My Wife’s Transformation 6

November 15, 2011 – 2:10 pm

C h a p t e r  S i x

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“Ok then, the competition is over, time for us to vote,” Linda excitingly exclaimed to my wife. “I shall cast my vote first. I believe I’ll vote for…Rico!” He smirked knowingly. “Now it’s my turn,” said my wife. This is gonna be a very tuff decision,” she sarcastically remarked.”I think I shall vote for…Juan”! “We have our two winners, congratulations Rico and Juan,” Linda announced. She walked over to me. “I’m so sorry, chubby but it looks like you lose. However, we have a wonderful consolation prize for you that I think you’ll find quite useful.” Linda strutted over to my wife’s dresser and opened the top drawer, removing something.

As she strolled back toward me, she held whatever she took out of the drawer behind her. “Here you are chubby,” she said, holding up one of my wife’s push up bra! The room EXPLODED with wicked laughter as Linda carefully fitted me with the bra. “Now, isn’t that much better?” she chirped. “This will give you the support you need”! Well, I was beet red and on the verge of tears as they all uncontrollably howled with laughter. My wife slowly walked up to Juan. “Congratulations baby, you win me,” she breathlessly exclaimed and kissed him hotly. Then, in one quick motion, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She lunged at his huge cock with her open mouth, sucking him right in. I was still standing next to him and was tottally SHOCKED by my wife’s wanton behavior.

She ignored me like I wasn’t even there, bobbing her head up and down on the hard shaft. As she blew him she started moaning! I simply could not STAND for this. “STOP IT!” I screamed, putting my hands on her bare shoulders, trying to drag her off of his monster cock! Juan responded by bitch slapping me again. I fell back, onto the floor, knocking over a chair. My wife kept blowing him, not even looking back to see if I was ok! Linda hurried over to me, helping me to my feet. “Sit down,” she said offering me the straight backed chair I had knocked over. I sat down,dazed and stunned. As she stood behind me, she bent down, whispering softly in my ear. “Relax. Take a deep breath and just let your arms fall to your side.” she said, her voice full of concern for me. I followed her directions, taking a deep breath, then letting my arms go limp at my side.

In a flash she handcuffed me, arms behind my back. She cuffed me in a way that I was literally attached to the chair. She then moved around, standing in front of me. “HAHAHA…won’t you EVER learn not to trust me?” she sweetly said and again gently caressed my now swollen cheek with her gloved hand. I was on to her now, but it was too late. I glared up at her, my vision still blurred. “YOU HEARTLESS BITCH,” I seethed. Smiling, she slowly removed one of her gloves. Suddenly she began slapping my already bruised face with her bare hand. “Yes,I’m a HEARTLESS BITCH!” she said, slapping me again and again! “Don’t you EVER FORGET IT”!

She grabbed my chair and pulled me over to Juan and my wife. Cuffed to the chair, I was now eye level with my wife, who was still on her knees sucking enthusiastically on Juan’s big cock. Linda positioned the chair so that I was about 3 feet from the action. My wife was going crazy on Juan’s hard cock and I had a birds-eye view. I watched in disbelief as she deep throated his giant member. “STOP,I BEG YOU”, I pleaded with her. Linda was standing behind me and dug her long nails deep into my shoulders. “SHUT UP” she warned me!Ignoring her,I got even louder.”NONONONONO,” I cried out. Linda reached down and picked up Juan’s disgarded underwear off of the floor. She forced them into my mouth,effectively gagging me. My wife meanwhile grabbed Juan’s ass with both hands and swallowed the entire length of his shaft, over and over again. As she started to lick and suck his heavy balls, he began moaning, grabbed his big hard cock and furiously jacked it. My wife quickly positioned her waiting mouth inches from his cock-head. She opened wide, sticking out her tongue. Juan grunted and shot a stream of hot cum right into my wife’s dainty mouth. Jet after jet he shot, filling her hungry mouth and covering her upturned face!

I had no idea one man could produce THAT MUCH semen. He came as much as ten men! My wife then turned to face me. She yanked the underwear from my mouth and used them to carefully wipe the cum off her face. As she opened her mouth to show me Juan’s load, it began overflowing, dribbling down her chin. She spit the massive load into the underwear, then wiped her chin. She then milked his spent cock with her hand, catching the remaining thick white gobs in the underwear. She rubbed his load into the cotton briefs, soaking them, then she held them right up to my mouth.”Open wide” she gleefully said.I clenched my teeth,determined not to open.Linda reached down and began roughly pinching and pulling my nipples through the bra.I let out a painful cry and my wife forced Juan’s cum-soaked briefs right into my mouth. Linda produced a piece of rope and secured the underwear gag, knotting it at the back of my head.

The four of them hovered over me; the men naked, the women damn near nude. They all stared down at me, admiring Linda’s handiwork. I must have been a sight! I mean, there I was, a fat, naked, bald, middle-aged guy cuffed to a chair, wearing my wife’s bra, with her lovers cum soaked underwear jammed into my mouth! As I sat there, with the strong taste of my wife’s lovers seamen flooding my mouth, the most horribly embarrassing thing that could ever happen, happened! My little dick got STIFF! They all immediately noticed. “Look everyone,” my wife exclaimed, “The taste of Juan’s cum turns chubby on as much as it does ME!” They all ROARED and ROARED! “Isn’t it interesting,” observed Linda, “that he can’t get hard with his hot, willing wife, but tasting another man’s cum gives him a hard-on, even though it IS SOOO tiny. I think he’s GAY,” Linda concluded.

As they all laughed at me, my wife began fondling Juan’s big tool. He was hard again in an instant. He grabbed her in his arms, carried her to the bed and gently lay her down. “Time for the main event.” Linda whispered to me. She pushed my chair right over to the side of the bed where my wife and Juan were now laying, their writhing bodies less than two feet away from me! Again I had an up-close and personal view. They were passionately kissing. Juan moved down and sucked her hard nipples into his mouth, gently biting them. She went wild, panting and moaning. He kissed his way down her flat stomach, spreading her legs as he went. Teasing her, he kissed and licked her upper thigh, getting precariously close to her bald pussy. “OH Please eat me now!” she cried out. He commenced to flicking his tongue on her clit,d riving her wild. “OH GOD… my pussy,” she screamed and violently came.

Juan then positioned himself between my wife’s legs, rubbing his engorged knob all over my wife’s anxious pussy. She was thrashing about, begging him to fuck her. He slowly eased the first few inches of his oversized tool into her. Her angelic face was flushed with desire. She was panting and loudly moaning. He slowly but surely worked more and more of his big cock into her. Soon, he had all but two inches buried in her. Turning to me, he said, “Damn your wife has a TIGHT PUSSY”! With that he slid the entire length of his 8 inch plus cock into my wife. He began fucking her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. I couldn’t bear to watch but I couldn’t turn away either. She was going TOTALLY WILD, carrying on like some cock-crazed nymphomaniac! Over and over she crashed from one orgasm to the next as Juan pounded his hard shaft into her! Linda bent down and whispered in my ear. “Your wife is one hot little bitch”, she purred. “I think I want a piece of her!” Linda got up on the bed with them.”OOOOOHHHH YESSSS,” my wife screamed, cumming yet again.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she begged Juan for more. Linda gently wiped her tears away, then pushed her hair back out of her eyes and kissed my wife! She responded and offered Linda her tongue. Linda moved down and sucked my wife’s nipples. Then Rico joined in, taking Linda from behind. At that point all HELL broke loose. I could barely keep up with all the action! Over the next hour, the four of them had sex in every conceivable position imaginable and THEN SOME! Linda ate my wife as Rico fucked her. The two women both sucked Rico’s cock while Juan fucked Linda. Juan pounded my wife doggy style as she ate Linda, who was blowing Juan. Finally, the men laid both women next to each other and slid their cocks into their waiting pussies. Rico was fucking Linda with a vengeance and Juan was doing the same to my wife. The girls were out of it. Juan came first, roaring like a lion and pumping his load into my wife’s thoroughly fucked pussy. Rico followed a second later. They all collapsed on the bed. At this point, I seriously thought that I was going to have a heart attack. I was so upset. My heart was pounding, my head ached. I thought I would be sick. Suddenly, I felt faint and lost consciousness!

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