has removed his robe, she stays kneeling
with her head lowered and waits for him. She tries not to glance
up and look at his hard cock as she feels a throb deep between her
legs knowing how much pleasure Master gives her. She cannot
conceal the moisture increasing between the smooth folds of her
shaven pussy, His mark of ownership. Her hunger for the place of
utmost pleasure that leads to the center of her own sexuality
takes hold of her senses.

   Master reaches down with his strong hands and grabs his slave by
her hair, tilting her head up. He manipulates slaves nipples
inducing them taunt and hard through the tension of his grip. Just
his touch quickly sets the kindling of want and need into desire.
He leans down and softly kisses her lips parting them with his
tongue. Tormenting her with a shudder of compulsion and urgency.

   Master retreats his hand as slave slumps her head to her posture
of submission and obedience. He voices his command, “Your position
slave.” She immediately rotates around and places her cheek to the
carpet and crosses her arms over her head. She arches her back so
her ass is pushed in the air as her silk robe slides over her hips
exposing her trails of wetness down her parted thighs. The ensuing
sound she hears is Master pulling back the shower curtain and
stepping into his bath.

   Slaves eyes widen at the sound of Master in his bath. “You
bastard,” surges within her mind between her yearning for release
from her shackled pleasure. She took a deep breath pondering if
she had screamed it out loud for Master to hear. Knowing what
Master would do with his leather strap if she had.

   Her focus was now one of confusion. Has she done something to
upset Master. He has never taken his bath without her swabbing
him. Ordinarily she would preparing him for the day. That was her
duty. She wanted to run and kneel to ask if she has displeased him
in some sort of way but she knew that leaving her position without
permission would bring some method of punishment.

   Master stepped from his bath and dried off with his towel that
slave had laid out next to hers. He smiled and wrapped himself.
Walking behind his slave still in her position, He could discern
that she was lost in a world of confusion. He drew back his hand
and smacked her on the ass transforming her back to the present.
She jumped at the sting and carefully checked her stance making
sure she was in her perfect position that she was disciplined to

   Master left his slave in her position and dressed while he
voiced his instructions for the day. He gazed at the contour of
her ass as he groomed himself in the mirror beholding the bright
red mark where his hand landed. He put on his tie and grabbed his
briefcase and uttered, “Greet your Master.” Slave immediately
jumped up from her position and shrouded his neck with her arms .
The savor from his kiss tingled down her neck and spine traveling
to her source of quintessence.

   After Master departed for work, slave made a new bath and added
her special bubbles. She slowly opened her silk robe and slithered
into the warm water knowing this was free time to do whatever
pleased herself. She leaned back and was swallowed up in the
firmness and yet softness of the bubbles. Smiling, she compared
everything to her relationship with Master, firm but soft.

   Slave felt the sensation from the bubbles and gravitated back to
the day after her training. The day she committed herself totally
to Master. She had reached home tired from a hard days work and
lazily walked in. She looked at the clock and enlightened herself
Master will understand if she is a few minutes late. She walked to
the back and took a long shower reminding herself she had already
been late twice this week.

   Slave had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off when
she heard Master shouting, “Where is my slave?” She scurried to
the door and espied his leather strap already in his hand. She
quickly moved to her position with her cheek to the floor and felt
the burn of the first strike advancing across her ass.

   “Don’t you understand Master has trained you to be a proper
slave.” She nodded her head and listened how he was going to
educate her once and for all to heed his authority. She grasped
the carpet as a shudder lingered down her spine knowing Master was
furious at her. She knew tonight would be a night she would never
forget. Her conviction clamored as he summoned her back to reality
with a hard slap of the leather strap over her already burning ass

   The echo of leather and flesh permeated the house as her grip
clutched tighter. A current of tears rolled down her cheeks and
soaked the carpet as she cried out. She retained her position in
horror by virtue of openly disrespect towards Master was subjected
to slave being released.

   Her ass reddened with welts and burned with heat as Master
persisted to punish his slave. The sting journeyed to her heart
where she felt the most pain from disappointment in herself rather
then Masters punishment. She found herself pushing up her pelvis
to greet Masters strap in gratification releasing her

   Slaves body cried out in tears begging for more and screaming
for less. The passion flowed between her legs to her temple of
ecstasy making it throb. She was crying and moaning until she was
lost in a sea of emotions. She didn’t know when Master had seized
her hips and entered her from behind. It was the sting of his hips
smacking her painful reddened ass cheeks not the strap. Master
moaned and collapsed next to slave holding her in his arms running
his fingers through her hair.

   She splashed the bubbly water against her breast as she
remembered that was the very first time Master lead her to the
nucleus of her own soul of emotions. The essence where she
couldn’t find alone, where only she escaped from.

   Slave stepped from her warm bath and reached for a towel.
Sliding her hands down her firm thighs chasing the trails of
water. She parted her legs and patted her Masters pleasure dry as
it reacted to her own touch giving away her excitement. Sitting in
her chair at her make up table, slave laid out all of her favorite
colors and applied it as Master has taught her to do.

   Slave reached for her Masters favorite shorts for his slave. She
pulled the black tight leather over her thighs and let out a soft
moan as the four inch dildo slid past her lips and entered her.
After snapping the shorts, she positioned the dildo and smiled at
the feeling between her legs. She pulled the matching halter top
over her head and grabbed her nipple rings pulling them through
the opening. Zipping up her halter, slave wiggled her Master’s
breast filling the cups. Slave looked in the mirror admiring her
reflection. Her pierced nipples were exposed for when Master came
home and the moist feeling between her legs reminded her that she
belongs to Master.
                         — The End —

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