Practice Makes Perfect

August 23, 2007 – 10:00 am

We were over at our polyamorous BDSM friends’ house.  Chuck and
Diane are one of the few couples we know that share our interests
in domination and having an open marriage.  We were in the
basement because their children sleep on the second floor of the
house and the basement is the safest place to be to not wake
their kids up.  It was around midnight and we had been drinking a
little so we were not tired in the least.

The situation was not nearly the sensual orgy you are thinking.
Instead of rampant sex we were playing Dirty Word Scrabble and
bitching about our jobs.  See, just because a couple has sex with
people outside the marriage, doesn’t mean they have sex with
EVERYONE outside the marriage.  There are rules that every couple
have.  Little negotiations worked out late at night in bed and
during long drives.  Every couple has their limits, their
preferences and their absolutely-nots.

For my wife and me, we made a deal to only engage in sex with
people who were our submissives.  No one night stands for us
unless there was a collar and handcuffs involved.  We also don’t
share, preferring to keep our relationships separate.  We know we
would be more attractive to submissives if we were a domination
tag team, but trust me on this one.  It would be less a fantasy
domination threesome and more like a vicious sibling fight over
who gets the last slice of chocolate cake.  We know our limits
and we know how important it is to stick to them.

As for Diane and Chuck, their rules are just as restrictive.
Both of them are submissive and after a near-divorce, they have
found happiness in bringing in someone from the outside to
dominate them.  Unlike my wife and me, Diane and Chuck insist on
being a complete set.  They offer themselves as a couple to
whoever can handle their raging libidos and frequent squabbles.
The other rule they have is quite plain.  No men allowed.  They
like being dominated by women and they aren’t comfortable with
someone else’s cock being involved. 

The four of us meet at a club and flirted till they realized that
my wife doesn’t like to dominate men and I realized that Diane had
no interest in submission that didn’t involve her husband.  When
we stopped flirting, we did find out that we shared an interest
in games, science fiction and fine Japanese dining.  This is how
four open minded, kinky perverts ended up spending the occasional
Saturday night eating out and playing geeky board games.  Only in
Atlanta could four hedonists like us end up having a regular
platonic date night. 

This Saturday was different.

All of us had been in a dry spell.  My last submissive decided
that she didn’t want to be the slave to a married man, my wife’s
submissive decided she was straight, and Diane and Chuck were
recovering from a Domme who has discovered an interest in
cross-dressing.  It had been months since any of us had
experienced anything remotely domination related. 

“Do you ever worry about getting rusty when it comes to
spanking?” Diane asked.

This was right in the middle of arguing about the flaws of the
movie, ‘War of the Worlds’, so my wife and I were a little taken

“Sometimes,” my wife said.  “I mean, you never really forget but
when I start with a new submissive, there’s always that first
round of spanking where I am just fucking up non-stop.”

Diane looked at Chuck.  Something non-verbal passed between them.
 In my erotica writing mind, I could hear the porn music starting
and I could imagine a half dozen indecent proposals.  Well, I was
also staring at Diane’s breasts which were under a plain t-shirt
but I could see the points of her nipples. 

“We thought it might be something like that,” Chuck said.  “So
Diane and I were talking and we thought we should have practice
sessions.  Nothing serious, just break out the bench and you two
could keep your skills sharp.”

My wife smirked.  “And I am assuming you two will be heroically
offering yourselves as practice dummies.”

Diane giggled.  “Only because we’re friends, we’ll be willing to
help you out.”

Chuck nodded.  “Right, I mean, we know nothing will come out of
it.  It’ll just be friends spanking friends.  No sex, or collars
or anything like that.”

Wow.  Chuck had managed to kill my erection and created a new
use for the term ‘just friends’.  Sounded about as sexy as
painting his garage.  No wait, paint would mean Diane and my wife
could get splattered with wet paint.  I realized that I would
rather paint his garage than spank his wife.  How fucked up is

“Go for it,” my wife said.  I stared at her.  She had her poker
face on which meant she was trying to trick me into doing
something.  Did she think I wanted to do this?  Or did she know
how little I would be interested in it and wanted to see me fake
it?  Sometimes her sadistic side spills over into married life
and I had a feeling she knew how hard it would be for me to spank
someone I couldn’t fuck. 

“Yeah, I’m game,” I lied.  What the hell.  I had lost the last
game of Dirty Word Scrabble so I might as well do something I am
at least good at. 

Chuck and I dug out the spanking bench.  It was another weekend
project the four of us had done together.  Diane wanted a bench,
Chuck bought the wood and my wife watched enough home
improvement shows to put it together.  It had been made
specifically for Diane and will lift her cute ass right where it
needs to be.

Diane came up to the bench while Chuck brought out their bag of
paddles.  She turned to me and asked quite casually, “pants on or

That dominant surge went through me.  All it took was such a
simple request.  “Off,” I said.

Diane shimmied out of her jeans and I liked the way her hips
moved.  I watched, careful not to stare or groan with her husband
and my wife standing there.  This was just for practice,

“Shirt on or off?” she asked.  Now, I have seen Diane’s tits
before.  I have seen her naked in the dungeons and she has a cute
set of breasts that are small and very precious looking.  But
this was the first time I had ever had the power to see her tits
and I was loving it.

“Off,” I said. 

Diane took her shirt off and dropped it down beside her.  Again I
felt that surge that was a mix of power and arousal. 

“Underwear on or off?” Diane asked.

Oh, now this was a hard one.  She was wearing a pair of pink
panties that was cute but certainly not my preferred color.
Technically she should be bare ass so I can see how much I am
marking her, but ordering her to take her underwear off might be
pushing.  My wife was no help of course as she just sat on the
couch and watched.  Chuck was too busy pretending to study the
supports on the bench to offer any guidance.  If I say yes, will
he object?  If I say no, will everyone think I am doing it to
lessen the sexual tension, of which there shouldn’t be any
because this is just for practice. 

Fuck it.  “Off,” I said.

Diane’s eyes flickered to Chuck but he wasn’t watching her.  She
flashed me a quick grin, one that my wife couldn’t see by the
way, and pulled down her panties.  She didn’t do it sexy, or with
any flair.  Diane just yanked her panties down and stepped out of
them like I had seen my wife do a million times when she gets
ready for a shower.  But let me tell you, having Diane take them
off because I said so, that was sexier than actual sex.

Now nude, Diane took her position on the bench.  I went over to
the bag of paddles and looked for something suitable.  Chuck
stood around for a moment before taking a seat on the recliner.
Awful hard not to notice he didn’t sit on the couch with my wife.
 I ignored him and sorted through the bag before deciding on a
red ping pong paddle.  It was a nice familiar tool since it was
the same brand of paddle I have at home.  it wasn’t terribly sexy
or seductive either which made it perfect for smacking the bottom
of a friend.

“I was trying to think of a safe word, but we don’t need one
right?” Diane said.  “I can just tell you when to stop.”

I fought back the sigh.  “That’s true,” I said. 

My hand went to her hair and I stopped halfway.  I liked holding
their hair while I spanked them.  It keeps their head tilted back
and I can tug and pull to my heart’s content.  Instead I put my
hand behind my back keeping it out of the way so I don’t give in
to the hair pulling urge.   

Diane was bent over her bench with her ass high in the air while
she rested her chest and arms on the length of the bench.  With
her bottom facing Chuck and my wife, I started with some light
taps.  I spanked her ass in a circle, moving around her bottom as
I became used to her curves.  She took my spanks easy enough.  I
had seen her take far worse so I know she could handle it.  I
just wanted to map her butt with my paddle and get familiar with
how she was shaped.

When I was confident, I gave her the first real smack of the
night.  It was sudden and the sound or paddle on ass cracked
through the basement.  Diane shook and cried out a single outburst
of pain.  Chuck and my wife giggled at her pain and once again
the friendly atmosphere choked out any real intensity.

Oh well.  I went to work on her bottom.  If I wasn’t trying to
seduce her, I might as well work on my technique.  Three smacks
on her left cheek, two smacks on her right.  One, two, three
smacks landed dead center on her buttocks followed by four hard
hits on her left cheek and five on her right.  One, two, one, two
rhythm on both buttocks till it was so regular you could set a
watch to it.  I cycled through my usual techniques and worked out
the kinks of my swings.

My wife and Chuck talked about comic book movies while I worked.
 They spent a lot of time discussing which was the best Superman
movie while I spanked Diane.  The chatter was distracting,
especially when neither of them appreciated the importance of
Lois Lane being a smoker.  It was impossible to sink into the
moment of spanking and I knew it had to be hard for Diane too.
Dungeons usually had loud blaring instrumental music to let the
submissives zone out on their pain and bliss.  Here, among
friends, there was no escape from the geeky friendship we

The final straw came when Diane chimed into their conversation and
suggested that Superman II would have been better with Lex
Luther.  This was a friendly non-domination scene but come on!
There were limits to my tolerance.

I gave Diane something else to think about.  One long swing of the
paddle that smacked off her ass and interrupted her mid sentence
with a shuddering shriek.  She half rose from the bench and
arched her back in such a beautiful way.

“Ouch!” Diane said.

There was a tense quiet moment.  I thought perhaps I had hit her
too hard.  Or maybe Diane would quit.  Or worse, my wife or Chuck
might pick up on my frustration and notice that I was caught
between trying to be casual and wanting to be alone with Diane’s
nude bottom.

“It’s supposed to hurt!” Chuck said.  “Keep going, she always
whines when it starts getting good.”

Just like that the hesitations all went away.  Diane groaned and
resumed her position while Chuck and my wife moved on to talking
about Spider-man.  Sure, there was still chatter but now I felt
like I was free to really give her a spanking.

I gave her a dozen light taps to get her ready again.  I slapped
her ass in a circle and then picked up the force of my swings
while still keeping the swats in a circle.  Around and round I
laid darker and darker paddle prints on her ass.  She started to
move, flinching in a tight circle to avoid the paddle’s next
strike.  Diane never completely avoided the paddle but it did make
her hips dance in a way that was making me think of how she would
be if she was sitting astride my cock.

No, no.  I couldn’t let myself start thinking like that.  I
stopped the circle and gave her a series of escalating hard
smacks squarely between her cheeks.  Diane cried out on the fourth
hit, screamed louder on the seventh hit and was biting her lips
hard to stifle a scream on the twelfth.

I paused and bent over her.  “Are you okay?” I said softly, but
loud enough so that Chuck and my wife could hear me.

“Yeah, that was just so many so hard,” Diane said.  Her rambling
sentence made Chuck laugh.   

“Got to keep you on your toes,” I said. 

I wanted to run my fingers down her back.  Let my fingernails
trace a trail to her ass and right over a pink spot I saw
forming.  I wanted to watch that back arch again and then smack
her right as she relaxes.  Instead, I behaved and went back to
her ass without touching her.

Left, right, left right, left, left, right, right and then one in
the center.  I made her ass jiggle from the force of my swings.
I increased the speed and then slowed down right when she didn’t
expect it.  It was hard to spank someone I wasn’t physically
touching but I worked through it.  if anything, I spanked her
harder and more frequently than I normally do because I was
trying to touch her through the paddle.  The cruel ping pong
paddle became my fingernails, my lips and my hand.  Judging from
the growing erection in my pants, it was also substituting for my

I tried to see if Diane was feeling the same way but it was hard
to tell.  She was constantly making noises now.  Mostly it was
grunts of pain but here and there would be a moan and I didn’t
know if it was a moan of pleasure of pain tolerances overwhelmed.
 When she moved on the bench I couldn’t tell if it was humping
the bench or riding the shockwave another paddle strike.  What I
would have given to just reach between her legs and check for

 My erotica mind kept drifting to Chuck and my wife.  If only my
wife would decide for one night to dominate a man and make a move
on Chuck.  She could instruct him to take off his shirt and she
could bite on his nipples till he begged for release.  My wife
would refuse and then make him strip down while she selected a
cane from their bag.  Then she could cane him viciously, making
him squirm and cry until she deigned to sit on his face and let
him eat her.  If all that came to pass, then it would perfectly
all right for me to go from spanking Diane to truly possessing her
for just one night.

Instead, Chuck and my wife began to pick their favorite Star
Trek captain.

Diane’s ass paid for my frustration with reality not morphing into
pornography.  My spanking took on a savage tone as I really laid
into her.  Her ass deepened in color to a dark red that would be
purple tomorrow.  Diane kept her head down, whimpering and arching
her back in that way I have grown to adore.  I went from spanking
her to punishing her for teasing me with this near-domination
frustration.  No matter how furious I smacked her bottom, she
never asked me to stop.

“I’m thirsty,” Chuck said.  “Anyone want a drink while I’m

I stopped spanking Diane.  “Water please,”

“Water for me too,” Diane said.

My wife looked at me and again I saw the poker face slid over
her.  “I want a soda.  I’ll come up with you, Chuck, and give
you a hand.”

“All right,” Chuck said without a moment’s hesitation.  And up
him and my wife went, leaving me and Diane all alone in the
basement.  Wow, I guess people really do trust me with their

I grabbed Diane’s hair and tugged her head up.  She hissed but
again said nothing.  I bent down close to her ear and resisted
the urge to bite her.  Instead, I just whispered. 

“Right now, if you were mine,” I said.  “I want have taken your
mouth with my cock by now.  I would have spread your legs and
made you hump the paddle’s handle till you came close to

Diane moaned and this time I knew it was all sexual.  “I feel-”

“Shut up,” I said, tugging her head harder.  “I would clamp your
tits with bells so that every time I spanked you they would
jingle.  I would make you beg for every paddle swat, make you beg
for every time I grabbed your ass and make you beg for me to lube
up, and slide my cock right into these lovely red cheeks of

Diane arched her back while I held onto her hair.

“And I would fuck your ass, Diane,” I said.  “I would fuck it and
keep smacking the sides with my paddle till I climaxed.  Your ass
would fill with cum and you would get down on your hands and
knees and kiss my feet for the pleasure of being ass-fucked by

Diane shuddered.

“But, you are not mine,” I said.  I released her hair and spanked
her once again.  I gave Diane the spanking of her life.  Over and
over I slammed the paddle into her ass and both of us knew that
that we rather it had been my cock driving into her.

Chuck and my wife returned with our drinks and I finally set
down the paddle to take a bottle of water.  Chuck whistled at
Diane’s abused bottom and Diane decided that she had enough.  He
helped her off the bench and made a joke about how I must have
needed a lot of practice to have spanked her for so long.  We all
laughed like the friends that we are.   

“Thank you,” Diane said to me.  Her eyes flashed down to my feet.
I smiled at the sentiment.

“Your welcome, Diane.”  I then turned to my wife and did my best
impression of her poker face.

“Hon, don’t you think it’s time you practiced on Chuck?  It’s
actually a lot of fun.”

Chuck perked up and his bright eyes of excitement were
impossible to miss.  My wife flashed me a quick glare.  She
didn’t like spanking men but Chuck’s happiness was cruel to

“Sure, she said.

Diane put her clothes back on and lounged on the couch, her ass to
the side so she wouldn’t have to sit on it.  I sat in the
recliner.  I watched as Chuck stripped down and bent over the
gaming table while my wife picked up a riding crop.  There was a
million things I wanted to say, a million things I wanted to do,
but none of them were appropriate.  Couples like us have rules
and couples like us stay couples because we obey the rules. 

Diane looked at me and I looked at her.

“So,” I said.  “Do you think they will ever make a good Star Wars

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