Young Boy Watches Spankings

October 18, 2011 – 11:26 am

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When I was in the 12th grade, new neighbors moved into the house next door and I was very happy because they had a boy my age, and we would be going to the same school. We both live in a neighborhood where the homes are large and separated so that there is a lot of privacy. Both my parents became good friends with the new neighbors and Dick, their son, and I, Bob, also became good friends.

A few months after they moved in, I was studying one night in my room and I saw the bedroom light come on across the lawn. I had never thought about it but it was our new neighbor’s bedroom. They were both in the room because I could hear them on and off but could not understand what they were saying. After a few minutes, it sounded like she was crying and I crept out of my window and went to their window and looked in. Mrs. R was on her knees with her head on the pillow facing away from me and Mr. R was between her legs and fucking her in her ass. I could tell because she kept telling him that she was a bad girl and needed to be ass fucked. They left their window open for fresh air and so I could hear them clearly as they had sex. She lifted her head up and was on her hands and knees and I could see her very large breasts hanging down and flopping back and forth as he slammed into her ass. She had one hand between her legs and was franticly rubbing herself as she had loud orgasms one after another. He almost roared that he was ready to cum and pulled out of her ass and put his cock in her mouth as he shot his load down her throat. At that moment I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had in my young life. This was my first glimpse of sex and I was so excited that I ran my hand into my pajamas and with only a few strokes, had another orgasm as she sucked his cock until it was soft and she cooed about how much she liked his ass fuck.

This started an almost nightly ritual where I would study or watch television in my room until I saw their bedroom light come on. I would quickly go across the lawn and look in their room as they fucked. They both like to look at one another and so they leave the light on until they are done fucking. Thank god for that! He travels a lot and so when he comes home, they have a long session as soon as he comes in the door, even if they hold up dinner. She loves it that he has to fuck her before he does anything else. She calls him an animal, but she means it as a compliment.

They play a lot of games together but the recurring one is for her to tell him in a child-like voice that she has been naughty and needs to be punished. He will spank her, or put a large coke bottle up her cunt, or hang sharp clips on her nipples and cunt lips or all of the above, as he starts to fuck her. He uses a ping-pong paddle on her ass cheeks and really swats her hard so that he ass cheeks get very red and look like they hurt. Usually her offenses are small things like spilling water on the rug or spending too much money. He always asks her if she has been fucking around while he was gone and she usually says no. One time, after a long trip, he asked her if she had been fucking around and she quietly answered “yes”. He wanted to know all about it and she told him the story. She said she was fucking the big black cock of the gardener. He wanted to know if she sucked him and did he cum in her mouth. She answered in a very meek and soft voice “yes”. He went crazy and spanked her very hard until she was crying and then rammed a wine bottle up her cunt until it disappeared and he called her a black cock slut and good for nothing whore and slammed his cock down her throat until he had his cock in her mouth and you could see her tongue licking his balls. What was strange about this episode was that they did not have a gardener, Dick mowed the lawn and Mr. R took care of the plantings. This was their game and they played it. It took a long time for me to figure out what they were doing since I was so young and inexperienced but I sure had a good time learning. She was into pain and it was before the days of nipple rings and clit rings or I m sure Mrs. R would have had ten pounds of metal to drag around with her body. Speaking of her body, she was a mouthful. She was short, about five feet one inch with DD tits on her relatively narrow shoulders and she had a beautiful ass. Very curvy and firm. She liked to be told about how big and firm her tits were and how they drove the men around her crazy. He used to tease her about how Bob (me) went bonkers looking at her tits when she was around her pool.

One night I was at the center of their fantasy. He asked her if she had ever thought about fucking Bob – (me). She told him that she showed Bob her tits one day while he was on a trip and Dick was not at home. She said that Bob got a big hard-on and she talked Bob into showing his hard cock to her and she sucked it until Bob gave her one of the biggest loads she had ever swallowed. He called her a filthy bitch who would fuck anyone, even her son, to keep her wet hole satisfied. He was ramming her ass as this went on and as he started to cum, he pulled out of her asshole and shot his load down her eager throat. Since I was talked about, I came about five times during their fuck episode. Of course, everything she talked about never happened but that was part of their game. I tried many times to show interest in her but she never acted like she noticed but when night came and she was with her husband for fucking, she would tell him about my trying to get to fuck her. When she told it, I always fucked her and came four or five times, although I never scored, even once!

Fucking her son was another favorite fantasy and I was such a good friend of Dick that if he had fucked her, I m sure he would have told me because we used to talk about her big tits and ass a lot. I never let on to what I was watching at night and this went on for about five years. As time went on, they got more and more into giving her pain. She loved it and really got hot as he inflicted all kinds of pain on her body. He was interested in how big an object he could put in her cunt and/or asshole before she asked him to stop. He put a magnum bottle up her pussy with the tip of the neck barely sticking out if her hole. When he pulled the bottle out, her hole stayed huge for about five minutes as he sucked her very enlarged clit as she came and came. He then tried a first. He put his foot into her cunt and took about five minutes to completely bury his foot up her hole. He wiggled his toes and moved his ankle around and she almost swooned with pain and pleasure. In the meantime, he was jacking off until he pulled his foot out of her cunt and she dropped down to his cock and he quickly shot a large load down her throat.

Mr. R got an offer to move in his company to another city with a big promotion and he accepted the offer. I was devastated that they were moving. I had never had such fun as watching them fuck. Mrs. R really surprised me just before they left telling me that she was aware of my watching them all that time and she got very excited knowing I was watching everything. She said that I cause her to have more pleasure than she would have normally had, just knowing I was watching. She said she wanted to have sex with me but was afraid it could ruin everything if we were caught. I was disappointed when I heard that but after a while I agreed that it was the right thing for her to do.

I’m now married to a small, very large breasted woman who likes me to fuck her often and hard. She knows about my youthful experience with the neighbor and she says she would like it if someone watched her getting fucked by me. The first time I put nipple clamps on her she thought I was crazy but she left them on and as I was doggie fucking her and told me she didn’t understand why, but they made her very hot. I got so I hung weights on her nipple clamps. They pulled her nipples until the nipples were about one and a half inches long and stayed that way almost all the time. If I didn’t put on the clamps for about a week, her nipples would start to get smaller. She liked the looks she got from men as she shopped or walked around and so she made sure she got her clamps on regularly. I told her I would love to see her seduce a young man and let him suck her big titties as he put his cock in her ass and cunt.

– The End –

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