Will She Take It

July 16, 2008 – 9:57 am

I held the simple unadorned black collar before
Amber, a slight smile on my lips of satisfaction.
“You have wanted to be properly collared for a long
time Amber. To be taken and used. You were turned
off by the prospect of safe words since it ruined the
illusion of not having control. Take this collar and me
and Sue will forget the concept of safe words. We will
take and use you as we see fit inside any bedroom,
period. Outside, we will still use you when you wear

With that, I lowered the collar to the table between us
and left it there. My heart was beating harder and
faster than I could ever remember. I may have looked
the part of a confident Master, but I was terrified
that she would reject it. It went against the grain to
need her so badly in our lives. She was, in many ways,
still a child, just 18 yeaars old. She was still finding out
who she was and what she was going to become. I knew,
in the end, she would likely leave us. For all my Dominance,
I had no control over that. So, I would take what I could
from her while I could. This was the first step.

“We will be waiting for you in our room.” The use of
“our” may have sounded to her as if I was referring to
it being Sue and my room. That wasn’t the case
however. It was Sue, mine, and Amber’s room. The
tone of my voice made it clear this wasn’t a request.
“Come properly clothed.” Ah yes, properly clothed. If
she chose to take the collar, that would mean naked
except for the collar. If she chose not to take it,
then it would be in her night clothes. I resisted the
need to explain any of that. She was bright, she would
know the meaning.

I turned and left, not waiting for an answer. She had
been quiet the entire time. Whether it was because she
was shocked at my presumption, or just at a loss of
words I wasn’t sure. I resisted the urge to look over
my shoulder to check to see if she either put on the
collar or left the house entirely. It was ironic that I
was asking, no, stating that she wanted me to have
control when in reality she had the power. I had, early
in the relationship, allowed her to have that power and
push me around with it. Women do that to men when they
know we are in total lust of them. I have only recently
gotten my head on strait enough to reverse it.

“So, how did it go?” Sue asked as I closed the door
behind me.

“Well enough, I suppose. She’ll either accept it or she
won’t. She wants it though, I know. I just wish she
would stop fighting herself.” I looked over my wife and
pet appreciatively. Amber was definitely prettier
than Sue, there was no denying, but that didn’t mean I
desired Sue any less. They each had their own unique
qualities that I loved.

Where Amber was slight and curvaceous, Sue was
built like a brick. If I said she was a dyke, most
people wouldn’t doubt me in the least. Of course, she
wasn’t. She was most definitely bisexual, but not a
total dyke. She was about as muscular as I was, and
made wrestling matches challenging and fun. She had
large breasts, about a D cup. They complimented her
frame allowing her to have some feminine curves. Of
course they were also fun to play with as well.

“And if she doesn’t take it?” she asked as she lunged
on the “orgy bed.” The orgy bed was a queen and twin
sized mattress lying next to each other which we slept
on so our legs were on the twin and the rest of our
body on the queen. Allowed more room for a third
person, but it also allowed me to stretch out
lengthwise. I tend to feel a bit claustrophobic and I
stand an even 6’2″, so a standard bed was just too
short for me.

Sue was decked out in her leather brazier, fishnet
stockings, and black silk panties. She was more eager
and hopeful that tonight would work out as we hoped
than she would admit to herself. I knew her too well
though. Besides it was obvious by the heavy scent of
her sex, which always got me excited, thick in the air.

“Like I said before, if she doesn’t, she doesn’t. I
love her and am willing to wait for her, but I am done
pining over her.”

“You’ve said that before.”

“And I’ll probably say it again. I know. But right now,
that’s how I feel.” I was more than a bit frustrated by
the rollercoaster ride of my feelings. Sue was right,
I had been here before, and I had even dropped
Amber off my “I love you and will do anything for
you” emotional radar, but it never lasted.

The door opened behind me and there was Amber. She
had the finest body I had ever seen, but I didn’t even
notice it as it stood naked before me. All I saw was
the collar. The rollercoaster ride had at last ended.

Inside, I was shaking so hard it felt like I was back
in LA during the Northridge quake. Outside, I gave a
slight smile and nodded as if her acceptance was never
in doubt. “Good.” Shit! I realized I couldn’t even
touch her without cumming from the excitement. Not
good, but I had a way around it for now. “Sue, my pet,
your gift has arrived properly wrapped. Would you like
to play with it?”

“Oh yes Master!” she exclaimed with obvious glee.
Amber had teased Sue at least as bad as she teased
me, if not worse.

“I’m not horny though…” Amber demurred. I
expected it. She’d done this line so many times it was
almost tired. The only reason it wasn’t is that getting
her to the point of begging for my cock when she
supposedly “wasn’t horny” had become one of my favorite

“Slave, I did not ask for your opinion. Now lay on the
bed at let your Mistress have her fun.”


That’s all I gave her time to say as I reached out and
grabbed her collar, then used my strength to drag her
to the bed. Amber’s willful objections meant I had
one thing to do immediately. Of course, I have wanted
to do this for a long time. Pulling her downwards at
the last second caught her off guard and she landed on
her knees, bent over the bed. I placed my left hand on
her back to pin her there. “Now that you are my slave,
some new rules you will abide by. First, you will do as
told without question. I would have let it slide with
just telling you that this once, but you have also been
a horrible cock tease. Turning on all the men around
you just for the fun of it but never putting out,
turning us against each other with a wiggle of your
hips. You know what I do with cock teasing slaves?”

I felt her muscles tense under my hand. She knew what
was coming. Good. “I haven’t been…”


It wasn’t a hard smack, at least not as hard as it will
become. Her ass pinked nicely in the outline of my
hand. She shifted her weight a bit, trying not to admit
how much she had enjoyed the abuse. “I asked if you
know what I do to cock teasing slaves. Answer.”

“You spank them?”

I paused for a second expectantly, then: Smack. “You
spank them, what?”

“You spank them Master?”

“Good. You have seen Sue take her punishment in the
past. You know what is expected.” It was a statement,
not a question. Again, Amber was bright. I didn’t
have to worry that she wouldn’t understand. “Pet, how
many spankings does our slave deserve?” I asked

“It is her first official spanking, and she’s being
punished for things she did before becoming our slave,
so keep it small. How about five?”

I nodded. “You are right, but five is still too light
for her crime. I’m going to double it.”

Amber started to kick and scream. “Stop it! Let me
go Dusty, I’m serious! This is fucked up and you know
it! Sue, help…. Oh!”

I’d just stuck a finger into her pussy and back out
again. I put my finger to my nose and sniffed. Damn she
smelled good. I let Sue have a whiff before wafting it
under Amber’s nose. “Smell your cum slave. You’re
ready for this and eager so give up the bull shit.”

“I’m not…”


“No more talking back. Now, prepare for your


She yelped a bit. I had ramped up the pain index a bit
since she’d taken a few already. I rubbed the spot
lightly for a second, giving her a chance to count. She
didn’t. “Disobedient tonight, aren’t we? Believe me
your ass will give out before my hand does.” She looked
confused for a second, but then remembered what she’d
forgotten. She just started to speak when the next blow

“One!” She all but screamed.

“Better,” I said with satisfaction as my hand continued
to caress her ass and thighs.



I continued to rain down blow after blow on her ass as
it became redder, but continuing to caress and play
with it as well between blows to keep her stimulated.
It was hard to tell at times if she enjoyed it or hated
it if you only based it on her face, but the heady
scent of her juices made her enjoyment clear. She
“forgot” to count occasionally, so I had to start all
over. Every five or so I would increase the strength of
the blow just to keep the pain fresh in her mind.
Finally she had had enough and counted the full ten.

“All yours Pet.” I told Sue, stepping away. Amber
made as if to run, but as soon as she got to her feet I
placed my hand on her chest and roughly pushed her
backwards so she fell flat on the bed. Sue did the
rest. She wasn’t as strong as I was, but it was a near
thing sometimes. She quickly pinned Amber’s arms
and began giving long slow sensual kisses.

Sue was a submissive normally, so topping Amber
was a new experience. I watched carefully to be sure
she didn’t take it too far too fast and gave pointers.
Sue quickly had Amber’s arms fastened to the
corners of the bed then attempted to go to Amber’s
neck. Amber moved her head to block access and was
mostly successful. After two more failed attempts, I
spoke up. “Pet, don’t let your slave have a choice.
Grab her hair and take what you want. Like so.” Instead
of going after Amber, I grabbed a large handful of
Sue’s hair, and pulled her head back for a rough kiss.

“Yes master.” Sue looked down at Amber’s mostly
prone body and smiled as she realized that for once
Amber had no choice. All those times that Amber
had bitten down on her neck and then ran off before
Sue could retaliate were going to end now! She grabbed
Amber’s hair just as I had and pulled her head to
the side before latching onto her neck.

After that, Amber gave up on protesting and simply
laid back and enjoyed herself. It was impossible to
pretend she didn’t enjoy it with all the moaning she’d
been doing. Lady on lady action was always a turn on,
and watching the two women I loved more than anything
in the world at it took it to a whole new level. My
favorite was watching them grind pussies with the
double ended dong between them. I jacked off once to
that scene. After about ten minutes after that I was
once again erect and now in control over myself, so I
and walked over to the ladies. “Pet, it’s time to get
your new toy. I want to try something interesting.”

Sue didn’t ask questions, she simply went to the “toy
chest” and started looking through it. While she was
busy there, I untied Amber. She made to run, but I
didn’t give her any chance. I manhandled her, rolling
her over on her stomach and lifting her ass in the air.
I placed weight on both of her legs with my knees while
using my left hand to again pin her shoulders to the
bed. With the other hand I reached up to the headboard
and grabbed the lube. A quick squeeze and a rub and I
was ready.

I just couldn’t resist saying it. “Your ass is now
MINE.” Nor could I resist the smile that creased my
face having fantasized and dreamed of this moment for
so long. I placed my dick at her ass and began to push
in. Amber was well versed in anal sex, and it
didn’t take much effort to get my dick in her fully.

Sue was approaching us at this point, so I grabbed
Amber’s tits and rolled over onto my back, dragging
her with me. Sue had the new toy setup and ready; a
strap on. “Fuck her pet. Make her cry for more.”

I’d told Sue about this fantasy, and she didn’t waist
any time fulfilling it. She got up, kneeled down, and
inserted the strap on. I didn’t move an inch while Sue
pounded Amber’s pussy. I didn’t need too. The
violent fucking Sue delivered forced Amber’s ass
too do all the moving for me. Besides, if I had
actively fucked her it would probably have ripped her
up. That just wouldn’t do.

Sue was a responsive fuck, so it didn’t surprise me to
see her cum multiple times within minutes. The strap on
had an insert that directly stimulated both her clit
and cunt. It was a wonderful invention.

After fifteen minutes she announced she needed a
breather. Rather than break up we rolled as one and I
began to fuck Amber’s ass while Sue simply laid
still. It didn’t take much longer for me to blow my
load inside her and pull out.

Breathing heavily, I looked over at Amber who
looked to have been fucked into a catatonic state.
“Slave, clean up your Mistress with your tongue.”
Amber just rolled over onto her stomach and stuck
her head between Sue’s legs and began licking. It
wasn’t the most inspired oral sex, but it was enough to
get Sue off one more time. It also got me hard as
granite again.

I grabbed the strap on and removed the dildo. I
replaced it with one that did not insert into the
wearer’s vagina and put the entire contraption on so it
was sitting just below my dick. Lifting Amber’s ass
into the air I aimed first the dildo, and then my cock,
and began fucking Amber’s now very slippery holes
with abandon. “Who’s ass is this?” I asked Amber.

“Yours Master.”

That was all I needed to cum one last time and fall on
top of her. The three of us fell asleep like that, and
when we woke up we were all snuggling together. I
kissed the nearest mouth first, which turned out to be
Amber’s, then the other, Sue’s. They smiled, and
we all fell back to sleep contentedly.

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