My Wife’s child bearing hips…

December 4, 2011 – 10:33 am

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I remember it like it was yesterday. In reality, it was only about a year ago. It was Superbowl Sunday and I had the usual crowd over. My wife and I have been married for about three years now and I love Heather very much. She is 27, fit and very sexy. She stands 5’4″ with strawberry blonde hair. I am 31 and in decent shape. I’m 5’7″ and could use a few muscles. We were high school sweethearts and she practically grew up with me and my friends. Eddie, one of our friends, has always wanted Heather. I fell that thare has always been an unspoken attraction between them. We have been working on heating up our sex lives and as a result, kinky fantasies have crept their way into our lovemaking. We fantasize about her being taken by another man as I watch helplessly. It is just a fantasy, that’s all. I would never really want that to happen. I am her husband.

For the last three years running, my buds have come over and watched the game at my house. It stands to reason considering that I have the wide screen flat panel T.V. , not to mention the hottest wife of the group. That Sunday morning Heather slept in. She got out of bed just a few minutes before the guys were to show up. She got up, showered and then got dressed. She put on her usual short shorts and t-shirt. She didn’t wear a bra or panties around the house when it was just us, but I had friends coming over. Just as I was about to tell her to put more clothes on, the doorbell rang. I left the bedroom to answer the door without saying a word.

Eddie, Gary and Keith made themselves at home on our couches as I fumbled with the remote control. Eddie and I were high school pals and have always been very competitive with each other, not to mention.. he has always wanted my wife. I secretly despise this guy. Eddie is about 6’0″ and weighs about 230 lbs. A very strong fellow you might say. He has been a part of our group of friends for so long that I have learned to tolerate him.

My wife was bringing us some cold ones and I caught Eddie staring my wife’s body up and down. Heather noticed his attention and gave him a quick smile. I think that the thought of Eddie wanting her turned her on. I got a little bothered by the interaction but let it go. A few moments later, she brought in some chips and dip and made her way to Eddie’s side of the coffee table and bent all the way over as she placed the dip on the coffee table. This allowed him full view of my wife’s crotch. I know from memory that those shorts cling to her body and accentuate her hips when she bends over. Eddie looked over at me and gave me an evil grin. He could tell that Heather was doing this on purpose and was using this to his advantage.

He reached over and gave Heather’s ass a little squeeze and said, “Damn Heather, you have those child bearing hips.” Suprised by Eddie’s actions, Heather looked up at me startled. Gary and Keith sat there with their jaws on the floor as to what they had just fell witness to. Gary and Keith were not going to get involved with this. They both know from experience that Eddie can get pretty damn mean after a few beers. He has beaten their asses a few times over the years. Sensing that there was about to be an altercation, both Gary and Keith left hurriedly. Heather asked Eddie, “Who the hell do you think you are?” I sat there watching what was transpiring unable to stand up to Eddie. He looked very determined which intimidated me. He grabbed Heather around her waist and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She made a half ass effort to pull away from him but reciprocated him to a small degree. She fought her mouth away from his and asked me breathlessly, “Are you going to stop him? Help me!” I finally stood up to intervene and took a right cross to my jaw. I was out cold for just a few seconds. When I awoke, Eddie stood over me and he punched me in the gut, knocking the wind out of me. He said, “Listen here John, I’m gonna fuck your wife and if you make another stupid move like that I’ll break your neck.” Heather just stood there and made no effort to get away. I don’t know if she was afraid to leave me alone there with Eddie or the thought of getting taken by another man while her husband watched helplessly turned her on. Eddie turned his attention back to Heather. I laid there helplessly as he pulled her to him. She called to me one last time breathlessly, “John!” She looked flushed and very aroused. She knew that my friend Eddie was going to fuck her and that there was nothing we could do to stop it. She was getting hot but knew it was wrong. She was getting very hot and sexually aroused and tried not to succumb to him. “Please don’t. I am married. Please, Oh god.” Then she glance over at me to see that I was just laying there on the floor watching helplessly. I was too scared to do anything about it. She was growing weak to his advances and beginning to give in seeing that her husband was just laying there letting it happen.

Eddie pulled her t shirt off and began sucking on her nipples. They were rock hard and swollen with excitement. She loved to have her nipples suckled which made her very wet. I noticed his hands had made their way to her crotch and was rubbing her through her shorts. He went from one nipple to the other furiously as she dry humped his hand. It was too far to stop him now. He released her from his grip and commanded her to pull off her panties. She did so as she looked at me to see if I would make a last effort to stop it. I looked away from her in shame as I continued to lay there on the floor. My cock was rock fucking hard and struggling against my pants as I watched Eddie have his way with my wife. Her panties fell to the floor. Eddie stared at her perfectly trimmed pussy and began to strip his own clothes off. He was practically ripping them from his body in anticipation. A nude Eddie paused momentarily as his very large thick cock stood there between them. Heather looked down at it surprised at it’s size. She quickly looked at me and said, “Oh my god John, are you really going to let him fuck me?” Eddie said, “Get on your knees Heather and suck a real man’s cock.” She looked at me the whole time. She got on her knees and grabbed his cock and began to lick the end of it with her tongue. She never took her eyes away from mine. She opened her mouth really wide to get the head of it in her mouth. His cock was so large that she could barely get the head in her mouth. Unable to choke down anymore of his cock, she suckled on it. She was unable to get another inch down her throat. She held onto the length of it with her hand as she sucked the end of his cock like a baby feeding. Eddie groaned and held onto my wife’s head with his right hand as she sucked his cock, allowing me full view.
Eddie pulled my wife’s mouth off his cock and lifted her to the couch. She laid there on her back with her legs spread wide as Eddie kneeled down in front of her. She looked at me helplessly and said ,”Oh my god John, do you see what he is doing?” He quickly planted his mouth firmly on her pussy and began to tongue her deeply. Her bodied tensed up as his mouth began to suck her. She gasped out loud and said, “Oh Gaaaaaawd John, he is going to have me. She stopped looking at me and began to focus on Eddie’s hungry mouth. He was sucking her for all she was worth. He moved his lips and tongue up and down her wet pussy. I could see she was dripping wet and very sexually excited about what was happening to her. Her body began to convulse in the ripples of her first orgasm. She looked over at me once again and said, “I’m cuuuummmming in his mouth John. Eddie is sucking the cuuumm out of me, Oh Gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!” She became breatless and her face contorted as she came. She squirted her cum into his hungry mouth. Eddie drank her in fully. He quickly pulled her to the floor near me and said, “Your husband is going to watch this happen. John, I’m going to fuck your wife’s pussy and your going to watch every inch of it.” My wife was now torrid with pure lust for Eddie. He was taking her from me right before my eyes.

She was on her back with her legs spread as Eddie began to lower himself into position. Heather was taking in the reality of the situation when she had a moment of clarity. She looked at me and then Eddie and said, “Eddie, there are some condoms in the master bedroom. have John go get them.” Eddie continued to lower himself and making his way for her wet pussy. “Oh gawd Eddie, I mean it. This is a bad time of the month for me. John, stop him. I’m very fertile right now. Go get the condoms!” Just as she said that, the head of Eddie’s cock was pushing its way against her pussy lips. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she went limp to his assault. She quickly raised her head to see his cock pushing its way into her. She glanced into my eyes panicking, “John, he is going to fuck me bareback. He is going to cum in me!” He shifted around furiously jockeying for a better angle into her. He pushed into her head deep. Heather squealed as her pussy opened up for him. He pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her wet pussy inch by inch. Each grunted lunge forward forced his cock deeper and deeper into her. She reached over and grabbed my arm and held onto it tightly. She came violently and screamed out loud, “Oh my gaaaaaawd. He is making me cuuuum!” Tears rolled from the corner of her eyes as she came. She looked over at me, again panicking, and said, “John, he is hitting my cervix. His cock is bottoming out on my cervix!” He plowed away at her furiously. He told Heather, “Move over this way a little so that he can see your pussy getting fucked by a real man.” She quickly shifted to give me an even better view of her getting fucked by Eddie’s cock. She continued to grip my arm tightly as he continued to fuck her furiously.

Heather’s fingernails were digging in my arm as her body was rocked by Eddie’s lunging cock. He quickened his hurried pace even more. Heather looked at me as he eyes rolled back into her head again. She said, “I’m going to cum again, I’m cumming on his cock John. Oh my Gaaawd. I’m cumming!” Eddie looked at me as well and said, “Look at this cock John! Just look at your wife! She is fucking cumming on my dick! Watch this John. Watch what your wife does!” He looked Heather in the eyes and asked, “Heather, I am about to cum really hard. fuck my cock is about to explode. can I cum in your pussy?” She looked over at me for some kind of approval. It was obvious to her that I did not want him to cum in her. I knew tht she would more than likely become pregnant! She knew that it would break my heart if she had the opportunity to stop him from cumming in her and didn’t. She finally looked back at Eddie and said, “Cum in my pussy you fucking bastard! Put all you cum in me. Please don’t stop fucking it inot me! ” She had this sense of urgency look about her as her face contorted. She stared down at his cock pumping into her cunt. “John, he is cumming in me! Oh GAAAAAAAAWD!” She looked at me with tears rolling down her face as she came violently with him. Eddie’s hands clutched at my wife’s child bearing hips as he filled her with his cum. He bottomed out on her cervix one last time and shot the last of his load. She looked at him as she held him into her for about a minute or so. She looked back over at me for any kind of reaction as the cum ran out of her well fucked pussy. My wife just laid there as my friend drained his cock into her. She did not release him from her clutches for another minute or so. Eddie leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. They held each other for several minutes more as I watched in horror.

– The End –

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