Some Like It Rough

September 29, 2011 – 3:58 pm

Why are you crying? Shut up bitch. I’m taking what I want tonight! I’m sitting here still amazed, as I reminisce about the harsh words that I said to you last night. It seems that every now and then to prove my love, I must sometimes become nasty and beat the shit out of you while I rape your asshole.

Last night was one of those nights where I felt it was time for some sexual bondage. As soon as you came home from work, I wasted no time grabbing you by the throat and throwing you to the ground. No hellos’, no kisses to greet you. Just me taking firm control over your helpless body. “Do you want this dick?” “Beg for this dick women!”

Down on your knees, you beg for me to fuck you, because tonight, you could see the look of seduction as you gazed into my eyes. I gave you only a few seconds to undress or you would have to face severe punishment. Two seconds over my time limit requires a serious ass whipping. I pulled off my belt and began to spank you for your sins. You seem to love the physical abuse being handed to you. You began to get very hot as your screams turned into passionate moans with each blow I delivered. I whipped your ass with enough force to leave contusions on your body.

Your behind was red, but I didn’t seem to care. “Next time when I tell you to do something you better damn well do it.” “Can I suck your dick?!” “No” I said, since you still didn’t deserve a taste of my hard cock. I wanted my dick in your mouth very badly. I could feel the same fire and desire that you felt. But I was determined to torture the hell out of you before giving you any of this hot beef injection.

My madness was taking over my usual calm persona. I now have my belt tied tight around your neck, as I look deep into your eyes. “Are you going to be a good girl and do what daddy says”! “Yes Sir”, you said!

Still your words didn’t convince me. Two hours prior to your arrival, I set the oven to broil, so I could rest your ass on top of the stove while I ate your pussy. Still bruised from your beating, the heat from the stove drove you mad, as I began to have my supper. Your pussy tasted very delicious! I had you screaming and creaming as I began nibbling then biting your clitoris. You can really endure pain honey, because even I could barely keep my hand on the hot stove that I made you sit upon.

My tongue was way deep inside your pussy which caused you to have convulsions. “You better not move”, goddamit you better not move”, I said to you. “If you even flinch, you will suffer the consequences”. Just as I thought you would, you flinched. My tongue, and the immense heat from the oven made you loose control. I grab you by the hair, and admonish you as if you were my child. “I thought I told you not to move goddamit!” “I’m sorry sir”. “Apologies will get you nowhere”, as I sunk my fist inside your pussy hole to let you know I meant business. “It hurts Sam, God it hurts”.

The minute you started to enjoy my fisting, I pulled it out not giving you the satisfaction of cumming just yet. I broiled a pot of hot water and kept it nice and hot for the possibilities of you disobeying me. I love taking cups of steaming hot water and pouring it on your naked body. Hot enough to make you scream, but warm enough for you to feel the sensation. I started licking your wet body down from head to toe. “Sam I’m starting to cum!” “You better not cum women, I’m warning you.” I could feel the wetness of your pussy while I finger fucked you, still warning you at your attempts to orgasm. I’m now becoming partially annoyed watching you enjoy this punishment. In reality I love it, but my facial expressions remain as cold as the moment when you first walked in the house. With my two fingers fucking your pussy, you were begging for me not to stop. So of course, I stopped seeing that you were reaching climax.

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