Goes Black & Hubby Approves

November 19, 2011 – 3:06 pm

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My husband (John) and I (Susan) have been married for two years. I am only 20 and he is 22. He just graduated from college and has a very good job in his father’s business. He is the heir apparent and so his father has him doing all the jobs, both menial and others, that he needs to do to understand the business. He works very hard and is gone a lot of time, including week-long business trips. I get lonely and I had no friends in the large apartment house where we are now living. In the basement of the apartment, there are several washers and driers for the tenants to use for their personal laundry and I met a woman there who is 29 and recently divorced. She was married only two years and admitted that they got divorced because she fooled around. She said that she needed much more sex than she was ever able to get from him. She said that she was very active sexually before she married and should have known it would be a problem after they married. She has a foul mouth when we are alone and she said she just plain needed more fucking. She works as a waitress in a good restaurant in town and so is home most of the day until about 5pm. She is very pretty and gets hit on a lot at the restaurant. When the guy looks good, she goes for it and often is not home in the morning when we usually get together for coffee. The fun part for me is her telling me in great detail how here evening was. I get so hot hearing about all she has done that I masturbate all day after I’ve heard her stories.

I am very naïve. The only man I have ever had sex with is my husband. We started having sex in my senior year of high school and continued while Stan went to college and in his junior year, we got married. I love being a housewife with all the silly things to do and I would like to have a job but Stan insists that I stay home and he wants a baby as soon as we can. So I recently went off birth-control pills and we have increased our sex to two to three times a week in the hopes of making a baby, except recently he has been gone a lot.

When I told this to my new friend, Cindy, she laughed and said that frequent sex would be four to five times a day! I couldn’t believe that a woman could have sex that much but she said that a woman could do that easily if she was turned on to the man and some women do much more than that on a regular basis. Cindy said that if she got all she wanted, she would have sex about two to three times a day. She said a blow job in the am, cunt licking at noon, and out and out hard fucking before bedtime would make her a happy girl.

As we were talking while waiting for our clothes to be dried, a handsome black man came in with an armload of laundry and obviously knew Cindy and came up and gave her a big open mouth, tongue lashing kiss while rubbing her ass. He put his clothes in the machine and said to her that he would be up later. When he left, she told me that she was crazy for that black man because he had a huge cock and could fuck forever. When I asked what was big and how long was forever she answered 10 inches by 2 1/2 inches and 1 1/2 hours. I really gasped after I thought about those dimensions and length of time. I admitted to Cindy that my husband was six by 1/2 to 3/4 inch and came in about one minute and fell off to sleep. After some probing questions by Cindy, I admitted that I have never had an orgasm with or by my husband. She brought me to her apartment and showed me an email program she belonged to and I saw for myself what some big black meat looked like. WOW!! She then asked me to leave so that she could see her black friend.

I was soaking wet as I went up to my apartment. Thinking about what I had just heard and thinking of the black man I just saw downstairs sinking his big prick in my friend got me very excited. The man who lives directly across from our apartment is black but I had never thought of him. Now I was thinking about him in a way that the day before I could not have imagined. I wondered how big his cock was and how long he could fuck a woman. He also is at home during the day and has some kind of a night job. I heard him at his door and I went to my door and pretended that I was going out. He was quite handsome and big. He was well over six feet and very black. He had a wonderful smile and a big deep voice. He was struggling with a carpet that he was trying to get in his door and the spring loaded door kept closing. I asked him if I could hold it open and he thanked me and said sure. After he horsed the carpet into his apartment, he asked if I would like something cold to drink since he was very hot from the struggle with the rug. He was having a beer and so I said a beer would be fine. I told him I was Nancy and his name was Drew.

I was wearing very short shorts and a T shirt with no bra because I had just come back from the laundry. Also, I was still wet from my visit with Cindy and I hoped that I wasn’t showing my wetness. I was embarrassed by my braless look and he noticed and said “baby, with tits like that, you should never wear a bra”. When I heard that my nipples stood out like rocks and he noticed immediately and said “your nipples seem to agree with me”. He came over to my side of the kitchen table where we were seated and ran the back of his hand along my cheek. He said I was beautiful and I turned my head and kissed his hand. He pulled me to my feet and put his arms around me and gave me a long kiss which almost made me swoon! His hand went under my T shirt and fondled my breasts and I pressed my crotch into his leg. He took my right hand and gently put it on his bulge in his pants and told me to unzip him. When I did, his huge cock popped out because he wasn’t wearing underwear. It felt to be eight to ten inches long and so fat that my hand could not go around it. When he put his hand under my shorts and into my pussy, I was so wet that I think I was dripping on the floor. He put his huge hands on my ass cheeks, lifted me up in his arms and told me to put his cock in my cunt. He sank into me and I felt a fullness that I had never felt. He started to hump me and put me against the wall so that he could really fuck. For the first time, I felt a roiling sensation in my pussy and after about three minutes of this very hard humping, I had my first orgasm with a man. To say it felt good would be like saying winning the lottery is nice! He carried me to his couch and lowered me down without losing a stroke in his humping me. He lifted my legs up so that I was spread like I have never been and he fucked me in that position while I had six more intense orgasms. Each one seemed stronger and occurred sooner than the last. He pulled my legs down and turned me on my stomach while keeping up his humping and now was dog fucking me. I had another orgasm then and it just seemed not to go away. I was begging him to fuck me forever and saying things that I normally don’t say. He finally came in me and it felt like at least a pint of cum was in my hole. He rolled me over so that we were face to face and started to kiss me and suck my nipples and bring me down from my high. He sucked my nipples so hard that they almost hurt and made them stick out almost an inch. He said that he was going to do that regularly until they were that big all the time. I had no idea sex could be like that – it was what heaven must be like and nothing could be better. When he pulled out he pushed my head down and I didn’t really know what he wanted. He wanted me to lick his cock clean. I had never thought to do that to a man but when I took his huge head in my mouth, I knew I was going to enjoy sucking him in the future. I told him that and he said that from now on, when I enter his apartment, I am to take off my clothes and drop to my knees. We will then start our fucking with a blow job. I told him I loved the idea. He fucked me twice more until he had to go to work. The second fuck was in my ass and I was amazed at how I liked it and came while he was buggering me and rubbing my clit.

The next morning I awoke and remembered my neighbor. My pussy lips were swollen as I thought about him and I was soaking wet with anticipation. Remembering my orders, I got naked and then I put on a large T shirt that covered me down to my knees and I opened my door and knocked on his door. In less than a minute, he opened the door and I entered and took off my shirt and fell to my knees. He came at me fully hard and I sucked him, or rather he fucked my mouth while pulling my hair to get more and more of his cock in my throat. I gagged a lot but by the time he came, I had most of his pole in my mouth when he let go a very large amount of salty cum and I swallowed four or five times to get it all. He told me that I would do that every time until I could gobble his cock down at first try. I said I could hardly wait. We fucked for about an hour and I lost count at the number of orgasms I had. He told me to leave, that he had errands to run, but I was to be back at 3:30 sharp because he wanted “some more of that fine white pussy” and he had to leave at five. At 3:30 sharp I was there for my second blow job of the day and then over an hour of mind-bending fucking in all positions, including my ass. Before we stopped, he had me on my shoulders with my ass and cunt up against a couch and he alternated between my pussy and ass until he pulled out and came on my ass and pussy so that the cum ran down my pussy until it dripped into my mouth. I think I got every drop, or at least I tried. He knew my husband was on a trip and so he invited me to join him after work which was about 2am. I asked him to knock and I would come over. At 3am he knocked and I gave him his blow job and then a nice long fuck. I fell asleep in his arms and we didn’t wake until about 11am and we fucked again and I went home. I was at my peak time to get pregnant and so I wondered if all of the black cum I had in me was going to take. Strangely, I hoped I was pregnant with Drew because I was in love with him or at least in lust with him.

I told Cindy about my experience with Drew and she wanted to know all the details. She was surprised when I was able to take him in my ass without any pain. I told her he was slow and careful and when he started to pound my ass, I had a huge orgasm which I didn’t expect. When I explained my fertile time and having Drew’s baby, she warned me that black men did not want to make anything permanent with a white woman but just fuck her and often have his friends fuck her. I thought that Drew would never offer me to another man but as I thought about it, if he did, I would gladly fuck anyone he wanted. Cindy warned me not to expect Drew to be there when I needed him but I was to always be there when he needed me. It didn’t sound fair but somehow made sense to me. With all the pleasure he gave me, I would do anything for him.

– The End –

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