My Wife’s Transformation 3

October 22, 2011 – 12:07 pm

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The incessant clanging of a doorbell startled me awake. As I hurried to the front door, I glanced at the clock; 4:15AM. As I reached the door, I heard my wife yelling. “Lemme in goddamn you,” she slurred. I was shocked to hear her curse. I had never heard her swear before! She was so buzzed she couldn’t find the lock with her key.

I opened the door and she staggered in. Her new hairdo was slightly askew,her eyes glazed. She looked so hot in that little red dress, I just stared at her gorgeous legs. “You like my legs don’t you,” she teased? I gulped hard and nodded. “So do all the guys at the club,” she said matter of factly. Suddenly, she moved closer and in a sexy whisper said, “You want me don’t you? You want me right now”! I was absolutely speechless. “You wanna FUCK ME,don’t you”? I couldn’t believe she was talking this way. “You wanna FUCK ME right now don’t you,” she brazenly repeated, “So do all the guys at the club,” she laughed and as she staggered off down the hall toward her bedroom, I realized that this was the perfect time to make my move. She was totally out of it.

Cautiously, I approached her bedroom and peeked inside. She was laying on the bed, her short dress hiked up . A pair of red undies were strewn on the floor and her exposed pussy glistened in the soft light. She was giggling and babbling incoherently. I quickly removed my clothes and eased my considerable girth onto the bed. I moved between her legs and slid my dick into her. I was now on top of her, holding up all my weight with my arms. I began moving slowly inside of her. She immediately started bucking her hips, snapping her pelvis quickly up and down. “HARDER,FUCK ME HARDER,” she demanded,like a slut in heat.

Well,I was no match for her and try as I may, couldn’t keep up with her. In no time at all I was out of breath. My weak arms couldn’t hold up all my weight and as I collapsed on top of her,my dick went soft, slipping out of her. “GET OFF ME,” she screamed and I rolled off of her, onto the floor. “I can’t believe you came that fast” she angrily remarked. “But I didn’t,” I exclaimed, still trying to catch my breath,”it just went…..soft”.

“What a WORTHLESS excuse for a man you are,” she yelled and repeatedly slapped my face. “GET OUT OF HERE” she screamed at me. Back in my room, I had never felt more humiliated and frustrated. I couldn’t sleep and as I lay there I began rationalizing about why I couldn’t perform. I concluded that it was simply a fluke. Sure,I was sorta out of shape but if only she would give me one more chance, I would show her what a stud I was!

She slept until noon and when she got up,I had her favorite breakfast ready (assorted fresh fruit,toast and coffee). After she finished, I apologized for my performance the night before. I promised her I was going on a crash diet. “Oh really” she said sarcastically. “Yes,I’m going to lose 70 lbs. ” I said proudly. “And how long will that take?” she quizzed me. “Two months,” I replied. “OH PULLEEEZZZEEE,” she snorted. “You know goddamn well it will NEVER happen and even if it did it’s too late because I need a man NOW, not in two months”!! “Please dear,give me one more chance” I begged. “Last night was just a fluke, I know I can satisfy you”. “A fluke huh,” she retorted? “Yes, a fluke,” I insisted.

She stood up, looked me squarely in the eye, then turned and walked down the hall towards her bedroom, letting the silk robe she was wearing fall to the floor. I followed and when I reached her doorway, I peeked in and found her naked, on the bed, in the doggie position, her ass raised invitingly. I quickly shed my clothes and moved behind her. I slowly entered her, grabbing her fine ass with both hands. She responded by slamming her hot pussy back onto my dick. “FASTER,HARDER…..FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!,” she screamed. I held on for dear life and after about a minute of her wild gyrations, my knees started to quake. As I gasped for air, I thought I would pass out. Then my worst fear happened! My dick went completely soft,AGAIN! I panicked. I grabbed my limp dick and started to wank it, trying to make it hard.

There I stood, naked and obese, out of breath, wanking my limp dick, trying to get it hard. Then, my arm got tired from wanking and I staggered back, collapsing in a chair. My wife, who had just witnessed this spectacle, began laughing uncontrollably. “OH MY GOD,” she howled. “That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Not only are you so pathetic that you can’t even keep it up, but your arm is so weak, you can’t even jack-off your limp little dick without getting tired!” “HAHAHAHAHA”……Her incessant, wicked laughter rang out, cutting me to my very soul. For the next hour her laughter reverberated throughout the house. I had never been so humiliated in all my life. Little did I know that soon I would find out what REAL humiliation was all about!

Later that afternoon Linda came by. She was extremely excited about something. At my wife’s request I poured them wine, then continued with my chores. As I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, I could overhear their conversation in the living room. “Why so happy and excited,” my wife questioned. “It’s my new boyfriend,” she gushed. “His name is Rico; he’s 24, tall dark and handsome. He owns a gym and has a gorgeous body!! And he is latin!! You know what they say about Latin men don’t you? They are the BEST lovers! It is SOOOO TRUE! He can go all night and never tire. And he’s SOOO BIG! I have got to be the most sexually satisfied woman on the planet”! “I’m so happy for you Linda,” my wife sighed, “but if you’re the most satisfied, then I’ve GOTTA BE the most sexually UNSATISFIED woman on the planet!” “What’s wrong honey, doesn’t chubby hubby take care of you in the sack?” Linda snidely remarked. “HA!”….my wife snorted. “Linda, wait until I tell you what happened when I came home last night from the club and then again just a few hours ago”! “NO”…I silently screamed,”don’t tell her THAT”!

Well, my wife told Linda everything and when she reached the part about my arm getting tired from wanking my limp little dick, both women were howling and uncontrollably laughing. “If only you would have got that on video,” quipped Linda. Then Linda said “Honey I’m sorry I’m laughing,please forgive me.” Then she told my wife something that I will NEVER forget! “Do you know what you need honey? You need a REAL MAN to fuck you”! Without missing a beat my wife replied,”Yeah well, maybe I can borrow yours”! Both women giggled. “WAIT A MINUTE” Linda exclaimed,”I just had a GREAT idea! Rico’s cousin Juan just arrived in town yesterday. Honey, he is one hot hunk of man. He’s 22 and looks alot like Rico too. You would love him!! Why don’t I call Rico and set it up”? And so Linda called and made the date. “It’s all set,” she said. “Rico and Juan are meeting us at the club tonight at 11 pm”. As Linda got up to leave she told my wife, “Tonight,be sure to wear the ‘fuck me’ attire that we bought for you the other day; you know which outfit I mean”! “That’s what I’m planning to wear,” my wife seductively responded.

After Linda left, my wife took a long bath then spent the rest of the evening preparing for her date. When she emerged from her bedroom, I was not ready for what I saw. So THIS is what Linda meant by my wife’s ‘fuck me’ attire! She wore a black leather mini skirt, garter belt, stockings, black patent 5″ high heels and a low cut maroon angora sweater. Her make-up was heavy, especially her eyes. They were very dark and smokey. Her full, pouty lips matched the color of her sweater. Linda arrived right on time. “God honey, you look sooo hot,” she exclaimed. “Juan won’t be able to keep his hands off you”! As they left, Linda called out to me over her shoulder, “Don’t wait up for her chubby, she’s gonna be late”.

Both women giggled and away they went! I was left feeling so confused. I rationalized that they were probably just messing with my head and this ‘Juan’ was nothing more than make-believe. At any rate,I decided to wait up for her. At 2AM, no wife. At 3:30, still no wife! At 4:23AM, the phone rang.

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