My Wife’s Transformation 8

November 30, 2011 – 4:40 am

C h a p t e r  E i g h t

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Monday morning didn’t come soon enough! I was still trying to recover from the events of the weekend. Actually, I never have recovered. The week went by quickly and soon enough it was Friday. That afternoon, Linda dropped by. Both women were dressed to the nines, as if they were going somewhere. My wife handed me a large bag. In it was a chauffeurs uniform. “The only way we would be seen in public with you is for you to be our chauffeur. Now hurry and put that uniform on, we have an appointment.” I changed into the ridiculous outfit; hat,gloves,shoes and all. The women sat in the back of the limo and gave me instructions as I drove. We headed out of town and drove to the countryside. After making a sharp turn, we were on a backwoods road. Another turn and we arrived at a large iron gate. A guard opened it and I drove inside. I drove about a half mile further and pulled up to a huge mansion. I parked and quickly opened the limo door for the ladies, like a good chauffeur should. I followed them to the front door, not having a clue as to who lived here. A girl of around 19 answered, wearing French Maid’s attire. A petite redhead, she was very pretty. She led us to the study. “Please make yourselves comfortable, Mistress will be in soon.” My mind was racing as I tried to figure out what was going on here. Who was this ‘Mistress’, I wondered.

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer! A tall, striking woman entered the room. She was well over 6 ft. in her hi-heeled black boots. Her hair was jet-black and pulled back in a tight bun. She was beautiful in a strange sort of way. There was something about the way she looked that I couldn’t put a finger on, but definitely found attractive. Ignoring me, she greeted Linda as a longtime friend.Linda introduced her to my wife as Mistress Zoe. “How may I be of service to you ladies,” she asked. “Well Mistress Zoe”, began my wife,”I’ve recently discovered that I absolutely LOVE humiliating my impotent, wimp, sorry excuse for a husband! When Linda told me about you, I figured a woman of your stature would have some excellent ideas as how to further his humiliation.” I turned a deep shade of red. “How long have you been married,” Mistress asked my wife. “Over 20 years,” she replied. “In what ways have you humiliated him since you discovered you enjoyed this kind of activity?” Mistress asked. “So far I’ve had sex with my boyfriend in front of my husband 3 times and plan of doing it a lot more,” she exclaimed. “What is your husband’s occupation,” Mistress Zoe asked. “He’s her maid,” laughed Linda. My wife explained how she made me quit my menial job and become her maid because even a professional housekeeper made 3 times the money that I ever did. “The only reason I keep him around is because he IS a good maid; that and I adore teasing and embarrassing him,” my wife quipped. “Describe to me your sex life with him in those 20 years of married life,” Mistress Zoe inquired. “He has always been horny but hasn’t always been fat. He was skinny when we first married. His small penis did nothing for me then and it does nothing for me now! At least back then it got hard!” My face got even more red. My wife continued, “I shunned sex for all those years and concentrated on various business ventures and now I am very well off. I had the good fortune of meeting Linda a few months ago and she introduced me to the world of wild sex. Now I can’t get enough!” “You mentioned your husband’s impotency,” Mistress remarked. “He’s so fat and out of shape, it’s no wonder,” my wife sarcastically replied. “What has been his reaction to you having sex with your boyfriend in front of him,” Mistress wanted to know. “At first, he tried to stop me but my boyfriend slapped him around and now he just sits on his fat ass and watches us,” she replied. “Do you think he enjoys watching you have sex,” Mistress asked. “I pretty sure he does even though he won’t admit it,” my wife answered. “Has he ever displayed any homosexual tendencies?” Mistress wanted to know. Linda told her about the cum-soaked underwear gag and how it made me hard. “That IS very interesting,” Mistress pondered.

Mistress Zoe turned and for the first time acknowledged me. “STAND,” she commanded and I did just that. She slowly arose and walked over to me. “Look straight ahead and NOT into my eyes. Speak only when spoken to,” she ordered. She looked me over a bit. “Open your mouth,” she demanded. Putting on a latex glove, she began probing my mouth and lifting my lips. “You have excellent teeth,” she complimented me. “Remove your shirt,” she insisted. I did as she told me, afraid to disobey. She noticed my breasts right away. “I have a bra that will fit you,” she assured me and my wife and Linda cracked up. They told Mistress all about my bra episode. “Now,off with your trousers,” Mistress Zoe commanded. Soon I was naked before them all. Mistress grabbed my dick and caressed it. It got somewhat hard . She reached down and grabbed my tiny balls, squeezing them. I yelped and pleaded for mercy. She then positioned me on a leather couch with my head down and ass sticking straight up in the air. Mistress Zoe had me spread my ass-cheeks and violated me with her latex gloved fingers. I had never experienced that sensation and found it unpleasant. Then she began masturbating me with her other hand while continuing to probe my ass. Soon I began thrusting back to meet her fingers! She quickly stopped, to my major disappointment! “On your knees,” she barked at me. She carefully removed the rubber glove and threw it in the trash. I kneeled as she sat back down in her chair.

Addressing my wife she said, “I would like to start him on a program immediately. He will undergo indoctrination throughout the weekend so he shall be staying here until Sunday evening. My in-house doctor will check his blood among other things. He actually has some good points. He appears to be clean, has nice teeth and I can tell by the tightness of his sphincter that he’s never been fucked there; at least not YET,” she said coyly. I swallowed hard! Mistress Zoe went on, “he will be put on a strict diet and workout regiment. In 9 weeks time I shall turn him into a different person. Believe me honey, I’ve done this many times and guarantee results. After this weekend, I will come to your home periodically to watch over his progress. He DARE NOT disappoint me!” “Thank you so much Mistress Zoe”, my wife graciously replied.

Then Mistress Zoe addressed me. “You shall receive indoctrination here this weekend. You will fast until Sunday evening ,when you shall have a little soup.”The thought of going without food for 2 days made my stomach growl loudly. Hearing this Mistress said, “would you like a little snack before fasting?” “Yes,please,” I eagerly replied. She then offered a cigarette to my wife and Linda. The 3 women lit up. “Mistress,” Linda said,”there’s no ashtray in sight.” “Oh yes there is,” she exclaimed and ordered me to crawl to her. “Are you ready for your snack?” she asked me. I nodded my head, innocently. “Open your mouth wide,” she requested and when I did she flicked her cigarette ash right in my mouth! The 3 women laughed and Linda said, “Hey I wanna try that”. In no time they had me crawling from woman to woman, using me as a human ashtray. The taste about gagged me but the worst was yet to come.”How am I gonna put out my cigarette, there’s no real ashtray,” Linda wanted to know. “Like this,” said Mistress and snuffed the half-smoked butt out on the sole of her boot. Both women followed suit, then Linda asked,”What shall I do with the butt, Mistress?” “THIS!” Mistress replied and commanding me to open wide, put her butt right in my mouth. “Chew it up and swallow it,” she demanded. I gagged and gagged, but did as I was told. I then got the same treatment from my wife and Linda. After consuming 3 butts, I thought I would be sick. Mistress then had me lick the soles of their shoes clean. It was AWFUL! My wife and Linda left soon after, leaving me here with this God-forsaken woman, in this God-forsaken place!

— The End —

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