Party Prize

August 27, 2007 – 10:00 am

“Just this once!” she said ” and if we go, though, I want
to be in charge”

I had suggested we go to a bondage theme party for
new years, and it seemed like she was coming around.
She was licking my dick as we talked, stopping when I
started to disagree, so it should be no surprise that I
eventually agreed.

It was being put on by some acquaintances of ours, a
couple of blocks away from where we live.

You gotta love California in the winter, it was warm
enough new years eve that we could walk over. My wife
insisted that we put our complete costumes on first
though, I think shocking our neighbors was a little bit of
her fun.

They weren’t particularly startling at a distance, she was
wearing a long leather skirt, but it was slit to the hip, and
a sheer top.   I was wearing some leather pants she had
bought for me that zipped up the sides, and a silk shirt,
she had added a collar, manacles and ankle cuffs she
had picked up.

As we walked up their driveway, my wife said “We need
to finish your costume”  I looked blankly, and she
reached out and clipped my wrist cuffs together with a
short length of chain, behind my back. The next thing
she did was to reach down into my pants and start
rubbing my cock. As soon as it was hard, she stopped
and rang the doorbell.

When we got inside, it was clear that we were some of
the tamer guests. I was hoping for an interesting
evening. After a while, so that I could drink , she recuffed
my hands in front of me.

As the evening progressed, things got looser and looser.
At one point (while my wife was engrossed in
conversation, with another lovely woman in black), I
watched  a couple start spanking each other with a riding

She got spanked first, she obviously liked it and I loved
the way her full breasts jiggled with each shot. I was
fascinated to watch her come when he started cropping
her twat.

I could understand how that attention, starting with light
little taps, increasing in force slowly could have that
effect.  It floored me however, when she was able to do
the same thing to him. She started out by having him
bend over at the waist, holding on to his knees. After she
had first reddened and then laid a series of welts down
his ass cheeks, she told him to spread his ass cheeks.

When he did so she laid a series of little red marks
starting at the top of his ass crack, proceeding down until
she laid two in a row, right on his anus.  That hurt to
watch, it hurts to even think about it, and it certainly hurt
him. The first sound he made was a scream when she
did that.

At that point she had him lay on the carpet, with his legs
spread. She stood over his chest and started working on
him. He was rock hard. She started tapping on his balls,
moving slowly up his cock. She stopped occasionally to
rub his shaft with the tip of the crop.

Each time she restarted, she hit harder. She
concentrated on the tip, occasionally hitting the very tip
with a zinging little snap, followed by slaps on the shaft,
just below the tip. Guys know the exact spot I am talking
about.  When he started arching his body up to meet her
shots, she got faster and faster, until finally he came, in
gobs on his stomach and chest.

After he stopped humping the air, she lifted her foot, and
smeared his cum with her foot, until her toes were
dripping, and then she stuck her toes in his mouth, and
he started licking them clean.

After a little of this, and she had transferred most of his
cum to his mouth, she dropped over his face, slamming
her cunt on his mouth, and rode him to she had another

My mouth must of been hanging open in astonishment,
because my wife came up and said “close your mouth
dear, or Ill let someone stick something in it. I’ve already
had a couple of offers” “You look fascinated” she continued
” No, I just can’t believe he could get off that way” I
replied, “I just didn’t believe anyone could come just from
the whipping”

She grabbed my crotch, holding on to my erection, and
said “this tells a different tale. Vivian and I watched you
watching this exhibition.  She thinks she could get you to
come that way as well”

“I doubt it” I replied, but deep inside I could tell I had
some interest, as my erection twitched. My wife still
holding it felt it as well.  She just laughed, saying “You
are my slave tonight after all! We will just have to see.”

In another room, another couple was having a grand
time.  She had her slave on his chest on the floor, licking
and sucking her toes.  After she tired of that, she started
rubbing his cock with her toes.  She had long red painted
toenails, that looked wickedly sharp, and occasionally
she would drive their points into his balls or his thigh.
Didn’t seem to matter to him though, he kept arching his
back higher and higher, trying to get more rubbing from
her feet, Finally he came, all over her foot, and his

I started to leave at that point, but then she stuck her
foot in his mouth, and he started sucking and licking her
foot like it was his only meal for a week. (The second
time I had seen this done tonight, and it was just as
yucky) As he continued, she grabbed a chair and sat
down, and I would swear she had an orgasm within
minutes, just from having her toes sucked.

This was when my wife and Vivian walked up to me. My
wife said “come on dear, we have entered you into a

“What contest?” I asked.

She slapped my butt, and said “What contest mistress”.
With that she raised her eyebrow, and after a second, I
replied “What contest mistress”

“A tugowar” she replied “with a difference”.

We walked into a room where there were 4 easy chairs
arranged facing each other, and a woman sitting in each,
kneeling in front of three of them were guys on their
knees. I was moved into the forth position, facing her
new friend Vivian. She had a lovely half-shaved snatch.
When I was positioned, my wife unzipped my crotch, and
placed a ball harness on me, cinching it tight. When she
let go I could feel that I was being pulled back by my
balls. As it turned out, we were all bungee corded
together by our balls.

“The rules are simple!” a voice behind me said “Whoever
gets the woman in front of them off first, wins. Whoever
doesn’t win has to deep throat the ones who were ahead
of them. Not to orgasm, just to get your lips down to the
base of the shaft. The woman who didn’t get off spanks
the looser.

I wasn’t excited by the prospect of loosing, or not even
being first, but eating pussy is something I am good at,
and something I enjoy. Ordinarily I do not try to make it
fast however. In my book, longer is better.

“Ready, Set, Go”, and I lunged forward the 6 inches to
Vivian’s already dripping cunt. The bungee on my balls
immediately started pulling back, and side to side. I
started licking her cunt, and tongue fucking her to see
what she liked. I finally settled in with a slithering sliding
lick over her clit, and the occasionally penetration of her
cunt I had to keep fighting from being pulled back by the
bungee. After a little while I thought my balls were going
to pop right off. I could feel her start to tighten up, I
thought I was going to win, when I heard some one else
scream, just before she started bucking into my soaked

I was second as it turned out.  The winner was the guy
to my left, the looser the guy behind me. As the winner
was seated in the chair, I was brought to his cock, it was
still flaccid. Recognizing it would be easier this way I sort
of sucked in into my mouth, getting to the base almost
immediately. While it started to stiffen at once, I got
down to the base relatively easily. As it started to choke
me, I pulled back.

The third place was then moved in front of the winner.
He didn’t have such an easy time. He had to bob up and
down a few times to get it slick enough and to relax his
throat I guess. Watching this gave me a real boner, and
when he finished the winner, it took him about as long to
get my whole dick in his mouth as well.

First he coated it with saliva and then forced his head
down, I could feel him trying to swallow. He finally got

The looser had a harder time, on the winner. I think it
was because a riding crop was spanking him.

He was still working on the winner, when the previous
guy finished with me. When the looser was working on
me it was much shorter, he sort of had it worked out, but
the third guy had a huge hard on, easily 2′ longer than
mine, and thicker.  It took the poor looser most of a
minute, to get down to the base. I was damn glad I
hadn’t had to do him.

Prizes were then handed out to the slave mistresses, I
don’t know what the winner’s got, but my wife got a butt
plug and harness, which she immediately tried to insert
in my ass. I started to pull away, when Vivian grabbed my
arms, and very efficiently bent me over. In no time she
had crammed it past my protesting sphincter. Then she
fastened the harness that would hold it in place, clicking
the lock shut. It felt weird, but not painful.

I didn’t see what the third place got either, but the loser’s
mistress got a huge strap on dildo. I could imagine that
he was going to get LOTs of practice giving head.

A while, after this, the party started to break up, and my
wife said she had a special treat for me. She collected all
of my clothes, and then said, “Vivian is giving me a ride
home. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can join
in the fun.” As I started to reach for the clothes, she
danced out of reach. “I don’t think so” she laughed, and
went out the door. “You better hope the police don’t see
you on your way”

My wife quickly left as I hurried after her. I was sure she
was kidding, but she just got in a car with my clothes. I
was mortified. I had been nude in the house (well shoes
and a butt plug harness) but now I was naked. The car
then took off. I was flushing red from the
embarrassment, just imagining what could happen to
me, just knowing all my neighbors would see. I also had
one hell of a hard on.

I started walking, crouching down, and then realized that
that made no real difference. I then thought I might as
well run, but with the butt plug in, this didn’t really work

As I walked, I was freaking out, I could just imagine
trying to explain my condition to a cop. Every time a car
came by, I would hide in the bushes. It was the longest
couple of blocks I ever walked. Once a motor cycle
zoomed by, and then started swerving. It disappeared
down the road, but then I heard it start to come back.  I
crouched down in the bushes next to the sound wall of
the subdivision, as it slowly cruised back, and then
disappears again. I stayed there until it disappeared the
other direction, and then just when I was going to move
again, I heard the soft swish of the bike coasting back
down the slight hill. Great, the last thing I needed was to
get hassled by a biker or  worse yet, a cop.

I guess whoever it was had thought they had seen
something, but they coasted past me and around the
bend, and I heard the motor start, and the guy roared off
into the distance.

Finally I got home, and there was a car in the driveway.
When I got inside, the first thing I saw was Vivian sitting
on the couch, and my wife kneeling between her legs.

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