Another Friday Gangbang

November 2, 2011 – 7:02 am

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So here I am again, in that massive wooden armchair, which is so essential to our favourite game. The thick leather belts that strap my arms, legs and upper body to the armchair make it impossible for me to move, and my mouth is filled by a gag. Ines doesn’t want to be disturbed.

She takes a look around – the setting is perfect as usual. A couple of yards from the huge bed, surrounded by mirrors so I don’t miss any details, there’s the table full of food and drink. Much of the food is fish, prawns and the like, as well as fresh fruit – “Proteins and vitamins for the boys,” as Ines likes to call it.

On Tuesday, she had told me to prepare an evening for eight. Which of course meant Ines and seven studs. Seven seems to be her preferred number – if she’s not as hot as usual, she settles for five. Once she tried a dozen, but that was too much even for her appetite. On special occasions, she’ll take on a solid ten, but not that often.

I look at her – she’s in a breath-taking outfit, as short summer dress exposing her perfectly shaped, long legs, and lots of cleavage. I feel my cock getting hard, but the chastity belt will keep it from getting overly enthusiastic, even when the action starts.

She smiles at me, knowing what mixture of lust and agony she’ll put me through tonight. She had been the first to recognize my submissiveness, and enjoyed it. On the other hand, I had been the first to notice her hidden passion. I could tell it from the looks she gave other guys, and the way she liked to tease me flirting with them. But she would have never proposed our game by herself – as much as we are mistress and slave in sex, we are lovers at heart, and she would never truly hurt me.

So instead, it was me who brought the topic up. We settled on some basic rules: attractive, well hung blokes with good manners, but never any of our close friends, colleagues, neighbours and so on. At first, we had put an ad in some kinky magazines. Ines wanted to involve me, so we agreed on the following: guys who turned her on immediately were in, those who turned her off were out. As for the others, she asked me to have a look. I never told her to accept or reject a candidate, only made some remarks, things I noticed in their letters for instance.

Later, she picked up guys when she went out with her best friends, which she does twice a month. “It’s hunting season again,” she says. Most of the girls she goes out with know what we’re doing, and two of them even take part in the action every now and then.

The bell rings – “That must be our guests,” Ines says and goes upstairs to let them in. I wonder what she’ll prefer tonight. There’s lots of memories on my mind. I remember the first time she had a group of black guys, and really played with my carefully hidden prejudice. I remember those six elder gentlemen, all about the age of my dad, but still in great shape and naturally well equipped. I can still hear the remark of one grey haired, very confident manager type of guy: “Let’s show this young man how to properly fuck a lady!” And damn, those oldies really knew how to fuck.

Sometimes she goes for the athletic kind, and once had a night with a fifty-ish dad and his three adult sons. She even surprised me a couple of times with supremely well-hung Asians – prejudice again, I guess. So I’m quite curious what she’s up for tonight.

I hear them come down the stairs, and Ines leads her guests into our play-room. As I see the guys, my heart stops for a second. Of course she’d only invite studs who are legal, but Jesus, these boys are barely old enough. Ines realizes my amazement, and smiles: “Remember when I went out with Corinna last month? We went to that new disco, the Mirage…” I’ve heard of that place already – it’s the most popular hang-out for our city’s younger folks.

“So may I introduce: guys, the tied and gagged fellow over there is my husband / slave.” Ines smiles at me again, then she introduces each of the seven young men one by one – Ingo, Richie, Alex, Sascha, Patrick, Daniel and Dominic. All of them young, slim and handsome. She takes the youngest looking by the hand and says: “They’re all young and hot, but Dominic is a special favourite. Domi, would you mind showing my slave your ID card?” – The young, blondish boy takes the card from the back-pocket of his jeans and holds it in front of my face. “As you can see,” Ines says, “he turned legal just a couple of months ago. Sweet sixteen, male and horny – and none of the others is any older than nineteen.”

“But his age is not the hottest about Domi,” Ines concludes and unzips his jeans, “you mind me showing your love tool to my slave?” – With that, she unpacks an impressive dick, smiling: “You see, a nice ten inches. And don’t you think he hasn’t used it yet – the only thing he hasn’t done is fuck a lady’s ass … yet!” She turns towards the other boys, all smiling confidently, and explains: “The rest of the gang is similarly well equipped, as you might guess. You’ve witnessed already what powerful lovers elder men can be – tonight you’ll learn about the love-making talent of teenaged studs.”

With that, she takes her attention off me for the rest of the night. She tells the guys to help themselves with the food an drink whenever they need it, but quickly focusses on the night’s main thing. She takes every guy’s cock out of his pants – they are all erect immediately, and none of them shorter than eight inches. Ines goes down on her knees, and one by one gives the studs an opening blow-job. She really dislikes sucking a guy hard, but loves to have her lips around a stiff prick.

After the opening action, she does a very kinky strip-tease for the guys. Then, she climbs into bed, lies on her back and spreads her legs. The young men take turns eating her pussy, while two of them sit next to her head, offering their big cocks for some more oral attention. With the licking getting her as hot as hell, she quickly asks to be screwed.

Now the guys take turns fucking her missionary style, while she has two of them next to her face, kissing them passionately. Two others grab her tits and suck her nipples, which always turns her on. I watch in amazement at the powerful, yet also rhythmic, experienced thrusts of the guys. All of them, handsome as they are, and routined as they fuck, must have had their share of women already, and I wonder if gangbanging a lady is something brand new to them.

After a while, I begin to feel that mixture of horniness and humiliation that comes with our favourite game. My cock painfully struggles against the constraints of the chastity belt – on the other hand, I realize that these youngster are almost young enough to be my sons, yet satisfy my mistress in a way I’ll never be able to do. I feel the first tears in my eyes.

In the meantime, Ines is ready for the next step. She tosses the lube to a dark haired, well tanned young man, goes on all four and says: “Sascha, you’ve done back door stuff already – want to fuck my ass?” – The question is unnecessary, as the stud eagerly lubes Ines’ ass-hole, puts some of the liquid on his hard nine inches, and then mounts her from behind. The other guys watch in excitement, eager to take Sascha’s place – and one by one, they all do, until it’s young Dominic’s turn. He doesn’t hesitate a moment, lubes Ines some more, than stuffs his massive dick up her ass in one hard thrust, fucking her as hard as I’ve ever seen a guy. Ines lets out some deep, ecstatic moans, enjoying every inch of Domi’s cock.

I feel like this is more than I can handle – I’m sobbing, there’s a veil of tears in my eyes, and my cheeks are soaked. Yet I know that Ines is no way finished yet. She addresses two of the horny bunch: “Alex and Daniel, you’re two good buddies – would you like to really fill me up?” The two guys grin at each other – then, a baby-faced, brown haired stud climbs into bed and lies on his back. Ines climbs on top of him and inserts his dick up her pussy. She turns around and breathlessly sighs: “Come on, Dani boy, give me the full treatment.” The cute, blonde teenager smiles and eagerly pushes his cock up her ass, teaming up with his friend to give my lady a prime double penetration.

The sandwiching goes on for an eternity – every boy has Ines’ pussy and ass at least once. To me, it is more humiliating than anything she’s ever put me through. I try to close my eyes, but of course I can still hear Ines’ joyful screams, accompanied by the guys’ moans. And the pictures these sounds create in my mind are perhaps even worse than the real action in bed. So I watch again, seeing my wife double fucked by a couple of teenagers, while she takes turns sucking the others.

Finally, Ines wants to do what she loves most – take on as many guys as possible at the same time. She asks Dominic to lie on his back, then takes a seat inserting his dick up her ass. She lies back, spreads her legs and asks Richie, whose dick is the biggest, to screw her pussy. Next comes Alex to fuck her boobs. Ingo and Patrick are on their knees right next to Ines’ head, and get sucked off, while Sascha’s and Daniel’s pulsate in her hands. That’s it, one woman taking on seven studs all at once – at this moment, Ines is not just at the center of attention of the guys, she’s at the center of the universe.

As the partying ends early in the morning, Ines smiles in deepest satisfaction. Her face and body are sweaty and covered with the studs’ semen. After she has led them to the door, I hear her take a shower. Some twenty minutes later, fresh and still very satisfied, she unties me, takes my face in her hands, kisses the tears from my eyes and tells me how much she loves being my wife.

– The End –

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