October 26, 2011 – 10:16 am

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We had made plans to go out one night later in the week and hit a few bars, have a little fun, and see what happens from there. Of course we both knew what would eventually happen, we just weren’t sure how or where!!! The day before our date I bought Cindy a little present. It was a “Venus Butterfly.” A vibrator that looks like a purple butterfly that she could strap to her pussy, most of it concentrating on her clit, and control the vibration speed with a little remote control. I told her to dress in a skirt and to wear the Venus Butterfly for our date the next night. Her eyes just lit up and I could see the wheels turning in her head thinking about the possibilities. She just flashed me that sexy smile and said, “OK!”

I could hardly wait for our date. That’s all I could think about from the time I left Cindy’s house that day until the moment I picked her up. All kinds of ideas ran through my head, wondering what would eventually happen when all was said and done. I was hard as a rock all day long waiting for our date to arrive. Then it was here, as I pulled up to Cindy’s house and parked the car. Walking up to the house I was trying to imagine what Cindy would be wearing and as I knocked on the door my dick was throbbing in my pants. Cindy opened the door to let me in and my heart skipped a couple beats. She was dressed in a yellow skirt that was nice and short along with a white almost see through button down blouse. She was also wearing stockings and high heels that made her ass look ever better than it usually did. And let me tell you Cindy has one fine little ass! My jaw was on the ground as I looked over her finely wrapped body. She told me to come in then she shut the door and threw her arms around me and gave me a really nice, hot kiss. Grinding our hips together as my tongue wrestled with hers for a good minute or two. I was ready to throw her down right there and fuck her brains out, but I knew much more fun was in store for tonight. Well after a little small talk we headed out to have a few drinks and see what kind of fun we could scare up.

We ended up going to Fielders Choice to see what was happening there, but when we got there the place was practically empty. We ordered a couple drinks and walked over by the pool tables and sat at a table across from each other. These tables were up high, like at bar level, and we were sitting on bar stools. As we got comfortable and started talking, the subject eventually turned to sex and I asked Cindy if she was wearing my present. She smiled and said yes, then reached into a pocket in her skirt and started the vibrator at a very low speed. She closed her eyes and smiled as the first vibrations hit her, straightening out her back and pushing out her chest as she let out a low moan. We sat a talked some more as Cindy got hotter and hotter from the vibrations she was getting down below. As we talked she would slowly play with the buttons on her blouse revealing more and more of her luscious tits to my begging eyes. The bar was now empty except for the bartender and two guys sitting at the bar talking with him. They were paying absolutely no attention to us as we continued to tease each other. She said she had to go to the bathroom and got up to leave, bending over allowing her blouse to fall open right in front of my eyes. Looking down her top and seeing her braless tits and her hard nipples made my cock throb! But as soon as it was there it was gone, and so was she, off to the bathroom with a sexy smile as I watched her ass swing under that skirt.

I lit a cigarette and started fantasizing again, and soon she walked up behind me and put her hand on my crotch and gave my cock a good squeeze as she gave me a quick kiss, then she sat back down in her seat with a big grin. I looked down to see a pair of white satin panties lying in my lap. I reached down and picked them up, bringing them to my nose I took in a big whiff. Mmm yes, they smelled so sweet, and they were a little damp, I can see why she would want to take them off! She smiled and told me that they were just getting in the way! Then I saw her digging in her pocket again, Cindy took out the remote pulling some of the wire out with it and told me to take it from her so I could control the vibrations from under the table. I gladly accepted the responsibility of controlling her ecstasy! Taking the remote into my hands I got this feeling of power, I could control how hot she would get, taking her up and down on a little roller coaster. I started out slow, and then I would slide the button up all the way for just a second, and then back down giving her little jolts of pleasure. As we played and talked dirty to each other Cindy was busy again with the buttons on her blouse, undoing a button and tugging on her top flashing me her tits and hard nipples.

Soon she had another button undone and her hand was inside her top massaging her tits and playing with her nipples making them even harder. I picked up the pace with the vibrator and Cindy was squirming in her chair, as I would give her longer and longer jolts at full speed before slowly taking it back down. I could see she was really enjoying the situation, she was biting her lip and moaning, at one point I thought the others in the bar might hear us but they just kept on talking. Then Cindy was getting really hot and I thought she was on the edge and I was just about to give it to her good when she said, “Stop! I don’t want to cum yet!” She took the remote back from me and shoved it into her pocket leaving it on at a very low speed. She told me it was too early to cum so soon and that we should play some pool or something. So I agreed to a game of pool but we had to play for something. So she said that the winner gets to do, or get done to him or her, (sexually of course) anything that they want!

Sounded good to me, so I agreed with the bet and went to the bar to get some change. When I got back I racked the balls and told Cindy to go ahead and break. So she got lined up as I took my vantage point directly in front of her so I could get a glimpse down her top as she stroked the stick back and forth between her fingers. She broke the balls and the game was on with both of us trying to distract the other as they tried to make their shot. I would stand right in front of where Cindy was shooting and rub my cock as I whispered my dirty thoughts to her. Cindy would drive me crazy by finding a place she could stand and not be seen by the others at the bar and pull her skirt up flashing her bare (except for the vibrator) pussy at me.

Playing with her tits and rubbing her hot, wet pussy for me. God it was very hard to concentrate! As the game went on I got braver and actually unzipped my pants, being prepared, I was not wearing any underwear, and put my hard cock on the edge of the table as she took her shot. Of course my back was to the guys at the bar so they had no idea. It was getting more and more challenging to top what the last person did, and soon we were getting bolder and bolder. Cindy’s shirt was unbuttoned almost all the way showing off plenty of her sweet tits. I would get behind her as she would line up her shot and pretend to help her as I rubbed my bare cock against her wet pussy lips. It was getting out of control and we had to do something about it quickly! I don’t think we ever finished that game! Cindy pulled me over behind a little wall out of sight from the others at the bar and started kissing me very passionately, her hands all over my body and mine all over hers. Soon she was on her knees in front of me taking my hard cock in her hands and stroking it as she looked into my eyes and smiled. Then all at once she took my whole cock down her throat sucking me deep and hard. Her head thrusting back and forth gobbling up my cock like a machine! Cindy gives the best blowjobs in the world! This babe has great talent when it comes to cock sucking!

She continued to blow my hard cock and the sight of my hard pole disappearing into her sexy mouth was exquisite. Cindy’s lips felt so good sliding along my shaft and her throat was warm and tight as she deep throated me over and over. My knees were getting weak as she suddenly stopped, zipped me up and said, “Lets get out of here!” As much as I wanted to spray her face with my hot cum, I knew she was right, so as we finished our drinks, I stared at her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her shirt, then headed towards the door with a very polite “Thank you” and a smile from the bartender making me wonder if he didn’t know about our little game. We got in the car and we were all over each other. I unbuttoned her blouse, again, squeezing her firm tits and rolling her hard nipples between my thumb and fingers pinching them hard. She had my pants unzipped and my throbbing cock in her hands stroking it hard and squeezing my balls. Soon my hand was under her skirt and I slid two, then three fingers deep into her dripping cunt making her moan out loudly. Finger fucking her hard and fast, rubbing her clit with every stroke. Cindy’s pussy was so wet my fingers slid in and out with ease.

Soon my pants were down to my ankles and her head was in my lap licking up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock. Cindy told me to “Drive and don’t stop until I tell you to!” So I started the car and began driving as Cindy once again started giving me one of her expert blowjobs. As I drove it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing with Cindy’s head in my lap and my cock buried deep in her mouth. I decided to hit some side streets so I wouldn’t hit anyone and as I came up to the stoplight to turn right there was a car next to us with a very pretty female on the passenger’s side. The driver, male, was paying no attention, but the sexy lady saw Cindy’s head bouncing up and down below me. She just watched a little, then as the light turned green she looked up at me and smiled, then licked her lips! God I almost came right there! I found a few deserted streets and was enjoying the great head I was receiving from this hot little babe. Cindy sucked on my cock for at least 30 minutes before she had to rest. I was in heaven! I raced to get to her place so we could finish what we started and as I drove Cindy spread her legs wide and started masturbating as she told me how good it felt sucking my cock! This chick just loves to suck cock!

Soon we were back at Cindy’s place and we practically ran in the door. Before the door was even closed Cindy was on her knees once more, taking off my pants as I striped off my shirt. Now standing completely naked in front of her, Cindy once again takes my cock deep into her warm, wet mouth filling her throat with my rock hard pole. Taking it out just long enough to say, “I just love the taste of your cock tonight!” Then my cock disappears once more as her sexy lips encircle the head and slides down the shaft.

Cindy takes my cock all the way down her tight throat. My head is spinning as her talented mouth devours my throbbing cock. I can’t take much more of this and I grab Cindy and pull her to her feet as I rip her clothes off. First her blouse, I grab it at the top and pull out hard making the buttons pop off and fly everywhere. Stripping it off her arms and off, her tits standing up with her nipples poking out as hard as rocks. Then I pull her skirt down and off. Now we are both naked and clawing at each other’s body. I pick her up and carry her to her bedroom, laying her down on her bed then spreading her legs wide I dive into her dripping wet pussy with my tongue. She squeals as my tongue fucks her hot cunt, my fingers spreading her lips wide as my tongue slides in deep. I flick her clit back and forth with my tongue before I take it into my mouth and suck on it hard. Cindy’s hips are bucking wildly all over the place and it’s all I can do to keep up with her.

Soon she is screaming as I nibble and bite her clit, pushing her over the edge. She grabs my head and pushes it into her cumming cunt as I suck and lick the juices flowing from her quivering pussy. Cindy cums hard as I continue my assault on her dripping cunt, I have got her on the edge and I want to keep her there. So I keep up my pussy licking as one orgasm leads to another and soon she is screaming again as she cums a second time. Not one to let a good thing stop I again continue licking and sucking her juicy cunt as her hips buck and slide all over the bed. I bring her to another crashing orgasm with her screaming at the top of her lungs. She pulls me up next to her and kisses me hard and deep, tasting her sweet juices on my tongue and all over my face. Cindy grabs my cock and strokes it with both hands as she tries to get her breath back. I lay back to enjoy her stroking on my hard pole and soon I feel my cock being enveloped by her warm wet mouth. As I said, this chick just loves to give head! I close my eyes and let my mind wander as Cindy works on my dick. I look down and see her looking back at me with those sexy blue eyes as she takes my cock deeper and deeper into her hungry mouth. She has got me so hard and horny I just can’t stand it any more, so I tell her to get on her knees so I can fuck her from behind.

She smiles big and turns around getting on her knees and pointing that sexy little ass my way. I grab my cock and slide it along her pussy lips opening them slowly as I rub back and forth. Then I plunge my cock deep into her tight cunt with one quick stroke. Her pussy is so wet I slide in with no problem. Cindy squeals as I grab her hips and start to pound into her hot slit hard and deep. My cock is in heaven as it slides in and out of Cindy’s juicy pussy, her ass quivering on every stroke. I raise my hand and slap her ass hard as I tell her what a naughty little slut she has been tonight. She moans loudly as I spank her ass again. Seeing my handprint in red on Cindy’s sexy little ass is quite a turn on and I know how much she likes to be spanked. I give her a few more swats before pulling my cock out of her open pussy and lying back on the bed. She knows just what to do and climbs up my body, lowering herself slowly onto my rock hard cock. Cindy just sits there for a couple seconds before she starts to rock her hips back and forth making my cock move inside her tingling pussy. Soon she is rising up and dropping back down hard, fucking me slowly. I grab her tits and pinch and roll her nipples as she bounces up and down on top of me.

Cindy fucks me like that for a good five minutes then all of a sudden she jumps off my cock and lays on her back spreading her legs wide saying, “Fuck me Bill, fuck my cunt hard!” So I kneel between her legs and point my cock towards her waiting hole. Sliding into her deep and hard I start to fuck her hard and deep. My balls slapping her ass as I pound into her dripping wet cunt. She is screaming and yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, harder, faster!”

I can feel hot cum just waiting to explode from my cock as I continue to pound into Cindy’s red-hot pussy. Soon she is cumming again, screaming loudly. Just as her orgasm starts to subside I begin to moan and groan and I tell Cindy I’m going to cum. She say’s “I want your cum on my face and tits!” So I pull out and straddle her stomach as I stroke my cock over her tits. It didn’t take long and I was squirting my hot sticky white cum all over her face and tits, covering her with my love juice. Her tongue licked up as much as it could as she rubbed it over her face and into her mouth, then moving down and rubbing it into her sweet little tits. God what a sight looking down at Cindy’s sexy face all covered with cum! I bent over and gave her a deep kiss tasting my cum in her mouth.

Well there it is, one of my most memorable dates with my favorite sexy babe. Cindy has got to be the hottest little lady I have ever had the pleasure to be with. I have had many nice encounters with Cindy, and I hope to share them all with you.

– The End –

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