My Wife’s Transformation 7

November 22, 2011 – 3:14 pm

C h a p t e r  S e v e n

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I awoke not knowing where I was. The gray, early morning light made it hard to focus. The fact that my left eye was swollen shut didn’t help matters either. I was groggy, my entire body ached. There was something stuck in my mouth and it tasted awful! With my good eye, I could make out someone laying in the bed, just a few feet away. I realized it was Juan and everything from the night before came flooding back to me. I heard soft singing coming from across the room. There, sitting at her vanity, was my wife, brushing her hair. She checked her make-up, applied lipstick and then slowly arose. Our eyes locked for a moment, then she pouted her lips and climbed into bed with Juan. She kissed him awake, first his lips, then his chest and stomach. His lower body was covered by the sheet and there was a big ‘tent’ at his crotch. She pulled the covers back,revealing his hard 8 incher. She grabbed it, displaying it to me. She started licking and kissing it. As she blew him, she stared directly at me. Even with one bad eye and dim light, I was still close enough to see every little detail. I watched her, wishing just once she would suck my cock like she did Juan’s. Finally, Juan couldn’t hold back anymore and shot his hot load down my wife’s pretty throat. They went to take a shower together, leaving me gagged and cuffed to the chair.

Only after Juan left that morning did she unlock the handcuffs.I quickly reached behind my head, untying the knot that held the soiled briefs in my mouth. I spit them out, hurrying to my bathroom and brushed my teeth for 15 minutes! I got some ice and applied it to my swollen face. When I asked my wife to take me to the hospital, she refused, saying that I’d better get used to it because she was planning on having Juan slap me around on a regular basis. When I told her that I thought I may have had a mild heart-attack last night from watching her wanton display, she assured me that next time she let me watch her in action she would try harder to insure I had a PROPER heart-attack and not just a MILD one!

Later that afternoon, she had me cleaning the baseboards in the living room. As I was on my hands and knees scrubbing, I heard the front door open. I was startled when Juan appeared in the living room. Apparently my wife had given him a key! He had come from the gym and was sweaty. “I’m gonna take a shower,” he told my wife. “Juan, when your done there’s something laid out on my bed for you to wear, ok baby?” she said. “Sure” he replied and went to shower. As I continued to clean, I stole glances at my wife. Damn she looked so HOT!! She wore a short, dark blue, silk bath robe with stockings, garters and black stilettos. Soon Juan entered the living room wearing a skimpy black thong. His ass was exposed, his huge package barely contained in the pouch! Three little snaps held it all together.

He sat down next to my wife on the couch. They began making out as I watched from across the room. She looked over, catching me staring at them. “Come here” she demanded! I started to rise up to my feet. “NO, crawl to me and bring that rag you were cleaning with. I crawled over to them. “My shoes need polishing” she said, presenting one of them to me. I carefully polished her stilettos while she made out with her boyfriend. I was openly staring at her magnificent legs! “That’s right, stare at my legs,” she said and stood up. “Look at them very closely”. I stared as she turned and displayed her legs in various poses, not three feet away. “Take a GOOD LOOK because that’s ALL you’ll be doing from now on, is LOOKING. These legs now belong to Juan!”

She sat in his lap and he ran his big hands up and down her legs. Again she stood and with her back to me, pulled up her short robe, revealing her bare ass. The garter belt framed her ass perfectly. “Look at this ass,” she ordered. “I KNOW you would love to have my fine ass, wouldn’t you? Take a GOOD LOOK at my ass because that’s all you’re ever gonna do is LOOK. This ass belongs to Juan now”. He reached over and playfully swatted her bottom. She squealed and kissed him hungrily. She sat on his lap, facing me and opened her robe slightly. Her breasts bound into view. “Look at my tits,” she exclaimed. “See how firm. Look how hard the nipples are. I bet you’d LOVE to run your tongue around my nipples, wouldn’t you?” The thought of it made me salivate. “Well, you better look real good because that’s ALL you will be doing from now on.” She turned slightly, offering her succulent breasts to Juan. As he nibbled on them, she moaned softly, running her fingers through his dark hair.

She pulled away from him and again stood up. Ripping open her robe, I found myself face to face with her newly shaved pussy. My eyes about popped out of my head. “Take a GOOD LOOK at my pussy,” she commanded. “I bet you’d LOVE to stick your puny little penis in my tight, steamy pussy, wouldn’t you” she demanded. “YES,” I meekly replied. Laughing, she again sat in Juan’s lap, spreading her legs, giving him easy access. He ran his long index finger along her wet slit. When he inserted the finger in her pussy, she came on the spot. “OH God fuck me now!” she cried. She reached over and in one swift motion unsnapped the thong. Juan’s big cock sprang into view. She straddled him as he sat on the couch and sunk right down on his hard-on, effectively impaling herself. She began riding him, bucking wildly up and down for all she was worth! Then Juan started moving his hips to meet her thrusts and she screamed like a bitch in heat, cumming continuously. I was shocked by their furious display! Juan stood up, his cock still imbedded in my wife. She had her legs wrapped around him. “Put those pillows on the floor,” he ordered me. I obeyed him, grabbing the oversized cushions off the sofa and carefully arranging them on the living room floor. He eased my wife down onto them, never disengaging from her tight pussy. He drilled her in a way that I couldn’t even IMAGINE. She was screaming, laughing and crying all at once. Then he roared and came deep in her pussy. They lay there for a good while, then stirred and headed for the shower. I just sat there,on my knees, right next to the pillows that my wife just got fucked on.

After their shower, they went out, leaving me alone with my thoughts. My wife returned later that day, alone. She was relaxing in the living room when Linda arrived. By now I had become quite adept at eavesdropping and listened in on their conversation. “Wasn’t last night mind-blowing,” gushed Linda. “Just when I think it can’t get any better,” my wife giggled. “Do you know what’s kinda weird though,” my wife asked Linda? “Do tell” purred Linda.”Well”,my wife started,”for some reason I get soooo turned on by fucking Juan in front of my wimp husband!I can’t HELP IT!! I wanna tease him,I wanna HUMILIATE him”!! “I feel the same way and he’s not even my husband,” confided Linda and both women giggled. “I really got off on humiliating him last night,” my wife continued. “Then this morning I made him watch while I gave Juan a blow-job. And just a few hours ago, I fucked Juan in the living room right in FRONT of him.” “DAMN GIRL,” said Linda. “I’m afraid that I’ve turned you into a little nymphomaniac.” “God Linda, I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of his BIG COCK,” confessed my wife. “And fucking him in front of my pathetic husband is SUCH a turn-on.” “Linda, I need to think of some new ways to humiliate chubby. Any ideas?” “Well honey, you CERTAINLY came to the right woman for THAT, “Linda replied. “I’m an expert at teasing and tormenting men. Let’s go get a drink and we’ll talk about it. I have a TON of ideas!” As they drove off, my ears were ringing with their words. I hated to even think about what was in store for me!

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