My Wife’s Transformation 4

October 30, 2011 – 9:21 am

C h a p t e r  F o u r

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At 4:23 AM the phone rang and I thought my heart would leap out of my chest! It was Linda. “Your wife will be spending the night at my house,” she informed me. “I shall bring her back home tomorrow morning…..goodbye”. “WAIT LINDA,” I pleaded, “Let me speak to her.” “Ummm…..she can’t come to the phone right now”. “WHY NOT,” I wanted to know? “Ummm…..she’s busy”, Linda said slyly.

“WHAT is she doing?” I demanded. “Well” Linda sighed, “I’m not quite sure what she’s up to, but she’s in the bedroom with Juan. The door is closed, so I can’t see what is going on but….judging from the sound they’re making in there, I would venture to guess that she most probably is getting her pretty little brains fucked out”! “WHAT…….I don’t believe you,” I frantically told her. “Why don’t I just see for myself then?” Linda said coyly. “Ok, I’m opening their bedroom door…….OH MY GAAWWDDD, I was RIGHT”!!! “I STILL don’t believe you,” I said defiantly. “Ok then”, Linda smirked, “listen to THIS”. The next sound I heard was of two people in the throes of hot sex; grunts,groans,squeaks,squeals and shrieks!

It DID sort of sound like my wife but I wasn’t sure. Linda came back on the line, “Sweet dreams, chubby,” she giggled and hung up. I called back but they wouldn’t answer. I was having a panic attack! My mind was reeling. I was in denial and tried to rationalize the situation. I told myself that Linda was playing head games with me, telling me that my wife was getting seriously fucked by some Latin stud. That racket she had me listen to was probably one of those porn videos she sells, I reasoned. She just put the phone right up to the TV speaker. I lay down and fell into an uneasy slumber.

I awoke soon after dawn and sat by the front window, awaiting my wife’s return. Linda pulled up at 10:00AM and my wife got out of the car.She gingerly hobbled up the driveway, as if she were sore all over. She went straight to her bedroom and slept the day away.

She awoke at 6:00PM and had me fix her a snack. Afterwards she settled in the living room, doing her long nails. At 7:00PM Linda came wheeling in. She sat down across from my wife. “So honey, did you have a nice time last night?” Linda innocently asked. “Nice is not the word,” quipped my wife. “It was the most INCREDIBLE FUCKING NIGHT of my WHOLE LIFE”! “I knew you would ADORE Juan,” Linda said knowingly. “GOD,what an AMAZING hunk of MAN he is,” my wife said breathlessly. I was eavesdropping and their conversation was making me angrier by the second! “What did I tell you about Latin men, honey” Linda boasted. “Linda, in all my life I NEVER KNEW that ‘IT’ could be that GREAT” my wife said wondrously! “Well” replied Linda, “I’ve been wanting a REAL MAN to fuck you ever since I first met your pathetic husband”!

“THAT DOES IT,” I said under my breath. I marched myself right into the living room and addressed my wife. “WE NEED TO TALK……alone” I demanded, glancing over at Linda. “Anything you have to say to me,you can say in front of Linda” she shot back. “Now WHAT do you WANT”?? “Well,uh”…I stammered, not at all wanting to have this conversation in front of Linda. This was private, between me and my wife! “I SAID what IS IT,” my wife yelled,growing impatient. Both women were glaring at me. I felt very intimidated so I just blurted out, “did you sleep with another man last night?” Linda put her hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter. “Did I sleep with another man last night?” my wife slowly repeated the question.

“HMMMMMM…No”, she finally answered,”I did not ‘SLEEP’ with another man last night.” I let out a big sigh. I was SO relieved, but only for a brief moment. She continued, “now I DID share a bed with another man last night but neither of us were actually SLEEPING!” Her words burned in my ears. Linda giggled. “What were you doing then?” I asked desperately,not wanting to admit the obvious. “OH FOR GOD SAKES,” Linda blurted out in disbelief.”I TOLD YOU last night on the phone that she was getting a royal fucking. Didn’t you BELIEVE ME?” “Is what Linda says true?” I looked at my wife,tears welling up. “WELL WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT!” my wife shouted indignantly. She arose from her chair and walked over to me. She was wearing 5″ heels and towered above me. Looking down at me she said,”yes a REAL man gave me the FUCKING of a LIFETIME last night! I’ve already told you that I need a man NOW and it’s obvious that you’re NOT that man”.

I began to sob. “STOP BAWLING YOU LIMP DICK WIMP,” she screamed and slapped me across the face. She continued her verbal assault, “Do you know what I have a good mind to do? I have a good mind to call Juan right now and invite him over tonight to fuck me right in front of you,” Linda squealed in delight and said, “I bet the wimp would just stand there and watch. I bet he wouldn’t even have the BALLS to try to stop you!” Both women laughed as I sobbed. “God,I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall and see that,” said Linda. “Why don’t you help me humiliate this sorry excuse for a man,” my wife offered. “Great idea” said Linda. “Ok then,” my wife said, “we’ll invite the men over and put on a real show. We’ll dress up in some hot lingerie and I’ll seduce Juan right in front of my pathetic husband!”

She picked up the phone and called Juan. “Hi baby,” she cooed into the receiver. “Oh Juan, you were sooo wonderful last night. Listen sweetheart, Linda and I want you and Rico to come over to my place tonight. I have a big surprise for you! No baby, I’m not telling you what it is, you’ll have to come over and see for yourself. Yes Juan, my husband will be here but it doesn’t matter WHAT he minds! Ok baby, I’ll see you then”. “This is gonna be SOOOO HOT,” said Linda as my wife hung up the phone. “But just what is this ‘surprise’ you have for Juan?”

“Well” my wife said, “I really like the way your hairless pussy looks, so I’ve decided to shave mine and surprise Juan! Will you help me Linda?” “Of course I will honey,” Linda said in a sultry voice. My wife got in my face again and said “The men will be here in a few hours. Linda and I are going to take a long bubble bath together, then we’ll get ready for them. YOU watch for their car. When they arrive, come immediately and knock on my bedroom door to tell me they’re here. Then let them in and tell them Linda and I will be out directly. Then you can go sit in the corner, keep your mouth SHUT and watch how a REAL MAN handles a hot woman,” she said poking my chest with her long red nails. Damn those things HURT!

The women then headed off toward the bath. I stood there in a daze. “Was this really happening?” I asked myself. Again,I began to rationalize the situation. “My wife would NEVER do this,” I told myself over and over again. “She has GOT to be playing a cruel joke on me”. The men were supposed to arrive at 10PM but at 10:30 there was still no sign of them .”Just as I suspected,it’s all a horrible joke” I reassured myself. And then a few minutes before 11PM, a car pulled into the driveway. I was about to find out that this was no joke!

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