My Wife’s Transformation 5

November 6, 2011 – 9:09 am

C h a p t e r  F i v e

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At 10:55PM a Mercedes pulled into the driveway. When two men got out of the car, the gravity of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. I began shaking all over, my heart was pounding! Then I remembered my wife’s instructions. I rushed to her bedroom door and knocked, my head spinning. “Are they here?” my wife excitedly yelled through the closed door. “Yes” I croaked. “Good,let them in and tell them we will be out shortly”.

The doorbell rang and I begrudgingly answered it. Two large, muscle-bound Latino men peered menacingly down at me. Finally one turned to the other and said, “This must be the wimp husband.” “Yeah, the impotent,wimp husband,” said the other guy. Laughing, they pushed right past me and waltzed right in like they owned the place. “My wife said to tell you that she and Linda will be out in a moment,” I said in a weak, shakey voice. “Bring us a couple of beers, wimp,” was their reply and they plopped right down on the sofa. After fetching them beer, I sat down in a chair in the far corner of the living room, as instructed by my wife.

Soon, the bedroom door opened. Linda came out first. As she strutted into the room, both men began hooting and whistling! She wore thigh-hi black boots, with an impossibly hi heel! Her black leather corset pushed her large, firm breasts to heights unknown. She wore no underwear, her bald pussy was exposed. Black gloves and a choker completed her outfit. Her make-up was very heavy and exaggerated, giving her the appearence of some wicked Dominatrix! She sashayed over to Rico and gave him a big kiss. She then quickly dimmed the lights and put on some soft music. Then she called down the hall to my wife, “Your turn,sweetheart!” My wife suddenly appeared in all her splender. She was wearing a black satin bath robe. It was so short, it barely covered her ass and was loosely tied in front. You could plainly see the tops of her black stockings and garters. Black stilletto heels completed her look. As always her make-up was flawless and she looked so hot in the soft glow of the living room light.

She went straight to Juan, put her arms around his neck and shoved her tongue directly down his throat! Ater kissing him, she whirled around, glaring at me, making sure I saw everything! Linda and Rico sat on the couch and my wife and Juan sat across from them on the other sofa. Immediately, my wife cuddled up to Juan and undid the first 3 buttons of his white, longsleeved, pressed shirt. She stuck her hands inside and started squeezing and tweaking his chest and nipples. She couldn’t keep her hands off of him! Both women frequently glanced over at me, almost daring me to stop them!

A romantic ballad began softly playing in the background. “Oh baby,dance with me” purred my wife and pulled Juan to his feet. She grabbed him, pulled him close and began moving to the music, grinding her hot body into him. Now,my wife’s stilletto heels were 6″, so that puts her height at around 6 ft. when wearing them; rather tall for a woman. However,s he almost disappeared in Juan’s huge arms! He was at least 6’5″ and ripped!. My wife was getting very HOT!

As they sensually danced, she slowly undid the remaining buttons on his shirt, then removed it completely,tossing it on the sofa. She started rubbing her hands all over his chiseled chest and washboard stomach! He responded by putting his huge hands on my wife’s buns, raising up the short satin robe and revealing her naked ass to Rico, Linda and me. She turned her back to him, facing me, still in his arms. I could see her grinding her ass back into his crotch. As she smugly stared at me, she guided Juan’s hands to the satin belt that was barely holding her robe shut. In a flash the robe fell open, revealing my wife’s firm tits and a freshly shaved pussy!

Sexily, she shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell to the floor in a heap. Juan kissed her neck and fondled her breasts with his big mitts. She quickly turned and hotly kissed him. “Oh baby, I want you right here, right NOW”, she panted. Juan looked at me for a moment, then said “No,not here, in the bedroom”! “He won’t do a goddamn thing, he’s such a spineless WIMP,” my wife protested!

“NO” Juan insisted! My wife grabbed his hand and literally drug him toward the bedroom. As they reached the hallway, I jumped up and hurried over to stop them. My hands were trembling, my voice shaking. “Darling….please,WAIT,” I pleaded. “Wait for what?” my wife hissed,her dark eyes flashed wild with lust. “Oh,so you wish to come into the bedroom and watch, is THAT it?” she sarcastically quipped. Juan suddenly slapped my face, knocking me to the floor. I never saw it coming. “NOW,get up off your FAT ASS and go back over to your little corner and sit your FAT ASS down, before I kick your FAT ASS,” he said threateningly. “Oh baby, your soooo MACHO”, cooed my wife and they disappeared into the bedroom.

I stumbled to my feet, seeing stars. Linda got up and came over to me. “Are you ok?” she asked sympathetically. “You don’t look so good.” She gently caressed my bruised cheek with her gloved hand. This was the first time she had ever been NICE to me! “I can’t BELIEVE that Juan is doing this,” she exclaimed. “It’s just not RIGHT. I mean after all, you ARE her husband! Juan comes in here and makes a move on YOUR wife, then, when you try to stop him, he has the NERVE to bitch slap you! Right in your own home! He TOTALLY disrespects you!” Her words stung me and I thought hard about what she was saying. “Don’t you LOVE your wife?” she implored “YEEESSSS,” I cried out. “Then get in there RIGHT NOW and stop them! Be a man for once in your life!” Linda’s pep talk fired me up.

At that moment, I heard my wife screaming playfully in the bedroom. I jumped to my feet. Fired up by Linda’s words, I marched down the hall to my wife’s bedroom door. “Darling are you ok,” I called out. “What are you DOING in there”? The door was ajar and I slowly started to open it .At the same time, someone in the bedroom grabbed the door and flung it wide open. There stood my red hot wife, naked but for her stockings, garter belt and high heels. “So,you want to know what’s going on in here,” she arrogantly asked me. Juan was standing on the far side of the bed. He was still shirtless, but at least he had his pants on. “You SEE, Juan,” she sneered over her shoulder, “I TOLD YOU he wants to watch!”

“Well then,” she turned back to me, “if you REALLY MUST know what’s going on in here, I suppose that I will simply have to SHOW you!” “Don’t just stand there, go on in”, Rico growled from behind and pushed me right into the bedroom. Linda spoke up, “You guys,wait! Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Turning to my wife, Linda said,”at least give the poor guy a chance”,referring to me. “What kind of chance” asked my wife? The two women huddled and whispered back and forth to each other.Then my wife started smiling slyly. “You’re right Linda” she said,trying to sound serious.”I’ve decided to give chubby a ‘chance'”. “Ok then,let’s get started” Linda chimed in and promptly took over the proceedings.”There are 3 men and 2 women here” she began.”Two of you men are gonna get LUCKY!! One of you will be a loser. We women will judge your bodies and the 2 best ones get the grand prize. I’m SURE you can guess who THAT is,” Linda then had us men stand next to each other with me in the middle! “Juan has his shirt off already so we shall start with him,” she declared. The women gazed at his buffed torso, speaking softly between themselves and nodding approvingly. “Very nice baby,” my wife winked at Juan. “Ok Rico, your turn. Take off your shirt,” Linda said. He did a slow striptease as the women oooed and aahed. His upper body was almost identical to Juan’s. “Perfect”…purred the women. Then Linda turned to me. “Your turn,”she smiled. “Take off your shirt.”

I froze. I couldn’t move. There I was, dwarfed between these two goliaths,feeling VERY intimidated. “You heard Linda,” my wife warned me. “Take that shirt off NOW, before I have Juan slap you around some more.” Cowering,I looked up at Juan, my face still throbbing from when he earlier slapped me. “NOW,” he boomed down at me. I must’ve jumped 5 ft. in the air! I ripped my shirt off so fast it wasn’t funny. The four of them ROARED with laughter at my antics. Then they all began checking out my flabby chest and pot-belly. Juan started laughing and said “Look, he has tits!” I turned 3 shades of red as they all laughed hysterically. It was true, I had developed quite a set of breasts over the years. “He looks like he’s PREGNANT too”, Rico offered. By now they were all doubled over with laughter.”Well,he got tits and looks pregnant, are you SURE he’s not a GIRL,” Juan jokingly asked my wife. They all laughed and laughed at me.

“Ok”, said Linda,trying to regain her composure, “let’s continue, shall we?” “We will now move onto the final part of our competition. Juan,will you please remove your pants and undies?” Juan looked directly at the women and sexily shed his pants. Standing there in his briefs, he turned around and slowly removed them, exposing his bare ass to the women. “Nice buns,” my wife remarked. Then he slowly turned to face the women. They just stood there staring, not saying a word, licking their lips. I looked over and my eyes about popped out of my head. I beheld the biggest penis I had ever seen! It must have been at LEAST 8 inches long, maybe bigger! It was rock hard and very thick. “VERY NICE Juan”, Linda gushed. “Your turn Rico”, Linda continued. Rico”s cock was as big as Juan’s. The women were getting more and more turned on. “Now it’s YOUR turn,” Linda said, fixing her gaze on me. “Take off your pants,” she commanded.

Again,I hesitated. “HEY” Juan bellowed at me and I was out of those pants in about one second. They all howled with laughter at my shameful performance. I stood there in my underwear, red-faced, head hung. “Now,take your undies off,” Linda insisted. Oh God, NO, I thought to myself. Juan raised his hand, as if to smack me again. I scurried out of my underwear and stood there completely naked. “I WAS RIGHT”,exclaimed Juan,”he IS A GIRL”!! “Look at his little CLIT,” he said,referring to my small penis. The room exploded with raunchy laughter. I had never been so humiliated in all my LIFE!!! The bad part of it was, I had a feeling it was about to get worse!

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