Marital Contract

August 28, 2007 – 10:00 am

 My husband Kyle and I had been married for many years before our
relationship became what it is today.  We always had an active sex
life, feeling quite comfortable with each other experimenting
sexually came naturally.  It was not until we hit a bit of a slump
in our love life that we started to try and really mix things up.
I had always felt more comfortable with him in charge, when he
came up with ideas of things to do I always enjoyed them more than
if I had thought of them.

   Kyle always liked to give my ass a playful smack as I would walk
by. I never complained like most woman would have, in fact I kinda
liked it.  When he suggested one night that he would like to tie
me up and fuck me I was surprised yet at the same time I started
to get very aroused. That night he took the ties from our
housecoats and some soft lengths of cloth and tied me spread eagle
on the bed.  Kyle then told me I was his property for the night
and he would do with me as he pleased. I was to call him Master
till he was finished and promised me I would love every minute of
it.  That night didn’t amount to much more than him eating me till
I was ready to scream then he moved up to my mouth and I was
instructed to suck his cock.

   I regularly gave Kyle blow jobs but now this was for my Master
and it seemed so different. Once he was finished fucking my mouth
he moved down and fucked my pussy, not rough but being tied up it
was a whole new experience.

   After that he did not pursue this type of sexual activity, I
guess he did not want to push anything on me that he did not think
I enjoyed. But how wrong he was. Not only did I enjoy that night;
I could not get the feelings I experienced out of my mind. We had
regular sex a few more times after that until one night I could
just not reach an orgasm. Kyle was getting a little frustrated and
was not going to stop until I was satisfied. I could not believe
the words that came out of my mouth at that moment but have never
regretted telling my Master that “He should stop being so nice and
tie his little slave up and treat her like the slut she was!”

   Master promptly pulled out of my pussy and turned me over to put
me on all fours. He searched through the closet until he found his
thin leather belt. He then informed me that a slut slave should be
properly whipped before she was fucked. After giving me 6 strong
lashes on my behind he mounted me from behind and pushed his cock
into my pussy. Master then reached around and grabbed my breasts
and started to pull them and squeeze them hard as he pounded up
against my freshly whipped ass.  He called me his little slut and
told me that I was going to be his sex slave from now on.  The way
he was treating me and the warm and painful feeling from my behind
and breasts pushed me over into a fantastic orgasm.

   Since that night our Master slave relationship has blossomed and
grown. I am now his complete submissive. We no longer have “sex.”
My only purpose is to satisfy his sexual desires and if my Master
deems it appropriate he will let me reach an orgasm as well. We
have documented our arrangement on paper with me signing a slavery
agreement giving all rights to my body to him to do so as he
pleases and my total commitment to serve and satisfy him in any
way he desires. We have a long set of rules that I must follow. My
Master has none, I feel totally secure that he would never act in
malice toward me because we always had a loving relationship and
he always had my interests at heart.

   The first and foremost rule is that I am NEVER to wear
undergarments and my pussy is to be shaved at all times. This was
to ensure his easy access to my flesh. On some occasions he will
let me wear slacks but mostly my attire consists of short skirts
and blouses. We behave like we always did during day to day
activities, but he is always the Master and I know when to act as
his slave. In the beginning I slipped up a few times and that
night I would be corrected and I have learned that my position is
as a sex slave. One time we were shopping and Kyle was getting
bored and suggested we go home. I was just getting started and
protested. I guess I was a little to snippy and he took offence. I
immediately knew I was in trouble by the look in his eyes. I
apologized but it was too late. We left the mall at that moment
and after I had put the purchases away in the trunk of the car he
closed the lid and instructed me to remove my skirt.  I was
shocked! He had never done anything like this in public before. I
looked at him with pleading eyes but he would have none of it. He
told me to remove my skirt again and this time I slowly complied.
My Master then took my skirt and put it in the passenger side of
the car leaving my bare ass exposed to anyone walking in the
parking lot.  All I had remaining was my tank top and high heels.
When he came back he was unfastening his belt and preparing to
whip my ass right there in the parking lot! For my first offence
he said 12 lashes would be sufficient. I was to count them for him
and apologize to him after every stroke. After I had received 10
new red streaks on my ass I thanked him for setting me straight
and I was allowed to sit beside him in the car, still without my
skirt.  I was allowed to pull it on just before I got out of the
car as we pulled into our driveway. Once inside the house I begged
him to allow me to suck his cock.  I sucked it like an animal, I
was so hot from the treatment that I had received outside the
mall.  Master is so great, he allowed me to masturbate myself to
orgasm as I lay at his feet with my tummy full of his beautiful

   My Master has always enjoyed exposing me, and putting me in
uncomfortable predicaments in public. One time when we were
downtown he came up with an idea.  We ducked into an alleyway
opposite our car and he had me strip completely naked except for
my heels and suck him off. After he had cum on my face he
instructed me to put my blouse back on and hand him my skirt. I
still had the cum running down my face since he had not instructed
me to clean it off. I was never to remove the cum until  given
permission.  He then walked to the car opened his door and handed
me the bus fare to get home. My Master then drove away, with my
skirt, leaving me hours from home with only enough money to grab a
few busses and a long walk back to home. I was completely
embarrassed and scared being so exposed and alone. My blouse did
cover my ass but walking home and standing on a bus with only its
thin fabric and my high heels covering me  was very frightening
and very arousing. I arrived home with his cum residue still on my
face and a sopping wet cunt.

   Once my Master knew that I was his total property he began to do
things just to amuse himself. He went through a stage where
handing me around as a sex toy for other men to enjoy was pleasing
to him. I only wanted to please him but if that meant pleasing
other men, I would followed his command to do so. I started with
only one or two men at a time but then it became like a sport to
see how many men his little sex slave slut wife could handle at a
time. I was doing 8 to 10 men on average every weekend.  Fucking
and sucking them, serving them as they degraded me verbally and
physically. My Master would look on to be sure I was never harmed
seriously but I did receive many a bruise from there rough hands
and the abuse my pussy took was astounding. During a weekend it
seemed like a constant assault on my pussy, cock after cock
stretched me wider and wider. Sometimes two at a time in my pussy.
And I swallowed gallons of cum.  He would never let them have me
in the ass. That was for his pleasure only. I was glad when this
phase of having me gang banged, while he watched, dwindled out.
Now I could concentrate on pleasing my Master exclusively.  I
pleasured him more with my mouth and ass than with my pussy, he
did not seem to want to fuck me there anymore, it was a very rare
occurrence when he did. Even then he would usually not ejaculate
in my pussy, he would pull out and slide it into my ass then soon
after he would cum.

   One night as I was tied to a bench with my legs spread wide and
pulled back towards my shoulders, he informed me that after I had
fucked so many men my pussy was no longer suitable for bringing
him to orgasm. I was too loose and floppy.  My Master then
informed me that I would never again have his cock in my pussy, I
would service him with my mouth and he would fuck me exclusively
in my ass. He added that he liked the way my pussy had become so
spread open and gaping and that he was going to continue to
stretch it bigger and bigger till it was a huge gaping hole that
any slave would be proud of.  I was hurt to think my most prized
possession was ruined and of no use to any man. I had noticed when
I was allowed to masturbate that the lips hung down and open and
it was much looser than it used to be. On the other hand I could
still pleasure my Master with my ass and he was really enjoying
slowly stretching my pussy bigger. He has worked it open over time
so that I can take his entire fist into my pussy, he says his goal
is to make my pussy loose enough to take both his hands at once.

   I have come so accustomed to being fucked in the ass he could
tell that I was always close to cumming, he gave me permission to
cum when he fucked me like that and now I am more in love with him
then ever. I can still please him and enjoy my own orgasms as we
are joined, my ass to his cock. I know he loves me more and more
as I continue to fulfill the terms of our slavery contract.
                         — The End —

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