Spanking Volt

August 24, 2007 – 10:00 am

Beth, the young wife, knew that look.  When her seventy-five-year-old
husband looked at her that way she knew she was in for a spanking.  It
wasn’t because she did anything wrong, oh no.  It was just because the
old man really had a thing for her ass, and for tanning it with his

Why did she put up with it?  Why would a beautiful,
twenty-three-year-old woman put up with it?  Because the guy was filthy
rich, that’s why.

The owner and founder of the country’s leading safe and vault
manufacturer, the old man had more money than he knew what to do with.

What he DID do with it was lavish it on his young wife, giving her
everything she wanted, and making her life a blissful escape from the
grocery store she had been clerking at before she met him.

His only demand of her?  Well, at his age, sex was out of the question.
 But he had his passion, spanking.  So to keep him happy, she acceded
to being spanked by him any time he wished.  This usually meant at
least once a day, sometimes two or three times if he was feeling
frisky.  These weren’t casual spankings, either.  These were bare butt
spankings that hurt quite a bit.  The old man had some strength in him,
too, as if the only part of him that really worked well was his
spanking arm.

So, Beth gritted her teeth, flipped up her skirt, and bent over his

As each strike made contact and she obediently counted for him, she
thought about the prize at the end of all this madness.  The

“I’m leaving it all to you,” he would say.  “All the money, that is.
The business goes to my son Cameron; he doesn’t need the money, he has
plenty of his own.  But all the residuals and the profits will go to
you my dear!”

“Ow!…twenty five…Don’t talk like that, Baby…OW!…twenty
six…You won’t die on me any time soon!” she would say to keep him

Anything to keep him happy.  He had to go soon.  She had talked to his
doctors and had bribed one or two of them to tell her about his health.
 He WAS dying, and didn’t have much time left.  She was SURE to
inherit, if she could stand the pain!

Formerly a tight jeans type of girl, her new lifestyle necessitated a
change of wardrobe.  Light dresses were now the order, anything to
lessen contact with her perpetually sore butt.  She didn’t sit down
much anymore either.

Still, it was worth it to her.  Once the old man croaked, no more
spankings, and ALL THAT MONEY!

But as time went on, Beth wondered if it would ever happen.  The old
man got a little kinkier as well.  After a spanking session he would
make her lie down on a table in his workshop, face down, still bare
assed, while he took pictures and took measurements of her recently
spanked butt.  He would even press things against it, making her wince.

But he would always apologize afterward and make it up to her with a
big shopping spree.  Beth didn’t know what to make of him.

Then, the fateful day arrived.

Beth had grunted out “Forty three!” when there was a sudden silence.
Often the old man would pause with his hand on her ass, gathering his
strength for the next swipe.  But as she lay there across his lap, she
began to think that this time it was different.

Squirming around, she looked at his face and beheld his open
expression, eyes open, mouth smiling, and obviously very, very dead.

Beth actually felt sorry for him, and as she squirmed out from under
him she felt that this was probably just the way he would have wanted
to go…out spanking!  But as she stood and rubbed her very sore ass
she began to think of all that money and how she would never have to
bend over to get any of it again.


It took two weeks for all the legal matters for such a large estate to
clear enough for the will to be read, and there were no rumors of
anyone wanting to contest it.  The old man’s wishes were pretty well
known, and his only living family, Cameron, didn’t have any problems
with Beth inheriting.

“I know you make him happy,” he once told her.  “And even if you did
marry him just for his money, well that’s okay, because you DO make him
happy.  I’m almost as rich as he is, so I don’t need your share!”

Beth was glad to hear it.  So when she gathered with the lawyers and
other minor beneficiaries in the old man’s former study, she didn’t
have many worries.

She sat squirming in her seat, more from habit than anything else, and
watched while the old man read his own will on a video he had made
before his death.  Seeing him again actually brought a tear to her eye,
and she remembered the way he laughed and smiled at her, and of course
the heavy swipe of his hand.

When he got to the part of her inheritance, she perked up and listened
to what he had to say.

“For my dear wife, Beth, I leave the rest of my estate.  All the
profits from sixty years of patents, from sixty years of business, that
were mine, are now hers.  Future earnings of course go to Cameron, and
to others I have already stated.  But my dear Beth will receive a
total of around forty five million dollars, after the IRS has taken its
share.”  He chuckled, as did the rest of the group, and Beth almost
fainted.  She had no idea it was that much.

“But,” the old man added, “to make sure it lasts her through to her old
age, I made some arrangements.”

The group watching the video stirred again, and Beth frowned.

One of the lawyers, seeing his cue, walked to one of the bookcases and
opened it, revealing a dark passageway.

“Down there,” said the old man on the tape, “is my vault.  As you all
know, I design vaults, have been doing it since I was a young’un.  Down
there is my last design, and inside, in the form of gold coins, is all
of Beth’s money.  It’s all there, never to be added to, just taken
out.  To this end, the vault is constructed to never be opened…not
easily anyway.  But it can be accessed to dispense the gold coins, five
a day, whenever Beth needs money.  No one else can access the vault
but Beth, she is the key, so her money is safe.”

More murmuring from the group, and Beth looked at the screen and the
passageway with puzzlement.

“Here is how she will get her money,” continued the old man.  The
picture suddenly changed to show the front of the vault, and a very
strange looking indentation in the door.  It looked like…no it
couldn’t be…made out of metal, obviously well crafted…it looked
like someone’s buttocks!

There were no other items on the front of the vault, except for a slot
and a little basket.

“Beth certainly knows my little love for spanking,” said the old man,
smiling, “and as I believe she loved it too, I couldn’t let her go
without it for the rest of her life.  So I have incorporated it into
the machine that will dispense the gold coins.  For it to work, Beth
will have to place her freshly spanked bottom in the…er…obvious
receptacle, where it will be scanned.  If her bottom is suitably red,
suitably heated up, and from the bone structure and fatty tissue,
undeniably her…then the coins will dispense.  If not, nothing will
happen.  It is the ONLY way for her to get her money.”

There was a gasp from the group, and Beth seemed to shrink in her
chair.  She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  To be spanked yet
again?  Every day?  NO, the money was HERS now!  She didn’t HAVE to
still be spanked to get it, did she?

The old man kept talking.  “I suggest you stop this tape now and try it
out; after all, it has never been tested.  I didn’t want to spoil the
surprise.”  He grinned, and the grin didn’t leave his face when the
lawyer paused the tape.

“Well,” he said.  “I know this sounds irregular, but it is quite legal
and there is nothing that can be done about it.”

He looked at Beth.  “Are you ready, Ma’am?”

“You mean…now?”  Beth said with a small voice.


Beth got up, trembling and walked over to the passageway, feeling as
if she was dreaming and trying to wake up.

“Wait,” said the lawyer.  “Who is going to spank her?  She surely can’t
do it to herself!”

The people looked at each other, thinking many things.  Then Cameron
stood.  “I guess I’ll have to, until Beth makes other arrangements,
that is.”

Beth looked at him with horror.  It hadn’t occurred to her that to get
a spanking she needed someone to spank her.  She blushed with shame.

“Very well,” said the lawyer.

Cameron motioned for Beth to go first and then followed.  The group got
up and crowded the passageway, following them down.

The passageway was tight and steep, designed to discourage bringing
heavy equipment down to break open the vault with.  The room outside
the vault door was small for the same reason.  But there was something
there that wasn’t in the video, a nice comfortable looking chair.

“Well, let’s get this done,” said Cameron slowly, looking rather

Beth looked sick, and she ran her fingers in the butt shaped concave
in the front of the vault.  HER butt was supposed to go there, her
NAKED butt she assumed.  She shuddered.

Cameron had settled in the chair, and the group that could fit in the
small room assembled to watch.

Biting her lip, Beth went over to him.  She was wearing a dress
because she had gotten used to doing so, and underneath she wore
panties because her ass had finally grown insensitive enough for her to
do so again.  She closed her eyes and bent over Cameron’s lap.

“Er…is this the way you usually did this for my father?” Cameron asked

Beth blushed.  “Not quite,” she whispered.

“Well…er…maybe we should do it his way, just to be sure we’re
getting it right.”

Beth blushed some more and nodded.  She felt like crying, but she
still couldn’t help thinking of all that money, hers if only she could
do this every day.

She got up and, with a glance at the watching crowd, reached under her
dress and pulled her panties down.  Then she settled back on his lap,
face down and looked away.

Cameron slowly lifted the back of her dress, exposing a pair of round
pink butt cheeks, still slightly marked from months of spankings.  He
watched them quiver in front of him as Beth trembled, and he placed a
hand on them to see how smooth they were, making her jump.

“How…how many…times do you think?” he asked.

Beth groaned.  “Let’s try…twenty,” she eventually said.

Cameron nodded, and immediately began to spank, bringing his hand down
lightly on her flesh.

The group watched silently.

“No…no!” yelled Beth after a few swipes.  “Harder!  He never hit me
that lightly.  We’ll be here all day at this rate!”

Cameron looked horrified, but he complied, bringing down his hand harder
and harder, the sound of his hand striking her echoing around the small
room, the sight of her flesh rippling with each swat holding the eyes
of everyone in the room.

Then, to Cameron’s surprise, he heard Beth count.  “One!”

“What?” he said, his arm already tired.

“That’s right, you got it, hit me that hard each time.  I’ll…keep
count,” Beth said.

Cameron blinked and kept going, and with every swipe, Beth grunted and
counted until they reached twenty.

Sweaty, she climbed off his lap to reveal to the group her light red
buttocks.  She held her dress up, very aware that she was now exposing
her front as well as her back, and backed up into the space provided.

The metal concave felt cold to her hot skin, and did indeed have her
exact shape.  She wondered how long she would have to hold this
embarrassing position, when suddenly a red light began flashing and the
old man’s voice called out, “Beth has not achieved the correct color.
Please try again!”

Beth groaned and moved away while the group whispered to each other.

“More?” Cameron said.

Beth nodded.  “Thirty more, let’s take it up to fifty.  That’s what we
did at a minimum.”

It took Cameron several swats to get up to power, and toward the end his
strength began failing.  But he made the fifty, and a very sore Beth
with a very red ass stumbled to the vault.

She sat there for a moment, hoping it was enough, when a green light
flashed and five gold coins dumped into the basket.  The old man’s
voice called out, “Thank you Beth, you always were a good girl!”

There were smiles all round, and Beth got up, dropping her dress and
hiding her throbbing red butt.  She reached out for one of the coins,
and the lawyer and Cameron each took one as well.

Beth stared at it in shock as the lawyer explained how much each was
worth.  “About $300 apiece I figure, so at 5 coins a day, that means
$1500 a day.  Not bad.  It should just cover the maintenance and living
expenses of this house and Beth.  She won’t have much left over for
herself, but she is being well taken cared of for the rest of her life!

$1500 dollars a day!  Was that all?  And for it, she had to be spanked
hard every day?

Beth almost decided to bolt, to take her chances elsewhere; but as
usually the money stopped her.  She looked at the coin again.  On one
side, was a portrait of the old man, looking rather smug.  On the other
was a picture of Beth across his knees, bare from the waist down,
obviously being spanked quite hard.

“Yes,” continued the lawyer, “she’s a very lucky girl, getting such an

Beth contemplated her fate, as the rest went up to read the rest of
the will.

Yes, she was so lucky.

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