New Rules

August 25, 2007 – 10:00 am

“So sir, what is it you’ve called us all here for?”

Faye was in a position that was becoming more familiar to her lately.
Aaron called it ‘position one’. Her butt was freshly spanked, and
sitting on it was a bit painful. She was on her knees, legs spread
apart, butt on heels. Her hands were together behind her neck. She
watched as three maids filed into the room.

Aaron and Faye had three maids permanently living with them at their
house. The house was big, but not so much that three maids couldn’t
take care of it. The maids did not mind that Faye wandered around in
the nude, and they knew of Aaron’s tendency to spank Faye often. But
Aaron and Faye (although, mostly Aaron) had decided to take their
relationship a bit further, at least for a while, to see how they liked
it. It would mean much more than nudity and spankings.

Aaron motioned for the maids to sit on the couch.

“I asked you all here, Julie, because there are a few things we need to
discuss, all of us living in this household. I’m not exactly sure where
to begin.” Aaron paused. He’d rehearsed a speech, but now he couldn’t
remember most of it.

“We are all adults here, and it seems we all like playing certain
games. These involve what we wear or don’t wear, and lately, involve
people spending some time restrained or tied up.” Aaron wondered if
there were other households where this conversation had taken place.
“Faye and I have allowed you three to wear what you want and act as
you like, as long as it doesn’t affect your work.”

The maids looked concerned after his last statement. They thought he
was going to put an end to what they were doing.

“I want to assure you that that hasn’t changed,” he added quickly.
Their concerned looks now turned to puzzlement. “Neither Faye nor
myself have a problem with it, as long as what you do is consensual.”

“I’d like to assure you sir, that while we might pull a prank now and
then, I don’t think any of us has been made to do anything we didn’t
want to,” Marie said. Julie and Teresa nodded in agreement with this.

“Well, good. To be honest, that really wasn’t a concern, but I wanted
to mention it in any case. I did want to say that Faye and I might be
exploring some new avenues in our relationship. As of yet, we’re not
completely sure where it will lead us, or what it will encompass.”

“I see,” Marie said, not really seeing his point.

“Faye and I may be doing more things. For instance, you all are aware
that she sometimes gets spanked. It is a part of our, um, sexual play.”

The maids giggled a bit amongst themselves at that point. They knew
Faye got spanked almost every single day.

“Yes, well, we will likely be adding things besides spanking. These
things might not be limited to the bedroom, and we didn’t want you to
feel uncomfortable if you came across us doing something in some other
area of the estate.”

“Begging your pardon, sir?” asked Teresa, the youngest maid, “but what
type of things might you be talking about, if you don’t mind me

“Ah, well, yes. Um, well, I’m not exactly sure I can be precise. Bear
in mind that nothing will be done to harm her, and…”

Faye interrupted him. “Remember a couple of days ago, when I was tied
up in Julie’s cuffs and chains thingy? Stuff like that. I’ve agreed in
advance to it, so don’t worry about it. Hopefully, we’ll be discrete,
and if you do catch a glimpse, it won’t be too upsetting.” Faye was a
submissive, at least that’s what Aaron told her, but she wanted him to
get to the damn point.

Aaron shot her a look, and she cringed and shut up.

“Yes, Faye is correct. You might see some, what you might consider
unorthodox behavior. If this does or will make you feel uncomfortable,
we’d like to apologize in advance, and if you don’t think you can stay
with us due to our behavior, then we’ll offer you a generous severance
package and time to find employment elsewhere. However, that said, we
were hoping that all of you would stay on, as we’ve grown fond of each
of you.”

“Would we be required to take part in any way, sir?” Teresa asked.

“Oh, no!” Aaron said quickly. “I didn’t mean to imply that at all. It
will be Faye and me only. We just wanted you to be aware of what might
be going on and not interfere. We would never ask you to participate,
only to continue in your current duties. Of course, you three are free
to continue, uh, well, what you want to do as well.” Aaron was
referring to the maids predilection for walking around almost nude
themselves. And lately, Julie had been wearing cuffs and chains,
apparently at Marie’s request.

Aaron felt he stated their case as best he could. The maids talked
amongst themselves for a while, so Aaron went to stand by Faye. She
smiled up at him.

After a few minutes, the oldest maid, Marie, stood up.

“I think we’ve decided that what you and the missus wants to do is fine
by us, sir. As long as you don’t plan on doing anything to us, then
it’s all well and good as far as we’re concerned. We’ll try to stay out
of your way if we see something goin’ on. Might you be having guests
over takin’ part as well, sir?”

“Well, now, I’m not sure. Perhaps, why?” Faye turned pale at that.

“Well, sir, we was just curious, is all. It’s no never mind to us,
sir.” Aaron wondered how the other maids had gotten Marie to start
trying for an English accent. The maids generally tried to talk like
that, although they often slipped into normal speech. “Same for us as
well, by the way, sir. If we end up doing something that bothers you,
please be sure to let us know. Last thing we want is to make you or the
missus uncomfortable.”

“Yes, of course. Well, I think Faye and I are relieved to hear that
from you. Thank you for your time. Oh, and I do hope you each will be
discrete about this. I realize that when you first started, you signed
non-disclosure agreements, and I’d just like to reinforce that you’ll
still be under them. And finally, Faye and I both want to say thank
you for the wonderful jobs you’ve been doing.”

The maids all said thank you and excused themselves.

“I’m glad we don’t have my old butler. He would have been all in a huff
about it,” Faye said.

“As I recall, you were supposed to let me do the talking.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you were taking so dang long and, well.
Sorry. Oops?” Faye cringed slightly. A submissive only a few days and
already she’d overstepped her bounds.

“Stand,” Aaron told her. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Faye could already feel her butt hurting again.

Aaron didn’t always have Faye count her swats, but she was counting
now. He stopped at sixty because his hand hurt. Then he did something
he hadn’t done before. Once Faye was off his lap, he tied her hands
together in front of her with some soft rope.

Their bed was king size, with a large canopy held up by sturdy metal
supports. Aaron had already tested them and found it excellent for his
purposes. He had Faye stand at the foot of the bed and put the rope
over the canopy cross bar at the top. He pulled it so that her arms
were forced up over her head. He tied the rope off so she couldn’t get
down. Then he tied a rope around each of her ankles and tied them to
the feet of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Finally, he put a ball
gag in her mouth and fastened it around her head. Faye tried to give
him a sad look but he ignored her.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Aaron said. Teresa came in with a tray of fruit, bread and
coffee that Aaron had ordered for lunch. She was a bit surprised to
find Faye strung up, but set the tray down on a table.

“Will there be anything else, sir?” she asked. Aaron shook his head.

Faye was more than a little embarrassed about being tied up that way
in front of her maid.

“Begging your pardon, sir,” Teresa said in a low tone to Aaron, “But is
this the kind of stuff you had in mind in your talk this morning?”

Aaron nodded. “Well, I suppose so, yes.”

“Well then sir, I don’t suppose it really bothers any of us. Whatever
you two want to do, as long as the missus is willing and all.”

“Would you like to ask her if she is now?”

“Oh, no sir, I trust you. I’ve seen the way you two get along. Just
saying, is all.”

“All right, then. Thank you, Teresa. That will be all.”

Teresa left, and Aaron watched her go. She was wearing high-heels,
stockings and garters, and a corset. The heels made her butt sway as
she walked and he liked the effect. Maybe he’d have Faye start wearing
heels around the house. He’d have to consider that.

He went to the food tray to eat some fruit. Then he went to a drawer
and pulled out some things, tossing them on the bed. Faye noted that
they were all paddles or whips.

“What to try first,” he said. “Ah, how about this one? I’ve never used
it before.” He picked up a riding crop. Faye’s eye’s got wide.

‘No, please, I’m sorry, I’ll be good. I won’t talk out of turn again, I
promise!’ she tried to say. “Umm-mmmh,” is all that came out.

“Ten, to start with, all right?” Aaron asked her. Faye couldn’t have
protested if she’d wanted to.

Faye was lying on the bed. Her position had only changed in that her
hands, instead of being tied up, were now tied to the rail at the head
of the bed. This forced her to bend over, but at least allowed her to
rest a bit. Faye had spent some time hanging while Aaron had tried
out various paddles and whips on her. Her back was bathed in sweat, and
crisscrossed in faint red lines from her shoulders to her thighs. None
of the blows had been really hard, but most had stung, and she had felt
them all just the same.

Aaron had stopped and let her down, only to reposition her. She was
grateful for the respite, but she really wanted something to eat or
drink. Aaron had been nibbling on the food tray in between using
different implements. She wondered what he was doing now, as it was
hard for her to see behind her. She soon found out.

Aaron removed his clothes and approached his wife, hard-on in hand.
She was surprised to feel him there, but even more surprised at how
easily he entered her. She had become very wet during the whipping. She
didn’t quite understand it, but she was not complaining right then.
Even the pressure of Aaron against her rather inflamed butt only
stimulated her more. She was soon moaning through the gag, and she came
before he did.

Aaron untied her, removed her gag, and led her to the table of food.
He sat in a chair and had her kneel in front of him. He fed her bits of
food by hand and Faye accepted it. It was pretty clear that she wasn’t
supposed to talk unless he asked her something. She was too tired to
talk in any case.

She ate a lot, and indicated she wanted more by opening her mouth. Like
a baby bird, she thought. Aaron held a glass of water to her lips for
her to drink. A little more bread, and she was about done.

“One more thing, to wash it all down with,” Aaron told her. He opened
his legs to show her his growing penis. Amazed at his ability to
recover so quickly, she scooted forward and gladly took him in her

Faye genuinely liked giving head. She was in luck, because Aaron
genuinely liked getting it. Before her recent agreement to become his
submissive slave, Faye would often kneel before him, or under his desk
at work, or get between his legs in bed. Now, however, she realized the
submissive nature of kneeling in front of someone and pleasuring them
with her mouth. There was always a bit of dominance and submission
going on.

Aaron told her she would probably be spending more time on her knees,
and definitely more time naked. Unless he told her otherwise, she was
not to wear any clothes. This meant when they were going out, or when
someone was coming over, anytime. None of those situations had arisen
since their agreement, but Faye was sure it was only a matter of time.
Of course, Faye had already been in a few situations like that, even
before agreeing to do it all the time. Aaron seemed to indicate that
it would become a more common occurrence.

Aaron moaned and came, and she swallowed it all. She’d had experiences
in high school and before her first marriage, and from what she
remembered, Aaron even tasted better than those others had. “I eat
lots of pineapple,” he had joked, but maybe it was true; he had a
pleasant taste to his cum.

Faye sat back on her heels and watched her husband recover. ‘I wonder
if this sense of pride I feel in having just sucked him off is because
I’m submissive, or because I like giving head?’ she wondered. ‘Or maybe

Aaron sat up and took a drink of coffee. “Which of us will wear out
first?” he asked her rhetorically.

Aaron stood and went to where he’d tossed his clothes. He began
getting dressed. “We’re going shopping today, Faye,” he told her. “For
you, in fact. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

From his tone, Faye was sure she wouldn’t.

After a drive into the city, they pulled into a driveway of a store.
The store was called Cynthia’s. They pulled up to a side entrance,
where the driveway was mostly hidden from the street. This was good, as
far as Faye was concerned, because she was naked. She had wondered how
they could go shopping with her like that. At least the car windows
were tinted dark. Now Aaron was motioning for her to get out of the
car. Faye timidly stepped out. The weather was getting warmer, but the
morning was still cool and her nipples started to get hard as a slight
breeze blew by. There was a valet at a little desk there, and he took
the car keys from Aaron. Faye was very self-conscious, but the valet
didn’t seem to be paying undue attention to her. What was this place?

Inside, they were greeted by a young woman in a strange outfit; the
woman had leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists, and a collar
around her neck. She also had a short apron that was tied on, but
didn’t seem to hide all that much. No one yet seemed overly concerned
that Faye was naked, besides Faye. The young woman got Aaron’s name
and then ushered them further into the shop. They approached a somewhat
stern woman standing near a display case. She turned to greet them.

“Ah, you must be Aaron. Hello, I’m Selma,” she said. She held out her
hand and Aaron took it. She had a firm handshake. “What can we do for
you today?”

Aaron motioned to Faye, who was unsuccessfully trying to hide behind
him. Selma came up to her. “Very pretty, Aaron. My, and in great
shape. What is it she needs?”

“Well, a number of things, actually. I’d like a set of restraints
including a collar, and a few items of clothing for special

“I tell you what. Perhaps you’d like to have your slave groomed, and we
can discuss things over coffee.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Aaron agreed.

Faye was surprised at the conversation. ‘”Have your slave groomed”?’
she wondered. ‘What was that about?’

Selma turned to the young woman who’d brought them there. “Take her
back and give her the works.” Selma ran her hands through Faye’s
hair, touched her face, then ran her hand down and touched her pussy.
Faye tried not to flinch, as Aaron was not indicating that anything
was odd. This woman made her nervous, though. “Skin treatment, only a
trim, her hair is fine, maybe a shampoo. Wash her up, then put her in a
holding chair.” Selma turned away from Faye and started talking to
Aaron again. The oddly dressed young woman led Faye away.

As they made their way to another part of the store, Faye noticed the
clothes. There were very nice outfits, wedding dresses, normal
lingerie. There were also things that had straps and loops in odd
locations, and a few things Faye had no clue about.

“What is all this stuff?” Faye asked. The young woman shook her head.

“No talking.”

“I just wanted…”

“No talking,” the woman reiterated.

Faye was taken through a door into what looked like a beauty shop.
There was another naked woman in a chair getting her hair washed. The
woman washing it was wearing the same odd apron and cuffs outfit,
obviously with nothing on underneath. Faye was led to a chair, so she
sat down. Her guide grabbed her right hand and wrapped a cuff around
it, then locked it onto the chair. She did the same for her left hand,
and then her feet. Faye was stuck in the chair. Yet another woman
wearing the same kind of outfit came in. Faye’s guide told her, “Light
trim, wash, skin treatment as well. She talks.” The second woman nodded
and the guide went off.

Faye thought it was an odd beauty shop indeed. No talking? That was
half the point of going. Her “stylist” came up and showed her a round
bulb connected to a hose and pump. “Open,” she said. Faye did so
reluctantly. She’d had this kind of gag in before and it was not
pleasant. The round bulb was stuffed in her mouth. The woman used the
pump, and the gag in Faye’s mouth expanded. Faye felt it grow large
and fill her. The woman did something, pulled the hose out, and the gag
stayed inflated. ‘They could have just told me “No talking”,’ she

Except for the gag, and being tied down, the treatments she got were
pretty normal. It felt good to get a scalp massage. They painted her
skin on her face, chest and legs with some kind of green mud and left
her for a while. The gag made it hard to relax all the way, but
otherwise Faye was glad to be getting fussed over. She generally liked
beauty treatments.

She might have taken a short nap. Her stylist came back and let her up
from the chair. She hooked her wrist cuffs together behind her, and put
a short chain between her ankle cuffs. She was led, shuffling, in the
back through a curtain into what turned out to be a shower stall. The
stylist squirted her with warm water, then turned the flow harder to
wash off the beauty mud. She gave Faye short directions like “turn”
and “squat”, all the while directing the needle-sharp water at her.
Then she turned it on cold and Faye started to shiver. There was no
way for her to get out of the stream. Finally the water was turned off.
Faye thought her skin was blue for sure.

Warm air blew down on her from a large dryer in the ceiling, and Faye
felt a little better. ‘I need to get one of these dryers,’ she though.
The stylist finally led her back to her chair and strapped her in

The stylist combed through Faye’s hair and gave her a light trim. It
was over quickly. The woman unhooked her from the chair and led her a
short distance through the beauty parlor to what apparently was a
holding chair. The chair protruded from the wall, so it had no legs in
front. The seat was padded and concave in shape. The stylist told Faye
to sit down then proceeded to hook her into the odd seat. A wide belt
was put around her waist, her wrist cuffs were hooked so that her arms
were straight down, and her ankle cuffs were attached up under the
chair. Faye wouldn’t be going anywhere.

She wondered if they thought she might run off, then started to worry
that maybe she should have. Faye could see most of the goings on in
the beauty parlor, but the other parts of the store were out of sight.
Faye also noticed that there was a second side of the parlor, but
couldn’t see much of what was happening in the other part. She did
notice that customers in the chairs she could see were all naked, and
the customer in the other side had been dressed. Perhaps, she thought,
one side is for owners, and the other for slaves.

Faye watched a stylist give a wax treatment to a dark-haired nude. She
applied the wax to the woman’s armpits, crotch and legs. Faye herself
had laser treatments, and didn’t need to go through waxing anymore.
Another woman had her already short hair on her head completely shaved
off. The woman had many piercings, and Faye wondered if they hurt.
There were rings through her nipples and labia, and a ring through her
clitoris. The woman turned and Faye saw that she had a small tattoo
over her right buttock that said “Property of” and a name she couldn’t
quite make out. Faye was amazed.

Faye wondered if Aaron wanted to do any of that type of stuff to her.
She didn’t really want any tattoos or piercings. Her ears were pierced
and that was enough for her. When she was twenty, she’d briefly
considered getting a tattoo, but had finally decided against it,
because she’d heard it hurt, and she realized that it would be there
forever. She’d have to remember to ask him about it later.

They left her there for ten minutes or so before someone finally came
and let her up. Faye wished she’d had a magazine to read, but since
her hands had been tied down, she wouldn’t have been able to turn the
pages in any case. The person in the apron that she had gone to the
beauty parlor with undid all of her cuffs and let her up from the
chair. A now completely naked (again) Faye followed the woman to a
room that was almost completely lined with mirrors. The assistant
pointed to the center of the room where a slightly raised portion was.
Faye stood there, and the assistant left.

Shortly thereafter, Aaron followed Selma into the mirrored room.
Faye felt more naked than usual with all the mirrors reflecting all
sides of her.

“I hope the treatment was satisfactory,” Selma said. Faye was going
to answer, but she realized that Selma had been talking to Aaron and
not her.

Aaron nodded his approval. “She looks fabulous, but them I’m rather
biased. Hello dear,” he said, coming up to Faye and giving her a kiss.
“I hope they’ve treated you well?”

“Yes, sir,” Faye answered, amazed that she’d called him sir. She still
wasn’t quite used to that. ‘It must be this place,’ she thought.

“Well, good. I’ve picked out several dresses I’d like you to try on, as
well as some other things. Let’s get started, shall we?”

The assistant came into the room carrying a red dress and handed it to
Faye. The assistant helped her put it on. Aaron certainly had good
taste; the dress was something Faye might have picked out, although
perhaps a little more revealing then she’d have chosen. The dress
hugged her curves and Faye thought she looked good in it. Selma came
up to her made a few adjustments.

“Very nice,” Selma said, this time to Faye.

Faye hesitated before saying, “Thank you, ma’am.” Apparently it was
the right thing to say, because Selma smiled.

“Please, call me Mistress Selma,” Selma told her, smiling.

“Yes, Mistress Selma,” Faye replied.

Faye tried on many other dresses. Most were ones she might wear to
parties or out for a night on the town. A few were almost normal; sun
dresses or casual wear. All fit her well and looked great, she thought,
but were a bit more sexy than she normally wore. Several of the dresses
looked like the kind that actresses wore to the Academy Awards or a
movie premier. Faye was happy trying them on, noting that she was
going to get to wear some of them eventually. Aaron surprised her.

“I’ll take them,” he told Selma. Selma nodded and waved to her
assistant, who took the current dress away, apparently to box them up.

Faye’s eyebrows went up. ‘All of them?’ she thought. ‘Well, I suppose
it’s not like we can’t afford them.’

“Very good,” Selma said. “She can go later into the shoe store to get
shoes to match the dresses. Let’s continue, shall we? This is my
favorite part.”

The next set of clothes Faye tried on were not exactly ‘clothes’.
There was a tight-fitting suit made of rubber that took some time to
get on. They sprinkled it with talcum powder before she pulled it on.
The bottom part had built in boots with high heels, but it had openings
at the crotch and for her breasts. Selma topped it off with a rubber
hood that covered Faye’s head completely, having only small holes for
her hair in the back, eyes, nostrils and mouth. Faye began to sweat
with the suit on, and it was very constricting. It was hard to walk
around in, and a bit embarrassing when Aaron came up and briefly
fondled her through the openings, apparently ‘trying it out’. She was
glad when she got to finally peel it off.

There was a version of a French maid’s uniform, also in rubber. This
one was designed to be uncomfortable. It had many small bumps in the
bra and panties which made wearing the tight thing even worse.

Naked again after that, Faye was asked to kneel. Selma, with the help
of her assistant, then tried out several leather hoods. One wasn’t much
more than a head-shaped bag with eye and mouth holes; another could be
adjusted and fit her head well. There were snaps and straps on them to
allow for attachment of gags or eye-covers. One hood had built-in

Through it all, Faye would glance over at Aaron to see his reaction.
She was happy to note that he had a perplexed or unhappy look on his
face as often as he was smiling and nodding. At least he didn’t like
some of the things she was trying either. Faye was sure she didn’t
want to wear many of them.

After the hoods, the assistant brought in a tray with a variety of
cuffs on it. Aaron picked out a few and the assistant buckled them on
Faye’s wrist. Some were just plain leather belts, others had padding
and O-rings on them. Aaron nodded at a few and the assistant left with
the tray.

Faye realized that Aaron was buying some of these things. He usually
would simply nod when he liked something, and Selma would signal that
to her assistant. Faye wondered what he’d bought so far that she’d
missed the signals on.

The assistant returned with another tray. This one had a variety of
collars on it. Leather, metal, chains, all manner of collars. There
were simple dog collars, spiked collars, and ones that Faye thought
were pretty and wouldn’t have minded wearing around. It was obvious
that some were symbolic and others utilitarian.

Aaron came up and picked out a pretty one. It was a thin but sturdy
silver chain with a small lock in back and a thin plate in front.
Aaron placed it around her neck.

“That can be inscribed with your name, if you like,” Selma told him.

Aaron removed the chain and replaced it with a thick, wide leather
collar. The collar was shaped to fit down on her collar bones and had a
part that cupped Faye’s chin. He didn’t tighten it on, but she could
tell it would limit her neck movements, forcing her to keep her head up
straight. Aaron smiled at the sight and removed the collar.

“We are…just starting out,” he told Selma. “Perhaps I don’t need
anything quite this fancy.”

Selma nodded. “I understand. We do have a starter’s pack that I think
you will find sufficient for now, and you can always add to it.” Selma
took Aaron by the arm and started to lead him away. “I’d like to
suggest that you also might want one of our special bags. It holds
everything you need for a scene. You might want to also consider at
least one arm-binder. We have a simple one for…” They left the room.

The assistant turned to Faye. “Stay here.” The assistant took the tray
of collars away, leaving Faye with her reflections.

Faye had a lot of questions for Aaron. The first was ‘What the heck
was all this stuff?’ Faye realized she didn’t really have a clue about
what they were doing, or what was expected of her. She saw that Aaron
was having at least a few doubts about some of the more esoteric or
extreme aspects of things as well. ‘Well, good,’ she thought. ‘Maybe
he’ll decide he doesn’t want to do all the weird things, whatever they
might be. Although he doesn’t seem to mind me being naked in public as
much as I do.’

The assistant returned and beckoned Faye to follow her. Faye tried to
see what was under the apron the other woman wore. It appeared to be a
kind of chastity belt. Faye forgot about the no-talking rule.

“Do you have to wear that all day long?” she asked.

“Listen,” the other woman suddenly turned and said, “this is my job and
I like it, and I do it well.” She was obviously upset. “You may think
it’s all fun and games but it’s serious to me. And,” she added, “I am
empowered to use discipline if I think it’s necessary.”

Faye gulped in surprise at the sudden outburst. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I
meant no disrespect,” she said quickly in apology. She felt a bit odd
calling the other woman ‘ma’am’. Faye figured they were about the same
age, more or less.

The assistant turned and walked down the hall, hiding the smile on her
face from Faye. Faye quickly caught up, lest she get in trouble for
lagging behind.

They came out through some curtains in a doorway into what looked for
all the world like a normal shoe store. There were other customers, all
clothed Faye noted. The one odd thing was that the sales staff were
all women dressed like the one who had brought Faye there. She led
Faye to a chair and motioned for her to sit.

“Do I need to tie you down?” she asked Faye sternly.

“No ma’am,” Faye replied, trying to shrink into the chair.

“Put your hands behind you, and keep your legs to the sides of the
chair. I’ll be right back.” The other woman turned and left, apparently
to go get some shoes.

Faye realized that in this position, she was completely open for
anyone to see. That only a few other customers were there was of little
comfort to her.

She looked around and wondered why she was the only customer who was
naked. Then she saw someone she knew. Aaron’s friend Jeanine was
there, having just tried on a pair of heels. Faye briefly hoped that
Jeanine wouldn’t see her, but the woman turned and noticed Faye and
waved. Jeanine got up and came over, sitting right next to Faye.

“Faye, what a pleasure seeing you here. Just can’t keep those clothes
on, can you?” she asked with a smile.

Faye stammered. “I, uh, that is, Aaron…” She couldn’t seem to come
up with a good explanation as to why she was there, nude.

“Aaron won’t let you get dressed, eh? Typical. Of course, I bring
Harold here often and he’s not allowed to wear clothes either.
Sometimes I tell them to give him that mud-skin treatment, he hates it.
Not as bad as the kennel, of course.”

Faye lowered her voice to a whisper. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to
talk, Jeanine,” she said. It was an odd confession, but Faye figured
Jeanine knew about this place and what went on here. Faye desperately
want to place an arm over her breasts and close her legs in an attempt
to cover herself, but was afraid of the other woman coming back and
seeing that she’d moved.

“Nonsense. You can talk to me! Don’t worry about it.”

Faye nodded. Then she thought about what Jeanine had said. “Is Harold
here? And, what kennel?”

Jeanine shook her head. “No, I’m afraid he’s tied up at home.” She
laughed. “Out in the garden, actually, as a scarecrow.” Jeanine seemed
amused at her husband’s predicament. “Oh, the kennel, he’s only been
there once. He didn’t enjoy his stay much, I’m afraid.” She didn’t seem
like she was going to offer any more information, and Faye didn’t
really want to press her too much. She would have preferred that
Jeanine just leave.

“So what are you doing here?” Jeanine asked her.

“I, well, Aaron is buying me some dresses and, uh, things. I’m getting
shoes to match, right now.”

“Splendid. You can wear one to my party I’m giving next month,” Jeanine
told her, “or not. It will be THAT kind of party. Where is Coop?”

Faye blinked. ‘Coop’? No one ever called him that. “Uh, I think he’s
in with Selma, right now.”

“Ah, excellent. She’ll take care of everything. I like the shop so much
better since she became owner as well as manager. They’ve added this
shoe store on, for instance.”

A sales clerk came up to Jeanine. “Sorry to interrupt, madam, but your
purchase is ready.”

“Yes, thank you.” She turned to Faye. “I suppose I must go now, Faye.
I’ll see you sometime soon, all right?”

Faye nodded. “Okay.” Jeanine got up and left, just as Faye’s ‘helper’
came back with some boxes.

Faye wondered what was the name of the woman helping her try on shoes.
She’d not been told and hadn’t thought to ask. Now she was sort of
afraid to ask. She simply thought of her as ‘the assistant’.

‘The assistant’ was currently directing Faye to stand and walk in a
pair of red high-heeled shoes. The shoes she’d tried so far had
included sandals, pumps, a pair of mules and several pairs of
high-heels. Faye was glad to see a variety. She’d even tried on a nice
pair of slip-on sneakers that were very comfortable. The assistant had
given her a pair of temporary hose to wear while trying the shoes on.
The red pair seemed to be the last ones.

“We’re done,” Faye was told. “Wait here.”

Faye nodded, and dutifully put her hands behind her and spread her
legs so that they touched the sides of the chair. Faye briefly
wondered what kind of punishment the other woman might give her if she
disobeyed, and wondered if Aaron would really let it happen. She
didn’t like sitting there open as she was, but she decided not to take
any chances. She watched as the assistant took most of the boxes of
shoes up to a register and explained something to the clerk there. The
clerk nodded and began processing the purchases. The assistant returned
with a single box in her hand.

“Come,” she said simply. Faye got up and followed the woman back to
the other part of the store, back to the dressing room with all the
mirrors. On a hook there was a nice cotton summer dress. Faye
remembered trying it on an hour or more before. “Put that on, and
these,” the assistant told her, “then wait here.” She handed Faye the
box of shoes, turned and left.

Faye opened the box and found a comfortable pair of sandals inside.
She slipped them on, the put the dress on. It was a nice dress, but a
bit more form fitting than Faye might normally wear. It would be
fairly apparent that she was not wearing a bra, especially if she went
anywhere air conditioned.

She had to wait only a few minutes before Aaron returned.

“Ah, you’re ready. Great. Lets go to lunch now, all right? There’s a
good French place near here that we can walk to.” Aaron came up to her
and gave her a hug. “You look great in that dress, by the way,” he

Faye smiled and allowed him to kiss her. “Thanks,” she replied.

Selma came into the room as well. “I think everything is taken care
of, Aaron. The packages will be placed in your car. It’s been a
pleasure having you and Faye here today.”

“Thank you, Selma. I’ve enjoyed it as well, as I’m sure Faye has.”

Aaron and Faye left the shop the way they came in, this time with
Faye actually dressed. On the way out, Faye passed by the assistant
one last time.

“Goodbye, Faye. Please come back,” she said, smiling broadly.

Faye smiled back nervously, but said nothing. She hugged Aaron a
little tighter as they walked out.
Faye’s Interlude III
“Aaron, can I ask you something?”

Faye and Aaron had left their car parked at Cynthia’s and walked off
to find a restaurant. They picked a small French restaurant a few
blocks away. Aaron ordered for both of them, in French, so Faye
didn’t know what she was going to have until it came. It turned out to
be a light salad and cold, but tasty soup. She was very hungry, and
Aaron knew what she liked.

“Of course, dear.”

“In the beauty parlor, I saw a woman with tattoos and piercings and
such. Would you ever want to do that to me?”

Aaron looked quizzically at his wife. “Lord, no. All of that seems
very strange to me. Why, do you want a tattoo?”

Faye laughed. “No, no. There was a point when I was younger when I
almost got one, but it seemed so permanent that I decided against it.”

“Well, I don’t really see the attraction in doing that myself. Were you
worried about it?”

“This lifestyle is…different, Aaron. I don’t know how far you want
to go.”

“Not that far, that’s for sure. Everything I’d like to try will be
non-permanent, I assure you.”

Faye nodded, grateful. “I met your friend, Jeanine, in the shoe
store,” she said, changing the subject.

“Really? How was she?”

“She seemed fine. It was a little embarrassing being naked, but she
didn’t really seem to pay it much attention.”

“I imagine she’s done as much or more with Harold. I don’t want to go
as far as she has with him. They are an odd couple.”

“She told me he was at home, tied up as a scarecrow,” Faye offered.

Aaron looked slightly amazed. “I wouldn’t doubt it,” he said, shaking
his head. “On a different note, we’re going to be taking a trip in a
week, to the West Coast.”

Faye perked up. “The West Coast?”

“Yes,” Aaron replied. “Next week we’ll be flying out and spending a
week or so there. You know that wing I’m donating to the children’s
hospital? I need to make some legal arrangements. Arthur has been kind
enough to give me the name of a lawyer to contact out there. I figured
it might be easier to make the arrangements out there, so I decided to
make a trip out of it. I’ve set up a few…diversions for us as well.
And, I thought on our return trip we could take the train.”

Faye was excited. She’d been to the West Coast before and liked
traveling there. She liked San Francisco especially, but the whole
coast was fun to explore: the Redwoods, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego
with its wonderful zoo. She wondered if they’d have time to take a boat
to Catalina.

“It’ll take a while to come back by train. Are we going to stop places
along the way?”

“Perhaps,” he answered. “There’s a number of cities on the route that
would be interesting to see.”

Aaron could tell that his wife was getting excited about the trip. It
had been a little while since they’d been on an extended vacation.

“Was it Spain or France we went to last?” he asked her.

Faye thought. “France. Remember, we ate at that quaint bistro near the
Eiffel tower?”

“Ah, yes, something like this place. I remember the waiter seemed upset
first that we were dumb Americans, then upset that I could speak French
as well as I could.” Aaron had learned French in high school and had
kept it up. Faye knew only enough to find out where the bathrooms

“So what other things will we be doing out west?” Faye asked him.

“I’d like to surprise you.” Faye immediately looked suspicious. “I’m
sure you’ll enjoy them.”

Faye started to wonder if this was going to be as much fun after all.
Aaron’s idea of fun was either tying her up or keeping her naked, or
both. Not that she minded either one that much, but often he liked to
do them out in public. She wondered how much she’d get to wear once
they got out there.

“In fact, I’ve reserved the company jet for the trip there; one of the
perks I asked for when I retired.”

Faye smiled at that. Normally when they flew, they went first class,
but a private jet would really be neat. Still, she wondered what Aaron
had up his sleeve.

“That sounds like fun. What should I pack? Are we going out to any
place fancy, or just the beach?”

Aaron shook his head. “I’ll take care of packing for you dear, don’t

Faye frowned. “But that’s half the fun of going on a trip,” she

“I just took you on a shopping spree, and this is the thanks I get.”

Something in his tone told Faye that she had better not push it. “I’m
sorry, sir,” she told him.

“Yes, well, I think that deserves and extra ten with the paddle when we
get back home,” he replied.

Faye almost groaned again. She managed to just nod, and tried not to
think about the how her butt would hurt after getting spanked with a

“Perhaps we can even go back to Cynthia’s. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind
loaning me a paddle. Maybe that clerk that was helping you might even
like to do it.”

Faye got a panicked look on her face. Aaron smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’m only joking. You know I much prefer to do it myself.”

Faye spent the rest of the lunch squirming in her chair, much to
Aaron’s amusement.

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