A Spanking Story

May 5, 2011 – 2:41 pm

Cinthia knocked on the door in just a couple of minutes after her mom had called to say she was sending her down. Ruth is a paraplegic and can’t discipline her daughter; so she asked me to spank her when necessary some two years ago after the accident left her in a wheel chair.  I said sure, thinking that Ruth had meant it more of a threat to Cinthia than anything else.  It was no idle threat. Eighteen year old Cinthia was dressed in a buttonup dress, knee socks and shoes.  I told her that her mom had said that she was to be given a sound spanking.  She said she had heard.  I told her to come on to the bedroom, and she followed along.  As I went to the closet to get my robe I told Cinthia to get undressed and wait on me to come back. When I came back into the room from putting on the bathrobe, Cinthia was naked and sitting on the corner of the bed.  I sat down and told her to drape herself across my lap for the spanking. Cinthia moved over and layed down across my lap with her head and chest resting on the bed and her legs draped to the floor.  Her young round bare bottom was squarely situated over my legs.  I started to rub her cheeks and told her that I was going to have to warm her bottom good for the poor grades that she had on the report card.  She replied that she understood.  I asked if she was ready and she said that she was as ready as she could get for a spanking.  I raised my hand and brought it down onto her left cheek. The resounding SMACK! vibrated through the room.  Cinthia squirmed as her globe wiggled from the spank, and showed the faintest pink.  I continued to spank her bottom from top to bottom.  I alternated sides and speed of my spanks so she could not tense up in anticipation. When I had delivered about twenty-five spanks to each of her cheeks I stopped. Cinthia was crying into the  bedspread and her legs were kicking up and down.  She had lost any sense of modesty.  I rubbed her now very pink and warm bum to allow her to settle down.  When she had quieted to a sobbing state I told her that I was going to continue. Reaching down I spread her legs apart so I could spank her thighs, and insure that I could get to the inner thigh area. I noticed that her dark pubes were damp already.  Cinthia re-adjusted herself into a more comfortable position and spread her legs wider.  I began laying on my hand to her thighs and bottom.  Mixing up my spanking so she would never know if I was going to spank her thigh or cheek.  I spanked her inner thighs and worked my spanking as high up on them as I could.  I could feel the wetness of her pubes when I spanked her upper thighs.  Cinthia was moaning and would flex her muscles with each spank. She was rubbing her mound into my thigh by the time I had given her the thirty spanks she had told me she deserved. I rubbed and massaged her bun and thighs after the spanking,letting my fingers trace down the crack in her bottom and brush her pubes.  She sighed and moaned each time I got close to or touched her puffy lips.  I continued to massage her for some time and finally told her she could roll over onto the bed if she wanted. Cinthia moved across and laid down on the bed very gently as her now pink backside came in contact with the cool satin bedspread. I stood and dropped the robe and laid down beside her. Cinthia and I had been exploring her awakening sexuality for about three months now; ever since I had observed her masturbating after a spanking I had given her at her apartment.  The next week I had told Ruth when she called that I could not get away because of a baking cake, but that she could send Cinthia down.  Since then I had given most of the spankings at my apartment.  When Cinthia came down that week I told her I had seen her masturbating.  She was very embarrassed to be found out. I told her it was normal to masturbate and that many people found a spanking exciting in a sexual way.  I assured her that I would not tell her mother and offered to answer any questions she had or whatever. She was giddy and started to ask a million questions. I answered them truthfully and explained that I must still spank her when her mom said she needed it, but that she could masturbate here afterwards without fear of being in trouble. That evening she masturbated on the bed alone and then got dressed and came out of the room.  She hugged me and told me thanks.  I said it was no problem.  From that evening we have progress through me sitting beside her while she masturbated; to her watching me masturbate; to us masturbating together on the bed; to now when we mutually masturbate each other after a spanking. I gently rub her shoulders and play with her budding breasts. Cinthia’s nipples are very large and sensitive, becoming like hard erasers at the first caress. I cup her breasts and roll the nipples between my fingers. Letting my hand flow down across her stomach to the to whisps of pubic hair on her vulva.  I stroke up and down the outside of the wet swollen lips. Tracing the slit her outer lips open like a flower petal allowing me to gently stroke the inner ones.  I press a finger into her and move it around.  Her hymen is still intact and I never press my finger in more than the second knuckle.  While I work my finger in and out of her tight pink puss my thumb massages her swollen clit in circles.  She works up to a cum in just a few minutes.  Cinthia is playing with me at the same time and slows down her actions when she gets close to cumming.  After she does and cools down she starts back up and fingers me until I have an orgasm. We have kissed and sucked each others breasts and I have let her use a small vibrator on me.  She is wanting to use it on herself, but I told her she should wait until she loses her virginity.  I am just crazy about getting the chance to eat her, but I have restrained myself. Cinthia is hooked on spankings and has suggested to me that she could come down for extra ones if I wanted.  I am going to give her a special Christmas spanking, and finger her off at the same time I am spanking her.

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